86 Best Graduation Hairstyles for Your Most Awaited Day

Graduation is not the end of a tough journey rather it is a beginning of a beautiful one. The day itself is very important and special so, you should definitely try beautiful graduation hairstyles that will make you look absolutely gorgeous on that day. Most awaited moment when all those four years of hard work, patience, late night studies and also the effort of your parents have turned into something precious. We would like to show you different kinds of hairstyles for both long and short hairs such as braids, buns, curls and sFo on that, you can flaunt beautifully on your special day. Hairstyles below are trending these days and makes you look modish and gives you a different charm.

  • Braided Bun


Go look gorgeous on your graduation day, you can try this braided bun. For this, you need to make an inverted fishtail braid from two sides of your hair. Then, combine both the braids and roll it as a bun. To make it look more amazing you can use any kind of hair jewellery.

  • Loose Curls Bun

The Loose curls turned as a bun looks startling. To create the look as shown in the picture above, you need to follow certain steps:-

1: Curl your hair loosely using a hair straightener.

2: Make a puff at the front.

3: Slowly, pin all your hairs backwards as a bun.

4: There you have your loose curls bun ready to be flaunted.

  • Double Braided Waterfall

This waterfall braid is perfect for long hairs. This braid as shown in the picture is a combination of the two-sided waterfall braid combined in the middle. Waterfall braids are a little difficult to be created by self so you might need your friend’s help. You can try this on straight or curly hair and also, pin up a cute hair accessory as shown in the picture to get the mind-boggling look.

  • Half-up Braid Tied  to Knot

This simple and extraordinary hairstyle will make you look fabulous.  Make a fishtail braid on two sides, combine both the braids and tie as a knot to give a flower shape in the centre.


  • Half-up Dutch Braids with Loose Curls

Half-up dutch braid with loose messy curls. Most of you might love loose curls with a half hair left open. Just to give a little twist to your hair, you can make a dutch braid either on one side or both sides and leave your half hair open. This will make the heads turn around towards you.

  • High Pony

Well! Who doesn’t love high pony right? If you do not want to make a very unique and elegant hairdo then, you can simply tie your hair as a high pony. Furthermore, once you secure your hair with a hair tie, just roll your own hair above the hair tie to give a startling glance.


  • Overlapped Half-up Braid

Overlapped half-up braid. Here, the hairstylist has made dutch braids on two sides of the head and combined in an overlapping manner to make it look utterly incredible. To add more charm to your hair, you can create wand waves.


  • Headband Braid

Do you love headbands? But are you bored of wearing the headbands available in the market? Then, you can create a headband to your own hair either in a fishtail style or a dutch style. This headband braided hair gives you a chic and sophisticated glimpse.

  • Waterfall Braid

It is said that waterfall braid is a mermaid styled braid. This hairdo makes you stand out in the crowd. For this look, you must follow series to step to get it done perfectly:-

1: Detangle your hair to braid your hair easily.

2: Take a couple of hair from either side of the head and divide into two parts.

3: Start twisting your hair from the top strand to the bottom strand. And, if you want to make a dutch or fishtail waterfall braid it in a normal way.

4: Continue the braids or the twists and make your hair fall down as a waterfall with each twist.

5: Move on with step 5 until it is completed and reaches the other side.

6: Pin your hair on the other side and add a hair accessory if you wish for.

  • Messy Braided Curls

For this hairdo, the hairstylist has emphasized more on the curls rather than the braids. Others can hardly notice you braids in this updo. Take a hair curler and start curling all your hairs. Once you are done with your curls, braid or twist your hair at the top and leave half hair open. Moreover, curls make your hair look voluminous.

  • Low Pony

If you want to look very simple yet beautiful on your special day you can try this hairstyle. This hairdo is easy to recreate.  Just make your hair a little way and tie as a side swept low pony with bangs at the front.

  • The Perfect Curls

Who doesn’t love perfect curls? You do right? To get the perfect curls you can either use an iron curler or a non-electric curler. With this hairstyle, you will get that stunning look effortlessly. To add more glam, you can style as a half-up hair secured with a crystal hair clip.

  • Tight waves

If you prefer tight waves for your graduation, as shown above, you can easily style your hair that way. For that, you need to take a mid-sized curler and start curling your hair. To make it spread through, take a comb and start brushing your hair.

  • Marilyn Monore Inspired

Marilyn Monore was an American actress and model and is known worldwide because of her enchanting beauty and style. Her style is followed by many since years. If you are also a Marilyn Monore fan and adore her, you can try the style as shown above in the picture. Curl your hair and partition it side-ways. this style looks perfect on short bobs.

  • Half-up Goddess Locs

Hal-up goddess locs for your special day. Create the unique style for your graduation with a little twist to your natural hair. Try these goddess locs with faux locs at the top and open curled hairs at the bottom. You can leave half your hair open to make it look a bit more attractive.

