121 Best Tiger Tattoo Designs Representing The Glorious Beasts

A tiger tattoo stands for power, strength, and stealth. On top of that, goal. An aim that you will never turn your back on- just like the animal. And these things are really important for us in our life, and along with the style choices, these tattoos are really popular. Or, you could also ink a tiger tattoo to let yourself remember what you value in your life. Every moment when you look at your tattoo, you remind yourself of my commitments- those things you made sure you’d follow when you had your tattoo inked.

So, are you thinking of getting a tiger tattoo? If you are, then I guess you are also looking for some help, everybody does. With the designs and everything. For deciding to get a tattoo is not as hard as deciding what to get. And first, if you ask me if a tiger tattoo is what you should have- then my answer is a definite yes. And next remains the idea- I mean what design you want to have and what things you could add on to your tiger tattoo to make it more elaborative. The answer is anything you want- I mean anything you love, you will know more about it now,

Here are the best tiger tattoo designs that we gathered from the internet. You have got plenty lot to choose from these 121 designs.

Look Of A Hunter

tiger tattooEver focused- always charming. Look at its stunning eyes. A realistic tiger tattoo this one.

 A Walk

A tiger stalking its prey as it slowly makes a move to the unlucky creature. Why not tattoo this stance of the anima- just like this.

Lady And Tiger

This is a great idea for an arm sleeve tattoo. But, for your convenience, you may as well only check the tiger tattoo.

Black Fire

These stripes look like they are burning. If you have watched Naruto, you might call it Amaterasu.


A dark theme design- what do you think about this? A noble color choice- ask guys on this matter.

Girl Tiger Tattoo

She has matching outfits as well. It is something you could do to elaborate on your tattoo.


When it is calm, it’s wicked- and when it roars, it’s bad-ass. His shading choices add on its stateliness.

Traditional Tiger

Even in the ancient history, tigers were painted in tattoos. Well, so it’s only natural that tiger designs on these tattoos still exist. And are even more popular.

Angry Roar

You pissed him off- now, you will have to pay. There are no easy intents on his roar.

Another Traditional

Here’s a side view from the perspective. Traditional tiger tattoos are really fun to watch.

A Fight

Well, we are not as strong as these two things- everything that can ever do is sit back and shut the hell up. Or, make some amazing tattoo designs just like this.

Tiger Hat

Woman with a tiger in her hat- this design originated from Native America. It might mean many things- but nothing specific.


Not already a growl of battle- but near to that. His opponent still might have a chance- to run away, that is. Just relate this to your own personality, and you will get it.

Mama Tiger

I know I am saying this with no basis- but, somehow, it looks like a mother tiger. That boldness in her eyes says it all. Maybe, he dedicates this design to his mother.

A Golden Tiger

If you are not looking for grayscale designs, then here’s a color one for you.

Ready To Attack

Once this, and then game over. A message delivered to everyone looking at your shoulder.

Eyes Of A Tiger

Two eyes- filled with real intent. Only some people share this quality with a tiger. First off, this tattoo has been placed perfectly and next, you already know why you would get it.

Traditional Tiger Back

She has found a perfect design for herself, hasn’t she? A tiger on one of its regular strolls- it could make a great idea for you too.

Back Roar

Maybe this could be a message to everyone talking behind your back. Well, forget that just soak yourself in its incredibility.

Gold Roar

Decoration here looks like in a temple shrine. A gold statue or anything you can say. This man definitely has got a great tiger tattoo on his chest.


Creativity is full- when somebody looks at his hands, they are going to catch a tiger glare.

Traditional Roar

Traditional elements on a tiger tattoo- we have already seen numerous times before and again this time here’s a fierce roar. Whatever the design approach may be like- a tiger’s roar is still royal.


A calm look- this one is epic. Don’t forget those water ripples and reflection- just amazing.

A Ferocious Glare

We may not see so much of murderous intent on its eyes. Still, there’s a sense of goal. That it wants so bad.

Butterfly And Tiger

Well, we could say, regarding biology, these could be two very different animals- but, when we look at their meaning, it’s different. Tiger represents strength and power while a butterfly stands for natural beauty, hope and faith- all these things are very needed human characters.

Victory Roar

Well, it’s not warning anyone- but we somehow get an idea that it has just won a battle. And an authoritative roar after that.

Before Battle

When they roar- they do it with so confidence. But, with the strength and swiftness, they have every reason to do so.

More Roars

Well, here are some more of this design. When you tattoo design like this, it also means that you are intent. You are bursting with confidence and ready to take on any challenges that your life imposes on you.

A Careful Walk

Well, what about this walk? Look at his face- he knows he is a tiger so he has nothing to worry about.

