The Go-Getter’s Guide to Creating the Best Pick-Up Lines for Girls

Every relationship begins with first impression. Basically, first impressions consist of the very first conversation between you and the girl of your dreams. When you’re talking to someone you really like, you’ll most likely feel all those nerves coming from everywhere. It would at least be easier if you had a script to guide you for the most part. Pick-up lines for girls may or may not work. The truth is, it actually depends on the delivery.

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Why do people use pick-up lines?

People like using pick-up lines without knowing its real implication. Most of these are delivered awkwardly while some are even inappropriate. Pick-up lines are supposed to be enticing and interesting. To be effective, a pick-up line should be intriguing enough to get the interest of your intended audience. When you deliver a pick-up line, it should spark a conversation and not scare the girl off.

You shouldn’t feel weird saying it and it should never offend the other person. The way you say it should be comfortable both for you and the person you’re talking to.

Basically, there are different pick-up line categories which people have been using for a long time.

There are the honest and straightforward ones. (e.g. “I can’t seem to get my eyes off of you the whole evening, is it okay if I get to know you better?”)

There are also lines which are subtly made to hide your real intentions. (e.g. “Isn’t the food great or what?”)

Some lines inject humor, too, which sometimes make it cheesy and awkward. (e.g. “Heaven must be missing an angel. Why? Because you’re here.”)

Research shows that these supposedly humorous tactics are the least acceptable. Unless the girl is interested, she’ll most likely just roll her eyes and get away from you as fast as she can.


Why do you need to come up with lines that actually work?

The answer is simple. You want to get the girl, right? So do your research and learn from your mistakes.

The key to coming up with the most effective pick-up lines is to formulate a workable context. Most people would look at the other person’s physical attributes to create a concept. Unfortunately, this is where everything turns bad.

What you thought was an innocent compliment may be different from the other person’s perspective that it could even come out as perverted or offensive. You don’t want that.

If you are able to go within the right context, you can actually be intriguing and interesting to the girl of your dreams. She would want to get to know you better. The right pick-up line will have her giggling over your jokes or just about anything that you say. Pick-up lines can even be great ice breakers.

As a conversation starter, you can talk about a common friend or about a particular drink that you’re both into. If you’re at a party, you can also ask about how she’s doing so far. Anything to stir up a good conversation without trying too hard. If you’re out of words, you can always start with the most basic pick-up line of all – “How are you?”


Here are some of the most effective ideas to help you come up with pick-up lines for girls:

  • Everyone likes a good laugh.

You have to keep in mind that the funny guy always gets the girl somehow. If you can make the girl laugh, then you’re on the right track. Girls always look forward to a good laugh, and if you’re a funny guy, you’ll definitely have a special place in her heart. Yes, girls are into the physical attributes, too but being good-looking does not guarantee that the relationship will continue to flourish in the long run. However, if you have a good sense of humor, the relationship never gets boring.

  • Flattery is key.


Give hearty compliments from time to time. You can start by telling how much she looks like this hot celebrity. Of course, you need to make it sound as realistic as possible. Think of a celebrity who actually has some similar features. Do this and she will definitely be flattered. This is one good way of starting a conversation about the actress, movies, and everything in between. If you have this in common, it could be your great shot.


  • Take advantage of familiarity.


One of the classic but effective ways of getting a conversation started is to act as though you know her. It may be overused but lines which include being familiar with the person is one good way of knowing a person, well, eventually, that is. If she’s in a good mood, she might even play along and might even feel so bad about not remembering you at all. In fact, this type of scheme can even get that awkward feeling of introducing oneself for the first time.


  • Start with a friendly banter.


A disclaimer on this pick-up line scheme: It may or may not work for you. Unless you are confident enough that the girl you have been eyeing all night is also into you, don’t try this one. Well, you can always try but it’s all on you, dude. A friendly banter would take a little playful insult typically directed towards the girl. It’s a good conversation starter, too, so long as the girl plays along with your banter. A little argument can go a long way, after all.


  • Cheers to that!


If you happen to be in a bar and someone got your attention, you can always offer her a drink or two. Just don’t come out as somebody perverted or with inappropriate intentions. You can be straight to the point by giving her something to drink. This simply means that you are interested and if she is, she’ll take some drinks with you. This kind of confidence usually turns women on since they know that you know what you want and you’re not stopping until you get it.


