125 Finest Butterfly Tattoo Ideas And Designs

Many people are interested in having a butterfly tattoo, and that is only natural. For the creatures themselves are attractive, it seems that the God made it just to see how something looks like if he equipped it with all the beauty, it could handle. And still, also regarding the symbolism, butterflies hold a lot of significance. So, the mind-blowing design possibilities could be one reason, but people also get the butterfly tattoos because of the meaning they carry.

And if you also want to have your tattoo about butterflies, then you are in the right place. I mean sorry, “only” if you want to have ideas for you butterfly tattoos, you are in the best place. For this time, we have gathered some of the best butterfly tattoo designs that we could get our hands on. Take a look at them and see how you feel.

Three Dimensional

butterfly tattooThis looks so realistic on your shoulder and the extra colours only add on to its beauty.

The Purple Black

Here is another idea for the 3D butterfly tattoo. After a long flight, this thing has finally found the best place for a comfortable standstill- you.

Monarch Fleet

The monarch species of the butterflies are one of the strongest and the most beautiful types there could ever be. And here, it is a good idea to have a fleet of them flying on your back.

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Shining Blue

The colour fill in this design is not so bright. Still, this thing shines a lot.

Glistening Butterfly

Add all your favourite colours to your 3d butterfly tattoo designs, and the result is always going to be great, just like this.

Blue Flight

Here, this beauty is about to take a flight after some rest. A great design for your butterfly tattoo.

Aqua Blue On Hips

This definitely looks more than just a tattoo. It seems like someone posted a real butterfly on the skin. Hats off to the realism.

Black Beauty

After looking at this design, it can easily be proved that even butterflies with no colour look beautiful.

Back Butterfly

Even if you are not so sure, colours can still be filled, right? And if you also like the design of the tattoo on her hand, then take a look at our Roman numerals tattoos.

Royal Colours

Well, these blue and the pink colours including with the gold and black- all they mix to give a lavish 3d design.

Sky Blue

Colour of the sky and colour of the water- the colour of all the wonderful things and colour of this tattoo too.


A flock flying together to themselves create a shape of a butterfly, this design is very creative.

Red And Black

The black lining and the slightly dark red colour- they go so well and including the white patches on the border.

Traditional Butterfly

Whatever type of style you approach your butterfly tattoo with, it will still look beautiful.

Light Butterfly

Well, what do you think about using your own skin to “colour” the butterfly?

Purple World

The butterfly and the flower- both of them are strikingly alluring.


This 3D butterfly tattoo also contains a quote that has meant a lot to the person getting it.

The Moth Queen

A little more passion and this girl has made the perfect choice to let a great tattoo occupy her back.

Resting The Wings

Not only the butterfly itself, but even the shadow of this one is excellent. Something you would always want to look twice.

One Side Of Wrist

Spreading her beautiful arms to entirely cover the forearm of the person- that is the reason she is loved.

Colours all Over

You could also substitute the colours so that they befit the list of your favourite. Then it will turn into your own unique butterfly tattoo.


Their body language shows as if they hear each other out.

Tribal Design