128 Latest Braided Ponytail Hairstyles For This Season

Braids and Ponytails are those haircut’s that never goes out of fashion. At the point when both of the hairdos are consolidated together, it gives you an exceptionally spellbinding look. Exactly when you state braided ponytail hairstyle, you may envision one kind of style. But, No! There are varieties of braided ponytail hairstyles that you can put in the application for various events. You can style with various types of plaits and furthermore improve with various hair accessories to add an alternate appeal to your look. Referenced underneath are variations of the braided ponytail hairdos that will give you an exceptionally chic, tremendous and exciting look.

  • Spunky Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail


The hairstyle in the picture looks very daring and attractive, doesn’t it? An exemplary style for your daily as well as party appearances. So, to get this look, follow some of the steps as stated below:

  1. First and Foremost, all you have to do is detangle your hair.
  2. Then, separate your hair into three or sections as much as you want.
  3. All the sections have to be of equal volume to look good.
  4. Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, for each section make a fishtail braid and continue until you reach the centre of your head and clip it.
  5. After that, grab all your remaining hair and secure it as a high pony.
  6. To make the look more daring and chic, decorate yourself with glamorous accessories.
  7. There you have your updo ready to rock your day.
  • Long Dutch Braided Pony

As you can obviously find in the image that, this is a nice hairdo. You require less exertion and low maintenance for this style. You should simply, get a handle on the entirety of your hair and tie as a high braid. At that point, move forward as a dutch braid till you achieve the base and again secure it with a hair tie.

  • Side Fishtail Braid With a Pony

It is safe to say that you are fascinated with fishtail plaits? Would you like to give a little turn to your inclination and look voguish? On the off chance, this side fishtail with a ponytail would be the best alternative for you. You basically need to make fishtail plaits at the front flowing side-ways. When you achieve the scruff of your neck, secure your twists and take all your hair together to make a horse. Additionally, you can make a high or low or medium horse according to your desire.

  • Brown Braided Ponytail For African Black Girl

As referenced in the first place, braids have diverse examples and structures. All you have to do is a try different things with every one of the varieties to look surprising. Here, is the blend of thin and thick twists styled to the general hair and after that tied as a high ponytail. Likewise, to make it look exceptionally alluring, you can add on hair beads or some other hair ornaments as well.

  • Gigi Hadid Inspired

Gigi Hadid, an American model, has been an idol for many girls these days. Being her fan, many girls like to style as her, isn’t it? One of the look you might want to try would be as in the picture above. This is a very simple look where Gigi has made simple braids at the front and the tied a ponytail.

  • Braided Ponytail With Weave

Do you find the ocean waves extremely fulfilling? If yes, for what reason don’t you endeavour for a wavy haircut to get that satisfying and engaging look? Since we are discussing braided ponytail, you can get a bit of your hair at the front and make twists in the way you feel good and clasp it. At that point, as in the prior updo’s you simply need to get hold of your entire hair and tie as a ponytail. The final result will leave you to look alluring without a doubt.

  • Artistic Hairstyle

Well, makeup and hairstyle are all about human art. This hairdo also looks very artistic where the hairstylist has put on so much effort and time. In general, hair has been separated into little parts to make a twisted style as you can clearly see above. The turns have been proceeded till the starting of the neck and afterwards tied as a low pony. From now on, you should endeavour this haircut on the off chance that you adore trying different things with the looks.

  • Blonde Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle is the same as few of the styles already mentioned above. But, if you want to add on an extra glamour to your style, apply a vibrant blonde shade. Both the hairstyle and hair colour goes well for any occasion and seasons.

  • Thin Braided Pony

To get this look, you have to take little segments of your hair from any side you need. With the little parts of your hair, make a thin braid till you achieve the centre of your head. When you reach the centre, take all your hair and secure it as a ponytail. Likewise, after you secure your pony with a hair tie, you can take a part of your hair and roll it outside of the hair tie as in the image.

  • Double Sides Dutch Braids

Are you a sportaholic person? Do you play sports or go to the gym every day? If you do, you should try this hairstyle. It is because this hairdo will not let your hair fall at the front and disturb you. Also, once it is ready it requires very little maintenance. Moreover, it suits well for everyone regardless of the hair length, hair colour or the age group.

  • A mix of Three and Four Strand Braids

You might have already figured out by looking at the picture that this hairstyle is very different and needs a little more effort. So, to get this look, follow the process shown below:

1. First, divide your hair into three different parts where the two parts at the side being a little smaller compared to the centre one.

2. Then, for the two side divisions, make a three strands fishtail braid starting right from the top till the nape of your neck.

