132 Astounding Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs You Would Like To Have

A lotus flower tattoo- a perfect blend of style and emotions. Throughout a lot of cultures, the lotus has been a very important flower, for it represents a lot of things. For many cultures and religions all around the world, this flower a very important one, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism, this flower means a lot of things. It represents a lot of things, and most of them revolving around purity and love, the colors of this flower also defines that. So, having a lotus flower tattoo means you could tell the world what you want to say and also, embedding some qualities that you think are really important not only for you but also for other people around you.

So, for you can see, there are so many reasons for you to get a lotus flower tattoo. And if you think of one and are in some doubts, then don’t worry- we got you. We love helping you, and that’s what we are doing here as well. We have gathered some great lotus flower tattoos that you would like to see. And love to have. And, here are some amazing lotus flower tattoos that you could get in 2018.

Blue Color

lotus flower tattoo

When we talk about a lotus tattoo, blue is not just a color- it represents wisdom and enlightenment. Both of them are very needed for a person to grow.

Hand And Lotus

Some deep religious meaning in this one- with great Sanskrit elements. Traditional Indian designs are really good to see.

Rose And Lotus

Two flowers together in a tattoo, this is not just for the sole purpose of enhancing a tattoo’s beauty, but it is also about embedding both of their meanings into one.

Lotus And An Arrowhead

This particular design has been famous from the ancient times- another Hindu style lotus tattoo. A great choice for girls, don’t you think?

Lotus On Your Legs

You could say this one is a shortened form of the previous one, but this makes a great simple lotus flower tattoo on your leg.

Shades That Make

Well, we could say that she indeed went through some pain to make a lotus tattoo in her sensitive upper arm, but what she did really pay off.

Fish And Lotus

This one’s Japanese art. For more designs of those cute fishes, you should take a look at our Koi Fish tattoos.

Henna Lotus Tattoo

A temporary design of course, but you could get a permanent one.  A stocking type tattoo- there indeed are so many female lotus flower tattoos, aren’t there?

Pearls And Lotus

Really incredible- her legs look amazing with these tattoos. This is what the best tattoo artists will do for you.

Blue Outline

You have seen this design in black, now change the color. And still fantastic.

Moon And Feathers

Another one of those ancient Mandala styles- what do you think about those dots and hanging moon and all? All of them combine to give an amazing overall design.

Soft Petals

Even with no colors or anything, this one looks like a very realistic lotus flower tattoo. You could almost feel those petals.

Lotus Armband

We are always willing to look at some great armband tattoos, aren’t we? This one’s another of them.


Buddhism and Hinduism- a lotus flower is really important in both of these cultures. A design that is common to both of them.

Blue Diamond

That thing on the top plays a vital role in making this one good to see. Similar to a lot of the other lotus flower tattoos, but at the same time, very different from all of them.


While combining many colors, your tattoo definitely is set to look extraordinary, this could also be a risk such that there are a lot of places for your color choices and combining to go wrong. But, if you get it right, then you get such a design.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Wrist 

For girls, we have seen a lot of them prefer their wrist to have this design. And that’s a good choice, for visibility and pain tolerance will be perfectly balanced with one another.


In many cultures, a lotus flower means purity- something that connects you straight to the God and gives you his blessings.

Another Mandala Design

Here is another one for an upper arm lotus flower tattoo. She definitely has a good taste of tattoos.

A Bloom

A fully developed flower blossom- what could be more pleasant to see? Especially when it carries so much behind it.

Elephant And Lotus

Elephants and lotus- both of them mean a lot to many religions, especially Hinduism- and it is another style of them. You will also love to take a look at our elephant tattoos.

Dots And Designs

So many details with this design, everything has been oriented perfectly. Look gorgeous on a lady’s hand.

Lotus Back

For girls back, this is another great design. A feminine approach to a lotus tattoo.

More Shadings

This and the previous one are almost the same, but you might also prefer it with a little more shadings and lines- both of them are good, pick your favorite one.

A Lotus Offering

I would like to say this one is abstract art, not regarding designs, but in terms of meaning. See how the points move along from being lighter to darker.

Purple Lotus

A purple lotus flower- it denotes mysticism. Another something that is supposed to connect yours to the realms of heaven.


Well, you already know what a purple lotus flower is all about, now let me tell you what an eye means. In Hinduism, Lord Bishnu is also called “Lotus-Eyed one,” he is one of their major three gods.

Lotus And Dragonfly

Introduce something more in your tattoo- see, this one has a tribal design of the shadows and a dragonfly as well. So, even with those simple additions, this tattoo tells a lot more than it would with just a single lotus flower.

