135 Gorgeous Ghana braids That You Will Love

African have their own style of braiding and are most popular in the world. Among them, Ghana braids always come in the front. Because of the diverse nature, it is a perfect choice for women to style their hair. Moreover, it is even finer and is easy to carry out. Perhaps it may be the reason, this African style of braiding is now gaining popularity all over the world. Exceptional to normal braids, it demands a distinctive style of braiding as it demands to add hair continuously into a single cornrow.

Though having different names like Invisible cornrow, Banana Cornrow, Cherokee Cornrow, Pencil Braids or Ghana Cornrow, one of the most fascinating things about it is that it looks beautiful on everyone irrespective of their head shape or complexion. Yes! You heard it right. Women from all age group can apply this hairstyle once.

Talking about Ghana braids, they usually tune with different length and quality of hair. Even more, you look stunning matching any color with your plaits. There are so many choices out there. You can choose any one of them which goes best with you. Try for once and see the effect. Hence, we are presenting 135 variations-

Topsy-Turvy Styling

ghana braids

Refresh yourself with this topsy-turvy designs.

Going For Spiral

Life is the name of limitless potentialities. So, this time exploring a new spiral type of hairdo in red shade.

Glam-up Effect

Who is not going to fall for these highly pulled braids? They are fantastic.

Alternate Shading

Hey! This is a cool idea to go on for alternate shading.

Jumbo Ghana Braids

Perhaps you may be waiting for a unique design to look fantastic.

Wrapping with Tiny

It is indeed a sweet, refreshing design which you are striving for.


Oh my god. This level of beauty is something which is beyond description.

Braids and Bun Combo

This is a fantastic combination if you are looking up to individual braids and bun combo.


To try on different is all you need to get a stimulating effect over your appearance.

Throwing Elegance

The end of the day, it is strictly to keep in mind that any style you may follow should make you feel comfortable. And only then, that will be of meaning to you.

Better Be Bold

Spring is one of the most loved seasons by people. So spread warmth and goodness coming spring with a versatile combination of blonde and red which indeed looks magical together.

Eye-Catching Style

You will indeed get lots of appreciation with the above hairdo. But what may bother is time needed to make it. It is at this moment you need to rely on your hairstylist.

Perfect with Glasses

There are some moments when wearing only glasses add much to your style and presence. In upper case, glasses seems to a perfect combination. Hope you think over it.

Ghana Braids Hairstyles

Our effort of presenting such great variations of Ghana braids will go in vain if you are not going to give your valuable comments over them. And we hope our work will be of little help to you.

Smoky Icy Effect

Ah! We always loved snowy winter season. This time let’s show such love by blending icy smoky shade into our hair.

Lovely Plaits

Pure, soft, delicate, fragile yet so complex. And seems like she has so many mysteries with her of magic, beauty aura and positive vibes. yes, so many words mould up in my mind whenever I view such a magnificent site of heavenly beauty.

Looking Natural

Not so much braids are there, still such a fine finishing that it blows my mind away. Anyway, this exciting way of styling is beyond any description.

Gorgeous Style

Though it may sound strange, it can be your choice of hairstyle for an upcoming wedding event which you are going to a part. But it’s up to you to decide.

Cool Style

Doesn’t it define some unique sort of designing the hair? Indeed it is, as a result, you are going to have a cool effect. Hope you will not object it.


Red is always close to heart. So for once, why not go with a reddish tint in your hair? Just thought for it once.

Ghana Braids Ponytail

Occasionally setting your hair with hair accessories will give you a certain kind of elegance. Though the braids are well arranged, you look totally classy.

creative Updo

None can stop creativity, and it can happen anytime and anywhere. So, stop overthinking and allow yourself to have full pleasure of this creative updo looking perfect in the model.

Being Colorful

Can you ever imagine your life without colors? It’s only colors which have made our life meaningful. So, this season surprise your beloved by adding an extraordinary shade in your hair. How do you feel about this idea?

Style Taking Your Breath


Whenever we often talk about beauty, how can it be separated from ladies? Actually, the existence of women defines the beauty of pure existence. Get yourself ready to celebrate this unique part of womanhood with a gorgeous style taking your breath away.

Ghana Braids to the Side

Your appearance will look perfect among other people if you go on to choose to style your hair by an above-shown sample of hairdos. Well, in a case, you look lovely with Ghana braids to a side.

In a Portion


In this life, often it is necessary to remain with yourself and figure out how you are going to do handle your matters. For it, what is needed is to chill out. And what can be better than styling yourself in a nice hairdo and freshen up yourself?

