119 Amazing Finger Tattoos Designs That You Would Want To Have

What do you think about finger tattoos? For a lot of people, especially for the people getting their first art, the finger is the preferred placement. Because, the art is comparably small- and that is what the people want to start with. And also, the fingers are one of the part of the body that we mostly leave uncovered- that means a lot of people are going to notice the tattoos. And still, the smaller designs implies a lot of focus is put onto it. So, the design, for the most of the part is going to end up really good.

And so, keeping in mind that the most of you could be thinking of getting your first tattoo, we have gathered the best that there can be. With these 120+ finger tattoos designs, you will get a good idea of what you can expect with your finger tattoo.

Barbed Wire

finger tattoosWhat a way to adjust the boundary between the fingers and the other parts of the body. This is a very creative idea.

Don’t Fear

Some short quotes don’t have a lot of words- but, if you can understand how vast they are, then you can change your life.

The Fire

A small burning fire- even this makes a lot of significance to our life and a good choice for a finger tattoo.

The Feminine Designs

Well, she definitely has a great taste of tattoos.


You know, the words that he has tattooed runs the world. As it is very relevant to everyone’s day to day life, the tattoo idea is a great one.

The Curved Line

We don’t see a lot of her finger tattoo- or we can see all of her finger tattoos. Now, it is just some structure dawn along the breadth of the finger, and still, it looks terrific.

The Binary Digits

Well, people using computers all the time- they tend to be more innovative. And this tattoo is a result of that.

Leaf And Heart

Here, both of these tattoo designs are cool. And yes, there are some more heart tattoos for you.

The Greek Letters

Not only the symbols have to be in English or the Greek as in this design, but you could also consider having them inked in your home language.


Well, for these words, I don’t really know what they mean- maybe they are his name? Anyway, the drops of blood- the red filling in the black boundary- they have been done perfectly as well.

Loyal To The Team

If you are so much of a sports enthusiast, then inking the name of your favourite team could also be an option.

The Leaves That Stretch

It looks like a temporary tattoo. But, until it remains on your fingers, it will continue on making a statement.

The Diamond In The Finger

A precious tattoo of a precious object- now, how cool is that?

Bread Basket

Here, abstract designs on the finger tattoos- they could also be the one that you should be looking for.

The Love Life

Not only the words, the designs have also been made excellently. So much going on with the finger tattoos like this.

The Flower And The Points

Here ‘s another cute future tattoo design for the girls.

Different Fingers, Different Symbols

Have a variety of symbols made through the ink as they stand proudly on your fingers.

Better Than Perfect

Confidence every time you look at your tattoo. This is what you need to do with your finger tattoos. Just like in this case, this person has pointed everything they love.


Colours of the heart- she indeed wants to say something. And if you think that you could also tell your tale with this design, then here- go on, it is yours.


Precious words- let remind everyone who takes a look at your tattoo to remain strong like they are.

Art Of The Shadows
Well, the combination of highlights and the thick smoke like an outline in this tattoo- it makes all the difference.


Do these numbers mean anything to you? If something else does, then have them on your fingers.


Birds flying free- that is a great view to watch. And yes, even if they are on your fingers.

My Things

Well, just don’t see the words- but also take a look at the orientation of the art in the different places.

The Counting Numbers

Well, exploring the design of the digits here is another one of those finger tattoos.

Beyond Science

For the people interested in the supernaturals and things like these, then this could be a perfect design.


Abbreviation- of the words that mean so much in your life. What you could do as well with your finger tattoos.

The Hourglass

The part where one ends is where the other starts. Arts in different fingers must be in sync with each other. And in this case, they do match perfectly.

Free Indeed

What she tattoos- that is how she lives.

From A Tribe

The tribal finger tattoos are also very good to see. Take this for example.


Well, that shape could mean anything for the getter- she does a good job keeping us wondering and also giving us a great idea.

The Purple Mystic

The coloured tattoos like require more attentiveness. The finger tattoos fade if not taken care of- so, you should be extra careful if you want such a great design on your fingers.

Thunder And Music

Well, that is what represents a lot of guys. And the design is cool as well.

Finger Cross

Cross tattoos- they are not only about the religion. The cross itself is a symbol of rightfulness and if you think that is the motto of your life, you don’t need to be a Christian to get one.

The Stripped Creature

Finger working like a zebra- well what I said doesn’t make any sense. But the finger art like a zebra, this is great. And it makes perfect sense.

