127 Best Cross Tattoos That You Could Get In 2021

Cross tattoos- they represent the faith in God – a deeply religious and historical significance. The cross is how you usually communicate with the God and when the tattoos are inked, they look fantastic. Well, I guess these reasons are more than just enough for us to be interested in getting a cross tattoo.

So, if you also want to make your skin blessed by the God- that means you want to get a cross tattoo, then I am glad to say that you have made a perfect decision. Still, getting tattoo means a lot, and you definitely have to be careful about selecting the perfect design for you.

To help you with that, here are the best 127 cross tattoos that you could get in 2018.

The Burning Devilcross-tattoo

Everybody likes to see unique tattoos. On this one, it feels like there is a shadow of the demon in it.

The Cross Quote 

Well, talk about simple cross tattoos. And yet, so unique.

The Leaves

Well, the cross and the leaves have been perfectly incorporated in this particular cross tattoo.

Lines That Tell A Lot

Well, even small cross tattoos can make a lot of difference in the viewer’s viewpoint- this tattoo just proved that.

The Cross And The Rose

Well, if you liked this tattoo, then you might also want to look at our best rose tattoos.

The Flower Cross

At times, it looks like a cross and still, it makes a great tribal tattoo. If you like the both of them, then what else do you want to ask for?

Cross Tattoos on Wrist For Women

The cross and the lotus- this tattoo does have a lot to say. And also a lot to show.

Cross Tattoo For Men

Well, incorporating your best quote related to God with a cross tattoo- that makes a lot of sense on itself. Definitely a very good idea for you.

The Keychain

Well, the decorations of the cross in this 3D cross tattoo are just spectacular.

Only The Strong

Words in your cross tattoos- they just don’t mean a lot to you. You can also use them to transport the information throughout your surrounding.

Cross And The Feather Tattoos

Well, cross tattoos, and the feather tattoos mean a lot by themselves. And when they both come together, the fantastic art is really artistic.


Well, why not note down the important times in your life with the cross tattoos? Definitely, the cross tattoos should be designed in such a way that they help you remember the feelings that you had in the day that you noted.

Cross And Balloons

Fly high- with this tattoo with the cross and balloons. It’s a very unique combination.

Always Watching

The God is definitely always watching you- this cross tattoo also tries to say the same.

The Years Of The Time That The World Was Blessed

Well, in your cross tattoo, you could also have the years in which the heart of your loved ones beats before being accepted inside the heaven doors.

The Blue Rose And The Cross

Well, it is not only the design but the metaphors as well that make this tattoo extraordinary.

Mom And Dad

Definitely, even if you lost your parents, they never lost you. Now, they have feathers and are known as angels.

The Cross And The Hand

Well, only the great tattoo designers could think of this cross tattoo design.

The Cross On The Compass

The God is always with you when you look in the right direction.

The Rose Steam

Tattoos like this are the reason the cross tattoos are getting very popular among the girls these days.

The Sun Behind

Well, what makes this design amazing? My answer has to be is the design itself.

Igniting The Light

Getting tattoos like this on the forearm means a lot of people will gaze at the amazing sight for sure.

The Cross Around The Rose

The cross tattoos look very good on the machos too, this one proved it.

One that Makes Friends

Well, the togetherness and the love- isn’t that what the cross teaches us?

The God While He Was Young

Here is another great tattoo design that you would probably want to see on your skin as well.

Family Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos and the family- what a great way for you to wish peace for your family.

Cross Tattoos on Body

Well, isn’t it one of the best place to get these tattoos? The quote makes it look really special and different.

Cross Tattoos On Neck

Here is another one of the small cross tattoo design that is going to make a huge statement.

Cross And Jesus Tattoos

Definitely, this is one of the best tattoo designs with the cross and Jesus both in it.

The Sleek Design

Well, doesn’t this tattoo look perfect? A great way to cover your upper arm.

The Pink Rose

Well, here is another one of the best rose and cross tattoos for girls. This will look gorgeous on any woman.

Pray With The Cross

The world will definitely know your faith and how much it means to you if you have this cross tattoo on your neck.

The Guardian Angel

Well, the cross sleeve tattoos are also a great choice if you want your entire forearm covered in the art.

The Wooden Cross

Well, this tattoo somehow gives a vibe of when Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake of the people of the world.

Pray Love to The Cross

Now, this tattoo tells a lot about itself. And heartful message on great design- this is how the tattoos are supposed to be.

The Inscribed Design

This Celtic cross tattoo looks like one of the best wood inscriptions on a cross tattoo.

This Design

Not only the cross tattoo alone- there are so many tattoos within this design that everybody would want to have.

Cross For You

Well, take this cross- the sign of eternal peace. It seems like this tattoo says that for everybody who takes a look at it.

