104 Best Mohawk Fade Hairstyles That Everyone is Talking About

So, you want a stylish haircut but unsure about what style should you choose? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll explain that what you need to stay stylish and cool. There are thousands of hairstyle that you can choose from which may be confusing for you to pick the best one for you. No worries, there is a solution for that, here I’ve tried to explain mohawk style. You can glance through the images and look at their description to choose the best option suited for you. Among many possibilities, Mohawk fade style is preferred by many due to its dashing looks.

Before going deep about its variations, let’s know what Mohawk is? In short, it is a type of hairstyle where sides of the hair are cut leaving center hair. It is an ancient hairstyle from indigenous nation Mohawk, hence the name. Ok enough about history, let’s look at the different variations of Mohawk- fade style.

Mohawk With Highlights

mohawk fade

If you are a fan of highlights and want to impress everyone with your new hair, then Mohawk fade is what you need to show to your barber. It looks so trendy that it is no surprise it catches everyone’s eye. If you prefer a more stylish hairstyle, then you should go for this style. I promise you’ll not regret.

Combover Mohawk Haircut

Another stylish haircut suited for a gentleman. It stands out among other hairstyles due to its attractive nature. It is not so difficult for a barber as it can take only a few minutes. Perfectly shaved beard with the haircut makes you look cool.

Fade With Stylish Edge

If you think that mohawk fade hairstyle is just too old-fashioned, then you’re definitely mistaken. It has so many variations that you can choose from which makes this style new like yesterdays. You can devour your piece of art into your head edge that makes you unique and outstanding. So, go ahead choose your style and enjoy your day with your new look.

Medium Fade Hairdo

Whether you are planning to go to prom with your date or planning to visit your parents this weekend, these medium fade haircut would be a perfect choice. Not only they look astonishing, but they also bring charm to your face by a sudden gaze of people near you due to your look.

High Fade Haircut

Just like any other variation of mohawk haircut, the high fade will not disappoint you either. Just as in the picture, you need not have a beard for this haircut. It also suits you for every occasion.

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

Unless your hairstyle is curly, slicked back under style cut will be an excellent choice for your look. It is a unique way for you to look dashing.

Mohawk With Dye and Design

For someone who wants to dye their hair, this is the perfect option. It not only looks trendy but it is also fashionable. Yeah, sorry college students I feel sorry for you if you have strict hair codes in your college but for others good luck with this daring look.

Textured Crop With Low Fade

Don’t want to look punk but want a mohawk style, then textured crop with low fade is the best way to go. This style suits you if you’re skinny and have the oval-shaped face.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

If you are a fan of using comb and gel in your hair, then this is a perfect choice. Though this might not look more trendy, this hairstyle has dominated for a long time and is likely to remain the same for quite some time.

Undercut Mid Fade

It’s no wonder that this hairstyle is popular among youngsters. This hairstyle blends with your personality. Whether you are a boss in a place or an employee, this matches your need. This hairstyle along with tattoos makes you like a superstar.

Spiked Mohawk Cut

Unlike others, spiked mohawk may not fit for everyone especially who have a large temple. For someone skinny and with the narrow head it looks so awesome that no one can resist.

Classic Taper Haircut

One doesn’t need a stylish shaved beard to look modern and fresh. He can merely cut his hair in classic taper hairstyle. These hairstyle suits for men of mid-thirties. It is quite easy for you with this haircut to maintain your style.

Zero Fade Hairstyle

Zero fade style was also quite popular a few years back. However, we can see people loving this style nowadays too. You should have long hair if you want this style. It suits you if you have a rounded head.

Fade Pompadour Hairdo

Don’t they look groovy? Of course, they do. For someone with medium length hair at the front, this is a perfect choice. It seems fresh and makes you handsome at the same time. Don’t take my words for granted, try yourself and find it yourself.

Punk Mohawk Fade

Whether you are a metal singer or an admirer of one, you are probably of a fan of this punk fade hairstyle. This punk hairstyle matches you if you are trendy and with modern clothing.

Cool V-shaped Undercuts

The v-shaped undercut is popular among youngsters today because of the trend-setting look. Above figures show that you can put creative style in the haircut of your choice. These make you look modern along with beautiful design.

Side Zero Fade Cut

Side zero fade haircut makes you look young as the man in the picture. It is also a favourite mohawk fade style. So next time when you think about getting younger try this haircut and shave your beard.

Combover Undercut Fade

For the fans of undercut with long hair, these styles stand out than others. You can see how classy the man looks after gazing above picture.

Long Side Shaved Mohawk

There might be only a few handfuls of unlucky people for whom this style doesn’t suit. For rest others it makes them glow like a bulb. If you’re of the second type, this style will make you magnet like attractive. Sorry guys with short hair, this is not for you.

