91 Amazing Long Hairstyles For Men To look Like Gladiators

People always have a wrong hypothetical theory in their mind that people with ‘long hairstyles for men’ find their long hairs tedious to manage and style. We have an exact position here, where we can say without any doubts That there is many beautiful, stylish and bold hairstyle that we can adore. We judge That person as a first impression, and mostly long hairs leave a robust and unforgettable impression. Unlike the women having long hairs, men can find them in hostile territory at first when it comes to grow and manage long strands. However, as time goes on the hair would be the nearest part to the soul.

We should always provide necessary nutrients to the hair. This reduces the number one problem for people wearing long hairs that is hair damage. With my personal experience, I have never heard of a person has regrets about the decision of keeping them short. This case might also be because of the feasibility of our hairstyle that can always change to their former small form. If we have long hair and we want to look stylish, There are a wide range of stylish and versatile hairs. Let’s discuss the top hairdos for long hairs here.



Long Golden Hair With Beard

long hairstyles for men

Combination of beard and a long hair is always right to look at it. We will have a bold and hairy look which gives an intense look we urge to get. Above, we have a model wearing a long golden coloured hair and with a golden beard. Overall, we have a complete look here.

Kit Harrington

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ actor has long hair in his series character as well as in the real world. He has a natural black hair in the series while some strands are highlighted here. Similarly, he has a sparsely trimmed beard to compliment along the long hair. Overall, it’s a complete look that makes Kit Harrington look like a gentleman.

            Long With Neck Ornaments

Long hairstyle men go well with every possible form of clothing. Also, we can have a different style of beards with style too. Along with that, we can add facial piercings to go with this style. The model here is wearing new neck ornaments to go well with his hair.

Highlighted Long Hair

In hair highlighting, we take certain strands of the top and highlight them accordingly. While hair highlight process may have to look at different factors that will affect the final look of the person. These factors include the eye colour, skin tone, and the beard to use with it. The model above has a light golden brown hair as his highlight.

Slight Highlighted Hair

Slight highlight means we only select a particular part of the hair and highlight it. This might be because of the white hair with white hairs or as an innovation. Cleanly trimmed beard compliments the high hair well.

Wavy Hair With Beard

Here, we have a wavy hair here. Wavy hairs are the type of hair between the curl and straight hair. These are beautiful to look and easily manageable. Above we have a highlighted wavy hair.

Long Shiny Hair


Man-bun is among the most used type for long hairstyle men. We collect the hair from the back and make a bun by tieing it. Bun has a basic science behind them. We look cool and we can leave our impression anywhere we go.

Serizawa’s Bold Attire

Straight from the famous Japanese gangsta movie ‘Crows Zero’, we have one of the significant character Serizawa. His long hair is the sign of his power and confidence. Similarly, the figure looks look and straightforward heroic with his long hairstyle men.

Long Hair Bushy Mustache

A moustache is a soul to a man’s heart. Mustache has a prominent capacity to look responsible and gentle at the same time. Here, we have a model with long hair and highlights. Similarly, the thick moustache is the power centre of the whole look.

Long Hair And Glasses

Most hairs don’t work well with different hair forms out there. Gladly, that is not the problem for this hair. Either cool shades or goofy reading glasses, the long hair compliments them perfectly. Above, we have a long golden highlighted hair with a simple, classic reading glasses. The combination works perfectly here.

Surface Highlighted Long Hair

The surface part of hair here has a golden highlight. It differs from the simple colouring as only top part of the hair has colour. This style goes well with a different version of beards as well.

Half Fade Long Hair

There are tons of different hairstyles for men with long hair to choose from. There are some classic techniques to style hairs while the new innovative hairstyles are marking their space too. Above, we have a new creative long haircut. The whole single side of the head is trimmed short. This deed allows another party to have side over. Adding to that, we have nose piercings and ear-top to compliment the haircut.

Long Hair Blue Eyes

The combination of beautiful eyes and a great long hair is agonisingly right. We can have different highlights in our hairs that match with our eye colour. With a different form of eye colours, we can also keep different types of beard styles. Above, we have a gorgeous looking model wearing a golden highlighted long hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Long Hair With Sparse Beard And Moustache

Some people like a thick beard while others like the sparse version of it. It gives freedom to the person who owns it to have a facial tattoo or piercing. This type of beard style is also an evergreen style. It goes well with almost every kind of hairstyle. Also, we can combine this hairstyle with a different form of skin tones. Similarly, we can also have additional neck ornaments to complement this hairstyle.

Tom Cruise

The five-time Academy Award nominee, former world’s most handsome man, Tom Cruise got no chill when it comes to his astonishing hairstyle, here he is wearing a long hair with a short, thick beard. With the black suit, he looks like a perfect black panther.

