116 Sensational Shades of Burgundy Hair Trending in 2021

Start the year 2019 with something new. Perhaps if you want to enlighten your soul, Burgundy can revive magical moments with you. As we all know, Burgundy hair holds a close resemblance to the dark to red wine or dark red, ladies and even women are thriving hard to get in tune with it. Either it may be blonde or medium brown hair, burgundy now trends as an option to look much brighter, full of aura.

Having said that, burgundy compiles of a broad range of warm colors thus offering more alternatives to the women to appear the way they want. Some of them are Merlot, Cabernet, Cranberry, Maroon, Crodovern, Claret. Here too we are offering 116 burgundy hair, and it is up to you to choose the one you look lovely.

What is exciting about burgundy color as it is trending rapidly? Well, it adds a mysterious touch-up and thus giving a bold appearance which you could ever imagine. As a fashionista, you have a sort of knowledge that burgundy fits your natural hair color. So, lavish with some interesting tints and move through the brunettes.

burgundy hair


Previously, burgundy was the perfect shade for true brunettes only. Over the years, things changed. And people try to experiment it in any tone. Wait! If you dare enough to live your life in your aspiration and wishes, why not do something revolutionary? For your easiness, we at this moment offer you an alternative to try. Go with burgundy over omber with a purple and reddish tone. Believe us, you look phenomenal. If still in your heart, you want to check on with a wide range of varieties, then for once go with the following sample picture.

Well Blended Hair

Channel your hair with waves or leave it straight. But blend it well in either of the cases. Hence, you can solidly get detectable output. You didn’t believe us? If not, have a rigorous look above.


Layered reminds one of such hair trends, easily noticeable and completely different from the traditional approaches. If you instantly want to get natural outlook, get it done from your hair specialist. Also, you may get layers right from the topmost section of your hair.

Sharp and Smooth

Instead, you may not believe. Aspiring for sharp and smooth version is something which will always make you feel proud and blessed. Give some time for yourself and apply dye gently through all sections. Finally, enjoy the overwhelming appearance.

Best Burgundy Hair Dye

The hair dye above shown actually help you out to look exactly like natural-looking hair. My companions, I swear you will genuinely get an incredible outlook and might enjoy the days from there on.

Faint Version

Faint shades bring some aspect of a soft aura of presence. Such that people evidently become aware of you. This time prefers for tones like shown above: the effect is excellent. I promise your loved ones are sure to get mesmerized by the way you appear.

Party Style

Prepare your hair for the next happening party. And how you decide to wrap it? Hmm. Leave it straight. But blend it in burgundy which strives for dazzling results. Perhaps you may get a tag of warm girl.

Perfect Glam-up

Tune your hair with the perfect glam-up and highlights. Either red or purple, no issue at all. But what matters is you are going to have a mesmerizing effect. Isn’t it lovely to hear?

Killer Look

Burgundy always reminds of something chill out, lovely vibes of rejoicing. If any idea of killer look has hit your mind, then go with it. Shade your hair in any tint you aspire and finally look unusually striking, catching everyone’s attention.


All of my feelings and emotions, I want to hide out within me. And in which tone should I connect to my hair? If you have any such dilemma, for once view the picture above. We all hope may you get all the answers of those questions which are creating violent turbulence inside you.

Burgundy Hair with highlights

Do you prefer to have different dimension and color in contrast to natural? Highlights are here than for my besties. Moreover, the dye goes perfectly well and fabulous with any such complexion and preferred outfit.

Burgundy Hair Ombre

Ombre is one of dream every lady love to see and have in reality. Make it genuinely happen by applying the effect and see how well it blends. Afterward, enjoy the life and moments.


Lovely color shade, it is applied over whole texture to get a crimson effect. A bun wrap-up thrives nor a new sort of style statement. And apparently, the tint looks mandatory irrespective of the long or short length of anyone’s hair.

Eye-catching Hairdo

Contextualizing an eye-catching shade is not that much strenuous workout which it is usually thought as. More fashion forward-looking, it can eventually help anyone to carry out themselves in any kind of gathering. What do you think about it? Is it similar to breathtaking ones?

Specialist Style

I often rely on my hair specialist as she flawlessly and effortlessly matches the sample which looks best on me. If you are also in a dilemma to manage your hair, take a deep breath and move to your hairstylist. Only he/she can solve your confusions and provide you even the best solutions.

Being Myself

In today’s world of rush, we are aware enough of our competitors and rivals. But it absolutely does not mean that we should forget our true identity, who we are. Despite a demanding career, it is utterly needed to give some time to oneself and relish with a new hairstyle.

Burgundy Hair

Do you want a bold contrast in your new look in comparison to the previous one? If so is the case, delve into a more energized shade of burgundy.