Sliced Back For Gentlemen

Everyone has different selection styles when it comes to selecting a hairstyle. Some prefer punk, dye, undercut while some prefer much simpler. For later type people, slicked back mohawk cut is an excellent option.

Short Mohawk Fade For Black Men

For black men with short hair, these little fade choice are the way to go. You not only seem handsome, but it is also easy to maintain and care for such a hairstyle.

Beared Man With Slicked Hairstyle

You might be tempted to put this style on your style as it is so elegant and breathtaking. Just make sure after you’ve tried this haircut, you might be mistaken for a model or an actor. That’s on you not me. Girls will sacrifice everything to be with these stylish trendsetters.

Short Fancy Fade

If you think that mohawk needs long and spiky hair, then you are apparently mistaken. There are variations of mohawk such as above which are equally as chill as other longer ones. So, for the ones with short hair, this might be a good fit.

Coloured Short Hairstyle

It’s not only the ear piercings that has made him more attractive but also his style of hair. You may also want to try this style if you have short hair and willing to put colour on it.

Punk Fade For Boys

The punk fade hairstyle is the perfect example of a modern haircut. You need to have long front hair, shaved beard, and courage to get this haircut. If you do so, it is sure that you will be surrounded by fans asking for a selfie.

High Fade Pompadour

Who can resist this hairstyle after looking such an astonishing looking man in the above picture? His hair with his perfect coloured beard makes him charismatic. Another good news is that you even don’t need dye, colour in your hair to stay this much awesome.

Faux Hawk Fade

Oh, this man with the curly beard is looking so magnetic. If you are black and have those beard, then you’ll rock the world with your look.

Rihana’s Mohawk Style

It is no surprise that Rihanna likes Mohawk style as it is so popular and elegant looking that one doesn’t want to miss. This hairstyle set the trend of hairstyle among young generations making it one of the popular one.

Burst Fade Curly for Small Boy

Oh gosh, the kid looks so gorgeous that his friends might be probably jealous of his hair. The style along with fade makes it perfect for the kids to look unique and pleasing.

Fauxhawk Undercut for Women

For the girls reading this post, here is a particular hairstyle just for you. If you have straight and are willing to shorten it, then wait no more go to a salon and show them this picture.

Side Shaved Colored Haircut For Female

Really gorgeous ladies, not only because of their lips but also due to their badass hairstyle. The undercut in sideways along with their short hair makes them no less than the top actress. So next time if you feel like changing hairstyle, try this one.

Omen Mohawk Cut

At first, when you hear about mohawk fade hairdo, you might think they are only for men. But you are mistaken as there are such haircuts for women like few of the above ones. These hairstyles make you more attractive and charming.

Fade Haircut With Curl Bread

People with curly hair have an advantage when it comes to hairstyle. There are several variations of mohawk fade that are well suited only for curly ones like the above one. His cut with a little mustache makes him so adorable.

Short Edgy Pixie Cut

When it comes to the latest trend in 2018 among women hairstyles, short edgy pixie cut dominates over others. They look so stylish among modern blonde women. After this haircut, if you have a beautiful face, you’re likely to be selected for the next model.

Impressive Side Shaved For Black Women

Side shaved seems to rule the style when it comes to women hairstyle. This picture looks so perfect that every girl should try this cut at least once.

Updos with Halved Shave

If you have a wedding and are unsure about the type of hairstyle, then most design specialist will recommend you this mohawk fade style with side half shaved.

Curly Fade Haircut

The fade haircut is generally the first choice among black men when it comes to mohawk fade cut. It is simple to cut and maintain.

Short Mohawk for Older Men

If you are older, but your passion for hairstyle is young enough, then the haircut is definitely for you. It looks so elegant with a shaved beard that you will be a young version of yourself in no time.

Low Fade Natural Curly

A hairstyle that is plain gorgeous but straightforward. If you have short hair and don’t like to do anything fancy, then this hairstyle is just for you.

Nape Undercut

The girl in the figure looks so precious that if you can, then you must at least try this one. Her earing, eyebrows, and lips add more beauty to that look. So get this cut with your pink lipstick to be a model like her.

Messy Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

It makes complete sense for everyone to love this hairdo because of its attractive feature. This hairstyle suits you whether you are coloured or white, alpha or beta.

Side Swept Miley’s Haircut

Yeah, like every other singer almighty Miley Cyrus has a unique taste for her hairstyle. If you are a fan of her, then you probably have thought or cut this hairstyle. For others, you can try this hairstyle if you attracts and pleases you.

Stylish Long Messy Hairdo

Yeah, you saw it right, this picture is of legendary footballer David Beckham with his astonishing hairstyle. His hairstyle is what he is famous for after football. He impresses everyone with his unique and breathtaking hairstyle, tattoos.  The main reason for being Mohawk style being popular until now is due to the stars like him cutting in this style.