Bridal Lotus

This won’t necessarily need to be a henna tattoo, you could also have a permanent design made out of it. For it looking so excellent, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested.

Tea Kettle

There are so many things you could represent, aren’t there? In this one, there’a lotus art on a tea kettle.

Outline That Speaks For Itself

The sleek black outline and some soft shading- look at this tattoo for some time and it is likely that you will fall in love with it.

Lotus Flower Tattoo On Sides

Sometimes, it boils down to where you have placed your tattoo. This doesn’t go with the winter clothes, of course, but that doesn’t mean you are not going to look incredible in the summer.

Dots And Bolder Outline

Elegant- this is the word that perfectly describes this small lotus flower tattoo. Something you will want to look at every day.

Lotus And Tiger

Strength, purity and mystic power in the same design- colors of the tiger and lotus definitely go all to weel along with each other.

Roman Lotus

Another purple lotus flower tattoo and if you think that the roman numbers make it look cooler, then you will have to take a look at our roman numeral tattoos.

A Bridal Design

Indian brides indeed know what they should be doing with their henna to make a lotus tattoo- especially when this is a tradition that they have been familiar with for years.

Lotus And Wolf

Don’t just add a wolf- incorporate both of their meanings into one. Wolf stands for family, strength, and loyalty- and along with that, you already have purity with your lotus flower tattoo.

Lotus And Half Crescent

Two beautiful things- two very beautiful things. And when they become one, they make an epic design.

Color Spill

So many designs variations combined to make one. Lines, Outlines, Points, and color spill and shade- this one looks simple but is actually not.

Red Lotus

Read- you know what that color means universally, right? It is love- just like the love that you have for this painted design just after taking a look at it.

Pink Smooth

You want to feel those petals through your fingers as they make you really cozy. Well, of course, I am trying to explain how realistic this tattoo looks.

Matching Lotus Tattoos

Our love is pure- that is what sisters can express with matching tattoos as such. Also, take a look at our other sister tattoos.

Matching Love Tattoos

What do you think about this one? Two people can express their love, whether that be the love that remains in friendship or in a relationship, all with matching lotus flower tattoos. For more ideas, here are our king and queen tattoos.

All Over Back

Covering you back with a lotus flower tattoo- make sure that its design is as sleek and impressive as this. It is about that shadow.


This one incorporates some ideas that we have already seen beforehand. Recognize the blue Jewel and the hand giving blessings to you. Also, don’t forget OM in this one.

Purple Shoulder

Shoulder or collarbone- whatever you refer to that place, this tattoo could be a perfect fit in there. A confident way for you to showcase your tattoo.

Pink Hue

Scarcely colored- yet, so colorful. Attractive design for attractive ladies.

Pink Lotus

For starters, a pink lotus signifies devotion and of course, purity. Another reason for you to love this art.


You will notice those two swans in the middle of this design, an abstract way of art, still, it gives you some hint. Anyway, swan and lotus- what they have in common in purity, so the inclusion of these two things in your tattoo means you also share the same.

Lotus Outline

For a simple lotus flower tattoo, this one could be perfect. I mean this is famous- or as someone may say, common, but it definitely has a reason behind that- this one is mesmerizing for something that simple.

Pink And Purple

So, he’s got a good one- don’t you think? First off, the style is flawless and next- there are so many colors that give life to this design and also it’s meaning.

Pure Love

Love and purity- exactly what we want in our lives. And a tattoo like this, of course.

Upper Armband

Flower tattoos- they are beautiful and they hold so much behind them. What more do you need?

Meditating Princess

This one also shows a woman’s gift- her innocence. If you are a girl, that’s just your gift.

Lotus and Moon

To elucidate it’s meaning, the moon is a feminine symbol and this design is also well suited to females.

Butterfly And Lotus

For everybody looking at you and your tattoo, give them only beautiful things to see.

Matching Tattoos On Legs

Adding on to the list of our matching female lotus flower tattoos, here’s another pair. Suits for you and your best friend or siblings.

Buddha And Lotus

You know what, Buddhism is one of the religions where Lotus is a very important flower- and the different colors of the flowers symbolize various different things. All those things that Buddha wanted people to have.

Full Bloom

Wide and Proud- here’s another lotus flower tattoo you would like.

Dark Purple

Darker color designs and your skin itself making its outline- there is no way anybody’s going to not be impressed with a design such as this.

Muscular Purity

For seeing so many lotus flower tattoo designs for females, you could almost be confused if these flower tattoos suit for men or not. Here’s an answer to your question, if you are possibly thinking like that.

