125 Cute Cat Tattoo Designs And Ideas That You Will Love To Have

You love cats, don’t you? Well, you certainly do- because that’s the reason you are even looking for a cat tattoo. First of all, cats are among the most loved pets. They are cute, and everybody loves them. And on the other hand, the cats symbolise a lot of things so that the cat tattoos have a lot of meaning. We can turn a cat tattoo into great designs and also not only represent the love for the animals but also reflect our own lives in our cat tattoos. That’s exactly what we want from the tattoos, don’t we? This is the reason the cat tattoos are one of the favourites in today’s world.

As it goes with all tattoos, cat tattoos also require your best choice to be made perfect. A tattoo is going to be on your skin for your lifetime, and that is the reason you must do the best that you can and only then the result will be on your way- a cat tattoo that you can feel proud of for the rest of your life. And you are exactly looking for that, aren’t you?

Well, you definitely are, and that is good for you. Today, we decided to help you. Looking on the internet, we decided to look for the best cat tattoos that we could find. So, here are the best cat tattoos that you could get in 2018.

Curved Outline Cat Tattoo

cat tattooJust a simple outline of a cat- and even with just the nose and the whiskers, this cat already looks so cute.

Thick Design

Well- here is another design with just an outline- and this one is rich with the ink.

Sweet Dreams

A cat smiling as it sleeps, I wonder what it is dreaming about. But, I don’t need to think a lot to say that this design suits all too well in your arms.

Strip Of The Trees

Incorporating tree and the cat tattoos in one place- the mellow design of the cat is worth a see.

Best Friends Cat Tattoos

What can be better than two cats looking at you with so much love? You can get to have an amazing feeling every time you look at your cat tattoos.

What’s Up

Cats are curious- no? Here is a cute kitten.

The Night Cat 

Night sky and a black cat- this design is really profound. Tells a deep story.

Sweet Lady

What’s so good about this tattoo is that its face resembles the getter herself.

A Strolling Cat

A black cat or a shadow of a cat of any other colour? Whatever it is, this design is pleasant to see.

Flowers And A Cat

What do you think about this one? Really a cute design to get on your legs.


For the cat tattoos giving a Japanese vibe, this one is awesome. What a cute pair.

The Circle Of Love

The cats cuddling with each other- so much of closeness in this design. What do you think that the circle stands for?


The back of a cat tattooed on your back- and this design looks realistic as well.


A surprised reaction- even the small cat tattoos have a lot to say.

The Kitten

Here is another realistic cat tattoo that you could have on your hand. It seems like every thread of the fur was designed individually,


If you are looking for simple cat tattoos, this one is for you. The tail of this cat design tells you everything that you need to do with your life.

Steps and Slept

Here’s another cat tattoo for girls. The paw print says that the cat came out of somewhere else and slept on the getter’s hand.


Isn’t this the reaction of every cat?

Geometric Cat

Seems like a design made of the carton boxes, it is a good idea to have this tattoo on your hand.

Watery Eyes

Shiny eyes- filled with a lot of conviction. This design is just soo cool.


The bright watercolour could be a representation of the energy that the soul of the cat possesses. It looks much more than just a household pet.

Trees And Flowers

Create beautiful scenery on your legs- with cat tattoos like this. The ambience in this one is Japanese.

Out From The Hole

A cat on your wrist- that will see the same world that you do with its ever-curious eyes.


Isn’t this a creative design? The cat playing with your ankle wherever you go.


This innocent cat looks like it is asking you what’s up with your life. 

What Rules

For the cat lovers, this could be a perfect design. But,  just to say- only if you love cats, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hate dogs, you know?

Sleeping, Kitten

So calm and cute when it sleeps, you wouldn’t want to disturb it even if the ca is just on your tattoo.


Darker watercolours in this fantastic cat design, this one is perfectly fine for one looking to get cat tattoos.


This cat looks like she is posing for a picture.

Cat And Leaves

She is smiling her wise smile- what do you think about this one?

Scaredy Cat

You do know this cat, right? From Alice The Wonderland. Believe me, it isn’t so devilish as it looks.

Spider Cat

You love superheroes and cats? Then this cartoonish style is what you need to go for.

The Glare

Staring at something with so much passion- this guy looks like he’s formulating some sort of a master plan in his head.

Glitter Geometry

Here is another geometric cat structure for your tattoo.

The Beauty

Ever filled with love and positivity- this looks like a cat that all the other cats would have a crush on.

Blue Outline

Here is another of the feminine cat designs that you could get.


I wonder what they are looking at. Anyway, this is a great 3 cats tattoo design.

Childhood Mates

This one has not only got the cat designs but also has the date when you adopted those cats.