Loose Dutch Braid

With all evergreen and astonishing presence, braids are my favorite since I know to manage my hair. Isn’t it yours too? I believe it is. One such fantastic aspect of twists style is you can have wide variations with it and thus flourishing your smile out of grace.


Those scary summer days! Only a thought hankers my mind? How to manage my long cascades? Well, a bun is an ultimate option. For the sole purpose of enhancing brightness your hair enthralls, attune it with some fresh tint.

Fishtail Braid

Beautifully request your favorite hairdresser for inculcating subtle tone for you, which ultimately end with a fresh outlook. Furthermore, the act itself makes your roots shine with brightness and appear healthier.

Still Myself

Amidst people’s crowd, I still manage to be myself. Even if I had to improve, I strive to be the best version of myself. Such is my attitude an conception of mine that I prefer to have my distinctive style of coloring and carrying out my hair.

Glimpses of Positivity

It’s well known that positivity is hard to maintain throughout the whole day. But we present you some beautiful glamorizing vision of being connected with positive vibes. Check out above hairdo. Don’t you feel there is still longer series of calm aura enthralling?

My Approach

Does it make a sense to you? Relying on fashionistas for best styles. For me, it is not. Any style groom out yourself if you ever make a particularized heart touching style of yourself. That’s the spirit, my girl.

College Girls Styling

My eve days passed or months go on, college girls choices and preferences have ever been out priorities. Since then, we provide a wide range of styles taking in mind about them. Do you acknowledge it?


And here comes variations valuing beauty. And we know every single woman and lady crazily fall for charm and this season like it in your boundary. Hope you enjoy our visualizations and new concepts of enrolling hairdos.

Silver Brown

Glitter much enough! I have to make my own identity. We are always ever of such conceptualities from the moment we started working for our clients. And for glittering, silver touch-up only gives you compiled smile of perfection.


Every girl is a princess of her dad, and he often loves to crown her, pamper her. My friends, today we announce you as the queen of your hairstyle through the above-shown style.

Wavy Style

And only they are waves giving relief contentment of smooth movements. Each passing moment you fantasize for such an incredible experience. Is it true? Make this journey together happen with acceptance of a great hairdo.

Some Other Varieties

We are not here only in numbers. Actually, we try best to give limitless compilations of varieties so that you can taste more. Take some valuable time form your busy schedule and keenly observe each array. Finally, figure out which one is suitable for you.


It is merely a way of presenting yourselves in front of others. But elegance is something which radiates from your soul. I think there should be a mind-body connection. Meaning that whatever changes you made in your body, accept form the soul. Then soul enthralls aura around you.


My sweet, cute girl! Use glitter version of burgundy hair.

Beautiful Hair

Perhaps you may be new to experience burgundy. In such a case, an experiment in the starting with a reddish brown. The rare, subtle layer form perfect turbulence. It seems best with any beginners.


Since when are you in love with a purple tint? No matter about it. Get your hair colorist to put up your hair in purple tresses with black as a base color. It will turn overpowering, thus giving you a significant feeling.

Romantic Vibe

Do you love to attune to deep burgundy? That is perfectly ok. Romance swirls around you and thus revitalizes your instinct.


Ponytail ever since we know is an impressive way of styling, especially if your textures are thick and looks chic. For example, this color ensures your features to be spotted in the crowd giving all suitable reasons.

Girls Style

Do you want to taste a clever combination of pink, red highlights providing a treat for your eyes? Rely on your hairdresser for such a fantastic concept. And in a way, it is completely up to style which largely defines your personality traits.

Magneta Style

Do you prefer to opt for a balayage solution as a more flourished alternative in favor of the rich, creamy chocolate version? Beautiful, you can catch everyone’s attention towards you.

Dark Reddish and Purple Combination

If you have a slight brown hair, add a reddish and purple shade to achieve an extra color resemblance. It may not sound appropriate at first, but when you try, you can pretty sure finalize the difference.


Termed as a refreshing outlook, balayage can turn heads and is an incredibly lovely style. You need not much work. Only you have to apply it with a great deal of confidence.

Subtle Curls

There are times often when burgundy and curls make out an ultimate combination. Add some dark version to your hair tips, along with more twisted curves, for the loveliest outcome you ever aspired.

New Lookup

If you are a fan of the new look, perhaps above shown burgundy types is for you. Created for a carefree and messy look, these variations appear dazzling in sunlight. Even your hair specialist will name it as excellent color technique.


Fragile yet intense, this style signifies epitomized elegance and class though it is still ordinary. You can quickly achieve glitter shade just by managing your hair with any burgundy.


Put a great, contemporary twist on your mane with lovely shades.  You can even add bright red shades to get a dramatic effect.

