40 Latest Short Faux Locs Ideas For This Season

Short faux locs are a unique kind of hairstyle that gives you a very different yet stylish look. If you are tired of the same boring hairstyles you can try faux locs on your natural hair. Faux locs are a bit different from dreadlocks or the goddess locs. Faux locs looks really fantastic. These hairs have a very rich and long history of being so popular these days. Faux locs allows every individual to experiment with different patterns, textures, lengths, and colors. These styles are very easy to be carried on a daily basis. Faux locs are not only of one type, there are different kinds of faux locs that you can try. We would like to show you 40 different kinds of short faux locs that you can flaunt easily.

1.Mohawk Faux Locs


Mohawk faux locs hairstyle. Mohawk hairstyles have been in trend for many years. If you want to add something unique to your mohawk hairstyles, just try on the faux locs. These Mohawk faux locs gives you a very creative and expressive look. If you are confident enough to try on a very very different look then this would be a perfect solution for you.

2. Bun

One hairstyle that never goes out of trend is the bun. Just put a small effort for the faux locs and try as a bun faux locs, you will definitely get the amazing look for sure. A very high bun locs gives you a very effortless impressive  look. Looking at the picture you might think it takes longer to create this hairdo but no!!this hair style can be done just in minutes.

3.Shoulder Length Thick

You want a chic look on a daily basis? Then, attempt this amazing shoulder length thick faux locs. The thick faux locs might look very difficult to create but it is very light weighted and needs low-maintenance. To give extra charm to your hair, add the colorful bands and hair beads keeping in mind the facial features.

4.Rihanna Style

Rihanna style hairs have been in fashion for years. You can give a little twist to your Rihanna hairstyles by devoting little time and effort to add faux locs in it.

5.Violet Crochet Faux Locs

Faux locs itself gives you a very unique look. The bright red colour looks very eye-cathcing and faux locs on your bright red hair helps you set that fashion statement.

6.Ombre Colour

Ombre hair colors are much in preference these days. The short length ombre faux locs makes you look elegantly and stylishly fashionable. Moreover, the ombre hairdo makes it easy to show a different hair variation.

7.Short Locs

This kind of short locs gives you an extra bold style and makes you look smarter. Try on this bob silhouette that looks elegant and feels light on the head. A little bit of highlight adds more poise.Try on this bob silhouette that looks elegant and feels light on the head.

8.Mid- length Bluish

Try these bluish mid-length faux locs any time you are looking for a sophisticated look that attracts the attention of others towards you. Looks simple yet astounding. Moreover, the brightly colored hair makes it easier to style your faux locs.

9. Wavy

If you do not like to keep your hairs too long, just keep it mid-length.Y you can also try a wavy twist in it. Seek for these wavy faux locs that looks absolutely mesmerizing. Also, play on with hair accessories such as hair beads or colorful band which looks flattering.

10.Thick Voluminous

Try these thick voluminous faux locs that gives your face a different oblong kind of shape. Add some hair accessory such as hair elastic and hair beads as shown in the picture, these short locs looks very interesting. This would be perfect for a vacation to some bohemian destination for you to have that perfect style.


A high ponytail never goes out of fashion. These high pony thin locs rolled over your hair gives you that modish look.

12. Shoulder- Length Goddess Faux Locs

To give your  locs a little twist try these goddess locs with faux locs at the top and open curled hairs at the bottom. You can highlight your hair with an attractive colour to make it look a bit more stylish.

13.Thin Locs

You do not prefer thick locs? Do not worry, you can try these simple thin locs that doesn’t even make you feel heavier like some of the locs.

14. Half-up Bun Styles

Half-up bun style makes you look funky. Half-up bun creates a very flattering look and lets rest of your hair flow down.This hairstyle compliments your casual look in a better way. Adding some hair accessory such as a thin hair elastic are the cherry on top.

15.Brown Goddess Locs.

Goddess locs are slightly different than actual faux locs. Try these goddess locs on your mid-length or long hairs with the curly tip of the hair. This look gives you versatility and gives you a  sophisticated look overall.

16.Thin Wavy

You want to refresh your look? Then, try these thin wavy style that makes you ready for any occasions.This hairstyle looks super soft and easy to play, and makes it a really easy protection style that will feel like it’s your natural hair.

17. White Mohawk Bun

If you love mohawk and bun hairstyle then, this is the perfect option for you with an addition of white hair color and a faux loc. Look like a super smart chic by twisting your long hair up into a bun.

18. Blue Ombre

Make it look attractive by incorporating some interesting hair colors to your hair. The faux locs are intensified with an ombre touch. If you are looking for a blazing look try these blue ombre locs .