Pictures of Ghana Braids Style

Ghana braids are much popular among African and they truly adore them. Keeping in mind especially about African ladies as well as others too, we bring out different pictures of Ghana braids. If any of your lady companions are African, you can surely suggest to them about it.

Truly Heavenly

Home reminds us of heaven. And our family functions, they are platforms to rejuvenate and relish family bondings as well as celebrating them. Next time, whenever you are to be a part of such function, keep in mind to manage your hair dashingly just like above.


Glitter, glam-up and glossy styles are something which always reminds of party themes hair styling. Today too, we brought here stunning designs for most important family functions. Perhaps you will be mesmerized by it.

Tiny Spirals

Who is not going to love these tiny design appearing to be perfectly natural? Spirals are styled in such a way that it takes your breath away for a moment. When it comes to creating it, you can rely on your hairdresser.

Blonde in Black Hair

A lovely stye which will immensely give you an incredible look. For your convenience, you can even wear it out on an evening party or any gatherings. Regarding color shade, you can choose to appy that once which you love most.

Looking Fashionable

Leaving beside some of them, every girl loves to look fashionable. And this time we have tried a lot an effort to make your work easier by presenting stylish hairs. Finally, please do remember to forward your valuable suggestions to us.

Truly Magical

Never lose confidence and hope. Yes, you totally can. Set your destiny and give your 100% for it. I have something more to suggest you. For once, keenly observe this magical hair.

Ghana Braids 2018

It’s not easy to pass this life journey. But what can we do it is put our best efforts to make it more interesting and playful. So, what’s the big deal now? Last year passed with its own pace. Celebrate each coming time of your life and this year adopting some crazy hairdos.

Looking Unique

What is most important is to live beautifully according to our wish and values but without harming others? Yes, friends! Life is uncertain. Who knows better tomorrow we all may not be together. Hence celebrate these magical moments with ourselves and make it even worth memorable trying some hairdos.

Vintage Vibe

Time and often words become so less to describe anything. The same thing has happened to us after keenly observing those styles- they are truly throwing a vintage vibe. You just glance it. We are not on the verge of giving any description.


Everything which seems natural is effortless, and a certain kind of easiness comes with it. Anyone will madly be in love with it. Yes, we found the reason why girls are crazily falling for such a style.

Classic Version

In her black, white photo, she looks truly classic more like a goddess, a beautiful statue of kindness and deep sensation. So, my friends go to your nearest studio and have a photo of yours in this classic version.

Trying Some New

Your hair seems shining like stars in the sky. It does not appear artificial instead it is indeed natural. Perhaps you may get lovely compliments throughout the whole day whenever you try this hairstyle.

Tiny-Huge Combo

Beauty is often related with simplicity. That’s why not simple bun styles always gain praise and are in top most preference of ladies in every season. Anyone who owes a deep love for bun can combine it with even braids just like above.


Though it appears intricate in intensity, anyone will get flawless appearence through soft curl in the hair.

Dutch Ghana Braids

Whatever the name may be, I am completely mesmerized by way of hair styling. Dutch jumbo braids simply fabricate romantic feeling between any couple. Don’t you think so?

Beautifully Settled

Most often we are guided by the conception that it is better to have straight thick hair to look beautiful. In the above picture, there is beautifully settled hair in extravagant styling which signifies it is hair design and your attitude which defines your beauty not a solely quality of your hair.

Unified Styling

Unity is always good everywhere. Taking hold of such conception why not try a unified styling this winter season? For your kind information, let us tell you can apply any shade you prefer in your hair.

Ghana Braids in Short Hair

Ghana Braids are always loved by African as it looks equally fabulous even in short hair. The model above is a middle-aged woman with short hair. A little smile on her face matches well with her hairdo.

Something Extra

Perhaps you may find it too dull always to get well dressed and set your style in a specific pattern. If you are going to have some leisure time, then make it worth by trying this new hairstyle.

Party Styling

Either it is a side style or a bun, it is truly magnificent. In that above figure, you glance that braids are lovely which comprise a stunning outlook and the bun is above all description.

Incredible Combo

Truly indeed! It is an incredible combo. Just before a week, I go to a picnic with my friends and they were constantly gazing me due to an above-shown hairstyle. True to say they were madly in love with it. I hope you may also love it.