The Beard Man-Fade

Fade is a go with everything kind of hairstyle. It compliments the model above with long hair and thick, bushy, long beard perfectly. Similarly, for more attention to detail, his shades made the total look complete even when the fade is only on a side.

Long Hairstyles For Men-Level Brad Pitt

Another successful Film actor and a model with back to back box office hits are Brad Pitt. Considered by many as their style icon This star takes looking sexy to a whole new level. Here, we have Brad wearing his long partial highlight hair and his signature classic beard.

Long Braids With A Mohawk

Braids are the trending hairdo for people today whereas mohawk is among one of an iconic version of a haircut. Together they form a hairstyle so right that you won’t be able to resist the aura. Similarly, It’s a unique combination, and The hairdressers must be confident to perfect it.

Long Hairstyle Men, Freshly Shaved Face

Hairstyles may look different before and after shave. You can look macho at a time while after shaving you could end up having a baby face look. Wearing a long hair prevents this problem as there are enough strands to cover it. Similarly, Long hairs are the centre of attraction for long hairstyle men, so it’ll go unnoticed.

 Thick Vs Thin Long Hairstyle men

We either have a long Thick Hair or a thin or lightly dense hair. Both these hairs have their speciality and methods to style. We can make Braids and Ponytails for thinner hair whereas we can do a Bun or a Dreadlock in case of the thicker hair. Also, we have different beard styles complementing both these hair nature.

Long Hairstyle Men-Harry Styles

Former one direction male band singer and a successful solo artist now, Harry Styles takes the breath away from the ladies watching him. Helping his astonishing look is his long hair which he has kept long for a very long time. This young artist got no chill when it comes to being stylish. So boys, be cool keep long hair.

Long Hair With Scarf

Items of clothing are among the most important factor to take care of, In case of wearing some hairstyle. With different summer and winter clothes, the hair must look easy and not funny. Similarly, Matching clothes are always the plus point in long hairstyles for men.

Long Length Hairstyles For Men

The length of the hair in the long hair segment of the long hairstyles for men can be classified into three types:-

  • Long length hairstyles for men
  • Mens medium long Hairstyles
  • mens hairstyles short sides long top

These all can be separated by looking at their distinct length.

Mens Long Hairstyles 2017

2017 came with different new fashions and promises. Similarly, hairstyles for men with long hair also had different innovative and genius techniques. Topping the chart is undoubtedly the man bun hairstyle. As we see in the picture above, we have a model with a bun in his top. The bun gives him more bold and robust look.

Long Hairstyle- The Innocent Look

Hairstyles don’t only mean how you look; it’s a way of expressing yourself. Similarly, wherever and whenever you go the hair comes with you and reflect your personality. You can look stylish and a gentleman at the same time if you wear it correctly. Above, Is one of a most used man long hairstyle 2016.

The Pirate With Long Hair

From ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ to the hit movie series of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, if there is one thing that is same with our favourite captain jack sparrow is his long hair. Flawless and sexy are the words to describe Johnny Deep the multiple time academy award nominee. Among many long hairstyles for men, he likes to keep them straight and simple with little highlight and a trimmed beard. Therefore, trust sparrow, and he will never let your ship of style sink.

The Dread Lock

One of the most recognisable and bold hairstyles is the ultimate dreadlock. If you want to look strong, be strong and go to your dresser and have a dread in your head. Dreadlocks are technical and lime demanding hair form, but once you have it, you won’t have to look your back again. Above, we have a simple goatee and a goatee.

Long Hairstyles For Men-Asian

Hairstyles don’t only mean how you look; it’s a way of expressing yourself. Similarly, wherever and whenever you go the hair comes with you and reflect your personality. Here we have an innocent looking model with an Asian tone and long hair.

Long Hair-Clean Shaven Face

A misconception of long hair not going along with a clean-shaven face is polluting the beauty of this hair nature. We can use long hairs with almost every possible beard forms, equally good. Similarly, among long hairstyles for men, we have two model wearing these above. These models have perfectly demonstrated beauty and boldness of long hairs.

Medium Long Hair

Long Hairs aren’t always very long. We can take long hairs as hairs more than average length. Similarly, for mens hairstyle long on top, we have a thing in common. That is, We can use the mini version or the shorter model of every style we can do in the long hairstyles for men.

Mens Hairstyles Short Sides Long Top

Above, we have a new creative long haircut. The whole single side of the head is trimmed short. This deed allows another party to have side over. Adding to that, we have nose piercings and ear-top to compliment the haircut. These are long hairstyles for men, that gives you a unique and iconic look.

