101 Stunning Dutch Braids Hairstyles You Need To Try

Dutch braid hairstyle is simply a three strand braid done in a reverse form. It can also be referred to as an inverted french braid. A Dutch braid is one variation of the french braid. There are many ways of styling a dutch braid and looks better both in long and short hairs.  You can style your hair in a dutch braid that you feel comfortable with.  It results in the look of a braid standing up from the rest of the hair, instead of being under the hair. Dutch braids are becoming popular these days. Another benefit of this hairdo is that it is the perfect solution for hair that lacks freshness.

Here are some of the dutch braid hairstyles that you can try on to get that chic and amazing glance.

  • Side Swept Dutch Pony


This side-swept dutch pony hairstyle will make you ready for your daily look as well as for simple party look. For this, you just need to take a small portion of your hair from one side and make a dutch braid. Once you reach the nape of the neck, secure it with a hair tie as a low pony.

  • Four Partitioned Dutch Braid


Try this four partitioned dutch braid to grab the attention of many people. For this, you need to separate your hair into four different parts and start your dutch braids from top to the bottom.

  • Voluminous Dutch Braids

This dutch braid makes your hair look voluminous.  Start your braids right from the top to the side and continue until it reaches the bottom. To give the voluminous look, slightly loosen up your hair with free hand or your hairbrush.

.Double Dutch Braids





Double Dutch braids are becoming more popular these days among teenage and adult girls.  Double Dutch braids give you a school makeover but to make it more elegant give it a little-twisted form. This hairstyle is not only perfect for teens and young girls also, if you want to make your children look stylish you can try these double dutch braids.

.Ribbon Braid Hairstyle

For this ribbon braid hairstyle, you need to follow a couple of steps:

Step 1: First take a certain portion of your hair in the center and secure it as a pony with a ribbon.

Step 2: Once you are done with step 1, divide that pony into three sections.

Step 3: For the middle section, braid as a classic dutch.

Step 4: For the remaining two sections, Braid as a simple dutch.

Step 5:  Combine all three sections of the hair and secure it with a hair tie and a ribbon used to secure that pony.

Step 6: And there you have your ribbon braided hair, to give you a chic look.

.Side Swept Inverted  Braid

This side-swept dutch make you look super adorable.  Make a headband dutch braid on top followed by the normal french braid. This braid makes you ready for different kinds of occasions.

.Gorgeous Braided Hair

This braided hair to the side with half hair open will look amazing.  A special occasion is a perfect time to show off your braiding skills. Take the braid from the side of the top of the head and merge it with another braid done in the same way.

.Classic Dutch Braid

This dutch braid is truly unique. This style works better with longer and mid-length hair. For this, you need to take a small section of your hair from the top of the head and start your braid in an inverted way. The braids can be either loose braids or tight braid as per your preference. You can make it either neat or messy, depending on your style.

.Thick Half Updo

If you are not perfect in making complete dutch braid then, just try this thick half updo on the side. This looks incredible and helps yo give that fabulous look. Also, it adds volume to your hair.

.Double Dutch Braids

Do you want to receive compliments on your day-to-day looks as well? then, try this double dutch braid. To style in this way separate your hair into two different parts and braids tightly on both sides. Complete it with a hair accessory to get that glam glance. Also, You can style as a double dutch till the nape of your neck secure it with a tie and continue as a fishtail braid. This will make you look truly unique.

.Side Swept Dutch Braid

This braid helps you stand out in any occasion, basically when it’s side-swept. Moreover, if you have long hair, you should definitely try this and see the results that are worth it.

.Thick Inverted Classic Braid

The thick inverted classic braid suits you best for your school look. It gives you a very clean and perfect glance.

.Top Knot Dutch Braids

For this, divide your hair into two parts. Start your braid upwards and make a knot on the top. Secure the braid with a hair tie. Now do the same with the other side of the head.

.Dutch Braid Knot Downwards

This braid is the styled same as top knot dutch braid. braid.r this hair the braid is done downwards with a knot on the bottom. This is perfect for you if you are bored from the double dutch braid. A little twist on the double dutch braid and you will get the fabulous look. Moreover, this hairstyle can add a romantic vibe as well.