19.Very Short Curly

These short  locs are perfect if you love short hairs. The blonde hair color adds more grace to your style.It looks appealing if you’re used to wearing all black protective styles.

20.Micro Braids

Creating short faux locs around the length of the nape of the neck gives you many options when it comes to hairstyles in updos. We love these fashionable look for something fun that only takes a few minutes to achieve. If you want to style your hair with locs but want a flowy hair, then these micro locs would be a better option for you.


These side partitioned faux locs with open hair at the bottom makes your hair look voluminous. The extra addition of hair accessories gives you a more fashionable glance.


These short faux locs with a blonde ombre and hair accessories makes you look hot and stylish. This hairstyle looks relaxed and natural.

23.French Bun

French bun has been in trend for many years. If you’re bored from the simple french and looking for something very modern then you should definitely try these french bun with locs.

24. Long Voluminous

If you are a long hair lover and want a modern touch, then you can always opt for long  locs. Moreover, the side partition makes your hair look voluminous too. Add some hair accessories to give a different charm. Also, amongst the complicated locs sometimes, the simplest looks the best. The locs looks amazing when you leave it loose towards the side.

25.Short Thin

Short hair never goes out of fashion. Short hair suits for every age groups. You can try these short thin faux locs that is effortlessly amazing and is very easy to retain. Short locs also looks lovely when kept to the side with an open hair.

26.Thick High Ponytail

Thick high pony style. These provide a great structure for updos like this high ponytail with plaits styling at the front. It creates a beautiful appearance that is extraordinary.

27.Short Bob Hair Style

These short bob side swept hairstyle looks gorgeous on you. This style is the perfect way to take your short fake loc to a different level. Use them flipped to the side and for a little change, you can also add some hair beads as per your choice.

28.Half Up  Half Down Style


A mid-length half up knot hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to style on busy days when you still want to look elegant. And, if you find longer hairs unmanageable, you can a bun above your head. Style your hair half up, half down with golden brown color as shown in the picture. The silver hair beads put on more elegance.

29. Grey

These are just the normal faux locs. You do not always have to color your hair vibrant or something very bright to look interesting and eye-catching. The locs in grey as shown in the above picture looks stunning. Any age group can experiment with this hair, but if you are older this hair suits you best.

29.Criss- Cross

If you want to change your regular middle or side-partition then, try the criss-cross partition on faux locs. To make it look vibrant, apply silver, royal blue, and brownish red as shown above or you can also apply any color of your choice.


The elegant texture of these locs is perfect for anyone who likes their protective hairstyles so they look good together. The side-partitioned  locs makes you look amazing. Put on hair jewelry to make you look even more beautiful.

31. Short-Bob

This style also looks great in shorter lengths. This short locs bob looks easy-peasy and makes it a really easy protection style that will feel like it’s your natural hair. Beyond looking chic, this is a great option for anyone who cannot easily manage the heavy long faux locs.

32. Manageable

These mid-length locs are at an extreme stylish length and can be easier to manage for busy day-to-day lifestyles. Wear your mid-length faux locs loose. It looks breathtaking, very simple and elegant at the same time.

33.Side-Part Short Bob

Short bobs are in fashion these days. You can make your short bob look a bit more extra by putting on faux locs with a side part. This style works especially well for balancing longer faces.

34. Thick Side-Part Short Bob

These pretty thick short bob locs are styled with a simple side part. Faux locs are versatile. This pretty thick side-part shot bob locs are perfect for your day-to-day looks. You can get the outstanding look effortlessly.

35.Spiral Style

These locs are different than the usual locs. These are spiral style faux locs with hair side pinned to give a different look. The curls at the ends of the hair look gorgeous and are perfectly formed spirals.

36. Side Pony

If you are bored with the same high pony, then give a little twist. Try side pony  locs with different hair accessories to get that hot and attractive look. The accessories don’t have to be specific, you can use different kinds of accessories as per your preference and as much as you want that best suits your features.

37. Jumbo

Try these jumbo blonde shoulder length faux locs any time you’re looking for an awesome style. The thick texture of this style can make your face look wider, and it looks better on women with oblong or oval faces. Also, this neutral color against the natural black roots looks amazing while looking perfectly colored for the face tone.

Therefore, these are some of the faux locs hairstyles that give you beautiful, smart and elegant look. Faux locs are adjustable, looks interesting and generally extraordinary. So, it is the kind of hairstyle that looks very striking. Though it takes time and effort, the result is worth the effort. At first, you might feel a little uncomfortable with the locs, but with the passing of time, you will be able to manage and flaunt your locs easily.

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