84 Wispy Bangs Hairstyle That You Must Try

Bangs, also known as a fringe, is a haircut at the of the front part falling over the forehead. Wispy bangs refer to a very thin, fine feathery bangs. If you want to change your look to something very different from your normal look, wispy bangs are always the best choice. These bangs look good on anyone who loves experimenting with the looks and appearances. Well! to mould your hair into bangs you need to be bold and must have a commitment only then you can create this updo. Be bold and go for it if you are looking for something different and amazing. There are different ways to style a bang so, here we present you some of the wispy bangs hairstyles :

  • Curls with Bangs


You can flaunt your bangs beautifully on curls. For this, just curl your hair and style your bangs in a side-swept manner. Also, if you just want your bangs falling downwards in a normal manner you can leave it that way.

  • Tylor Swift Inspired

Well, Taylor Swift, a well-known American singer has a place in many of your heart. Being a fangirl, you might want to try her style as well, right? So try this bangs to look chic and cute at the same time.

  • Waves with Bangs

If you think you cannot pull off the bangs on a wavy hair then, you are absolutely wrong! This hairdo looks gorgeous. Furthermore, you can either create waves using a hair straightener or flaunt it in your natural hair if you have a wavy hair.

  • Side-Swept Bangs

You want to change your hairdo to bring a change to your overall appearance?  If so, try this side-swept bangs on your long, silky and healthy hair.

  • Short Bob Bangs

Wavy Short bob hair complemented by bangs at the front changes your look from casual to bombshell. This haircut has lots of textures to match the frame of the face and makes the bangs go along with the textures. Even if you have a very thin hair, this textures makes the hair look voluminous. Moreover,  this stylish hairdo requires a very little maintenance.

  • Light Blonde Hair with Bangs

Blonde hair is trending nowadays. This hair colour gives you a very bold yet soft look. To add more boldness to your look, you can experiment with bangs either full or a little shorter as per your preference.

  • Bangs Hairdo

Many people have the conception that bangs suits well only for oblong face and doesn’t look good for round faces. But it is your wrong perception. As in the above picture, you can clearly see that bangs look exceptionally good on both oblong and round faces.

  • Straight hair with Bangs

If you have a natural straight hair or have recently straightened your hair, you can easily style this hairdo within no time. Slight bangs to the front make you look absolutely engaging.

  • Full-Length Bangs

Bangs can be styled either full length or short length. If you have a big forehead full-length bangs will look good on you. But if you prefer you can style it short as well. Full-length bangs give you a very captivating glimpse.

  • Long Hair with Side Bangs

Most of you might choose long hair with side bangs as shown in the picture above. You can definitely try this hairdo and look astonishing.

  • Ombre with Bangs

Ombre look might be most of your favourite. It gives a very bold look. In addition to the ombre, bangs might look a little squeaky but it gives you a different image. If you don’t love experimenting with looks or simple love cute styles then, this hairdo is not the solution for you.  Furthermore, it looks very modish and fashionable.

  • Chestnut Brown with Bangs

The chestnut brown hair looks stylish. The chestnut brown hair with bangs is something you go for to get that change.  If you think this hair goes well with your appearance then, it will make you look graceful.

  • Short-length Bangs

As mentioned earlier in the full-length bangs, you can also style your bangs short length. If you have a small forehead or you feel uncomfortable with the full-length bangs, then go for this hairstyle.

  • Wispy Bangs

Thin fine feathery bangs known as wispy bangs complements well with waves, curls or even straight hairs. These bangs are very thin and feathery and look perfect compared to the heavier bangs. Wispy bangs look the best but you can always add up on the bangs if you want to make it a little heavier or voluminous.

  • Bun with Fringes

A fringe is an interesting hairstyle and sets a trend. Bun with fringes makes you ready for any occasion. If you want to get ready for a party but you are not able to decide on with the hairdo then just cut bangs and make a simple bun. You will get the fabulous look that turns heads.

  • Half-up hair with Bangs

I would consider this hairdo as long hair with a soft fringe. With this hairdo, you can style your hair in any form as your wish. This half-up hairdo with a fringe looks amazing. Moreover, if you do not want fringes for a long time you can sweep the bangs to the side within few days.