.Braided Pony

Are you a pony lover but bored from the regular simple pony? Then, try a braided pony. For this, you need to take a small part of your hair either at the center or side and style as a braid halfway through. After the braid is done, you just need to take all your hair and secure it with a hair elastic. It will look incredibly stunning.

.Sporty Braids


If you are a sports player or go to the gym on a regular basis, you might be troubled styling your hair in an appropriate form.  So, try the tight and clean dutch braids either side-swept or double dutch raids. This does not let your hair fall in front and makes you comfortable throughout.

.Headband Dutch Braid

Are you a headband lover but do not want to use headbands regularly? The, you can make a headband braid. It will give you extremely fabulous look. This can be done as a party hairdo too. With this hairdo, you will look lovely.

.Chic Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are popular among everyone these days. Dutch braids especially the double dutch gives you a chic and elegant look. Double Dutch is easy to create as well. This will make you look just astounding.

.Side Swept Romantic Braid

Do you love light curls and braids? This is the perfect option for you. This half up, half down hairstyle with a dutch braid, looks graceful. You can also add hair jewelry to make it look more fabulous as per your preference.

.Short Bob half-up half-down

You have a short bob hairstyle and you’re worried about not being able to style your hair. Then, you are wrong. You can style your short bobs too. You can simply make a dutch braid or a pull through braid in a half-up-half-down manner. You will get that exquisite look.

.Crown Braids

Women’s hair has always been considered as her identity, her symbol of pride and beauty. The crown braids give you a perfect bridal look and can also be flaunted as the perfect party hair. The crown braids are not only of one type, there are different variations of crown braids. for the crown braids as shown in the picture above you need to follow certain steps. First, create a three strand or a four strand dutch braid from both sides of your hair. After the braid is completed bring it to one point and pin it up. If you want, you can add on hair jewelry to make it look glam.

.Side Braid with a Short Pony

The subtle change can make a big difference with the braid. Instead of letting your short hair open, you can simply braid your hair to two sides of your head in an inverted form and then secure both the braids together with a hair tie. It will take you look to a next level making you look more stylish.

.Center Braided Hair

Center braided hair looks more interesting and can grab the attention of many towards you. There is nothing better than adding a cute twist to your hairstyle. For this, you just need to take the middle part of your hair and braid it and leave the rest of your hairs open. This will give you an amazing look and will make you ready for perfect shots.

.Double-Sided Dutch knot


A very easy and modish hairstyle perfect for summer days. The double-sided dutch knot is perfect for summer when you cannot beat the summer heat and do not want to let your hair open. Moreover, this look is also perfect when you are out on vacations to the beachside.

.Dutch with a Center Bun

The braided hair with a bun adds elegance and class. It gives you a classic look with a modern touch. You can create this hairdo either for formal occasions or basic day look or evening parties. To make it look more astounding, add hair jewelry if you want. This hairstyle looks perfect if you have long hair.

.Short Hair Double Dutch Braid


Short hair? No problem.As you all know that dutch braid looks perfect on both long and short hairs. You can create a dutch braid on short hair easily.  You will get the worth it result as shown in the picture above.

.Thick Voluminous Double Dutch Braid

Voluminous hair always makes you look amazing. Try creating an inverted three-strand braid and loosen it up with your free hand or tip of your hairbrush. To create the style, as shown above, make a braid on both sides till the nape of your neck and tie as a pony on both the sides. This hairdo is not casual as the traditional braids and gives you a modernized style.

.Exceptional Braided Hair

This is a truly unique hairstyle.  To create this hair you first need to divide your hair into parts and the start your braid from each section of your hair. For the braids on the side of your hair, make it to the bottom and secure it with a hair tie. Whereas, for the middle section braid halfway and then make a knot in between. This hairdo needs a little effort but the result you get will make you awestruck.

.Loose Braids

This hairdo is nothing but just a traditional braid tied with half hair open. The braids are made a little messier that adds more style to the overall appearance.

.Big Dutch Braid


The big dutch braid is truly distinctive. This hairstyle looks better on long hair. When you are braiding, make sure that you are braiding it to the side. You can make it either neat or messy, as per your preference. If you want to make your braid messy, make it messy once you are done braiding it tightly and if you prefer the tight braids you can leave it the same way.