The Tribal Cross

Here is another of the tribal tattoo with the cross tattoo. Well, whatever we all believe in, all we want to have is the same peace, don’t we?

Hold The Cross

Well, if you want to decorate the cross tattoo alone, then this could be a great way.

Lines on The Neck

Well, nothing else- just two lines. Yet, one of the best designs.

Where It Sprouts

Well, the cross gives rise to the love from the God, doesn’t it? Well, that was my interpretation of this cross tattoo design.

Cross Tattoos On The Back

The tattoos don’t need to take a lot of space necessarily. Even the smallest ones of them look too good if you can come up with a mesmerizing design like this one.

The Bracelet

Well, this cross tattoo looks like a bracelet on the wrists of the person who gets it.

This One

Well, I would say now this cross tattoo design is impressive as well.

Every time You Look At It

Every time you look at your forearm, you are supposed to be proud of your own tattoo.

The Secured Cross

What about getting this tattoo design?

Cross Tattoos On The Legs

It just seems that the color has simply been smeared on this cross tattoo. But most perfectly, of course.


Well, there are so many tattoos that gather your ultimate interest, aren’t there?

The Grace

Well, the grace printed on your cross tattoo- there definitely are a lot of styles for that, this one is too good.

The Surrounding Love

Here is another simple but astonishing cross tattoo design.

Hold The Cross With A Wish

A person’s hand holding the cross tattoo with so much faith. This tattoo carries a lot of sentiments with it.

The Cross And The Cards

I will have to say this tattoo look is really enchanting. Definitely deserves to get on your wrist.

The American Cross

Well, here is a great way to be really patriotic with your cross tattoo as well. What do you think about it?

Above The Circle

The prestige on your muscular arms- this cross tattoo is one of the best of its type.

Cross Tattoos On Ankle

Well, we have seen a lot of the same tattoo design. But, isn’t it amazing? Anywhere it is inked, it looks equally stunning.

The Fortunate One With A Family

Well, the best part of this cross tattoo design is not only the cross itself- but also the hands that look like a rabbit head.

The Flowers Above The Cross

Well, here is another one of the colorful tattoos that most of the girls prefer to get. This looks amazing, which is the reason itself.

Jesus Lives

Jesus lives- on our thoughts, on the energy and also on your arms.

The Flying Cross

Well, what feels great about this tattoo is that it definitely looks like the cross is soaring up high in the sky.

The Red Bat

Well, the claws and the vibe of the picture makes it seem like the thing on this tattoo is a bat. Correct me if I am wrong.

The Quotes That It Teaches

The cross helps us to realize a lot of the quotes in the spiritual level, doesn’t it?

18 and 35

Well, connecting two tattoos that you have had in the different parts of your lives. The concept is excellent in itself.

The Wise Flowers

Jesus was beautiful- maybe that is the reason his beautiful energy has been transmitted to the flowers.

New Beginning

Well, have your own rules on your cross tattoo- and that will help you stick to it everytime you see it- that is till the end of your life.

The Flower Crown

Well, don’t the flowers look like a crown in the cross- seems like the crown has been decorated like an ancient British princess.

The Outline

Well, this tattoo design in just an outline- there no shades or color fills whatsoever. Still, that is the reason that it looks so cool.

The Chest With The Wisdom

Well, if you want to look similar great tattoos like this, then here are our chest tattoos.

On The Hand

Well, when everyone’s eyes go your hands, their visions are going to strike on this amazing work of art.

The Chain On The Back

Well, cross tattoo on the back is also a popular choice among the tattoo enthusiasts these days. The reason is splendid designs like this one.

The Wise Mickey

Well, the cross and the Mickey Mouse- unusual would not be the proper way to describe this design, but I have to say this is really thought out and unique.

Skull And Cross Tattoos

Well, you can interpret this tattoo in various ways, for the cross and the skull themselves carry a lot of different significance themselves.

Cross Tattoo On Your Fingers

Well, this is the smallest, and probably the cutest a cross tattoo can possibly get.

The Hanging Jewel

One cross-connected to another one- definitely this is a design you need to get if you are interested in the cross tattoo more than anything else.

With The Candle

Well, the candle puts into a lot of significance in this tattoo, doesn’t it? Your tattoo may as well ward off any evils near you.

Flower In The Cross

What I love about this is that even the tiny tattoo arts change the entire perception of the viewer. Maybe you noticed it as well.


Faith and the belief- that is what the cross is all about.

The Musical Cross

Well, the music notes and cross- you can look to match the cross tattoo with the thing that you love in your life.

The Cross And Crest Tattoos

Well, even if it may be to represent your proud heritage or something that you are really interested in.

The Green Center

The unique color combinations in tattoos like these make it a choice for many people.

