95 Wisest Buddha Quotes And Sayings That Will Change Your Life

Don’t you love reading Buddha quotes? These are the words from arguably the wisest person on the history of the planet. As a result of the years of meditation, this sage definitely found out the truth of the world. Actually, he did not do anything special. He just realised the wisdom that he already had in him and helped others do the same. For being a prince and still leave all the luxuries just to pursue a life with all the knowledge in the world, he was a man with a lot of passion and determination, and he finally did succeed. So, the words from this man are always bound to be priceless.

Whether that be to motivate you or help you get out of a tough situation. Or maybe you just need some profound knowledge about something that really intrigues you- the Buddha quotes do a great job. For every sentence that escaped from his lips, had a purpose and it was just to help everybody live life in the best possible way.

So, you are really interested to read the words from the wise, aren’t you? He has talked about various things, and most of them were just answers to the questions that others asked him. And he did in the perfect way possible. Hence, for making your mind to search for Buddha quotes, you definitely did the right thing, and here you go –from Buddha quotes on death to Buddha quotes on love and marriage, these Buddha quotes images are something everybody needs to see.

What You Do

buddha tattooWell, what this quote says is that whatever we give, that is what we get from the universe. So, if we want good returns, we have to take our actions accordingly.


Meditation definitely is a very underrated thing if we have to say. Because you know, meditation puts our mind and body in a state that they are the most relaxed. And that is when we gain real knowledge. And even after knowing all that, we still are reluctant to meditate for no reason.

Laugh The Sky

Here is one of the best Buddha quotes about happiness. I know that you are wondering what the Fake in this picture means, I don’t know as well. But, all we care for is the truthfulness in words.

The Difference

Another one of the most famous Buddha quotes. You already have heard and read this quote a lot of times before this, still read it once more, what is wrong in gaining wisdom?

The Watch

Every quote that Buddha said was really simple- he just told us the truth that we could not realise even if we were close to it.


Like this quote says, understanding is essential. All that we ever need is peace, and knowledge is the only way of finding it.

Buddha quotes

So, after reading the quotes in this image, did you find something different in you?

True Love

Well, this is not one of those “real Buddha quotes”, but still it is one of the most influential Buddha quotes on love. For you know, this quote is exactly what Buddha himself would tell you if you asked him about True Love.

Three Things That Matter

Yes, all the three things that have been mentioned in this quote- we should try our utmost best to polish them as much as we can.


So, even if we are blamed for no reason at all, we still have to stand on our grounds. Because you know, blaming is an easy thing- people will keep on doing something they can.

The Length Of A Better Life

Here is an idea- why not live the life in the first way that has been said in this quote for a hundred years?

How Could You Track

So, it must be our interest that we always strive to be better in everything we do or undertake. Because you know, Buddha has said this quote perfectly.

Mind Like Water

Well, then let’s no create a lot of ripples. Because you know, we always want our mind to be calm and clear.


Suffering- one word but so many things behind it. Isn’t it the only thing that makes people sad?


Here, this quote explains the wisdom that Buddha had in him. This is something that all of us have been familiar with when we see the world around us.


All of us are seekers that have been pointed out in this quote. And when we are on our way, we can only manage to walk with the people that can keep up- or at least try to keep up with us.


Anxiety is just a simple effect- it should not be made the cause of anything. So, as this quote says, why not truly be patient with the worries?

Boundless Love

It is not so hard to do it, is it? For love is something precious- and we can show it easily if we want to.

Three Cs

Here’s one of the most influencing Buddha quotes on change. With these three Cs in this quote, we should try our best to be in sync with all of them.


Problems are called problems because they have solutions. And if we try to look in the bright side, the solutions are something very within our reach.

His Teachings

Here, this quote doesn’t only tell what Buddha quotes teach us, but it gives a clue what we should actually learn.


That perfect him is Lord Buddha himself. For each of us, Nirvana can have a different meaning, then the others. So, it is all up to us to reach it. The ways are in the quote itself.


So, what do you think about your way? Do you strive as well?

A Pleasant Speech

Till today’s experience, all of us have related to this quote. We have spoken good things, and we have spoken bad things- and the consequences are right before our very eyes.

