51 Superb White Tattoos Designs That Will Leave You With No Words

White ink tattoos, not really new, but just a newer concept. These tattoos are strikingly wonderful, mesmerizing and unique at the same time, but it still seems that they have not already been mainstream like they have to be. Let us say that they are overlooked, but for people who know them, there is no way they can be underestimated. For everybody will be startled by how they look like and for so many designs ideas and patterns you could tailor with the white ink, the possibilities are infinite.

You know what, so many people would prefer the white tattoos, but most of them don’t even hear about it. For you are already here, maybe you are somehow fortunate, and now, you will get a great clue of what you are looking for. And also to actually make the decision on what you are finally getting.

Don’t be confused- just be fascinated, here are 51 great white tattoos for you. Take a look at them carefully and have your say.

Flower When Hands Come Togetherwhite tattoos

Flowers- they always look good- whether that may be in white ink tattoos or any other colors. In this one, you have a flower design when you bring your hands together- that means a person with this particular tattoo would always want to join two hands.

White Tattoo Rose

First, let us only consider this is a rose tattoo outline made of white ink only. Really beautiful to see, this is indeed something to cherish. And then if the tattoo artist implied that the rose has been colored in white as well, it represents purity and a secret admirer. Also, this one is proof white color tattoos on a pale skin look beautiful as well.

Tribal Fern 

Have you ever pressed a fern with your skin? It will give you a natural white color tattoo, just to say. Anyway, this one is the real deal and it represents many things like relaxation, depth, determination, change, growth, or harmony.

Mandala Sun

Here, this one looks lavish and exotic, just like something Hindu princesses used to have. An amazing style to have on one’s leg, it goes perfectly with her skin color.

White Snake Tattoo

A white colored serpent- just like how you like it on your wrist. To be frank, it looks like a shredded snakeskin. A snake may represent good or evil, it all depends on which culture you refer it to. Anyway, nobody would want to signify evil things with their body arts and this one represents fertility and mobility.


Here’s a cute one- yes, small white tattoos may be made up pineapple as well. For many people may not be familiar with a pineapple tattoo for it is not so mainstream, but this has been famous throughout the times, especially in African culture. This one literally is a sign of welcome.

Traditional Mandala

Well- yes, you have already seen this design before, this time it’s on your wrist. For I know a lot of girls are interested in it, so this one’s for them to see. You will need to be aware that different placements give you different results.

Flower Vase

Not so clear when you first look at it- but it also means that the enticed eyes are going to concentrate just to get a good look at your tattoo. Doesn’t need to be more than light to be superb.


Here is a white horse. In most cultures, this color is related to the God. Even from its design, it looks nothing short of an angels heart.


A universal symbol of love- a heart tattoo always looks wonderful. For, you may have been used to look at other heart colors, this one is unique just because of its ink. Well, right now, this itself is a post about white tattoos, so your eyes are definitely in for a treat. Anyway, take a look at our other heart tattoos as well.

Paper Planes

Here, get creative with your tattoo, use a symbol that is unique and still say what you want to say. There are many other ways of representing freedom, but this is innovative, and its style is one of a kind.

Rose With Stem

You know what is good about uncolored rose tattoos? The looker will see in their own colors. Which means however they want to look at it and they will get a unique meaning as per their own hearts. Just don’t forget to give them an outline they will never forget.

Snake Over Crest

Celtic design notions- they well along with white tattoos. And when it is about white and black we are talking, they are colors of yin-yang which means they will always go along perfectly with each other.


Matching tattoos- one got with black ink and the other with a white one- just how they like. This is also a clue for you to know how different colors of your triangle tattoo would look like. Also, take a look at our sister tattoos.

Snake And Shadow

Two snakes- one black and one white, this time she has not only done this for them to look all well together, but also she wants to tell something deep. Maybe, she could be combining the evil and good prospects of a snake design.

King and queen tattoos designed with white ink- this is something anyone one would appoint is cute. And especially when it’s hearts, it explicitly speaks about love between you two.

Patronus Charm

White vapor- latin phrase. Here’s a spell chant from Harry Potter. Anyway, you could have any words inked on your skin, any of your favorite in particular and it will still look good as this one.

Snow Flakes

Use of only white ink tattoo to make something realistic- before looking at this tattoo, we may not have thought about it. But, now have seen it and I know some of you will take some time before moving on to the next design.