  • Pouffe Hairstyle

Pouffe hairstyle has been in fashion since 70’s and 80’s. It became popular since the queen of France started styling her hair this way. To style your hair this way, you need to make big curls to your hair. Then, create a pouffe at the front and clip as a half-up hairdo. The end result will make you look more graceful.

  • Bow Hairstyle

This hair has a little change to the half-up hairdo with hair tied as a bow in the middle. To make it look more graceful you can make waves to your hair.

  • Enchanting Hairdo

This hairdo is very enchanting and looks perfect for long hairs. Create big curls and secure it in the middle as a half-up, half down hairstyle.

  • Light Blonde Waves

Blonde hair has become the first preference of many girls these days. Blonde hair looks good for girls with both darker and lighter complexion. So, if you already a blonde hair and do not want to style uniquely for that particular day, you can simply create light waves.

  • Overlapped  High Bun

To get the lovely look for your graduation day, style your hair as an overlapped high bun. An added hair jewellery gives your appearance a more captivating glimpse.

  • French Bangs

If you do not want to style much, just cut your hair different than your usual hair. Attempt for french bangs and give the wavy texture to your hair. You will get the astounding look painlessly.

  • Loose Curls at the Bottom

This hairstyle is the perfect solution for girls with longer hair. Do not think much and try the loose curls at the bottom and get the results that are worth it.

  • Low Bun

Twisted hair to a low bun. For this, you first take couple inches of hair form two sides of your head. Twist your hair at both the sides and start creating a low bun once you reach the nape of your neck. Also, if you wish you can create double twisted hair before creating a bun.

  • Side Dutch Braid with a Bun

If you are planning to wear a gown to your graduation then, this hairstyle would be a perfect solution for you. Make an inverted braid on one side and continue till it reaches the centre. Then, make another inverted braid just below you made you first braid till you reach the bottom of your hair. Once you are done with your braids, start rolling your hair to make a bun. Leave few messy strands of your hair at the front to look more appealing.

  • Flower Bun

Take a small part of your hair at the side, divide into two parts and start twisting your hair till the bottom. When you are done twisting your hair, roll it upwards that gives you a perfect flower shaped bun.

  • Light curls with Flowers

This hairstyle has nothing much to create.  Just create curls light waves to your long, healthy hair, clip it in the middle and decorate with flowers to make your hairstyle look more beautiful.

  • Hairdo with Curls at the Tip

It is obvious that on your graduation day, you have to wear your graduation hat. Due to your graduation hat, it might be difficult to style your hair in different patterns and textures. So, simply style as a half-up hairdo with curls at the tip or just leave your hair open with curls at the tip as shown in the picture above.

  • Double-sided Twisted Hairstyle

Most of the time you might not be able to create a unique hairdo. In that case, just take couple inches hair from both the sides an start twisting your hair till the centre. Once you reach the centre secure your hair with a hair tie and decorate your hair with flowers to add more poise.

  • One- Side Dutch Braids

This hair takes just a minute to be created. Start your dutch braid taking couple inches at the front till it reaches the bottom.

  • Half-up, Half-down

The waves and the double dutch braid styled as half-up, half-down updo looks amazing. This updo looks more amazing on long and mid-length hairs. Moreover, this hairdo reflects class and elegance.

  • Side-Partitioned Hairstyle

This is an effortless yet fabulous hairdo. Side partitioned hair with a hair accessory added on gives a different allure to your overall appearance.

  • Simple Yet Elegant Hairstyle

To get the looks as in the above picture you just have you attempt for wavy hair and partition it middle ways or sideways as per your preference.

  • Loose Wavy Hair

The big waves with a side-partitioned style look absolutely mind-blowing. You can create the waves using a curler and then brush your hair to create big waves or you can simply braid your hair overnight and open it the next day to get amazing waves.

  • Side-swept Flower Pony

This hairdo is perfect for gowns or any such dresses. For this hair, there are series of process that needs to be followed:-

i) First, take few strands your hair at the front and roll it to give a unique pattern as shown in the picture.

ii) Then, curl your hair and twist your hair from the two sides.

iii)Once you have completed your twist secure it with a hair tie as a side-swept pony.

  • Thin Side Braid on Wavy Hair

Thin side braid on wavy hair makes you slay on your most awaited day. The hair along with a perfect makeup gives you an elegantly and stylishly fashionable glimpse.

  • Side Twisted Hairstyle

This hairdo is same as the thin side braid on wavy hair but in this case, the hair at the front is twisted instead of braided. You can keep your hair either straight or wavy as per your desire.

  • Loose Curls Tucked as a Bun

Here, the hairstylist has given more emphasis on the loose curls that are later tucked in as a bun to add more poise to the overall image.

