104 Fishtail Braids Hairstyles That Turn Heads

Fishtail braids hairstyles look very amazing and stylish for any occasions be it for your basic looks or party looks. Fishtail braids are very easy to create. Just take three or four strands of your hair and make a criss-cross pattern, you will get the perfect look effortlessly. There are different types of fishtail braids that you can style your hair with. We would like to show you 104 fishtail braid hairstyles that will give you a startling glance.

1.Side Braids


These simple side braids will make you ready if you want to look a bit more stylish on a daily basis. Half Side braids pinned up with hairs at the front looks catchy.

2.High Fishtail Dutch Braid

These high braids will give you a completely different look. Fishtail dutch braids are perfect for summer if you are not comfortable with leaving your hair open.

3. Simple Fishtail Braid

This gives you a perfect school/college looks. If you are in a hurry early morning or just want to look simple then try these simple fishtail braids.

4.Loose Braid

If you are worried about styling your hair for party attires, then this is a perfect option for you. Just braid your hair loosely and add some hair accessories, you are ready to go.

5. Side Swept Braid


Side swept fishtail braid hairstyle. You want to look smart and attractive while going out with your friends or business colleagues, try these side swept fishtail braid a bit lose at the bottom.

6.One-sided Fishtail Braid

If you are bored form two-sided braids and want a change, try this one-sided braid that will make you perfectly ready for your school or casual look.

7.Upside Down Braid

You love bun hairstyle but bored from the normal buns? Do not worry you can try this upside down braids on your bun hairstyles that will make you look really pretty and cool.

8.Side Braid with Side Bangs

These simple side braids with side bangs make you look glamorous and chic.

9.Low Loose Braid

If you’re looking for that perfect, pretty messy braid, this one is the perfect choice for you. This braid simple but looks absolutely gorgeous. Simple the Better!!

10.Messy Braid

Wanna look stylish on the beach or poolside? Try these messy braids. Loosen up your braids and tie in between also leave half your hair open. You will get that striking look.

11.Double Braided Low Ponytail

This fishtail braid hairstyle is perfect if you do not want to leave your open, then just tie a low ponytail and braid your hair. For this double braided low ponytail, you first need to tie your hair then separate your hair into two halves. Take one half and braid it simple, again take another half and style it in a fishtail manner and at last tie your braids. Your hair updo is ready to be flaunted.

12. Two Side Twisted Braid

You want to leave your hair open and at the same time want to style it. Then, try these twisted braids. twist your hair from two different sides and make a fishtail braid at the center from the twisted hairs itself. At last, tie it with a band.

13. Fishtail Bun

Fishtail bun hairstyle. If you are not able to decide what hairstyle you want to make for your party gowns then, try these fishtail bun hairstyle. For this, you just need to make braids and then roll it as a bun once the braid is completed. You will get the gorgeous look effortlessly.

14. Flower Braid

These are just the simple low fishtail braids style with flowers in between.

15. Side-Swept Braid with Open hair.


This side-swept fishtail braids with a bun on top and hair open will make you look fabulous.

16. Partitioned Braid

If you have any sports event where you will be playing, then you can try this partitioned braids which will make you feel comfortable and easy throughout the game.

17.High Pony with Centered Braid

This will give you a very smart and attractive glance for your daily look.

18.Half Hair Tight Braid

You can do this braid by taking two sides of your hair and braiding just a couple of inches of your hair.  This makes you look simple and pretty.

19. Braided High Bun

This hairstyle is really easy to create. Just braid your hair in a normal manner and roll it to the top as a bun. You will get an easy-peasy glance.

20.Half Up Braid

The half upbraids are very easy to create and gives you a simple look.

21.Braided to the Side

This style looks amazing if you have a long hair or mid-length hair. Try this updo and get the stunning glance.

22.Appealing Braided Updo

Side swept pull through braids make you look hot and adorable at the same time.

23.Two-sided Fishtail Bun

There are different ways as to how you can style your hair. This two-sided fishtail braids low bun is one of them. Try this and you will look gorgeous.

24.Half Headband Hairstyle

You love headbands but tired of using headbands then, try this headband style fishtail braids. Style as a half headband at the top and then move towards the lower part as a fishtail braid. You will look pretty for sure.

25. Pull Through Dutch Fishtail Braid

These pull through dutch braid will give you a very rough look but will look lovely at the same time.

26. Super Messy Braid

Do you love messy styles? If so, do give this super messy braids a try. For this, you just need to braid couple inches of hair at the front make a small bun and leave it in a messy way.

27.French and Fishtail Braid

This braid looks spectacular. You can simply combine french braids with fishtail braids accompanying from the top.

28.Half Up Dutch Fishtail Braid

Steps for the half up dutch braid:-

Step1: Detangle your hair and take a small portion of your hair in the center and tie it up.