Fabulous Updo

There is nothing as such good or bad. Everything is relative. So, African braiding can also provide you with a fabulous hairdo that looks perfect in a function. Perhaps you may not believe us. If so, then keenly observe above-shown picture.

Artistic Way

Some may find hairstyles as nonsense. But a true lover of women knows what a great beauty it offers to women. Their grace, valor, and elegance just flow up naturally along with any hairstyles they love. So why not encourage them for styling hair in an artistic way?

With Extensions

With short hair, are you in confusion of how to braid your hair and relish an African way of styling? Here in one minute, we provide a solution to your problem. Add hair extension of any shade, and there you go to relive moments.

Designing Extra

One of the greatest of a human being is a limitless capacity of the human mind to create something beautiful. Perhaps Valentine is coming near. So why not surprise your beloved through this special design?

Queens Style

It really does not mean queens do never exist among ordinary people. What I feel about being queen is to feel extra, to feel lovely and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Why not this time be a queen like through this unique way of styling hair?

Blue Shade

I have always loved blue since childhood. Whenever I was sad, or my mood went off, I used to glare at the sky, and it offered me deep contentment and inner healing. Move with a blue shade to be lucky enough for such a wonderful experience.

Red Spiral

Want to go on with red and braids combination? This time try for different. Shade your hair red and go on forming ghana braids with special spiral designs as shown in above figure. If you find it difficult to set up, then move on for your hairdresser.

Amazing Hair Accessories

Sometimes it’s perfectly ok to go out of the way. To make your hairstyle even more interesting, just try for hair accessories. And see what fortune it brings to you.

Re-create Fun

Whenever we remember our childhood days, we become happy as there were so much fun and enjoyment. So why not recreate those moments again with a fantastic hairdo?


Shiny, glitter, and glossy-they all remind us about any party. Are you in a dilemma of keeping your hairdo as it is and also attending a friend’s wedding reception? Why not to have a glossy look up then?

Thick Tiny Zig Zag

Don’t you ever think life would have been really annoying if there were not such zig-zag rides? Actually, these rides make our life an incredible journey with a different sort of experiences. What would you like to say over this matter?

Spreading Elegance

Wait for me on the beach side, and there I am coming for you to spread elegance through my hairdo. Isn’t this idea sounding cool? I hope you like it. If so, then hurry up and surprise your friends having quality moments with them.

With Myself

It’s fantastic to have friends and spend time with them. But in these modern busy days, it’s very hard that every time you get a companion by your side. Why not start loving our own companionship? Be your best friend. It will tremendously help you.

Creativity Upholds

If cared well enough, these braids will remain even for a month. But for that, you need to wear a protective scarf while sleeping at night time. Otherwise, your hair will get ruined thus damaging your gorgeous style.

Meaningful Creation

How elegance radiates through any lady? How does she look heavenly and charming too? No need to be surprised at all. It’s the hairstyle which makes you lovely and awesome. Then why not to have some meaningful creation as shown above?

Parallel Braids

When our hair is not proper and good enough, we are in great difficulty to handle it. How much different Style we may try, the small baby hairs are left aside. And then comes the question of how to manage them. In that case, these parallel braids can be of use.


Here are different variations thus serving to make you noticeable in the crowd. One of such varieties enhances an idea of adding hair accessories. While the remaining ones focus on half updo or wrapping up in a ponytail.

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Casual Style

Formality sometimes shrinks us, yet going casually refreshes our mind and soul. Next time, whenever you hang out with your friends, you can go with an above-shown hairdo. Believe us you will feel rejuvenated.

Party Attire

It is absolutely right that African has a specific craze of braiding. If you also want to adopt this unique styling even while going to a party, then this season here we offer you a glamorous braided updo.

Carefree Hairdo

Sometimes, it is ok to have a carefree hairdo.

Golden Touch-up

Gold gives a pleasant feeling. Then go for it.

Beads Combo

Purely magical and we barely have any words to define it either.

Fine Finishing

It indeed demands a lot of effort and patience for such fine finishing. And the result? It is beyond any description.

Pleasant Outlook

Striving for a pleasant look? No worries then, we have a perfect solution for you. Keenly observe the above hairdo once. We are pretty sure you are going to be mesmerized by it.

Finally, we are done with 135 Ghana braids. Perhaps you may prefer to use a convenient and easy style on a day to day basis. In such a case, they are perfectly fine for you. And the most beneficial thing is they can last even for a month if followed properly set of instructions given by your hair specialist. Lately, we hope that you will be benefitted by our article. Please do take out time and comment us.


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