  • Mid-length HairdoThe mid-length slightly wavy hair looks effortlessly beautiful.
  • Twisted Hair with a Pull-Through BraidThis hairdo looks unique and stylish. To create this look you first need to make double twisted hair at the top centre and combine both the hairs. After that, braid as a dutch and create a pull through look.
  • Dutch and Waterfall BraidAre you amazed by the waterfall braid and love the classic dutch braid at the same time? Then, you should opt for this hairstyle. First, make a waterfall braid with the hair twisted from one side and hairs falling down as a waterfall in between each twist. Once you are done with the waterfall braid pin it to the other side. Also, make a dutch braid just above the waterfall braid and pin it to the other end. To make your hairdo look more glamorous, decorate with a hair jewellery.
  • Pull Through Twisted Hair in the Middle

Cute twisted hair gives you an effortlessly chic look when you are on the go. This hairdo is easy to create compared to the fishtail and Dutch braids. Just twist the small portion of your hair at the top and continue till the bottom. Once you are done with the twists, pull through your hair to make it look amazing. At last, you can also add the hair accessory if you wish for.

  • Side-Swept fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are the four or five-strand braids that have been in fashion for many years. If you want to give a touch of class to your look try this side-swept voluminous fishtail braid . Consequently, with hair accessories added in between.

  • One-Sided Dutch on Short Bob Hair

You have a short bob and think that you cannot style your hair gorgeously then, you are wrong. To enhance your short bob you can make a dutch braid from one side and decorate with small hair clips. This hairdo is simple and gives you a luxurious feel.

  • Simple Fishtail Braids

You want to get that simple, ravishing look for your graduation? Just braid your hair fishtail with perfect earrings and a perfect makeup.

  • Taylor Swift Inspired Hairstyle

Taylor Swift a popular American singer-songwriter resides in the heart of many girls. Being a fan of Taylor Swift you might want to try some of her styles. This is one of them: Low side bun. To create this hairdo, you just need to curl your hair and tuck in all your hairs as a low side bun.

  • Twisted Side Bun

The charm and elegance that this hair leaves on you will make heads turn towards you. The twisted side bun looks effortlessly amazing.

  • Blonde Waves

Blonde hair looks flawless for people with a fairer complexion. On top of that, if you create light waves it acts as a cherry on top.

  • Twisted Hair to Low Bun

The twisted hair to low bun can be created through series of steps:

  1. Take a small portion of your hair on one side.
  2. Divide that portion of your hair into two sections and start twisting your hairs.
  3. Pin you twisted hair once you reach the middle of your head.
  4. Finally, take all the remaining hair and make a bun.
  5. There you have your simple twisted low bun ready to draw the attention of many towards you.
  • Half-up Tight Curls

You are lucky enough if you have naturally curly hair. Natural curls make you easier to style your hair and you can create beautiful hairdo within no time.

  • Side-Swept Messy  Fishtail Braid

The simple side-swept fishtail braid is the best hairdo if you are looking for a manageable graduation updo.

  • Chestnut Brown Hair

You are not able to decide which hairstyle to go for? then, just colour your hair chestnut brown and leave it open or tie a knot as a half-up hairstyle.

  • Braided Low Doughnut Bun

You want to keep it simple doesn’t mean that you can’t look graceful. Just try this french braid at the side continued as a low doughnut bun.

  • Messy High PonyMessy pony in a side-swept manner adds a different texture to your hair. It is an easy way to liven up your long hair.
  • Voluminous Hair

Curl your hair and backcomb at the top to make it look voluminous. Voluminous hair adds an extra poise to your appearance.

  • Greenish Blue Hair


Most of you simply love straight hair. Hence, to make your straight hair look more attractive colour your hair to something vibrant so that it can grab the attention of many towards your look.

  • Thick Twisted Hairstyle

The thickly twisted hairstyle with wavy flow gives you a startling glance.

  • Messy curl With Three Braids


If you have huge curly hair try to embrace it in its natural form. Just to add a little style, you can make three to four thin braids on one side.

  • Waterfall braid with a Bow

Make a waterfall braid but instead of pinning it at the end continue your braid to the tip of your hair and secure it with a hair tie.  Add a bow ribbon clip at the middle hence making the hairdo look cuter.

  •  Flower Accessorized Hairstyle

This hairdo looks so detailed and complex but it ’s easy to make. You just need to make a dutch braid or just twist your hair from both the sides and bring it to the middle. Furthermore, add a hair jewellery to make it look more striking.

  • Double Twisted Hair to Fishtail

If you feel like leaving your hair open and at the same time want to style it. Then, try these twisted braids. Twist your hair from two different sides and make a fishtail braid at the centre from the twisted hairs itself. Hence, secure it with a hair tie.

Thus, these are few hairstyles that you can flaunt on your most awaited day. Graduation has an important place in your life so, why not make yourself look fantastic on your special day. You can style your hair as braids, bun, ponytails, waterfall or any as your preference. If you loved any of the hairstyles above do give it a try and make heads turn toward you on your graduation.

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