It is not just a symbol, But also something that connects us to the God- a cross in the color of purity. Not just a good design, but also a good idea. And also to say that having white tattoos on the tanned skin could be a great idea.

World Map

For people interested in this atlas design, there is no reason to hold back. Go and have your own pretty little world with a white tattoo. Also, don’t forget- the getter also has their location in longitude and latitudes. Let us say this is a world class design of the world.

Wrist Band World

Also, she liked the idea of having a world map design, but she chose a different placement. Something you should do to find an ideal place for you. For many designs, their arrangement could also be the key, and you should really be aware of that.

Fern Behind Ear

You already know it’s meaning, don’t you? A fern represents many things like relaxation, depth, determination, change, growth, and harmony and is usually related to the Celtic culture. Anyway, you have seen a tribal design, this time you see a real one.

Swift and Soar

A white bird tattoo is another way to represent freedom and independence. And also another way to make sure you are way ahead regarding style from any other person. Her taste of the tattoos is really good, don’t you think?

Matching Hearts

This one also is an excellent idea for matching heart tattoos. Suits especially for the lovers and best friends. Small white colored heart- when it is about love, this is easily noticeable, and people will easily know what you are trying to say.

Illuminati Eye

Everybody is interested in mysteries, that’s for sure. And this one is cool for everyone one who has heard of this “secret society” and also gives a unique definition to your tattoo. Because it would also symbolize an eye from which you want to convey your vision- you are always watching what’s going on around your world.

Snake Symbol And Kites

Snake and a religious crest- here, you could have your own meaning embedded in your white tattoos. For getting serpentine designs, you could consider going to an artist that focuses primarily on these designs, for it could give you the best results.

Anchor White

You know it looks fantastic when you have this design on your wrist where anybody could notice. And also for it’s meaning, an anchor tattoo is not only connected to a person who is interested in sea life, but also in those who want a life full of adventures. So, there is are no doubts that US navies prefer getting this one.

Music Lover

A musical note- a cute idea. Who doesn’t love music, right? And also, who doesn’t like musical tattoos, when they are superb- just like this. In all those papers and all, musical tones and notes are written in black color- but when it has had a complete revamp, it looks amazingly unique.

White Owl Tattoo

First, we know that an owl tattoo is unique in itself, and when we add a white ink to it, it’s like a whole another level of these tattoos. We also have other owl tattoos you would love. There, we have all the meanings and additional information related to an owl tattoo, do check if you are interested.

Rose Sleeve

Or maybe, that is what we can call it. Having an additional rose in your tattoo also means that you have another person that you love and value so much that they are as important to you as your own precious life.

Fern Inside Skin

Well, you definitely are wondering why white tattoos look elevated on one’s skin. The truth is. Actually, every other tattoo does as well- you are literally piercing a little bit of your skin while having a tattoo and this could be taken as some sort of a swell. But regarding white tattoos, this is more visible because the white ink is lighter than others.

Cat Paw

First, she has a cute design for herself and another- she also dedicates it to her lovely cat. You will love this design, whether you are a cat lover or not. And a little bit of cream color has been added to the white ink- it makes this one more realistic and matching to her friend’s fur.


Always protected- this is what you can say with your umbrella tattoo. Most of these white tattoos are generally directed towards women, so there are many feminine designs you could choose from- some of them could be related to a lady’s perfect fashion sense.


Incorporation of a word with both black and white inks- there’s a lot of variation in this design. What is really good about it is that it is a simple design with that arrow as well, but it still seems to tell a lot about her. You could take this as an idea and have your own word tattooed like this.


One word- so much in it. Definitely, this is a word that means so much to all of us- to everyone. And even talking about its design, the word seems to have glitter in it- like we can easily notice it’s shine.

Flower And Feathers

Here is a white filling- your white color tattoos simply don’t need to outline all the time. Having white tattoos means one approaching their tattoo differently, and when you still make it more unique, it turns out to be something very special.

Flower Designs Covering Hand

A boutiques decoration- don’t you agree? Beautiful white flowers making up your tattoo- something really good to see. Flowers and other tribal designs- just done in a perfect way. For more flower designs, take a look at our best flower tattoos.