  • Mid-Length Hair With Bangs

The bangs in the picture above are very light and feathery and look very modish. If you want to cut your hair but not so short then you can trim your hair at the back and create feathery bangs at the front. You will get an impressive glimpse.

  • Fringe Highlight

As you already know that bangs gives you a very stylish and elegant look but to add more elegance to your overall appearance, highlight your hair chestnut brown in few strands of your hair at the back and at the fringe.

  • Selena Gomez Inspired

Are you a Selena Gomez fan? Do you want to style yourself as she does? Then, you must definitely try this cute-looking flyaway bangs with long layers. Furthermore, if you think that fringes are not for girls with round face then you are wrong as here is the proof. Selena Gomez is flaunting the bangs extremely well on her round face.

  • Bangs on Layers

This layers with bangs look simple yet fashionable elegant. The layers with sharp edges at the bottom and full-length flyaway bangs look very modish and chic.

  • Wispy Bangs With Bun

Bun hairdos are perfect for different occasions be it for parties or business meetings or even day-to-day work life. Additionally, if you want to look cool during summer buns complement your image well. To add more charm and grace to your summer bun looks, you can style as bangs at the front. You can make your bangs either short or long. But as a suggestion, full-length bangs go well with the bun.

  • Straight Bangs

Bangs are perfect to be complement with any haircut of your preference to bring a modern touch to your image and move from a dull side to the fresh side. Moreover, they definitely make you look more striking and charismatic.

  • Voluminous Full-Length Bangs

If you have a thick and healthy hair, this bangs would be appropriate for you. With the normal haircut you have been carrying on, you just need to take couple inches of your hair at the front and style as voluminous bangs.

  • Short Bob  Curls with Side-Swept Bangs

Do you want to look chic on your short bob hairdo? If so then, just make messy curls and side-swept bangs at the front. You will get that mind-boggling look and will have many heads turn around.

  • Bun with Short-length Bangs

As in the above picture, bun with short-length bangs gives you a very astounding look. A very unique hairdo will make you stand out in the crowd.

  • Side-Swept Bangs for Mid-Length hair

Bangs complement well with mid-length hair. There are different ways to style your mid-length hairs with bangs. You can curl, straighten, or cut in any shape to get that oh! so chic glance. Furthermore, these hairdo’s make you look fashionable and cool.

  • Classic Straight Bangs

Style your hair with this fabulous hairdos. You can try these classic straight bangs either on straight hair or curly hairs. Bangs are great ideas to give you a very modish look.  In addition to this, the hairdo will make you look very captivating.

  • Messy Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

There are variations in case of hairdo for the mid-length hairs. You need to style your hair long or short or mid-length depending on your choice. Well, compared to short and long hairs mid-length hairs are perfect for any weather and can be styled in variations too.  For the daily chic look, you can try the messy hair with wispy bangs as shown in the above picture. Moreover, to give more attention you can highlight or colour your hair too.

  • Brown hair with Feathery Bangs

Deep Glossy brown hair is the perfect choice for girls with fair complexion. The hair colour brings more charm and light to your face. Also, this makes you look very attractive. To look more eye-catching, you can cut your hair as feathery bangs at the front.

  • Bun with Wispy Bangs 

The bun hairdo with wispy bangs looks mind-blogging for girls with an oblong or square face. As in the picture above, this hairdo gives you a very fabulous glance. Moreover, this hairdo can be done for parties or casual days and also looks good with the formal dress-ups.

  • Ash-Blonde Ombre with Wispy Bangs

Ombre has been in fashion these days. Many of you prefer ombre of different tints. Ash blonde ombre is one of them. To get the cute and stylishly fashionable look, you can curl your hair and create a full-length feathery bang.

  • Chestnut Ombre with Bangs

The chestnut ombre as shown in the picture above gives you a very bold and dashing look. This looks eye-catching too. To make it more dashing, just create full-length bangs be it feather or voluminous as per your choice.

  • Orange Tint with a Side-Swept Bang

Are you looking for a hair tint to make yourself appear more bright and charming? Also, are you looking for something very sophisticated? If so, try the orange tint with a side-swept bang as shown in the above picture.

  • High Pony With Bangs

High Pony never goes out of style. This hairdo suits best for any occasion. To look adorable and be very noticeable amongst many you can simply try to go for light curled high pony with wispy bangs. Moreover, it is the perfect idea for those girls who have little time to style whenever they have to go out.