The Sleeping Beauty

For the smiling and sleeping cat outline, this is another one for you.

And The Moon

Stretching out its hand like the moon is its plaything- this cat definitely has got a great taste of the toys.

Infinite Love

An infinite heart tattoo mixed with a cute cat tattoo- they tell a great tale together.

The Cat Of The Ancient Princess

Here is a traditional cat tattoo design. I guess in the ancient times, this is precisely how the royal pets were decorated with the ornaments.


I will have to say, if the cats obeyed the same word as said in this tattoo, it definitely would be a rare thing. But, what do you think about the cute face?


A hunter screaming- still cute. This one is a great design for the guys as well as girls.

Tribal Cat Tattoos

What do you think about letting awesome cat tattoos like this cover your leg?

A Picture

Incomplete, yet- so complete- this one is also a choice of many females.

High Five

Everytime you clap, the cats do as well. Having this cat tattoo would mean you would always want to bring your hands together.


I wonder what it just saw. Obviously something magical.

The Astronaut

Here is another way to incorporate the cat tattoos with galaxy tattoos.

Flower Friend

Seems like she is really enjoying her time with her beautiful pal.

The Japanese Maiden

Here is one that looks like a lavish painting on the walls of a Japanese castle. With a design like this, I bet even you have had an increasing liking for the Japanese cat tattoos.


Well, perfectly match your cat in your cat tattoo- this one is awesome.

Tribal Cat Design

What do you think about having a tribal cat tattoo? The inter style of this piece means it will hard for you to take your eyes off it.

A Sitting Cat

Here’s another cool one. A cat looks amazingly adorable when it balls itself like this.

The Sneaky Head

The cat seems to like it appeared out of your heart to see how the outside of the world looks like.

The Universe

This cat tattoo showcases your love for the lovely creatures. It says that cats are the world for you.

Head With Whiskers

Tiny size- never too hard to notice.

Scarce Outline

Here’s a great way to ink your skin. Even with nobody, you still can feel the emotions in its eyes.


Everyone has the right to love, don’t you agree? And the same goes for the cats in your tattoo.

Looking Back

Not just a simple outline- the structure looks so natural.


Isn’t this how you describe a cat sometimes? It goes all around the house, creating so many messes, still with no idea what it did.

No Outline

You have seen so many outlines with no faces, but this tattoo is all about having no outline at all.


Its reaction is priceless. Maybe it wants to escape you, or it just found out that you were looking at the trouble it was creating.

Eyes And Nose

Isn’t this just beautiful? Having it on your shoulder, it seems like your body itself is shaped like a cat.


The cat on the tattoo just got a new friend, but the pet doesn’t seem so willing to welcome it.


For the people interested in physics and mathematics as well, this is the one.

Henna Cat Design

Tribal one- and it looks like a Henna. Maybe not, but anyway, we can’t deny the fact that this cat tattoo looks super cool.

Looking Away

The cats mostly are in their own little world investigating things like no one. And this one represents just that.

Just Woke Up

Doesn’t it make you glad when you see a cat stretching just like this? Just that they look so good when they do that.

What’s On Back

Someone definitely should have called her. And even with the absence of the face, we can easily say that she is wondering whether or not to grant their wish.

Two Friends

Most likely, it is the dinner table. But whatever it is, they look so cute together. Even that be from the back.


She is always going to look at the word before you, even if she is no your leg. This design is really sleek.

Happy Birthday

It definitely is wishing that someone would gift it a mouse. Anyway, what do you think about it?

Musical Note

One design to show your love for the cats and music as well.

Flowers And Cat

This is how you would want to see a cat, right? In nature and having a lot of fun with the beautiful things it has to offer.

Stand And Sleep

When you have a pet, then it is a good idea that you dedicate a tattoo to its name. Not just a kind gesture, but it is a sign of the immense love present in your emotions.


Boat of a dream- you can take with wherever you want to. You and your friend are definitely on a great adventure.

Cute Head

Seems like this design is actually an architecture more than a tattoo. SOmething engineered perfectly.

Adorable Geometry

Ducking its head on the side, he definitely is looking at something very interesting.

The Geometric Head

This one is awesome too, the design of the head has really been accomplished in the best way possible.

The Geometric Outline

Here’s one geometric design with no face at all, and still it looks magnificent.

Head Made With Maths

If you are really into these designs, then this could also be a good suggestion for you.


Some eyes and some flowers. A fantastic cat tattoo idea for you.

Coloured Geometry

Well, talking more about the style, a geometric tattoo doesn’t always need to be colourless.