Surrounding With Shine

A thin blanket of positive vibes and love- this is how I interpret that light blue hue around. And also, a lotus flower could represent a new beginning and new life, if you look at this design closely, you will know what I mean.


Just to make sure, the tattoo artist has had a Maple leaf falling so that you will know that the lotus is actually floating on water. Another great Japanese design.

Tatoo When You Bring it All Together

Haning a henna lotus design like this means you would never want to take your fingers apart.

One That’s Blooming

Here’s another upper arm lotus flower tattoo design that will surely intrigue you.

A Bended Design

You know what, even the placement has had some ideas behind it. A bend in her back- that gives this one a unique shape.

Goblin’s Lotus

Innocently bad- maybe that’s what he wants to reflect with his tattoo. Something you could do as well if you think you share a same behavioral aspect with this guy.

Bold And Machine Guns

Well, you could stretch out your design to make it a sleeve lotus flower tattoo. This one’s almost that, and you could experiment a little bit such that to let it cover your entire forearm.

A Skyblue Shading

Colors making a difference- this is not the first instance supporting this statement. It looks really different from some previous ones, though everything that the tattoo artist has done differently is using some lighter hue to color the diamond.

Black Smear

So cool, damn it is cool. You also notice a black smear making a border, don’t you?

Gold And Lotus

So lavish- only for a princess. This thing looks like a decoration in a queens castle.

Pearls That Hang

You love this design, don’t you? Well, if you do, then there are so many ideas you could on with it. Colors or borders- it is all up to you. And also what holds on to your lotus.

Covering Sleeve

This is what I am talking about. We haven’t seen enough of these sleeve tattoos on this one, have we?

A Japanese Bloom

What’s good about a Japanese design is that you already get its ambiance. Don’t know how, but you surely feel the vibe.

Braches And Paintings

Sleeve tattoo- and add a 3D to that. What great way of thinking and moving on with your tattoo.


Well, here is one that she has dedicated to a loved one. A blue lotus flower tattoo actually represents wisdom and knowledge so we can say she has her own specific reasons for doing that.


All these small figures mean something- and all they make a very important message she wants to convey to her world.

Meditating Buddha

Because of so many qualities, they share with each other, Buddha and lotus are held really close.

A Blue Triangle

Metaphors- something only creative people can do with their tattoos. You could be one of them, you know.

Lovely Lotus

The Message is clear- she has got a heart symbol on the top of her tattoo. And combines it with purity and unconditionality.

Lotus Flower And Quotes

I know you may have already thought about this- to have your favorite quote with your favorite tatto0 design- and here’s an idea. And by the way, we have many quotes as well.

Big And Clear

Don’t you like making a statement with your tattoo? I know you do and here’s a way you could do that.

Broad Designs

If you are a fan of lotus tattoos with a lot of petals, here are some more for you. So many ideas, you see.

Simple and Sleek

A small lotus flower tattoo meaning that the person is a huge fan of harmony and truthfulness- something I hope that resonates with you.

Water Drop and Lotus

A floating one- those small symbols below very likely denote water drops.

Colors of A Rainbow

I don’t know why, but this one also reminds me of the evening sky. Maybe that’s all because both of them are so pleasant to see and feel.

Flowers Over

This may sound somehow far-fetched, but even looking at it feels so relaxing. You try- sate at the middle, and you will know what I am talking about.

Outlines That Make A Great Art

First, it is something everyone would like to have and another plus point- you can color it anytime after- according to your convenience or need.

Life, Loyalty, and Femininity

Those are the three things that this tattoo explicitly states. Connect all of them, and you may very as well realize that those are the things that make you.

Wrist Lotus, Another One

Have a wrist lotus flower tattoo meaning that you will spread your message across with a lot of people noticing your art. And also, you could embrace the art on your hand.

Cherry Blossoms and Lotus

Well, she has found a perfect background, hasn’t she? Like many others, we found this lotus flower tattoo on Pinterest.

Some Other Great Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs


So, what do you think about these lotus flower tattoos?

Remember, your tattoo s going to be with your until your last breath. I am not exaggerating anything poetically, but this is something you never should escape out of your memory. That is because this will push you to do the best you could do- with your tattoo. And that simply means being patient and going to the best tattoo parlor you can go to. These things are mandatory, that is something you will need to realize. For you know, your tattoo means a lot to you, it is a representation of what you are, and your tattoo artist should also know what it means to you.

Well, there you go- you saw some of the best lotus flower tattoos you could see. Did they seem to help you? Or did you make a concrete decision? To have one or maybe get an idea from any one of them to finally have your own ideal tattoo? If so, I am glad for you and here are my sincere thanks for letting me help you. Be happy as you always are and till whenever, best of luck with your tattoo.

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