73 Chestnut Hair Colour That Looks Startling

Chestnut hair colour gives you a startling glance. If you are thinking of colouring your hair decent or a dark brown colour, then chestnut would be a perfect choice for you. When you colour your hair chestnut, it goes well with every haircut as it is a perfect way to punch up your hair from top to bottom with a lighter colour. Every season you might want to colour your hair different basically to go in flow with the season and beautiful weather. There are so many ways to colour our hair using one shade of colour. Brown hair never goes out of style and never looks boring too. Just the thing is you have to choose a perfect shade from so many shades of brown. Brown hair suits best for anyone of any complexion. Choosing the right chestnut hair colour is the first step to enjoying this beautiful tint.

So, here are different chestnut hairstyles that enhance your beauty ending up with a startling look. If you want a decent and gentle look but at the same time want to look stylish you can try on these hairstyles as per your choice.

  • Wavy Hairstyle

A deep darker colour gives more glow to your face. An incredibly subtle touch of deep darker shade gives you a luxurious glance and leaves everyone speechless. You do not have to worry about how old you are, this colour suits better for all of you out there.

  • Warm Chestnut


This hair colour looks appropriate for any season. This warm brown hairstyle radiates warmth. Moreover, if you have a long and silky hair this chestnut brown adds more elegance to your overall appearance. Also, if you are looking for something with a hint of re, you can definitely give it a try.

  • Ash Brown with a Hint of Purplish Red

Most of you prefer ash brown these days. Those who want to stand-out in the crowd, they prefer ash brown hair colour. You want to look bold and dashing? Then, definitely try this hair colour with a hint of purplish red in the middle.

  • Medium Brown

If you have a pale complexion you might look faded out.  To bring a light and glow to your face you can colour your hair medium brown. This hair colour helps you look simple and chic at the same time.

  • Dark Brown with Auburn Highlights

Make your hair look gorgeous by mixing auburn highlights to your chest brown hair. This hair colour mixed with highlights adds more thickness to your hair. This hair colour looks more eye-catching when you create beautiful hairdo’s. The flow your hair will have will turn heads of many.

  • Multi-coloured Highlights

This hair with multi-coloured highlights looks very attractive. The reddish and light brown highlights complement well with the chest brown hair. This hair colour is best for spotlighting the half-up hair do’s or even the braided and bun up do’s.

  • Golden Brown Hair

Golden brown hair adds a very soft glow to your face. This is the perfect way to keep your hair colour rich yet very decent. Looks good on both short and long hairs. Basically, those who have fair complexion can try this hair colour without hesitation.

  • Chestnut Brown Balayage

Colouring your hair completely dark brown might not look good in many situations. So, highlighting your hair chest brown in a way as to create a graduated, natural-look gives you a startling glance.

  • Brown Highlights

Brown highlight looks very simple and gentle. It looks like your natural hair. For those who have natural silky and shiny hair, this highlight would be the best option for you.  If you want to add some poise to your hair with minimal highlights you should definitely try this hairstyle.

  • Short Bob Dark Red Hairstyle

Chestnut hairstyle is simply a warm tint of dark red tones. Short bob makes you look very modish and for trend seekers, this is the perfect hairdo.  To make your short bob chicer, add a tint of dark red to your hair. This hairdo is very eye-catching and has the potentiality to grab the attention of many towards you.

  •  Caramel Highlights

Most of the celebrities follow the caramel highlights warmer or lighter according to their desire. This caramel highlight goes well with the darker hair at the base.  Essentially, this highlight brings out the glow to both the medium and fair skin tone.

  • Chestnut Brown Highlights

Do you have a black or brown hair naturally? Then, attempt this hairstyle. For this hairstyle, all you need to do is highlight you hair chestnut brown. To add more glamour, to can cut bangs at the front and give your hair a nice shape at the back. Additionally, if you have a dark or medium skin tone do attempt this hairstyle without hanging-back.

  • Blazing Brunette

With a blazing shade of brunette, you will look incredible. Brunette hair colour is preferred by many these days. This blazing brunette gives you sophisticated glance and needs absolutely low maintenance.

  • Orange Tint 

The hair shown in the picture is a brown shade with a hint of orange. This hairstyle looks extraordinarily attractive. Also, if you attempt this hairstyle, you will get a very vivid and striking appearance.

  • Reddish Chestnut Hairstyle

This fabulous hair colour for a beautiful hairstyle that shows off your personal poise. The red tint basically shows up the best in the light and may not look too striking indoors as much as they look in the sunlight.