Pure Mind

This is one of the greatest Buddha quotes on happiness. We do everything expecting that they will keep us happy- so, why not build a pure mind?


Let us make sure that our soul is the knowing one.


Here’s another definition of being free and surging for one’s own happiness in this quote. Being unmanifested is something all of us need to strive for.


We regret only because we commit. So, as this quote tries to, we have complete control over our actions, so why even try to do things that will make us regret anyway.


Hatred indeed is a dangerous thing. It only has adverse effects, and once it finds it’s root, it is going to chain itself even and even more.


So, we should focus on not making faults instead of pointing out other’s flaws. All of us commit one- this is not a big deal. There is no point in ridiculing people because of their mistakes.

Good Health

Buddha definitely has an answer to all our questions. And in this one, he tells it really smooth how we can find the wisdom and enlightenment.

The Sage

This quote tells us what it is about being a sage. And this is another reason for us to follow Buddha quotes.

You Own Love

Here is an eye-opener. Not sometimes, many times- we try our best to show our love to the other but end up in such a way that we don’t give ourselves the affection we deserve.


Time for you to take a look at our nature quotes as well.

The Sky

Well, he was not only talking about the sky in this metaphorical quote-he pointed out all the inequalities existing in the world.

The Sage

This quote is not about making ourselves a sage, it is all about knowing ourselves. Like the forest for us may mean something else.


In this time of the world, we have to make sure that we learn all the good things about every religion. So, mindfulness is what we need to grasp from Buddhism.

Non Anger

We need to follow this quote, until the last time we breathe.

The River

So, do you think that you are not the man that has been talked about in this quote?


Here, this one also tells about love. Actually, love is all about being calm.

Man In The River

We indeed have a lot that we can take from the Buddha quotes.  Now, let us make sure that we are not the ones flowing in the river.

The Patience

To have this wonderful quality definitely takes time. But, here- this quote says all about it.


Only the people who can’t do something on their own are the ones that are envious.

Mind Of The Giver

Well, if we think that we can give the right thing, then we must already do it.

The Elephant

This is how all of us think, don’t we? If you liked this one, then you will also love to take a look at our motivational quotes.


This quote means we have to value every little thing. For they are the things that are going to turn in our favour in a large amount.


But you know what?- All the decisions that this quote talks about- we have the opportunity to make all of them turn into our way.


This is another one of the Buddha quotes that all of should never forget. When I never say, I mean never.

Three Gates

If all of us knew about the gates that have pointed out in this quote, then we definitely would keep ourselves away from various troubles.

Too Much

Its good to take precautions- even Buddha has said that. For all of us know, anything can easily manifest into something that will hurt us, so let us make sure that we will learn to minimise the pain as much s we can.


Health- we have learnt about how important it is from since we were kids. But, still, it seems we have not realised the importance of this thing completely.

Way For Happiness

This Buddha quote could be a life hack if we want to follow it.


Here, definitely is not what came out from Buddha’s lips, but still, this is what we could confer from all his teachings.

Good Morning

Make this quote one of your quotes of the day, and you will know how Buddha quotes can change your life.


This quote is inspiring and uplifting. Now, we definitely know the essence of how the great things start.

Beautiful Life

Life is beautiful- even if all of us say that only a few of us have actually realised it. So, here is the way how we can understand the beauty.

One Of Each

Everything that he has said in this quote is accurate, all of us definitely can change the world.


The Buddha quotes on karma- even this one doesn’t explicitly state that we will need to pay for every bad thing we have done, it gives us the idea.

Holding On To Anger

Even if we are angry, we must try our best not to be, and this quote tells us why.

Two Mistakes

Only two mistakes- and still, the consequences that they have made have been huge. From the start of the time till now.

The Choice

Let us say that we can easily choose to be happy- this is something all of us know.


This quote is so deep, and it is life changing. For all the people who understand it is going to be happy forever.


Here, this quote is the true definition of stress. Definitely something very different from what we keep on telling ourselves.

All Words

So, why to even waste words or use them for wrong intentions when they can be used in a very positive way?