  • Glam and Fab

Well,  many of you might always be in dilemma regarding the hairstyle for mid-length hair for different situations. To have your hair ready for any time, any day just layer your hair and attempt for bangs either full-length or half-length.

  • Messy High Bun with Fringes

Messy High Bun with fringes gives you a very rough and tough look.  A perfect hairdo for your daily updates if you can pull off this style perfectly.

  • Mid-Length messy Full-Length Bangs

Mid-length messy with full-length bangs makes you slay on a daily basis. This is a very unique hairdo and is perfect for those who love a rock kind of look. So, you can attempt this hairdo go get the look as you prefer. Moreover, it is very easy to create and is of easy maintenance.

  • Long hair with Feathery Bangs

Most of you prefer to keep your hair long so that there will not be any difficulty if you want to style in different forms. But there are times when you might want to keep it simple yet absolutely gorgeous. In that case, you can simply create feathery bangs and leave your hair open. You can also highlight your hair if you wish to do so.

  • Short hair with Pixie Bangs

A flyaway pixie bangs that fall slightly toward the side. This hairdo looks perfectly well for girls with oblong, square and even round faces. Furthermore, it works perfectly well if you have a very straight hair.

  • Messy Hair

Do you love keeping your hair messy to set a different trend? Do you want to become a trendsetter for the messy hair? If you want to then, try this messy hair with a wispy fringe. To keep your hair messy, you can keep your hair straight, curled or even wavy as per your desire.

  • Cute Low Bun with a Wispy Bang

Low Buns always look cute and goes well with party dresses or casual dresses. This hairdo makes you look younger and more modish. Moreover, it helps you keep up-to-date.

  • Short fringe on Medium hair

Girls, you might be worried about different hairdo that looks best for medium hairstyles, right? Do not worry you have varieties of options as medium hairstyles are versatile to be styled for. You can try on long bob, layers, braid or even ponies that complements well with the fringes.

  • Long Bangs


If you have a big forehead, you can opt for longs bangs. Long bangs can be kept sideways or you can simply keep it falling downwards. You can style your style your long bangs in open hair as well as in braids, buns or any other updos.

  • Classic  Bob with Blunt Bangs

The greyish classic bob with blunt bangs looks absolutely stunning. To give yourself a striking glance, you can also colour your hair greyish.

  • Korean Inspired Hairdo

Who doesn’t love Korean? Almost all of you do, isn’t it? So, to get that cute Korean look that goes well with your facial feature, you can attempt for the hairstyles as shown in the photos above.

  • Voluminous hair with Feathery Bangs

Every one of you prefers, healthy voluminous hair, don’t you?   To make a little change to your hairstyle just add a feathery bang. The voluminous hair complements well with the feathery bangs.

  • Modish Glance with a Bang

The light blonde hair with a classic bang gives you a very modish look. To get this look, you first need to layer your mid-length hair. Then, colour it blonde in a manner that looks faded away. Lastly, make a classic fringe making it blunt at the edges. There you’ll get your modish look ready to be flaunted.

  • Half-Up knot

A half-up knot is in fashion as it is followed by many these days. This hair can be styled easily in both long and short hairs.  This hair is perfect for summer when you do not want to get annoyed by the summer heat and look stylish at the same time. Moreover, to make your summer updo look ultra-modern, add a fringe to your hair.

  • Textured Full Fringe

This is a straight hair with round edges and a light voluminous fringe. This hairdo gives you a very smart look.  A perfect hair for your office looks. It requires low maintenance.  Moreover, to create this look your hair should not be much heavier because you might not get the worth its result.

Thus, these are some of the wispy bang hairstyles that you can try on for different occasions. This hair suits best for girls with all the face shapes. Do not keep your self in the wrong zone thinking that this hairdo suits best only for girls with certain kind of shapes. You must have the courage to experiment different hairdos according to occasions and seasons. Doing so freshens up your look and makes you look up-dated with the trend. You can style your bangs sideways,parted, curls or wavy as you want and look stylish all the time.These hairstyles with bangs are the perfect option for girls  who wish to have a trendy and flattering hairstyle at the same time. Also, when you are experimenting with your hairstle for changing your appearance,chnage your hair colour and texture too and remain absolutely gorgeous. Hence, if you loved any of the wispy hairstyles mentioned above please do give a try.

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