Step2: Start styling as a fishtail braid just till the middle of your head.

Step3: Once you are done with the fishtail braid, make your braids lose.

Step4: Tie your braids at the end with a rubber band.

Step5: To make it little stylish, roll your own hair where you have tied up with a rubber band.

Step6: Styling is completed and you are ready to flaunt your hair.

29.Two-sided Twisted Fishtail Braid

Do you love two-sided braids? If you love it you can give a little twist. Separate your hair into two part from the center. Twist and roll down your hair up to the neck and tie it up. Again, make a fishtail braid and secure your hair with a hair tie. Do the same on the other part and you are ready with your two-side twisted fishtail braid.

30.Short Bob Side Braid


Do not worry about not being able to style your shot bobs. Just take a small part of your hair at the front and style as a tight fishtail braid. You can also accessorize with bow clip at the end to get the perfect look.

31. Three Braids combined as One.


If you are looking for a very unique hairstyle then, you can try this updo. For this, you first need to braid your hair from the middle then, braid left partition of your hair and the right partition of your hair as shown in the picture clearly. Lastly, just combine all three braids with a hair tie.

32. Bow Braid

This hair has just a little twist for the half-up fishtail braid with hair tied as a bow in the middle.

33.Cute Side Braided Hair

This fishtail braid is very unique and goes well with long hair. So if you have a long hair and want to get a very modish glance, you can try this hairstyle.

34. Very Loose Braided Hair

If you just want to tie your hair at the lower end you can try this hairdo.

35.Simple Low Fishtail Braid


If you are not in a mood to style your hair very uniquely or differently then you can just braid your hair and keep it at the side. Quick, simple and very easy to style.

36. The Twisted Hairdo


Some of you might not know how to braid hair taking three or four strands of your hair. So, if you don’t know yoou don’t have to worry, you can still look stylish easily. Take a small portion of your hair at the top, divide into two parts and start twisting till the bottom and secure it with a hair tie.

37.Inverted Dutch Followed by Fishtail Braid

If you are both dutch braid and fishtail braid lover you can style your hair both way at once. Separate your hair into two sides, start with an inverted dutch braid from the top of the head till the top of the neck and then continue with a tight fishtail braid. Do the same on the other side.

38.French to Fishtail

If you want something very effortless to look fashionable then you can try this french to fishtail braid.

39. Rainbow Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for looking cute and trendy. It takes only a few minutes to be done. It works perfectly for both long and short hairs.

40.The Classic Fishtail

This is classic and chic, which goes well with any of your outfits. Moreover, you will look fabulous with this classic braid.

41.Inverted Dutch Fishtail

You can try this inverted dutch fishtail braid if you want a little special glance.

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42.Right Side Swept French to Fishtail

Do you have a right partition as your default partition and do not want to change it? If so, you can try this ride side swept french to fishtail braid. The end result will be worth it.

43. Fishtail Low Bun And Know How To Do Fishtail Braids

Steps for Low Fishtail bun:-

Step 1: Brush your hair and divide it into two parts.

Step 2: Start Fishtail Braid on one side from top to bottom and loosen up the braid at the lower ends.

Step 3: Repeat the same as step 2 for the other part of your hair.

Step 4: Once you are done with Step 2 and 3, take each side of the hairs to the middle and pin it up separately.

Step 5: When pinned, give it a little flowery shape and pin both sides of the hairs together.

Step 6: Your Lower Fishtail Bun is ready to be flaunted.

44. Messy Fishtail

Steps for messy fishtail:

Step 1: Separate your hair into two sides.

Step 2: Take couple inches of hair from one side.

Step 3: Do same as step 2 on the other side.

Step 4: Criss -Cross and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 5: Continue with step 4.

Step 6: Keep on doing steps 5 and 6.

Step 7: Once you are done with step 6, take your hairbrush and start making your braids lose.

Step 8: Put on hairspray to your braids.

Step 9: Secure your hair with a hair tie accompanied by own hair on top.

Step 10: And there you have it! Your lovely looking messy fishtail.

45. Elsa inspired Fishtail


Every one of you is familiar with Elsa’s hair from Frozen. So, for a little twist to that hairdo, you can braid both sides of your hair and bring it to one side as a side swept fishtail hairstyle.

46. Messy Bubble Fishtail

Take a small part of your hair in the middle and secure it with a hairtie. Then, style as an inverted fishtail and secure with a hair tie again.

47.Loose wavy Braid

Loose wavy fishtail braid with a hair accessory at the side will give you a perfect bridal look.

48.Half Up Thick Three-Strand Braid


If you are not perfect for making braids, you can try three strand braid which can be done easily. To make it look more stylish, you can try the half-up thick three-strand braid.

49. Fishtail Knot

This simple and extraordinary hairstyle will meet your needs. Make braids on two sides and tie as a knot in the center.