  • Ombre Highlight

Ombre is preferred by most people these days be it  nails or  hairs. This hair colour will completely transform your hairstyle. To create an ombre hair as shown in the above picture, you need to apply dark brown colour to your hair as a base and make it ombre to the tips using brown with a hint of orange. Your style will look magnificent.

  • Golden Ombre

The golden ombre to the tip of your hair brings a different tone to your face and the dark brown hair at the top makes you look stylish. Also, this ombre style in mid-length hair looks interesting, trendy and easy-peasy.

  • Dark Brown with Highlights

If you have a natural brown hair or have already coloured your hair brown and still want an additional touch, this hairstyle can be the best solution for you. This hairstyle gives you a very simple and wonderful look effortlessly.

  • Dark Brown to Light Highlight

To get the look as in the picture, you first need to colour your hair glossy dark brown. After you are done with the first step, highlight a small portion of your hair at the back to light brown. To look voguish and daring you can cut bangs too with the highlights added to it.

  • Copper and Chestnut Hair dye

If you are looking for something very bright and endearing, attempt this copper and chestnut hair dye. The end results are worth it and are perfect for fair skin tones. Soft and subtle hair dyes are a perfect way to complement the dark chestnut hairs at the base.

  • Glossy Dye with a hint of Red

To get this look, apply a medium brown dye to the outer part of your hair. Alos, apply red to the inner part of your hair. Once you are done colouring you will get glossy brown dye with a hint of red as shown in the picture.

  • French Chestnut Highlight

The shiny french chestnut hair dye looks marvellous. The chestnut brown highlights are spread over the hairs perfectly. The Gloss gives you more grace and charm.

  • Chocolate Brown Hair

This hair colour is lighter, natural shade of brown. Try this Chocolate brown hair colour that makes you Slay. You can also add some highlights and there you will have that amazing brown hair.

  • Medium Chestnut Brown Hair

Applying a medium chestnut brown colour to your hair slightly shiny than your natural hair looks lovely and is easy to maintain. You can apply this hair colour at home too without needing to visit your salon too often. Get fabulous hair with this shade of brown.

  • Cinnamon Hair Dye

The cinnamon brown hair adds a different texture to your hair. If you have a natural black or brown hair the cinnamon highlights will work better for you. This highlight might not be visible much indoors, but whenever you are out in the light this highlight gives you a fiery glance.

  • Blonde to Medium Brown Highlights

If you have a fair skin tone this hairstyle is the best option for you. For this, you first apply a blonde colour to your hair and then apply a little darker shade to the bottom of your hair as an ombre effect. This hairstyle will make heads turn around you.

  • Chestnut with Blonde Highlights

The chestnut brown with the highlights all over your hair looks absolutely amazing. This hair dye looks perfect with braids or half-up or bun hairdos.

  • Faded Highlight

The long wavy faded highlights look impressive. To create this style you need to put an ombre effect on the lower part of your hair in a way it looks like the colour is slowly fading away.

  • Brown Highlights with a Black Base

Some people have a belief that if you have a naturally black hair, your hair doesn’t soak the hair colour well. This thinking might be true depending on the features of every individual’s hair. Also, if you do not want to colour your hair all brown then you can try on this style. In the hairstyle shown above, the hairstylist has added a soft punch to the black hair. The hairstylist has highlighted on chestnut brown to just a few strands of the hair.

  • Subtle Chocolate Highlight

The richness of the chestnut brown hair is what the picture shows.T his hair colour at first glance might look faded away but it is a very mild and gentle highlight that will have others eyes stuck on.

  • Golden Balayage

Apply the chestnut golden highlights to your hair to create a natural-looking effect. here, the hair stylist has applied on the lighter golden shade of chestnut brown all over the hair that looks absolutely astounding.

  • Blonde Highlights

If you already have a warm brown hair colour, you can just compliment your hair with a blonde highlight. Do not overdo, just highlight your hair blonde to brighten up your face.

  • Loose Curls with a Tint of Red

Most of you love loose curls that make you look stunning. To add more charm and glamour to your loose curls, dye your hair reddish brown. Fair skin, blue eyes and a perfect hair makes you stand-out in the crowd.

  • Curly Bob with Highlights

For a stunning look, try this curly bob with blonde highlights. Here, the hair stylist has highlighted the bobbed blonde with messy curls at the tip of the hair.

  • Auburn Dye

With all the chestnut brown hairstyles out there, at times the simple hairstyle looks the most stylish. Colour your hair auburn brown to look gorgeous. If you have long hair, you can apply this hair colour and curl it loose at the tip, there you will have you effortlessly beautiful hair.

