9 New Healthy Lifestyle Trends to Follow with Your Girlfriend

One of the reasons why people delay the start of their active and healthy way of life is a plethora of tendencies. Which one to stick to? One day people hype fasting; another day they promote intuitive eating; in a week you find out that there is one magical product that you need to eat to be healthy and happy. We’ve compiled a digest of the current trends in fitness, diet, and holistic therapies many beautiful Russian ladies already follow. You should try those that appeal to you and see what will work for you better.


Dancing. The sport that you enjoy doing and that brings pleasure – isn’t that a dream? Many workout programs include not only exercises but also fun activities such as dances. Zumba, Latin dances, belly dance, pole dance – these are great ways to do cardio and muscle-strengthening exercises but with more vigor and encouragement. You will unlikely want to quit this kind of workout because you’ll crave for those emotions you get during the process.

Kickboxing. This is not a new kind of sport, but today more and more fitness clubs create kickboxing group classes. It’s used as intensive interval training. Kickboxing is effective as it combines cardio and strength training. Apart from muscles, it activates brain too.

Tabata. Tabata workout has gained a lot of popularity recently. The main advantage of this training is that it requires only 4 minutes a day. According to the adherents of this workout method, it is no less effective in burning excess kilos than other kinds of training. Tabata works the following way: you work hard for 20 seconds, you rest for 10 seconds, you do the same set 8 times. You can do different exercises – push-ups, squats, burpees, etc. The main thing is to strictly stick to the intervals and train all types of muscles.


Intermittent fasting. The essence of this diet method lies in that you eat a daily amount of food within an “eating window”. You can drink only water the rest of the time. The eating windows are individual and usually last no more than 8 hours. The rest 16 hours are enough to launch the process of burning fat in your organism. Night sleep is also considered an eating window. To stick to this dieting pattern, you just need to have dinner later.

Ketogenic diet. Weight loss isn’t its only benefit. It has a positive effect on the brain activity, it helps control your appetite, and reduces the risk of diabetes. It’s a low-carb diet where you have to eat more fats, less carbohydrates and average proteins. Your body will have to look for the energy source other than carbohydrates. This energy source is ketones – compounds produced as a result of the breakdown of fats. This way, your organism will use up its fat storages improving your weight.

Pili nuts. Today, many nutritionists recognize pili nuts as the best of nuts. They contain all the necessary amino acids and a lot of magnesium. Pili nut oil is rich in omega-7 and omega-9.

Cannabidiol. This compound is contained in cannabis, but it doesn’t have narcotic properties. It hasn’t been fully studied yet, but numerous studies have already proved its painkilling, antioxidant, anticonvulsive, immunostimulating properties. It’s a real trend in the beauty industry.

Holistic therapies

Acupuncture. More and more people resort to reflexotherapy, and acupuncture in particular, these days. This method is used to treat different conditions – from insomnia to autoimmune conditions.

Gua sha. It’s an Asian technique to treat muscle pain and tension. A special tool is used to scrape the skin thus “releasing” bad energy (the cause of pain) from certain areas.


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