Letters From the History

When the letter has been studied and taught from the ancient times, they just give out a different sort of energy. Like even if we don’t get what they mean, our mind feels that it has already grabbed what they want to say.

Ten FingersAll these designs are cute. Make your pick, beautiful lady.

The Points

Are you comfortable with keeping some hidden meanings behind your finger tattoos?

The Flower

Well, it looks like a flower- it does for the most part. All we can say is that this is a metaphorical excellence right here.


The finger tattoos words- make sure that they convey the message that you want to give to the looker.

FiguresWell, we definitely have seen a lot of these finger tattoos where there are different objects that the getters love. And here is one of them.


For the weed lovers- here, we have a gift for you.

Bee And Flowers

Two people in with finger tattoos- they have tattooed the things that make each other complete- just like themselves in their lives.

Here’s some sort of a female finger tattoo that you could be interested in.


Well, after looking at this tattoo, some people like me could wonder why the leaves were not purple.

That Cuts And Binds

Knife on one and the heart in another- here, she has many things to say with the tattoos on her fingers.

The Symbols Of The Apparitions

Well, people have different things to worship and the tattoos have many things to show.

All In Four Fingers

Well, all her designs speak for themselves. In all her four fingers, she has divergent things to show that represent her different personalities.

The Spiral Candy

To be frank, I don’t really know what this sleek design is made to show- but I love this tattoo just like the people who know what it is. Not kidding, the spirals in the design are really impressive.

That What Gives The World Air

Small leaves- mandatory for human survival. What do you think about this design?


Well, rose tattoos look good wherever they are inked.


One as well as two letters on the same finger- this one is also really good to see.

Abstract Lotus

What do you think about having a lotus tattoo on your fingers?


Well, here is another philosophical design. From my eyes and brain, I have concluded that it is a strong woman in this design. What do you think about this?

The Japanese Fan

Just an outline- and too good. If you are thinking of getting this one, then there is nothing to doubt.

The Skeleton

Not only on the fingers- but also on the hand as well- here, this man has outlined his own bones. Something that you could do as well.


Here, the outline on this one is thicker than the previous designs. Well, we always have time for unique things, don’t we?

The Symbols That Make Letters
Everyone will be impressed with your finger tattoos if they are this cute. The letters and the design of the symbols match perfectly.

Different Designs

From the arrow till the infinity, all the individual designs on her hands are the best they can be.

Cross And Love

No time for anything else than the positiveness- you can spread your energy all over your surrounding with this tattoo.

The Lotus On The Middle Finger

Here is another great one on the collection of our finger tattoos pictures.

Clear The Paintbrush

The finger tattoo made such that it seems like the remnant of the colour from the tattoo on your hand- here’s a great idea.


Well, even a single letter can make the difference if it has been designed in such a way.


Can you get out the word that this man has on his fingers? Anyway, the bee on his index shows that he may be a bee farmer.

Cute Face

Well, doll face is supposed to be cute, isn’t it? And don’t forget the symbols below the letters.

What I Live For

The word love- anywhere it appears, it is still wonderful. And the same goes for finger tattoos.

Fill The Places

What is good about the finger tattoo is that even if it is small, it can be made really artistic. Just like this one.

For Us

What about this view of the finger tattoos for couples?


All the fingers stocked with a lot of tattoos- this is what only the real enthusiasts would do.


For some of us, the freedom means so much that we even decide to ink the word, with great designs like this.

Basic Lines To Greatness

Well, not a lot of complexities in the design itself- still, it turns out to be really good.


Now, this is a creative placement. For all the other fingers stick together and they are to contain the letters while the thumb has another design.

Date Of Birth

Guys don’t tell you their wage- but most of them have no problems to tell their age. Be it with their finger tattoos.


Well, even the name of this venomous creature is cool.

Rock n Roll

For a music fanatic, this could be a great design. Especially for the people who are fans of the music of the 80s and 90s.

A Rose For You

Well, the design of this one is not similar to anything else. The rose has been made completely different from any other designs.

Something That Never Ends

Infinity- this is a popular choice in the tattoo world. For you know- this is something that never ends, and you can sign a lot of things with a simple yet epic design.

The Scribbles

Somehow, these structures look like the letters in the Japanese alphabet. I may be wrong, but if you plan on getting this, you definitely aren’t.


Thunder tattoos- many people like to have the art of the natural phenomenon.

