63 Premier King And Queen Tattoos For The Most Wonderful Couple

King and Queen Tattoos- this is a symbol of loyalty and the love that will never end. Of course, I am not only talking about the idea behind these designs- but I am also pointing out the decision to get the tattoos. For you know that getting a tattoo means that it is going to be with you forever. And when you get a tattoo entirely dedicated to another person- then some people may call it risk- but for some it is trust. It is the symbolism of the love that both of the people are motivated to never let end.

So, if you two have had the idea of getting the king and queen tattoos, then well- the only thing I can say is that God bless you two. But, when you are courageous enough and so much in love to even think about doing such a thing, then you deserve to get the best out of what you set out to do.

Well, here are the best king and queen tattoos designs for you.

The Jewels

The rulers of your own little world- here is a great design for you and your loved one. The crowns made of diamonds- they are different from any simple design. And the crowns are something that the ancient rulers definitely would wear.

Written In the Wrist

King and queen tattoos- they explicitly tell which one is whom. Both the crowns have the same design, and the inks are at the same position on the each one’s wrists. And not only the crown, but also the design of the words have been perfectly made on this particular design.

On The Side Of The Hands

Well, this one is a really great design idea, and there is a little bit of architecture in this tattoo. Notice when the people hold their hands together, the muscles are going to stretch. And when that does, it is when the two people are together- and they are kings and queens only with one another.

The Protective King

Notice how we have the man’s striking crown here in a savage position on his clench hand, and the young lady’s more fragile crown in a cultured position on her wrist? This couple ends up being matchy-matchy with their tattoo decisions. Make it yours! The mix of crowns will be a message that nobody will have the capacity to miss – regardless of how extraordinary each tattoo is!

Only One

Like in this tattoo, there could just be one king, and there could only be one queen. Nobody else would be allowed to be stepping in the royal positions that these people are in. King and Queen tattoos which speak a lot about loyalty and trust are really impressive.

From The Cards

Do you like playing cars together? Even if not, you still know what these two cards mean, right? The King and the Queen are some of the most “powerful” cards in the stack. So, here is an excellent idea for your tattoo.

Written on The Wrists

The two tattoos are perfectly in sync with one another. They may not be matching perfectly regarding the direction, but when they don’t face one another, they look cute in a different way. This also is a perfect example of how the entire tattoo looks different from the others just with a little bit of modification.

One Life One Love: King Queen Tattoo

Here is a message from both of them. This is the motto that the kings and the queens live together and abide by for the rest of their lives. You know, getting the matching tattoos itself is a sign of mutual trust and eternal love so this could be a great idea.

From The Mind Game

Well, the smaller king and queen tattoos that make huge statements are the reason that the king and queen chess piece tattoos are getting popular these days.  I bet you would also like these designs when you get them on your fingers.

Skulls From The Cards

This is somewhat of a more adapted interpretation of his, and hers crowns – the skull wearing a crown. Skulls Heads are incredibly conventional in inking, anyway, these ones have been done in the more present style. The situation in favour of the forearm is extraordinary – these two can recollect their unique day when they are separated from everyone else together.

King and Queen Hearts In The Fingers

Additional king and queen tattoos that component the lord and ruler of hearts ideal here! Finger tattoos are presently, and these striking, red decisions will guarantee this couple dependably gets a grin when their fingers are bolted. Like to clasp hands with your accomplice? This present one’s for you.

His And Hers

Another arrangement of super devoted ruler and ruler tattoos, this one highlights the crowns as well. If you and your accomplice genuinely are the leaders of your château (and maybe even each other!) at that point, this may be the coordinating arrangement of tattoos that genuinely emerges to you.

Grained Tattoos Designs

The outline of these tattoos- they are not grainy, not smooth, and this is what makes them look very special. Just small tattoos that mean a lot to each other- many people could have their tattoos surrounded by this idea.

The Royal Upper Arm

People see you when you are staying side by side, and they know what you meant for each other. And a great design including the jewels in the crown. Well, these are the reason that you even get a king and queen tattoos in the first place.

The Game Of Luck And Mind

So, you have seen both of the card tattoos and the chess kings and queen tattoos. And if you are in doubts about which one to get, then this is the answer. Get both of them. As we can see, these tattoos are comparably small- so there is enough place for both of these tattoos.