  • Every girl wants a Prince Charming.


Most girls fall for the adorable and cute guy next door. If you can come up with cute lines that are both smart and funny at the same time, you’ll most likely get her attention in no time. If you can make her blush and smile, then that’s your cue to take things further. Most cute pick-up lines may be cheesy and boring but the truth is, they are actually one of the most effective, even in this day and age.


  • Everyone Likes a Good Challenge, Too


With this scheme, you can start by questioning what she’s doing here, in this place, at the same time. Don’t come out as overconfident, though, if you want to start a conversation with her. She’ll most likely raise an eyebrow on you but don’t be put off. You can actually use this to your favor. Just like any man, a girl likes a good challenge and if you’re challenging enough, you’ll have that extra factor. The key here is to get her attention and let her get to know you better. It’s apparently up to you to handle the situation.


  • Make it Difficult to Say No


If you want to get a positive response from the girl of your dreams, you need to come up with lines that will make it very difficult for her to say no. If she sees that you’re confident enough to try and get her to do something, you’re on the right track. Most girls want guys who are convincing and aggressive at some point. If you happen to find that kind of girl, make sure that you do whatever it takes to get her attention.


  • Be Straightforward and Blunt


When you say blunt, it means that you don’t need to go through all those flattery words to get her attention. Girls love it when guys come up with lines that are straightforward. It goes to show that you are interested and wants to get to know her immediately, no pretentions, and no acts. The key here is to know what she wants. If the girl is also interested, she’ll bluntly tell you that she likes you, too. By just laying down all your cards on the table, you are letting her feel important and worthy to be given that immediate attention.


  • Take Notice of Style and Fashion


You know how it is when girls go out. They plan the prefect outfit, apply the right make-up, and wear the best shoes and accessories they can find. Girls want to look their best, especially if they want to meet guys as hot as you, eh. Don’t let efforts go to waste. Compliment their style. Come up with lines that would flatter how she wears her hair, her clothes, and even her shoes. By flattering her and complimenting about her fashionable style, you are actually starting a good conversation.


  • Make Her Swoon With Your Confidence


As mentioned several times before, confidence is key. You can never go wrong with the right amount of attitude and confidence. Girls get hooked with guys who exude this confident manner like they can take on anything the world will throw at them. It simply means that you are ready to go all out for her, too. When a guy knows what he wants, girls find it hot. You need to remember that confidence makes you sexy. So long as you don’t come out as arrogant, you’re definitely good to go.


  • Involve Your Friends

You can also get your friends involved if you want to. You can make us an excuse about how your friends would be really jealous that you spotted her first or something like that. Just don’t make it sound like you’re selling her out. Do it in a subtle way. This kind of bold move may be appreciated by the girl since you are not afraid to show the world that you are interested in her. It could even go a long way from this.


What underlying factors affect your choice of pick-up lines?

When coming up with pick-up lines, you usually start with the person’s physical attributes. Yhis is what you refer to as trait perception. You can’t really guess what the other person is like so you only get to infer about her characteristics. For this reason, you need to come up with lines that are not only cute but intelligently-made, as well. Girls love it when you are able to come up with smart remarks. If she is able to respond the way you want her to, then this means that she may have something in common with you. Think same wavelength.

While cute lines may work from time to time, there are girls who won’t fall for this scheme. Most cute and flippant lines are overused, leading to over-manipulation in the process. It is expected that she could have heard that line several times already. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you may need to think about other strategies, first.

Most of the time, cognitive functions play a major part in internalizing the lines that you hear. When the mind is preoccupied or too stressed out, your actions and emotions are likewise affected. When it comes to pick-up lines, the brain may only perceive what it wants to decipher. What may come out perverted may have been intended innocently. Sometimes, even if you were just giving friendly conversation, the other person may think that you’re interested in being more than just friends. You know what they say, it’s all in the mind.

Pick- up lines for girls vary in form and substance. The key here is to know what works for someone you are actually talking to right now. While some girls like flippant lines, some may find them unintelligent. Same goes with lines that exude overconfidence. Assess the situation first so you can come up with the most practical and effective lines. It also pays to do a little research. Whatever you have learned today will always come in handy in the future.




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