Rose Shoulder

What’s up with this? When people first look at your shoulder, they would be shrugging theirs, and when they actually focus to see, here, this is what you have in store for them. For any skin you have, a white color tattoo on the shoulder is a very good idea.

Leaves And Lives

A leaf stem on the side boob- this is a confident placement for her tattoo. This has been done so perfectly well that when one looks at it, he could be confused if that tattoo is a part of her body itself. And even with no green, those leaves somehow look super realistic.

Falling Petals And Flying Bird

She just doesn’t have something to say with her tattoo, she actually wants to tell a story. A story that we hear just like how we want to hear- this means it all depends on our interpretation. Anyway, what I conferred from this one is that the petals fell to give that bird life- that means the bird became itself- it comes from something very beautiful. Maybe I don’t make sense with my story, but I do when I say this is incredible.


Lotus is a flower that represents many things and so does a lotus tattoo. When we actually have this tattoo in white, then we can say it signifies purity and innocence. And also her great tattoo choice and her tattoo artist’s great skill.

Flower Arm

Another white tattoo flower design for you- what do you think about this one? It covers up your forearm- this also shows how your decision has been concrete about getting one of these white tattoos.

Bloom And Petals

Well, yes they suit- whether that be white ink tattoos on pale skin or white tattoos on dark skin- let us take a moment here. We know it is all about style when we take our skin color into account and from all these tattoos, what we can say is that one’s skin color will never matter- even if that could be in the case of white ink tattoos.

Mandala Flower

These designs are just so good it looks like there’s some diamond and silver added decorations on your skin. Alluring, impressive and bolder white skin- all of these qualities make this one great design, something many would want to have.

White Serpent and Black Rose

A black rose especially means something bad that has happened in your life, and also you- bouncing back from it. And a white serpentine holding on to it- maybe this means that you are still pure and still take into account what bad has already happened in your past so that you will only take decisions according to its lessons.

Celtic Cross- White Tattoo

After seeing a lot of those Celtic cross tattoos that are traditionally done with back ink, this looks singular and noteworthy. Variation in your tattoo- you cleverly do it just by using white ink and what you get is something that amazes everyone around you.

Diamond Tribal

This looks like some lavish ornament made out of a white tattoo. Eloquent and luxurious- may these are two words that define this design. And don’t forget her glittery design on her hands- it’s like a silver bash in her entire body.

Plants and Music

I know this is some sort of a flower plant design, but when I only look at her shoulders, I can also see some musical instrument’s strings. Maybe it is just my perception or anything but who knows, maybe even taking a look at this tattoo made me relaxed like I was listening to some music.

Angel’s Wings

First, let us say what angels stand for. Let us go back to our kindergarten books, and there were some lessons of good behavior and characters- angels are those who have all them. And with no bad qualities, they are extremely pure. And next, when you look at this, then it makes you wonder if this is how they would look like if you were to spot on in the clouds.

White Tattoos On The Back Of Neck

A lot is going on her neck are- I am talking about these incredible designs, of course. Points and orientation and everything- she may just have given another definition to the classic ornamental design. See, how all these structures have been evenly shared on both the sides of her neck.


The king- a symbol of strength, power, and leadership- here’s a white tattoo lion. Gazes right into your eyes, right? This one is or those who never let anybody boss them around.

Celtic Approach Angel’s Wings

For seeing a lot of feminine designs, this one is one that would suit to both male and the females. For those who are looking to cover their back with a unique design, I would have to say this is a paradise within an art.

Infinite Love

Well, yes, we have seen these infinite heart tattoos in may categories before, it is only that they look good whatever the design idea or the approach be. To see this one, no one would not be impressed.

For now, you know that white tattoos just what people claim them to be- absolutely beautiful. For most of you, you could already be psyched about getting one, but I would like to stop you for a while. You also should know, getting this one could be like a slight gamble because there is still something that you need to be very sure of before getting white tattoos.

The most important of all- you will have to be sure of your tattoo artist. White ink is lighter, as I have already said before, and the ink should also be diluted perfectly so that they blend just right with your skin color. These things may not sound so big, but they are- you will need a pro doing it. Or, you could actually go to white ink tattoo artists- those who specialize in white ink tattoos only.

So, are white tattoos a good idea? Now, you already know the white tattoos pros and cons, don’t you? And you also know how to address the drawbacks so my answer will be yes. And till whenever, have fun.

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