.Gorgeous Braid with a Pony

If you love pony and braids but you are not perfect for making the braids and want a stylish look then you can opt for this hairstyle. This hairstyle looks astonishing. Moreover, you can add as many braids you want on the side, then go for a braid side ponytail. You can make a very clean and tidy or messy ponytail as you desire.

.Braid and Bubble with a Knot

This hairdo is a combination of dutch braid and bubble style tied as a knot. For this hairdo, you first need to separate your hair into four equal halves. Then, style as a bubble hair for the middle two parts and for the side parts braid it neatly. After the bubble and braids are done, secure it with a tie on both sides and roll as a knot to give a unique finish.

.Side Combo Braid

This hair is a combination of fishtail and dutch braid. To create this hairstyle there are certain steps that need to be followed.

Step 1: Detangle your hair and on the left side take three strands of your hair.

Step 2: Start your dutch braid from the strands that you have divided.

Step 3: Continue step 2 until it reaches the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Take three strands on the right side and start making a dutch braid.

Step 5: Continue step 4 until it reaches the nape of your neck.

Step 6: Once you have completed the braids on both sides bring it together and tie it.

Step 7: Now, start you fishtail braid to your desired length and secure it.

Step 8: Your side braid combo is ready.

.Half-Up Double Dutch Knot

Do you want to keep your hairstyle simple and elegant too? Then, you can go with half-up double dutch braid with a knot. You can style it beautifully at the same time let your long soft hair flow underneath.

.Messy Dutch Braid to the Side

If you’ve mastered the Dutch braid, why not try this messy dutch braid look and show your friends how fabulous this can look. This is classy and chic, which will complement your outfit.

.Messy Curls Headband Braids

Do you love light curls? Then try this messy curls with headband braids at the front. This hairstyle gives romantic feels and can be styled for both day and night looks. This messy curl headband style gives you a stunning look.

.Double dutch to a Pony

This double dutch hair tied as a pony is perfect for your day-to-day look. The simple the better.

.Double Dutch to Fishtail


To create this hairdo, you need to separate your hair into to halves.  The, start your dutch braid halfway through and secure it with a tie. Again, start you fishtail braid to the bottom and secure it again. Do the same on the other side. You have your attractive looking hair ready.

.Dutch Half-up Half-down

Do you love curls and side braids ? This is the perfect option for you. This half up, half down hairstyle, looks gorgeous.

. Short Dutch Braids

If you have a short hair and you are thinking you cannot style it then you are absolutely wrong. You can try this amazing dutch braid on your short hair. It is simple and perfect for your high school days.

. Pull Through  Double Dutch Braid

This pull-through dutch looks absolutely amazing. Just make the classic and traditional braid and pull from the bottom on both the sides. You will end up with fabulous braids.

.Voluminous Double Braid

The voluminous hair gives a different glance to your face. Almost every girl prefer voluminous hair. This gorgeous style gives an interesting touch to your overall appearance. As shown in the picture, if you color your hair with vibrant colors the hairdo looks more appealing.

.Double Dutch with a Messy Bun

Are you looking for an exquisite hairstyle?  This would be the best option for you.  Simply make a dutch braid and make a messy bun on the bottom.

.Waterfall Dutch Braid

This waterfall braid looks fabulous on you. If you have to attend any glamours event or special functions just create this waterfall dutch to get a simple yet stunning glance.

.Messy Dutch to Fishtail


A clean and tight pony looks better for you school or gym. But if you want the same hairstyle for your casual looks you can try on messy dutch to fishtail braid. Try this hairstyle and you can stand out as it looks very eye catchy.

.Half-up Puff Hairstyle

Puff hairstyle has been in trend since the 70’s and 80’s. You can combine half-up braid and puff style to get a very impressive look. This hairstyle is very easy to create. Make a puff first and braid two sides of your hair . To make it look more impressive you can make your hair slightly wavy.

.Dutch Braids

It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hairs. As long as you have long, smooth, silky and shiny hair you can effortlessly create amazing looking dutch braids. The dutch braids can have different textures as shown in the pictures above.

Hence, these are the amazing looking dutch braid hairstyles. You can make dutch braids for your day to day looks as well as for party looks. Dutch braids are amazing because of the amazing patterns and kinds. Braids are a more convenient way to enhance your overall appearance.Many people tend to choose this hairstyle for many occassions. These braids are trending everywhere and makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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