Smaller Lines

Everything made with lines and no curves- it would be a challenge to make them look like cats on the first hand. But, the artists completed that challenge in a great way like this.


The lines make this cat tattoo looks so unique. And something that everyone would want to have.

Round Lines

Turn some lines to look like perfect a circle in the first gaze- get creative, and turn it into a great cat tattoo design.

Other Lines

This is another line cat tattoo designed for the people who really like them.

Lines And Dots

The inclusion of the natural eyes- this one would look amazing on your wrists like everything else in this collection.

Cat On The Box

The artists did a great job of giving the tribal touch in the geometry of this design.

One Tall Cat

Abstract tattoo for the others- but for ones who love cats, they will easily get what this tattoo is about.

Cute Miss

Blue eyes- and a smiling cute cat. What do you need more than this?


She looks damn cute when staring up at the sky. And also on the part of your skin.

The Priest

What about this tattoo idea? Looks like a royal guru of the ancient times.

Decorated Kitten

Her ribbon looks just like something her mother bought it for her. And she is really happy having it on her head.

Young Hunk

A cat that could make all the girls go mad over him. Be it the cats or be it, humans.

Grumpy Cat

Just something that pissed him off again. Nothing new for the cat in this tattoo.


Well, he is shocked. Maybe he just saw or heard something really unexpected.


A butterfly on your cat tattoo. The cat is sharing something deep with the butterfly.

Red Background

What about this one for you cat sleeve tattoo?

Cat Of The Ancient Queen

This lady from ancient Egypt has seen more gold than you and me will ever see in our lives.

The Laying Cuteness

What about having a friend on your legs? The shadow of the cat itself adds on to this amazing design idea.

Butterfly And Cat

Nothing much- two friends chatting with each other. See, the love between them that has been reflected in this art?

The Bat Cat

Even the vampire of the cats would look this sweet. See, this is a unique design also for the heart.

Alice’s Cat

Here is another design of the cat, and you know what does it tell? To find your destination before you start walking.

In The Rain

Umbrella and the cat- and the animal walking on two legs. Really interesting.

Same Art

Well, these tattoos show how much your pet means to you. The same tattoo on your hand and your body- you only do it if something has a very high emotional value.

Chilling On the Half Crescent

What’s up with the jewellery on the moon? It seems like the cat is her pet.


Here is very great life advice. Nah, I am just kidding, you can copy the tattoo, but make sure you don’t seriously do what the words tell you to.


On the tree and looking in the sky with so much of interest- this is a soothing cat tattoo design.

The Tribal Back

If you are in the style of the traditional people, then this could also be a great idea.

For Coming

You know, I bet a cat wouldn’t care even if some aliens came and tried to talk to him. In this design too, I guess the cat hasn’t realised yet that he went on a journey in the spaceship.

The Lavish Cat

This design is posh. A stylish cat in front of a luxurious mirror.

Bright Colours

Watercolour cat tattoos- you need great artists to get this right. See, how the brightness of the colours come together to form such a splendid art.

Laughing Cat

Well, this is the same character that we were talking about. And in this one, it’s feminine.

Up Where The World Lies

Strips made of flower- how beautiful can a cat get?

The Black Cat With Flowers

If you were looking for more minimalist cat tattoos, then this one probably took your interest. The cat tattoo is how the owner sees her cat. The cat is beautiful as well.

Electric Shock

I don’t know about the title, but that is what came into my mind first seeing this tattoo. This style is too cool.

In The Lap Of The Moon

You have seen a lot of these cat tattoos ideas, and here, you can explore the styles that are already there.

Smoking Rich Cat

If you are not talking about money, you get her bored. A businesswoman, don’t you think?

Playing Kitty

A small kitten playing- that is a beautiful thing to watch. And this design also.


Running or walking? It seems like he is doing both, great work by the artist.

Roses and Cat

She just doesn’t realise how cute she looks with these flowers.

Angry Cat

Well, you have pissed him off enough. Now, he just can’t take it any longer.


Well, what did you think about these cat tattoos? Have you made a wish list of the specific tattoos you would like to have? If not then, do it already.

Here is the fact: your tattoo is your actual representation. You don’t do your tattoo just to decorate your skin, you do it so that you could express your love through the art. And with you cat tattoo, which is precisely what you are doing. But remember this, like I say in all of the tattoos, you will need to be patient. Take your time, don’t decide on a tattoo just after you look at it. And even after concluding something is okay for you, you will need to gaze at the design for five to ten minutes straight. This should be done to make sure that it doesn’t get boring for you because you are supposed to have that art for the rest of your life. And don’t forget to go to the best tattoo parlour you can afford.

So, till the next time, have fun.

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