Tiger Tattoo Arm

It is just fine- wherever you ink your tiger tattoo. Everything is up to you, but make sure you are patient and ultimately choose a sleek design- just like this man did.

Calmest Look

It know’s it’s worth- but it also knows it should be reserved. Not always angry- everything balanced out, even with the brute strength.

A Side Roar

Colour surrounding- or whatever we call it, in this one is too good to see. The tattoo artist has definitely made good use of the axis of his hand to make those slight twirls around.

Tiger And Flower

Purity and power- if we could see the color of this flower, we could exactly tell what this tattoo meant. As a flower tattoo meaning depends on its color- and so, choose it just like it complies with your life.

Japan’s Style

A Japanese tiger tattoo- a traditional one, how good is it? Those people had a knack for this art from the ancient times which are still cool.

Tiger Growl On Hand

A little cartoonish style- and that is what makes it unique. You hand somehow make up its hue.

Round Face

If you want a tiger oar, but still want to make it adorable- then this is what you could do with. He looks cute, doesn’t he?

A Small Talk

How do you like black and white tiger tattoos? Too much strength on his muscular upper arm- adding up this tattoo. His hands make up its head, talk about chemistry between a tattoo and body parts.

Red Eyes

Here’s another traditional Japanese tiger tattoo. It’s angry red eyes add on to the viciousness of its growl.

Tiger And Skull

What a great idea incorporating these two things- this stretches more than on this guy’s back. To be frank, I have no idea he got this incredible design right.

Girly Traditional Tattoo

Whatever the style be, it is still a tiger. Those pink flowers and bright colors add-on to its feminity.

A Tiger Sit

Not entirely a traditional design, but I would say, it still is something from the history. Doesn’t it look like some paintings made by people of the 19th century?

Roar On Chest

A clever placement- we have to say. Perfect shape of the tattoo because of his perfect chest.

Japanese Maiden

There are no many elements involved in turning a tiger tattoo look more desirable for females- it is just some color choice. A little brightness, for example.


Another tattoo- doesn’t look perfectly sleek- still perfect. Just like how Asian traditions portray it in its book.

Muscular From Traditional Books

Similar to the previous design, just a little “modern” modification.


Life and calmness- everything on his tattoos and he still say a jungle tale. After all, it’s all about power, isn’t it?

A Back Art

As you noticed, it is not a tattoo- but it doesn’ conceal the fact that it is still a great design.

Redden It All

A red color gradient- if you love to see the evening sky, you will love this tattoo. Well, I am just taking in an example of what our mind considers pleasant.

A Tiger All Over

Well, this is only for the die hard- tiger tattoo fans. For those who love this design more than anything- tiger tattoos all over the body.

Tiger And Rose

If no ‘distinct’ color- rose tattoo usually signifies love. And with that, you know what this design stands for, don’t you?


Well, this is the first design we have seen of this stance, isn’t it? A decisive leap on your hand- a perfect place to get it.

3D Tiger Tattoo 

Power under your skin- what about this? I know you think it’s incredible.

A Lady Tiger

Her blue eyes- stunning- just, stunning. A hypnotizing glare this is.

Other Blue Eyes

I bet both of these tattoos are of the same girl. Well, I am right, if we take her skin complexion as a basis.

Candle And Tiger

Calmness and strength- these are two things that you could represent with this tattoo. Just to remember them everytime you look at your tattoo.

More Japanese Designs

A fact- in Japanese mythology or belief, a tiger is considered to be one of the strongest warriors in the Earth. Matter of fact, it is a matchable opponent of the dragon, their rivalry was created in heavens, and both of their strength cancel out each other.

Stripes On My Hand

This goes along with his skin color as well. Make use of your complexion to design a tattoo most suitable to you.

Painted Tiger

Tattoos that look like a painted art are too good to see. Just when the designs are excellent like this.

Sound Of Tremor

And creates terror. Everybody would say this tattoo is cool because it is- but nobody would want to experience this view in real life.

Step On A Sea Rock

You could also add on a taste of your culture in your tiger tattoo. To give meanings specific to you.

Out From The Bushes

Japanese art definitely knows how to paint its tigers. This one is another proof of that.

Tiger And Plants 

Well, there’s not only the tiger to notice between this spiral. Don’t forget, leaves also stand for life.

Bolder One

Same design- different placement, though it is still on the chest-but bolder color. After getting colors on your tattoo, you will need a good idea of how to take care of it.

Tiger Finger Tattoo

A small tiger tattoo that makes more noise than the biggest ones- it’s all about where it is.

Tiger, Skull, And Plants

These three things definitely get along with each other- regarding style or also if we are talking about their meanings or so.

Stripes Everywhere

Outlines and stripes- so many ways to get innovative with you tiger tattoo, like I always say.