Made With Mind

Wel, here- a really deep meaning has been encoded in this design and now it is all up to you to get what it means.

The Red Ribbon

It looks like the small r alphabet. Simple yet masterful.

Diamond And Skull

This is one of the most finger tattoos by mens. Two hands- two fingers- two tattoos- related meaning. What do you think about them?

The IQ Test

Different points and the triangle geometries- they look like questions in the IQ test paper.

Another Lotus

Some can say it is not so hard to get this tattoo done. But see, the artists, when they do designs like this will need a lot of time to work on the placement, orientation and the size before they start their work.

Star And Gender

Here’s another idea for you. The stars definitely can be designed in a lot of ways as you have seen.

An Incomplete Triangle

The third side of the triangle not touching the base- that’s why the tattoo is unique. The small unattained space makes this worth to see.

Rose Shadow

Well, even if it is black, I will have to say we will not know the real colour of the rose that has been shown here.

Line And Dots

An uncomplicated art- and such a design. This will get many people interested.

In The Circle

Here’s a Hawaiian vibe with these finger tattoos.


The roman numeral tattoos on the fingers look good as well. Well, it is just another way of getting creative with the numbers.

What You Should Love

Not only this tattoo is great, the quote that it says is deep as well. If we realize it, then we will definitely come to know that loving our own life is the best we can do.

Sea Waves

You may, or you may not be interested in the life of the sea, but there is no way that you are going to say this design is not good.

The Musical Note

Everyone loves music, don’t they? And so do you, so here is a design for you.

The Rose Outline

Well, the rose tattoos always don’t need to be filled with colour. The flower is so precious that even a plain art looks so wonderful.

The Letter On The Thumb

This letter could be what his name starts with. Just one of the million possiblities.

The Small Rose

Here’s a cute one from the flower finger tattoos. The placement of this rose is perfect and how the artists have put in all the details in a smaller design like this is mind-blowing.


The daggers could be of such a cute size- but anyway, they still cut and pierce.

The Artistic Feather

The feather is what lets the bird fly free-  your thoughts are your feather. Anyway, if you want one as well, then look at this design.

The Stem

Blossom on your hand and the stem on your fingers. It also has thorns. Let the people make sure they are extra careful when they try to touch your hand.

How You Get It

Here, the inclusion of the tattoos in the fingers elaborates the style of the other tattoos that he has.


How a small symbol can be converted into a great art- here’s an example of that. HIs cat is cute as well.


One thing that matters the most. Let the world know that you expect it with your finger tattoos.

King And Queen

The king and queen tattoos on the fingers- they show the world what you mean to each other.

Anchor and Music

The finger tattoos are a great way to show your particular interests.

The Balloon

Zoomed in, it looks small and cute. Zoomed out, it looks tiny still cute.


Clench your fists to show greetings as you bump them with the other person.

The Ship Anchor

Specifically interested in the water and journey. Even Luffy from One Piece would be impressed with your tattoo.

The Cross

Isn’t this really creative and sweet?

The King

If you have the personality as that of this strong predator, then you might as well consider this design on your fingers.

Geometric Cat

Get this one- another way of loving your pet or the favourite animal.

That What Keeps Us Alive

What about hope for the fingers tattoos words. This is a really important thing as we all know.

Matching Numbers

It looks really good when you and your pals have the same side finger tattoos. Have the tattoo man draw something that has a significance to all of you.


Well, everybody will love to see the unique finger tattoos- just like this one.

The Deer

You probably know what this animal signifies in your culture and now you know that it looks excellent on your finger with an extraordinary design.


Intrigued by photography? Then I guess I don’t have to add anything on that.

Well, here you go- what did you think about these designs? I bet all of them made you even more willing to have this tattoo.

But you know, like every other thing, even these tattoos have their sides. There are various pro and cons the finger tattoos. So, before getting one, it is a must that you study these tattoos well and make sure you go to the best tattoo parlour in your area. And also take your time to discuss with the tattoo artist. Be patient anyway- you would not like to choose a design and late still be questioning your selection. And after all the things are fine, well- that is when you go- go and ink your ideal finger tattoo.

And, if you liked any of these designs or they seemed to help you, I am delighted and sincerely happy. Still, you have to remember one thing- you necessarily don’t need to have the same designs. You could also only take them as an idea and then finally turn them into the style of your own personal preference. So, till the next time- have fun and good luck with your tattoos.

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