Every Morning

Only someone endowed with a lot of wisdom can say quotes like this.

Just Lost

Well, what this quote says is that as humans, we already have all the good qualities that we can have. What we need to do now is forget all the things that have been harming our emotional well being.

What I Learned

So, in your life, have you also learned some wise things that you think even Buddha would be proud of?

Spiritual Life

A man with faith- that is the reason he became what he is. This quote from Buddha is really accurate.


Well, what we know is that everybody is busy in their own paths. So, there is no way that somebody would be willing to stop walking and come to rescue from the situations that you put yourself in.

To Be Happy

Believe me, not only the Buddhists, but everyone should learn to live their lives as it has been said in this quote.

Do Already

It is not so fun when we leave the world something unaccomplished, so it must be our interest that we already complete the thing that we set out to do as soon as we can.

Conditioned Things

Right now, we say that the world is not what it used to be. And maybe, the reason behind that is this quote itself. For now, humans are really unhappy, and the entire world is conditional.

Wise Critic

This quote makes the wisest sense, doesn’t it? Only th people who take criticisms are the ones who pass and still, critics must be wise themselves.

The Past

Over and done- we already need to understand this quote. For these days, we just lament a lot over the time that has already passed.

The Master

Well, by this time, you already have realised this quote.  Nobody is living your life for you.

The Walk

Experiences are only experiences, we still need to live and be free, don’t we?


Here, there are the three things that we so badly want to overcome in our lives, and this quote has got the exacts ways we could do that.


Right now, we exist and we need to make sure that this will be for a reason.

Joy And Laughter

In the world of war and drugs, when we laugh or smile, do we really mean it? Because, when we need to lament about overshadows your smaller reasons to laugh.

Things That Change

We always need to remember the Buddha quotes on karma. All of us obviously are familiar with this quote.

Weak, Strong and Intelligent

This is one of the best forgiveness quotes that Buddha ever said.

The Secret

People who know this secret are the people who are most likely to succeed.


Definitely, luck is just a coin toss. And still, it is not possible that it will be heads or tails all time.


We definitely need to know our roles to specific people and act accordingly. This quote gets it all right.

Let People Go

Yes, sometimes it is the best that we don’t tie ourselves to other people so that both of us will be bound for no reason at all.


Here is how a wise person would define love. In one of the best way possible.


Well, this quote termed in this way could be simpler. Happiness will never come to the people who will never realise that they can be happy already.

Inclination Of His Awareness

Sometimes, I feel that we could also be a monk. I mean we don’t necessarily have to forbid our families or something like that, but we could actually try to make our thoughts as positive as theirs.

What You Don’t Do

It could be sad, but this is one of the most relatable things that Buddha has ever said. You already know this, right? This could be the truth but being on the receiving end of it is not so fun.

Lovely Thing

This quote is why water is considered very important. Water gives us lives, and all of us value is so high.


This quote exactly tells us what fights we should be fighting and what not. For, winning against others may not yield us anything, but conquering ourselves means that is the ultimate victory that only a few get to experience.

Wisely And Earnestly

Here is another way this quote can be termed as. Anyway, even if the similar quotes have repeated here, it is still good for us because what has been termed here is very important- it really is.

What is the reason for us to follow Buddha quotes? Simple- because they are filled with truth. That is the easy answer. When people start believing in a person so much with him having so much of the positive effects in their life, this is a big thing by itself. But, what we do need to realise is that Buddha used to an ordinary human just like us. He used to eat like us and sleep like us. And now what do the people do? They worship him. Follow his footsteps to have a lot of knowledge and even have a religion dedicated to his name. So, it is mandatory that we take his words really serious, they definitely were spoken for a reason.

We need to face a lot of hardships in our lives, and we also get to experience our happiest day. We may do a lot of wrong things in our lives, but there is no denying that even the worlds most notorious criminals have done something worth praise throughout their lives. What all of these Buddha quotes helped us to understand is that there are always two sides of things- one is good, and the other is bad. The same is with our souls. So, we must always polish the former and forget the later- this way, we may also be like Buddha- we don’t need to be worshipped as God, but we need to put smiles on our own faces and on the lips of the other people living around us.

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