A Tiger Outline On Back

Well, get a tiger outline, you know it looks good already- and if you think it needs it- actually you need it, then you can choose to add colors later.

More And More Growls

Let’s add some more roaring tiger tattoos in our list. A realistic one and a traditional one- every style that you could think of.

Sit Of Pride

Looks like a boss- what why not- for it actually is. Perks of being a tiger, you know- you can chill there knowing almost everyone knows your legacy and is afraid of you.

Leg Black Ink

The hue activity on your tattoo means a lot- it helps you create designs that are specific to how you think of it.


Well, yes I want to avoid the word “roar”, for I have used many times, but this one also focuses more on that. It’s only natural that most of these tattoos do because common- it is a sound making a statement.

Another One

No outlines- you don’t need one if you design is going to be as descriptive as this without one.

Behind A Green Plant

Ready to hunt and pounce on its prey. It’s done stalking. What do you think about this design?

Grayscale Gradient

A classic design- no color, yet realistic. Something anybody would want to have.

Something Down

A tiger is large, right? Even if it is looking down- it’s not looking down. No matter who may be its prey, it always gives it best, if you know what I mean.

Tiger And Feathers

Power with freedom- that’s how you like your life, right? If that’s a positive answer, then this tattoo represents you-you could have it.


Could be a troll or something, we don’t know? But it’s just worth a laugh, this ridicule makes no sense because this design is still cool.

Matching Tiger Tattoos

Tigers also make great king and queen tattoos. Only if you think your couple is as strong as them, which you already do.

Tiger Head Tattoo

Nobody wants to be bald- but, he turned that into his advantage. With a great design, of course.

Tribal Queen Tiger

An African tribal design, of course, and look at the ornaments she has been decorated with. Call her queen’s tiger.

A Woman’s Roar

This one could also represent a woman and her strength. You could fir your tattoo with a lot of meanings, you know.

Japanese Gold

Kawaii- if that’s the word. Isn’t this too cool?

Thunder Vs. Tiger

A badass animal- even the God, is not allowed to piss him off. We can’t be sure. However, it looks so cool- for, in the first glance, it seems like his growling against the thunder sound.

A Painted Roar 

Well, even with the paint, little details have been taken care of fluently. Look at its teeth and whiskers- then you will know what I am talking about.

Japanese Laugh

Don’t say it doesn’t look like a tiger- if you go and see ancient Asian books, this is how a tiger painting is supposed to look like. But either way, there is no way one is not going to be impressed with this design.

Slight Blue

What’s your favorite color? I’m not just asking, I am giving you a hint.

Golden Colors

Another realistic one- another beautiful one. A tiger tattoo on the back is supposed to look wonderful, just like this.

From A Mountain

We find tigers in many habitats, you know. Just that they are really strong to adapt in any climate form so that giving you more ideas for great tattoos.

Leaves Style

A sketch made with just a pencil- I mean it’s a tattoo, but it looks like it. Form the outline to the fillings, everything great.

Designs From My Watercolor

Not so shiny or bright- a great design idea for guys. This color layout is what most of the dudes love.

A Strong Woman

Even traditionally, there has been an abundance of tiger tattoos for females. Just choose your ideal design.

A Stretch

Well, yes, tigers used to be portrayed as ever angry animals.

How We Do It

What do you think about his artist’s skills? He’s excellent, isn’t he? Just like what he has done in this design.

Wild Flower And Tiger

You express what you want to serve- and this is what he has done with his tiger tattoo on the arm.

Flower Bed

And, here’s another traditional growl. But, this time it’s not only it’s head- you can accommodate its entire body on your legs.


Lion and tiger tattoos- they almost signed the same things, and this time, he has also dedicated his tattoo to someone, as we can see with those names.

Mischivieous Grin

Someone’s time is almost over- and he knows that all too well. Look how he’s headed towards his prey.

A Wave Kill

This one’s  Chinese design. How they considered tiger is as same as in the Japanese tradition.

No Outlines

A creative way to create one of the best tiger tattoos.

So, for now, you have seen a lot of our tiger tattoos- and you may have got an idea of what you are searching for. ANd now, it is time for you to take a look at our other designs and finally make your pick.

Did you make your pick? Any favorite designs?

Remember to be patient, as you can see, you have got a lot of styles to help make your decision, so haste is waste. Go to the best tattoo parlor in your area and don’t forget to know about how you can maintain your tattoo colors- for most of these designs have been filled with colors.

So, what did you think about these tiger tattoos? Did they seem to help you at all? Did you get some ideas or made a design choice itself? Well, if you did, then it’s good for you and I sincerely feel glorious- really happy about being able to help you. For more animal designs, you could also take a look at our elephant tattoos.

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