Trendy Fade for Children

If you are small or have a small child who needs a trendy haircut, then I recommend you to take this to the barber. This hairstyle suits you whether you are black or white.

Pixie Haircut For Blonde

Perfect choice for the blonde woman of mid-twenties who want to show a new style. It makes you look modern. These are the reason mohawk is not just popular with men but female too. Her personage proves that hair can play the significant roles in shaping one’s personality.

Platinum Mohawk

Pretty look of this model is just not about her beautiful face instead it is also due to her mohawk fade hairstyle. These cut along with some tattoos in your arms make you visually attractive.

Micro Braids With Side Shaved

Who says you need short hair for girls to try mohawk fade when there plenty of cut like this which make you attractive without any ornaments.

Short Stylish Edges for Black Women

Like men, women also have design choices on edges of the hair. For bold women like her, this style stands out more than anything. These cuts along with tattoos make you alluring.

Coloured Long Deathhawk

The bold look of these model makes you try this cut. The perfect hair colour with this haircut makes you stand out from the crowd.

Low Mid Fade

For the fashion savvy boys, mid fade mohawk suits more than anything. Glamorous look like this is the reason today’s fashion industry is growing unexpectedly. If you have a beard and desire to look charming, then mid fade hairstyle is for you.

Classic Mohawk for Curly Hair

Classic style is also quite popular as it is said that old is gold. If you are a simple man in your forties, then this style matches your taste of hairstyle.

Slick Back Undercut Fade

Slick back hairstyles were the underdogs of haircut a few years back. Similarly, Undercut also gained momentum for quite some time. These two combinations have made a hybrid cut, which has dominated the 2018 hairstyle list.

Fohawk Fade Haircut

Among different mohawk styles, these fohawk hairstyles are exclusive. They can make our personality appealing due to their style. This is better suited for curly hairs than any other. One can dread his style onto his edge of the head.

Mohawk Low Fade

This hairstyle pleases our eyes just by looking at them. Wonder what they can bring if we actually cut our hair like this. If you have perfect beard along with slightly curly medium hair, then you may want to try this style.

Edgy Faded Hairstyle

Wow, that’s a really pleasing picture. Next time anyone thinks about becoming trendy, one should try this one. It perfectly matches everybody from small boys to adults.

Men Faux Fade

It’s okay if you don’t want a fancier hairstyle like that of superstars or model. In that case, you can cut like above picture. It is an excellent choice for students where hair code is strict.

Taper Mohawk Fade

Taper mohawk fade makes you look a real gentleman. It enhances your look and makes you a focal point. It is another excellent choice for someone with short curly hair.

Trendy Fade With Short Beard

These haircuts are exactly as beautiful as they look. Though they may seem right only for curly hair, in reality, they work like a charm for straight hairs too.

Short Undercut with Beard

Model in the picture proves that the mohawk fade is just only for black, it equally matches for white. His unusual looks make everyone jealous of his hairstyle. But we don’t need to be jealous, we can have the exact haircut by going to the barber with a picture of him.

Taper Fade Afro

These hairstyles are gems in the name of Mohawk fade hairdo. They are suitable for anyone willing to try new hair designs.

Curly Fawkhawk Fade

These pictures prove that fohawk fade design with a beard makes mohawk design more attractive. These fohawk designs are for the people between mid-twenties and forties.

Pompadour Fade Cut

The second popular hairstyles are pompadour after mohawk fade. They look perfect on youths. They are also famous among college kids.

Mid Fade Elegance

As you have noticed so far that there are many types of fade like low, mid, high. Someone prefers some fade while others prefer the next one. Choices are made by people according to their preferences. So, if you liked these, then go for it.

Quiff Fade Hairdo

The quiff is the type of mohawk fade hairstyle favourite among young generations. They are understandable and easy to maintain.

Mid Fade Messy Front

Messy front fade mohawk hairstyle is a relatively new style popularized by models and superstars. In 2018, these hairstyles gained trend and are a timeline of many peoples social media. So, if you want to look like a superstar then try this haircut.

Classic Side Part Comb Over

Side combover was famous in 90’s, but it is still in use. Most professionals till today go to offices with this hairstyle. So it is an excellent choice for adults.

Low Fade Haircut for Men

Everyone likes low fade mohawk cut due to its appealing nature. They make us look fashionable and trendy. It is better suited for anyone in their twenties.

Wow! Those were a lot of option to choose from in mohawk fade. Now I believe that you have an idea about a mohawk hairstyle and their different variations. As fade is our significant hairstyle, there are others like taper fade, bald fade and mid fade haircuts that would make a right combination with fade. So, Be cool, Be simple wear a Mohawk Fade.

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