3. Once you are done with the side, secure with a hair tie and leave it aside.

4. Now, focus on the centre part where you need to make the fishtail braid till the middle and divide the hair into two halves: upper and lower half.

5. For the lower half, continue as a three strand fishtail braid till you reach the bottom. Also, pull the braids and make it lose.

6. After that, from the part where you divided your hair, continue your braids as four-strand braids till the tip of your hair.

7. Combine both the braids of the centre.

8. Again, put together all the braids by securing with the braided hair itself as in the picture.

9. Your quirky and modish hairdo is ready to turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Simple yet Elegant

Do you fall under the category of those who believe in simplicity? If that is the case, you must definitely opt for this hairdo. For this, you need to roll or braid your hair at one side followed by a low ponytail. A quick and graceful hairdo that gives you a very stylish appearance.

  • Ash Blonde Braided Updo

This hairstyle is very eye-catching and eccentric, isn’t it? It looks difficult but isn’t as much as it looks. First, part your hair into two sections: the upper and lower. For the upper part just grab a small portion of your hair compared to the lower part. Then, for the lower part make a fishtail braid and once you are done, pull your hair to make it look loose. Moving onto the upper part, make a four or five-strand braids as per your comfort. But, make both your braids just till the scruff of your neck and then, clasp all your hair and secure it as a low pony.

  • Braided Style for Kids

Do you have a baby girl? Are you fond of making your baby look stylish and cute? Then, try any of the hairdo’s shown above and make the compliments flow for your girl. Also, these hairdo’s are perfect for your baby on any occasion be it during school hour or any parties.

  • Twirl Braided Ponytail

The hairdo in the image looks bewildering, isn’t that right? For this, you have to make waterfall plaits by separating your hair into three divisions till you achieve the focal point of your head as in the image above. At that point, get a handle on the entirety of your hair and secure as a ponytail. Again, take a little piece of your hair from the ponytail and make waterfall braids in a swirling way until the point that you achieve the base and secure it with a hair tie. Your hair is ready to make turn the head of numerous towards you.

  • Thick Rope Braided Ponytail

Well, to mention again, braids and ponytail is such a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Also, it blends perfectly with any dress that you want to carry on. Here, is the thick rope braided ponytail in a slightly messy form but still throws a charming vibe. In addition, this updo might be a plus point for you if you are not good with making perfect braids.

  • Side-Braided Easy-Going Updo

If you are working women, looking attractive and smart is the two must do things for you, isn’t it? And, for that hairstyle plays a very vital role. Also, for work the more simple and gentle hairstyle the smarter you look. Henceforth, an attempt for the hairstyle as in the picture mentioned above gives you a very simple yet kicky appearance.

  • Ponytail Braid Tutorial

There are times when you will not have enough time to get ready or attempt for fancy hairstyle before you head out. In such situations, this hairdo would be the best option for you. The steps to get this look are mentioned below:

  1. First, grab all your hair and secure as a ponytail: high or low as per your preference.
  2. Then, take a few strands of your hair from the ponytail and roll it around the hair tie as in the picture.
  3. The third step is, separate your ponytail into three halves and start making a french braid.
  4. Lastly, tie your braid once you reach the occiput of your neck. Or, you can continue till the tip of your hair if you wish for it.
  5. You effortless yet fashionable hairstyle is ready to rock your day.
  • Mohawk Styled Braided Ponytail

Mohawk hairstyles are inclining nowadays. In any case, if you would prefer not to shave the side parts of your hair yet need to get the Mohawk look then, choose this updo. You should simply, give a great part of the need to the middle part of your hair and make an ideal plait in a pouffe way streaming till the scruff of your neck. When you are finished with the plaits at the centre, get a handle on the entirety of your remaining hair and tie as a ponytail or make braids. The huge twists you will ever endeavour for.

  • One-Sided Inverted Braided Pony

As of now, you might have already known that braided hairstyles are very versatile and there are many styles that you can attempt for any special events or on a daily basis. And, this hairdo is the most manageable and easy-to-make can be aimed for a day-to-day look.

  • Blonde Coiffure

Blonde! every girl most loved and preferred hair colours these days which throws a very prepossessing glance. Also, when the blonde hair tint is accompanied by braided hairdo’s as above it acts as a cherry on top of the cake. So, why don’t you give it a try at least once?

  • Two-Sided Braids to a Ponytail

Are you a high school student? Or, are you looking for a hairdo that looks marvellous on your baby girl? If that is the case, try this two-sided braided ponytail. To get this look, you need to part your hair into two sides and make braids of any type on each side. At one point, stop braiding your hair and combine both the braids to give a ponytail appearance.