Smoky version

How can you ever underestimate the vibrant power of classy smoky burgundy shade? When styled to layers, it appears to perfection with a sort of bold and energetic vibe. So let go of your previous tone, and largely depend on this hue.

Voluminous Burgundy

Work for a contrasting color in your dark black hair through perfect styling.


Soft and dark red your hair which broadly defines the flawless and effortless feelings. When correctly applied, the falling of hair epitomizes an enchanting experience. I suggest you go through such experiences. It will highly energize you.

Burgundy hair on Dark Skin

As stated earlier, burgundy fits well to any complexion. Dye your whole hair texture to enjoy flinches of burgundy. Even women with dark complexion look classy and fabulous in any burgundy shade. Looking above pictures, do you agree to this matter?

Red Wine Highlights

Ah! That taste of red wine ever touched my heart. Then why not to give a try as a tint in my hair? With such an idea striking my mind, I gave approval to myself to go with red wine tone.

Burgundy Hair Color Chart

Check the burgundy hair color chart, and also choose which variety you want to go.

Short Waves

Are you in a sort of any worry to have short hair and not able to enjoy wavy feeling? Stay calm and quiet. Make waves in your short hair and see how it provide you a ravishing and dynamic sensation.

Bold Attempt

Society always tries to limit you with its rules and restrictions. You are a human and be free spirited individual to go on living on your own terms and conditions. So for once, it will be better if you try with the above shown bold styling.

Burgundy Hair on Brown Skin

Burgundy hair with soft metallic version is excellent and fabulous for people with fair skin tone or complexion. The warm reddish tint well matches with your skin and make you look perfectly ok to go on a long car drive with your beloved.

Purple Loose Locks

Give a look at this rolled purple loose locks. You will observe a type of freshness wavering around.

Light Burgundy Hair

When it comes off light burgundy hair, you have to go out of the turn. One such way is believed and be confident that shade looks great on yourself. Afterward, straighten your hair.

My Style

Own style can be trendy sometimes. So why not work out for some new style over you? Make the people open their eyes wide open in the evening dinner, or it can be a cool hairdo for a casual meeting with friends.

Wavy Hair

Shiny, beachy and attractive waves- this beautiful tress is more amazing with a little purple tone. And the particular thing about Burgundy is it makes you stand out of the crowd even though you look professional enough.


Check out this beautiful version of cornrow hairdo. As we all know, cornrow is always loved and popular among female of all ages.

Light Burgundy Hair

Burgundy hair looks dashing in a light tone with any outfit and accessories you prefer to wear. To get a beautiful outlook, choose your hairdresser and get his or her help.


Burgundy over the palate is phenomenal, unquestionably. If you like to have this sun-kissed version, you may accept the concept as a new hair color. Look, as a result, it will passionately wrap you in its charm.

Intense Look

The exciting color blending idea ultimately gave an intense look. It seems to be more suitable in cold winter months. Even more, it vigorously excites you when played with larger sections.

With Bangs

You may feel hesitant to have short hair along with crispy bangs. But this variation looks to be decent enough with glorious shade spreading over the head.


If you want to revive your passionate nature and soft feminine side, try the curls like in the picture above. It seems enchanting in your deeply embedded curls. Lastly, be cautious to use professional productions for maintaining the quality of your hair.

Vintage Vibe

Upgrade your silky hair by managing some mix shade of brown-purple and reddish burgundy shade. Weaving your hair over such combination unexpectedly give you a single glance. I bet you everyone is going to fall for you. So it is up to you to decide if you want it or not.

Soft Rainbow Color

Soft rainbow hair well defines your personality for sure.

Shoulder Length Hair

Even shoulder length hair looks grounded in any burgundy shade. If you have short hair then blending should be carefully done. Otherwise, it may affect your overall appearance.

Messed Curls

If you are a lover of messed hair, go on the floor with your perfect curl choice. This will eventually give you an extra giggle.


Sometimes the transition is better enough to describe yourself and give some space to relax. In such time, a reddish bun is there for you.

Million Dollar Smile

What to mainly say about her million dollar smile? It is just fantastic and needs no description at all. You can have such a range of smile with burgundy.

Two Shade Combination

Leave aside every single opinion, and choose to go through ways of your heart calling. If above-shown style is one of them, take help of your hairstylist.

Beachy Waves

Moving with burgundy may ask you guts. To give it or not is all up to you. But the beachy wave is one such cool variety which is really special.

Finally, at last, we are bound to hope that 116 varieties of burgundy hair may give a clear cut glimpse of hairstyle you opt to choose. Burgundy looks best in any length of hair and skin complexion. The only necessary thing is you need to cautiously select your version of shade. We are always waiting for your valuable comments for improvement.

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