Man Bun And Tattoos

Like Hairstyles, we can also say a ton of feelings through tattoos. Tattoos are not only stylish but also meaningful. Mainly facial, shoulder and neck tattoos have direct influences on hairdos. We can use different colour combinations of the highlights as well as Tattoos to compliment the hairstyle. Here, we have a shoulder tattoo with a form of long hairstyles for men.

Warrior Of Golden Brown Hair

Golden brown is among the most used hair highlights. It goes with almost every kind of hairstyle and skin tone. Mens long hairstyles can be of different nature, and you can use it with any of them. It doesn’t matter it’s mens long curly hairstyles or long hairstyles for black man the detail maintainability is an advantage in all of them.

Faded Highlight- Long Hair

We have two options while using a hair highlight. One is highlighting darkly to show the strong colour whereas another one is a somewhat faded type. With both of these styles, we can have a matching beard and clothing. Similarly, different long hairstyles for men look better in a different kind of highlights.


Among the different, technically innovative hairstyles are the braids for men. From the long hairstyles for men, braids have established its standard. We can look clean, composed and confident at the same time from this style. Similarly, it also gives the owner the freedom to highlight the strands collectively in various colours. Here, we have a model with a side braid. We have a perfect example of twists from long hairstyles for men here. Braids are themselves a very different kind of beautiful hairstyle. Adding to its beauty, we can use piercings and matching hair colours as shown above. Similarly, we can look sharp and innovative using braids in our head.

Silver Highlighted Long Hair

The silver colour is a colour of freshness and health. From the ancient times, the warriors used to wear this colour to show their prowess. Here, we have a model wearing a silver highlight to his long hair.

Golden Red Hair And Beard

The combination of a golden red hair and beard is a unique one. This colour perfectly matches the skin of the person. Adding to that, people with fairer skin would like to try this combination at least once. The hairdo is better with natural hair too.

Long Hairstyles For Men- Chin beard

Chin beard is the strands kept at the chin. Like any other beard, we can maintain it according to our need. We must be smart here as this stays at the front of the face. Similarly, different other long hairstyles for men look good with a chin beard.

Fade And Shades

Fade in long hairstyles upgrades the fashion level, and so does a pair of shades. The uniform composition of these too result in perfection. Here, we have a model wearing long highlighted hair. Complementing his style are the piercings and the neck chains.

Long Curly Hair

According to the hairdressers, curly hairs are among the most challenging hair nature to style and manage. But, the result after styling is always dazzling and beautiful. Anong different hair forms in long hairstyles for men this hair nature has its significance. There are tons of different variations and modifications to do with a long curly hair as we can see above. Similarly, we can also add colourings, piercings and ornaments to compliment with style. Therefore, be confident and let your curly hair grow long.

Braids Piercings And Highlights

Braids are themselves a very different kind of beautiful hairstyle. Adding to its beauty, we can use piercings and matching hair colours as shown above. Similarly, we can look robust and innovative using braids in our head.

Thick Beard, Thick Hair, Thick Bun

The size of a man bun depends upon the thickness while the thickness upon nutrients. We can always keep our hair clean and healthily nourished to prevent hair damage. Also, we can use different variations of thick, long hairstyles for man.

Braids With Colours

We can add colourings to the twists too to improve its effectiveness and beauty. Among different long hairstyles for men, this style might be the only one in which we can use multiple colourings at the same time.

David Beckham

When someone talks about long hairstyles for men, the first picture to pop in our head is of David Beckham. The accomplished footballer’s haircut from 2005-7 is still considered by many as their ideal style. Yet, after he’s retired, his style path is followed by millions. So, follow Beckham and let the hair grow long.



The Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa)

At the peak of his acting profession, Jason has done series and movies like’Game Of Thrones’ and ‘Aquaman’, he is always looking sharp and bold with his long hair. Correctly getting along with his body physique is his long hair and a thick beard.

Longer hair needs more attention to detail for styling.for example; if we are colouring our long hair, we need to focus on almost every strand to get that perfection we want. Along with that, keeping the hair healthy is another critical and mandatory role of the user. A long hair needs better nourishment than medium hair, or else it could result in hair damage. Among the many advantages is that we can always shift to the shorter hair if we like the look there. We now know it’s not the problem of having fewer varieties of hairstyle to choose from in the long hair section. There are still tons of hairdos that we can choose from for long hairs.

The crucial part of this all is that we shouldn’t be careless about our hairstyle. We can always do a couple of modifications if that makes us look better than before. A haircut of a person reflects his personality. So, if you want to get attention with respect and leave your good impression wherever you go, you should probably keep your hair healthy and fashionable. Similarly, we should also be alert to the new trends or innovations in the hairstyle to be up to date in our society. Most importantly, you can’t let your hairstyle let you down in the crucial stages. So, look stylish, leave your mark and never hesitate to change with the time.

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