  • Dimensional Copper Highlight

Adore the beauty of this highlighting technique by colouring the dark brown hair with light copper to the tip. This hairstyle grabs the attention of many towards you because of the copper highlight at the tip that adds a different grace to your overall image.

  • Modish Chestnut Bob

As you all know bob hairstyle itself gives you a very striking look. Bob hairstyle is in trend these days. Also, everyone loves to experiment with their hair so, why not try the attractive chestnut brown bob hairstyle.

  • Reddish Brown Shade

Experiment with deeper red highlights to get a new look that is perfect for any season. This is just a simple brown hair with an added level to the hair.

  • Ash Blonde Inspired Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for those with a lighter complexion. You can carry off this shade as your natural hair.

  • Coppery Hairstyle

Another picture of coppery hair dye done in the right way. It looks a little more bright and vivid, yet looks extremely fabulous. Furthermore, the vivid dye gives you a very rich and interesting glance.

  • Messy Chestnut Hairstyle

Most of you might love messy hairdo’s to get that daring glance. If so, you can try this messy curls with a touch of chestnut brown hair dye that makes you look extremely bold and daring.

  • Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blonde hairstyle is particularly fashionable right now. Those of you who want to get a chic look can try this hairstyle. You will not be disappointed.

  • Gold Tip Hair

In the picture above, the hairstylist has coloured the hair light brown with a light golden highlight to the tip. Attempt this hairstyle and get a thoroughly mind-boggling glance.

  • Honey-Blonde

Honey-blonde might be the number one choice for most of you, but it might be difficult to pull off for people with darker skin tones. Besides, people with lighter complexion can handle this hair colour well.

  • Long Chestnut Brown Hair

Brown hair colour is never boring. If you have long hair, you can perfectly flaunt the light chestnut brown hair colour. Moreover, if your hair is naturally silky and shiny, it is an additional point for you.

  • Gorgeous Hairstyle

If you prefer a brown-blonde finish, you can refer to this picture above. This hair colour is softer compared to the coppery brown and the reddish brown but it still has that eye-catching finish.

  • Long Chestnut Brown  Hair

Simple the better. If you want a simple yet elegant look, you can take this hairstyle as your reference. This hair colour is subtle, soft and easy to be pulled off. Additionally, to get a decent glance this is a perfect solution for you.

  • Light Coppery Chestnut Hair

Light copper chestnut is a perfect shade of hair colour. This hair colour works well on fair skin tone and also on medium skin tone. You can colour your hair any time of the hair meaning that you do not have to wait for a special occasion or a particular season to colour your hair coppery.

  • Puffy Bun Chestnut Hairstyle

A big puffy hair and buns have been in trend for many years.  To get the dashing and bold look, as shown above, you first dye your hair brown, make a puff at the front and style as a bun backwards. Also, put on a very bold makeup to get that striking glance.

  • Voluminous Chestnut Curls

“Curls run the world”. The saying is enough to explain how beautiful curly hair looks. The free-flowing curly hair looks mind-blowing and to add an extra grace to your curly hair you can dye your hair light chestnut as shown in the picture.

  • Light Chestnut

Some of you might prefer lighter shade to the darker one. In addition, you also not prefer the blonde hair. In that case, the light brown chestnut hairstyle would be the best solution for you.

  • Medium Chestnut Highlight

There is a number of ways you can colour your hair with a hint of chestnut brown. The style, as shown above, is a medium chestnut highlight that looks astounding. Those who have a darker skin tone can try this style as it enhances your look perfectly.

  • Curly Brown Highlights

Not everyone has straight, silky hair. Most of you might have curly hair too. The curly hair itself makes you look lovely. To make it more appealing, colour your hair soft chestnut brown. Chestnut tint makes the curls look fuller than they actually are. This overall style gives you a very bold and daring image.

  • Subtle Brown Balayage

If your natural hair is already a shade browner, colouring your hair subtle soft brown is the best option for you. This hairstyle gives a different pop to your image and without creating a too vivid look.  Just apply this colour to bring charm to your face not to leave your bold impressions behind.

Hence, these are some amazing chestnut hairstyles that will make you look stunning. Chestnut is a rich, warm shade of brunette hair with red and gold undertones. These fabulous looking hairstyles make you ready for any occasion. Brown hair is never boring as a result can be difficult for you to choose one particular shade from so many shades. Once you apply this hair colour, you will never feel difficult to pull it off. It is because this hair colour is perfect for any skin tone: darker tone, fairer tone or the milder ones.  With plenty tints of hair colours and highlighting techniques, it seems like there are infinite ways to enhance your appearance with contrasts. So, try any of these chestnut brown hairstyles that suit you best.


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