On The Hands

What do you think about these tattoos? It obviously looks so romantic when two people take a picture with it.

The Same Crown

You did notice that both the king and the queen have the same crown design, don’t you? Equal love shared on the tattoos as well. So, it is only natural that most of us are interested in this tattoo.

On The Top Of Hands

Hands of the lovebirds- and with tattoos dedicated to each other. They value each other as the biggest respect that can be given and taken. You could also share their ideas for your king or queen and yourself.


Maybe these are the acronyms of the names that these two lovers call themselves. The tattoo is really great and this picture they took for themselves ended up being a really great idea for all the people looking at the pictures. A queen and king tattoo that means a lot to the wearers.

The Hearts

Well, the king and the queen of the hearts- we know that the relationship between the king and the queen has been endowed with infinite affection and the heart of the cards also represents the love.

Only One Love And Life

Well, here is another one of the one love one life king and queen tattoos and this is something that you might love having as well. Look at the design, there is so much of the care provided to the details of the overall piece.

The Holding Hands

Here, crown on the head of the K and the Q, this is how it is supposed to be like. K and the Q- they are the heads of the letters themselves, and when the people hold hands together, this is a bond that can never be separated by any power in the world.

The Cards

Well, here we don’t only see the queen and the king of the hearts, but we can see them in the cards. Including cards was not only for the style we can say. Maybe, they meant something like a home. Anyway, if you can relate this amazing design, here it could be a great option for you.

The Arrow

Arrow king and queen tattoos- they are definitely supposed to look incredible. We all know that the arrow tattoos look superficial- and this is the case right here. The arrows may represent the arrow of love from the cupid which has gone and cut through the king and the queen.

The Smaller Cute Designs

The measure isn’t all that matters. These little tattoos are great. They resemble the sort of doodles you’d make in class at school. We like how the lady’s one is predominantly white, and the dude’s tattoo is for the most part dark. Such an extraordinary complexity.

The Stretched Colours

What do you think about the colours in these tattoo designs? For the one life – one love tattoos, this is an amazing design. To have that much love for somebody that you trust they are the just a single for you. For eternity. Well until the point that you kick the bucket, really. The text style they’ve picked looks excellent combined with the crowns. What’s more, the tops are marvellous as well.

The Traditional King And Queen Tattoos

Well, the crowns in this tattoo look like what the kings and the queens in the 16th century of the United Kingdom used to decorate their head and cement their legacy. The red band in these crowns are what makes it really good to see.

Surrounded By The Watercolor

Don’t you think that the watercolours look really good with the king and queen tattoos as well? Here is an example of that. If you liked this idea, then you may also like to look at the collection of our watercolour tattoos.

The Anchor King And Queen Tattoos

For a romantic pair really interested with the life on the sea, then this tattoo could be an option. The anchor is all about the journey that you undertake, and your life is also one. So, this tattoo tells a tale of the adventure that you two people are a part of.

Simple Designs

Well, in most of the tattoos with the crown and the words, the crown itself was focused more than the words. But, in this tattoo, it is the exact opposite. That is what makes it unique from everything else.

On The Hands

Let us say- for everyone who looks at these tattoos, they are going to exclaim it is really cute. Just small tattoos- still they say so much. So, if you people are looking for the smaller tattoos, then this could be one of the best you could get.

The Kissing Cards

Well, here the pair and the tattoo artist- all of them went really creative with this tattoo. Getting the card tattoos doesn’t only mean that they have to simple and plain, you could have fun with your tattoos.

His and Her

The calligraphy for the “His Queen, Her King” tattoos is one of a kind. It’s very manly. Dissimilar to the standard content you’ve seen already on this rundown. You can pick whatever textual style you like. Don’t forget that.

The Decorations

See how the crowns have been engineered. This is really lavish and definitely what the royal family would prefer to have.

The Lion And The Lioness 

In many of the cases, the king and the queen may themselves not be the strongest- but not on this one.  See, the king and the queen are on the top- on the best chairs there can ever be, and there can be no one other questioning that.

The King And The Queens

If you are a typical dude, and searching for the best-suited king and queen tattoos on hands, then this is the one for you. Being a king with multiple queens, every guy dreams of that.

The Spade 

Here, if you want to get king and queen tattoos on the finger, then this can be the one that best suits you.  Besides, you know, the spade is the strongest of the cards in various of the games. And for you two, it may not only be the matter of being lovebirds but also dominating whatever you two are together on.