  • Pouffe Braided Ponytail

Pouffe gives your face an elongated shape and also helps in addition to your height. Pouffe and ponytail have been in fashion for a very long time. You can strive for the retro hairdo by giving a modern touch. That is, you can make a fishtail braid on both the sides as shown in the picture.

  • Hump Braided Ponytail

Like makeup, a hairstyle is also a form of art. The more creative you turn into, the more voguish look you get. As you can clearly find in the image that this haircut is something altogether different, eye-getting and chic compared with ordinary updo’s. Advise your beautician to redo the look on you and get the compliments spilling out of your precious ones.

  • Too Long Messy Braids

Are you a long hair lover? If so, you may have confronted the trouble to style it in various ways, would it say it isn’t? The least troublesome approach to display your long hair would be a basic twist as appeared. In addition, you can make two plaits or a single plait however leave it messily in order to get an extremely daring and chic impression.

  • Tribal Braided Ponytail

Ponytails definitely make you look trendy but high ponytail has a different charm. The hairdo’s shown above are braids followed by a high ponytail. To get the hairstyles as such might require a little more effort and time compared to other braid styles but the result will certainly leave you awestruck. Hereafter, attempt for this updo and get a polished look.  Also, you can decorate your updo with beads or any other hair accessories to make it more alluring.

  • Braids at the Middle with a High Ponytail

Do you fall under the class of young ladies who love to remain marvelous and be a trendsetter? If that is the situation, why not strive for this haircut and seem fab? Take a thick section of your hair at the center and make a fishtail braid. When you reach the center of your head take all the rest of the hair and secure it with a hair tie. Finally, take a little strand of your hair from the braid and move it around the hair tie. Your hairdo is ready to be vaunted.

  • Thick  Dutch Braids

This hairstyle is just as the normal fishtail braid. The only difference is the dutch braids pulled off to give a volume once the braid is completed. It is not as difficult as it looks. You can make it easily by yourself within a few minutes. Furthermore, decorate it with different hair accessories or flowers if you want to appear more ravishing.

  • Fishtail Braid with Half-Done Ponytail

Many of you out there is lazy right? Here’s another easy-going and manageable braid for inactive girls like you. A simple fishtail braid is made with an undone ponytail. Most importantly, you can create a slight wave to add up a little design to your hairdo.

  • Unmanaged Yet Fashionable

Three braids shown above are unmanaged and look up – to – date. These hairdos are ideal for women who are terrible with braids. If you don’t know how to make plaits, you don’t need to stress since you can make a style out of anything. Take for instance these hairstyles.

  • A mix of Thick and Thin Braids to a High Ponytail

You have to follow a procession to get this look. The steps are as follows:

  1. Divide your hair into three equal halves: two at the side and one at the centre.
  2. Then, for the centre part, create a fishtail braid in a pouffe manner until you reach the middle of your head.
  3. Again, for the sections at the side, take two small strands and make two thin braids respectively.
  4. Once you are done with the braids on all the divisions of your hair, grasp all the remaining hair and make a high ponytail.
  5. Also, you need to make a thin braid from your ponytail and roll it on top of your hair tie as shown here.
  6. Your mix of thick and thin braids to a high ponytail is ready to grab the attention of many towards you.
  • One-Sided Fishtail Braided Ponytail

We have already discussed one-side braided pony before. This is the same as what we have mentioned earlier. But the only difference is the fishtail braid at the side followed by a ponytail. Strive for it once as it adds to your personality an enchanting look.

  • Two-Sided Fishtail Braid

If you are in confusion as to what hairdo to seek for the day, always opt for two-sided fishtail braid as never lets you look outdated. Also, it helps you seem attractive in an endearing way.

  • Short Hairstyles

The majority of the young ladies with short hair have been strolling around with a wrong impression of not having the capacity to endeavour distinctive hairstyles and look in-vogue. Be that as it may, you are incorrect. There are variations of hairstyle for young ladies with short hair one of being the above-appeared. Look at the image above and take a stab at it. Comforting and satisfying at the same time.

  • Up-To-The-Minute Hairstyles

In our earlier topics, we have already discussed the same hairstyles. Refer to the above steps to get any of the above looks. In addition, these updo suits both your day-to-day and your party looks.

  • Hairstyle For Kids

Trying chic hairstyles isn’t just for adults. You can also make your child look stylish and adorable with different hairdos. The updos above require a little more effort, but the end output will leave you amazed.