50. Twist and Turns and Criss-Cross.

Step 1: Take a small part of your hair on both the sides and twist it. Tie to make it secured.

Step 2: Do the same as step 1 just below your first twisted hair.

Step 3: Again, take another part and twist your hair.

Step 4: Now, start styling as a fishtail braid.

Step 5: And there you have your fabulous looking twist and turns braids.

51. The Perfect Braid

The perfect four strand fishtail braid right from the top gives you a very clean and gentle look.

52. Crown Braid

The crown braid accompanied by the French and fishtail braid in a half up pattern makes you ready for prom nights or just a party look.

53. The Flower Accessorised Braid


Fishtail braids can be worn in a variety of ways. For this, you just need to style as a twisted hair followed by a fishtail braid and decorated with flowers. This will make you look pretty.

54.Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

This fishtail braid hairstyle is perfect if you feel like leaving your hair loose, but want to style as a fishtail braid. For this hairstyle, all you need to do is make a braid in the center from the top and leave your hair half opened.

55. Two-sided Messy Braids


There are so many ways to style your hair as a fishtail braid. So, the messy two-sided braid is one of them. This style makes you look cool.

56. Half Up Bubble Braid

This hairdo is perfect if you are a pony lover and at the same time braid lover. To give a little change you first take half of your hair and tie it. Then, make 5 strand braid and tie it in between according to the length of your hair. You can use a bow accessory on top to make it look prettier. This hairdo suits best for small girls.

57. Side Braid

If you do not want to style your hair much then you can do a side braid as shown in the figure.

58. Double Twisted Braid

Inverted three strands two-sided braid. This look is very easy to create and you can look effortlessly beautiful.

59.High bun Braid

The high bun followed by fishtail braid gives you a chic look and makes you look stunning.

60.Double Twisted Inverted French to Fishtail

Double twisted inverted french to fishtail braid will give you a very glamorous look.

61.Inverted Braid with Low Pony

This hairstyle is not only really simple to do, but also looks absolutely gorgeous. For this, you just need to make an inverted braid halfway from the top and secure it as a low ponytail.

62.Crown Braid

Crown braid  followed by fishtail braid to the bottom is usually suitable for parties, but it also looks good for going to some holiday destination or weekend parties. This gives you a cute and elegant glance.

63. Inverted Fishtail

Steps for inverted Fishtail:

Step 1: Take a small part of your hair from the top.

Step 2: Start making a braid in an inverted manner.

Step 3: Continue Step 2 until the braid is completed till the bottom.

Step 4: Secure it with a hair tie and there you have your hair ready to be flaunted.

64. V-shaped Braid


If you want a slight change to your fishtail braid then just give it a V-shaped form with french braid followed by fishtail braid as shown in the above picture.

65. Chunky One sided Braid


This chunky braid in waterfall manner gives you a spectacular look. It looks a bit difficult to create but once you start making it you will not face any difficulty.

66. Pull Through Crown Braid

It’s looks so detailed and complex but it’s  simple to create. You just need to make a fishtail braid from both the sides and bring it to the center . Also, pull your hair to give a different form and add a hair jewelry to make it look more attractive.

67.Reverse Side Swept.

Side partitioned hair itself makes you look amazing. If you add a reverse braid to the side, you will look incredibly elegant.

68. Messy Curl Fishtail

The elegance of seeing curls along with thin fishtail braids at the bottom is amazing. This is a striking and classic style.

67. Three strand Braids

Three sttands braid are comparatively easy to create . If you love to untie your hair and style it a littel, just make a braid to one corner of ur hair and accessorize it with hair jewelry as shown in the above picture.

68. Unique Braids

For this hairdo, you need to make fishtail braids on two sides of your hair and then combine both the hairs as a french braid.

69.  Tight Braid

If you’re looking for that perfect, pretty braid, this one is your best bet. If you want to make the look more attractive, you can use in a cute hair accessory.

70. Fishtail Pony


Steps for pony fishtail:

Step 1: take two pieces of hair from the top of the head.

Step 2:Cross piece 3 from the right side to the left piece.

Step 3: Cross piece 4 form the right side to the left piece.

Step 4: Cross pieces 5 and 6 from respective sides.

Step 5: Cross pieces 7 and 8 form the respective sided.

Step 6: Continue until you have braided all hair.

Step 7: finish!


71. High Braided Knot

The high braided knot gives you a very chic look for you day-to-day look. You can basically tie this hairdo for you school.

72.Three Strands Dutch

This is one braid that looks fabulous on you, especially when it’s side-swept .If you have long hair, you try this and the result will be worth it.

Thus, these are some of the fishtail hairstyles that makes you look elegant and stand out in any occassions. This hairdo might be difficult to make at times but the result you get will be worth it. Fishtail braids looks complex but it will grab the attention of many towards you. So, try these interesting looking hairstyles as they are very flattering.

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