Hearts Together

You know that once you have a tattoo, then it is going to be on your skin for the rest of your lives- so here is a great idea for you. By tattooing the king and queen, you are not only telling about yourself but also dedicating your tattoos to the better half.

The Black Outline

This is another one of the kings and queen heart tattoos. What is special about it is the black outline. You know, we are not just exaggerating it for no reason at all. Being a smaller design, even simple additions make a big difference, and the outline has definitely done that in this case.

In The Fingers

A ring on the wedding finger- and a tattoo on the middle finger. So, what do you think about the slightest of the idea that enabled these people to have this tattoo? I bet it will work well for you as well.

Different Colours

Different colours giving different vibes. But still, we find nothing non- identical. The design speaks for itself. So, you could give it a try.

The Skulls

This definitely is one of the most unique kings and queen crown tattoos you could get on hands. The paired skull design is so wonderful and romantic- something a lot of people don’t think of.

Couple Tattoos King And Queen- The Stylish Skulls

Skulls loving to be crowned in such a style- tell me how rare it that. Anyway, if you look at this, it is really artistic. The skull design themselves are really sick.

Over The Stacks

Well, there are so many cards- all of them could be a possibility- but, the king and the queen finally matched with each other. This tattoo is all about how you were lucky to find each other in a world of seven billion population.

The Fierce Royal Family Of The Jungle

I know you think this design is sleek and also I can say that many of you are interested in this one. And if both of my assumptions are correct, then- what are you waiting for?

Spades And Heart Come Together

Here- it is one of the best contenders for being one of the best cute king and queen tattoos you could get. Even though they are of different colours, they go really good with one another.


Royalty because of loyalty- I know I am a very bad rhymer. But, anyway, you just saw a really royal design- and I don’t think I will have to tell you a lot about this art.

The Ring Finger

The wedding ring is definitely going to be on your fingers- but maybe not sometimes like when you sleep or go swimming- but the art- it will never leave your skin. There, it is going to sing about your unbreakable bond.

Crowns On Letters

We have already seen a lot of this design, but here is just another particular idea for you if you want this.


When you don’t use any words, then it means you are leaving the people to understand what it means. And you know that it takes a little bit of brain work and even because of the common psychology, the mind of the other person is going to proud because it could conclude the meaning of this tattoo.

Purple Cloth

If purple is your favourite colour, then what do you think about this? I mean it is not watercolour- but, anyway- it does change the sight a little bit.

The Watercolor Skull And Ornaments

Get inventive with the skull tattoos and the king and queen tattoos- then this epic style is what you end up with. Just see how they smile.

Facing Each Other

Every time you bring your tattoos together, it seems like they talk to each other. One of those romantic chats that you two always have.

Simpler Ones

You know, when the things are perfectly up to a point- that means they can be simpler than anything else- they still end up looking awesome. I mean isn’t that the idea behind every signs and symbol as well- never overdo things.

Large Cursive

You are each others king and queen- then what is wrong with letting the whole world know it? Do the same just like these people who had the tattoo.

Hand And The Collarbone

Different places- what each of you two prefer. Well, just to rule out the confusion, it is not so mandatory to get the tattoos at the matching body parts.

The Hands Of The Royal People

Here is more from the king and queen tattoo designs. So, I bet you liked this one as well.

For Those Who Are Always Together

What do you think about getting this particular pair if you are looking for king and queen tattoos on wrist?

With So Much Affection

Two people holding their hands gently- love is in the air with the king and queen tattoos on their wrist.

The Fingers That tell It All

King and Queen of hearts tattoos- if you are really intrigued by the concept we have been discussing from the beginning, then here- this could be a lottery for you. Here, we have them.


So, have you made your mind?

And Even More


Well, I am not saying that you must get this design, but here, it has been included because if you ask the tattoo artists, most of them are going to tell these tattoos are what most of the people point on the pamphlet.


If you are doing a great thing, then you deserve to get the best out of it. And it is the same with the tattoos too. So, make sure both of you are patient about selecting the best design and also go to the best tattoo parlour in your place.

So, what did you think about these designs? Do you think that they helped you with your innovative ideas? If they really did, then I am sincerely happy and thankful and till the next time, have fun.

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