The Straw Cross

Well, here is how you need to design a small cross tattoo. Simple, yet so innovative.

Rounds in Your Hands

Well, the cross tattoo doesn’t seem like a tattoo at all- it has been designed to look like the real thing itself.

Two Crosses

We definitely are seeing great designs, aren’t we? All of them look like something you definitely want to have.

The Son Of God

This is what I call real religion tattoo. Looks cool with and feels like a lot of faith in the God.

The Flowers That Grow Around

Flowers make everything look beautiful- and this tattoo is not an exception.

Love You

And yes, small and sweet love quotes are also definitely something you would like to incorporate in your tattoo.

Cross And Arrows

Well, now here is another innovative idea for a cross tattoo design. Suits the boys and the girls just as well.

Proud Hands

Well, you are definitely holding the cross- proud, and you value it a lot. This tattoo says it all.

The Heart

Well, if you liked the previous heart and the cross tattoos, here is another one for you.

The Cross and The Rose on Leg

Well, this definitely is one of the best leg tattoos that we are going to see for a while.

On The Left

Well, feathers on only one side of the cross may mean a lot of things. You just believe in half of your fate- one interpretation can be this.

The Cute Flower

Well, here it is. One of the cutest cross tattoos that you will ever get to see.

The Melodies of the Art

Definitely here are the most wonderful things included in this cross tattoo.

The Jewels

Well, this is a great decoration for a cross tattoo- don’t you think the same?

Where He Left The World

Well, here is another one of the best Jesus and cross tattoo designs. I bet you looked at this tattoo for quite some time.

Cross And Key Tattoos

So, what do you think about this particular tattoo idea?

The Place For The Love To Grow

Well, here is another one of the cross tattoos on wrists for girls. The art has been perfectly done.

The Ankle Bracelet

This cross tattoo looks like an ankle bracelet. And a great one.

Always With You

Well, Jesus’ body left the Earth but he never did. We can find him inside all of us- and that has been pointed out in this tattoo as well.

The Plant

Here is another one of the best plan cross tattoo design. Everybody would want one if they could get it.

Cross Back Tattoos

Cross tattoo on your back- if you want to make it a larger size, then definitely it should look and feel dramatic, the requirements which this tattoo definitely fills.

The Black Lines

Well, here is an interesting place to get your cross tattoo. Different type nonetheless- but still it would strike the interest of anybody seeing it.

In the Hands

People who believe in God are the ones who get the cross tattoo and if the designs are so matching, then definitely you should give it a try as well.

The Demon

Who doesn’t like to back up their tattoos with a lot of words that their soul wants to say?

The Classic Combination

The Rose and the Cross tattoo coming together- we definitely have seen a lot of these tattoo combinations, and this is one of the great designs in the group.

The Nightingales Singing

Well, your heart may as well soothe itself while your eyes take a look at this cross tattoo.

Bless The Lord

Well, the word in this tattoo is in Portuguese, but you might put in your own language as well.

The Celtic Cross Tattoo

The borders and the lines in this tattoo- seems like the artist did it to hallucinate the viewers with its stunning look.

On The Back of The Hand

Well, the type of this cross tattoo is the same as the previous one- we are just exploring different designs and the different placements.

In The Front Of The Sun

The tattoo enlightens you- and the Sun backs it up with the light energy that it is going to provide to the cross. And they both make a great tattoo design.

In The Chest

Getting a cross tattoo on the chest- it might as well mean that you are keeping closest to your heart as possible.

Bless The World

The butterfly tattoo in this one is also a sign of beauty and the cross and the butterfly tattoos when they come together, the final result itself becomes beautiful.

Cross Tattoos On The Neck

Let see this one- now we don’t have any doubt that the similar design of the cross tattoo suits to the men as well.

The Finger

Here is another finger cross tattoo you could ask the tattoo artist to make for you.

The Long Piece

Yes, this tattoo is a bit longer than the similar designs, but this also means bigger impressions.


In your views, what does the cross provide you? You could tattoo that as well.

The Flowers And The Shadow

The cross on this one looks like something that exists on the shades of the flowers.

King Cross

Crown and Cross tattoos- I guess you are captivated by this stunning design.

Where The Devils Party

Now, even with no words, this tattoo definitely says a lot.

Heart and Cross Tattoos

What could be a better way to incorporate the heart and the cross? And the quote as well.

The Sprinkles

Doesn’t this tattoo feel like the grains of sand or something? The artist definitely had to put a lot of work into this.


Well, there it is. The best cross tattoos you could get at the moment. It was definitely some hard work for me to get this done, but I hope that it did help you in choosing the perfect design. And also, you could just take these tattoos as ideas and then design your own ideal tattoo. Well, if you liked these tattoos, then I am sincerely happy for you and till the next time, good luck with your tatt00.

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