8 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in the Relationship

We look for relationships with different purposes, somebody wants to have a family, someone just feels lonely, and someone is seeking casual dating and great sex. In the last case scenario, there are special resources devoted to helping people meet this goal (you can find one of them in a snapsext review). But if you are in a serious relationship, you probably know that there comes a moment when everything changes. First, you spend days and nights together; you are holding hands, you never argue, and can`t spend a minute without talking to each other. But then, suddenly, you can and want to be alone, and you no longer want to see this person so often. What happens and how to bring everything back?

Why do couples lose the spark?

Every relationship should go through these stages: first comes the honeymoon; it is a hassle-free and adorable time. But when you have been in a relationship for a long period (a year and more), many things that made you happy earlier become ordinary and not charming anymore. Why do people lose this spark? The reasons can be different: long distances, obligations, children, household duties, routine, busy working schedules, and other things that make us tired, stressed, and not so connected to another person.

Even the so-called «ideal couples» can have problems in relationships if they don`t properly work on it. The relationship can be compared with muscles; if you don`t work out, it becomes weaker. Luckily, you can change it for the better with the help of simple but efficient things. Here we provide the top eight ways to improve your relationship and keep the spark alive:

  1. Stay curious

You shouldn`t underestimate the interest you show for the life of your loved one. Ask your boyfriend/girlfriend how their day was, what happened, how they feel right now, etc. Quite often, people feel unhappy because they don`t feel seen, heard, or appreciated. Spend some time every day asking thoughtful questions and try to learn something new. You will be surprised how a few minutes of talk and your support can build emotional intimacy;

  1. Sleep naked

It is not all about sex: you don`t have to make love every day. Sleeping naked, you show your partner that you not only want them but also feel comfortable and cozy around them. Of course, it will also make your sexual experience more exciting, so sleeping naked every now and then will definitely benefit your relationship, creating sexual tension and playful mood;

  1. Put the smartphone away

In the era of digitalization, smartphones become the parts of our hands, and sometimes we don`t even notice people around us. We don`t think about it, but such behavior can really hurt the feelings of another person. Try to put all the gadgets away and just spend some time talking to each other or doing some activities together;

  1. Schedule date nights

We are all very busy with work and other things that make our life so stressful and complicated. But everybody can find at least one evening free of work that can be spent with a loved one. Organize date nights, watch movies, book a table in a great restaurant, or just stay home cuddling up. Don`t fall into a routine and try to rediscover the fun;

  1. Try new things

Are you an adventurous person? Even if not, trying something new with your partner can become a great way to get closer. For example, you can try kayaking, skiing, bowling, playing tennis, or even going to the new destination;

  1. Surprise

Everybody likes surprises, and they make our routine brighter and more interesting. It shouldn`t be something big or expensive; good dinner, flowers, trip, or a new book of his/her favorite author will make your loved one smile and feel grateful;

  1. Share memories

Sharing your thoughts, both positive and negative, helps to open up and become closer emotionally. Try to remember the best moments of your relationship and think about how you can create new ones together. You can look through pictures and videos or repeat the things you loved doing again;

  1. Focus on the future

Everybody wants to feel the commitment, and talking about your future is normal. Do you have a common goal or plan? Sharing it and reaching this goal together will make your relationship both secure and very attractive.

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