  • Tie-a-knot Updo

You know how to tie a knot, don’t you? This hairstyle has the same pattern of tying a knot. Take two portions of your hair at the side and roll in inwards at the centre. Repeat the same step thrice or four times and tack it with a hair tie.

  • Rope Braided Hairstyle

Don’t you feel this hairdo is quite quirky? Easy to make yet looks very voguish. All you have to do is tie your hair as a pony first and then, divide it into two halves. Then, twist the two parts as a rope till you reach the tip. Your rope braided hairdo is ready to make you look lit.

  • Pink Hairstyle

Till now we have just been talking about blonde, black, brown braided ponytails. But this is about a bright, vibrant pink updo. Ask your hairstylist to apply on a pink hair shade first and after that style your hair any of the ways as shown above.

  • Four Strand Braided Ponytail

Four strand braids are a little divergent and elegant compared to the three-strand or classic French braids. Seek for any one of the hairdos as mentioned in the picture above so as to get that strikingly marvellous glance.

  • Long Twisted Hair Followed by Braids

If you have a very long and thick hair you can style your hair as above with the steps mentioned below:

  1. Take two sections of your hair at both the sides and roll it towards the centre.
  2. Once you have clipped the twisted hair to the centre, start you classic French braids flowing till the tip of your hair.
  3. Your easygoing hair is ready to be vaunted.
  •  A Mix of Three and Four Strand Braids

We have a hairdo with a blend of three and four strand plaits. The three strand plaits, trailed by four strand ponytail twists, look modish and exceptional. You can likewise leave your hair for what it’s worth or include some hair beads to make it more striking.

  • Bubble Braided Ponytail

Now, this is altogether different again to modify your appearance. To make this glimpse, you have to tie a pony and secure with a hair-tie in a distinction of a few inches by giving a bulbous partition. Seek for this updo and make others feel envious of your style.

  • Curly Braided Hair

Wavy hairs are unquestionably difficult to keep up and look voluminous pretty much unfailingly. You might get annoyed with wavy hair and with the volume it shapes, isn’t that right? To arrange of that matter, make two-sided modified plaits till the lower portion of your head and secure it like a pony. With this style, you will feel light and agreeable to carry your wavy hair.

  • Braids Underside

This is a trigger that begins at the bottom of your head moving upwards and is secured as a ponytail. In addition, it’s a braid that makes you ready for a sporty look, a glamorous look or even a daily look.

  • Curly Tribal Braids

There are many unbelievable variations as thin braids. One of the variations being the above style, where the top part of your head is made of thin braids with beads continued as a ponytail. This mix creates a sophisticated and isolated design. It also looks astonishing on everyone.

  • Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are inverted braids where you pass from below moving side by the side of your hair. You ‘ll get that romantic fairy tale vibes with this updo. This is also perfect for a party or a day out.

  • Flower Braids

To get this look, first, you need to colour your hair as black to red ombre. After that, take small divisions of your hair and make a waterfall braid for each division. And, from the end of each braid, roll it to give a flower form as shown here.

  • Macrame Hairstyle

This hairstyle definitely looks complicated and puzzling. But, with a little concentration and dedication, you can easily get this updo. Furthermore, this braid also reduces the length of your hair because of the macrame design you create at the top.

  • Headband Braided Ponytail

Well, the headband is a thing for girls that helps much in styling. But, here is something contrary. You need to make a headband with your own hair and later tie as a ponytail. Get an enchanting glimpse with this hairdo.

  • Style it with a Scarf!

Are you willing to get the fashionista feels? Braids accompanied by scarf will surely help you look like a fashionista. Also, you can use several scarfs to add for the charm to your style. Go, girl! Attempt for it to look astounding.

  • Side Braids to Side Pony

Are you looking for a hairstyle that goes well with your formal events? Here, is the updo so just give it a try.

  • Audacious Updo

Looking bold and daring and beautiful at the same time is the target of many girls out there, right? Try either of the hairdos and look audacious.

  • Warrior Look

This is the type of hair that gives a warrior glimpse. There is a great deal of effort and maintenance required for this, but it will certainly attract a lot of the public with the end result.

  • Voluminous Braided Ponytail

This hairdo is tied in with making a substantial plait that proceeds as a side pony. With this updo, you can get a gorgeous glance.

These are the varieties of plaited ponytail hairstyles, which give you a luxuriously excellent look. An ideal haircut for a gathering or daily event out to be seen in the group. Hairdos are essentially about craftsmanship and creativity. Attempt for any of these hairdo ‘s that mirrors your skills and creativity.

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