120 Adorable Bird Tattoos Designs That You Will Love To Have

Bird tattoos- they represent a lot of things. I mean there are many species of the birds and what your tattoos represent is dependent on that. But commonly, they are the symbols of freedom and self-dependence. And the bird tattoos are also one of the few that can be combined with any other tattoos- and also can be linked in any style- those are the obvious reasons that make the bird tattoos famous.

The bird tattoos are all about the style varieties and the words they carry behind them. Therefore, for a person getting a bird tattoo, he or she has a lot of ways to get creative and make their own unique design. In short, the entire idea of getting a bird tattoo is great.

So, if you are looking to have a bird tattoo, then you probably made the right choice. For, here are the most breathtaking bird tattoos you could get in 2018.

The Love Bird


bird tattoosAn adorable bird and the beautiful heart-  this is definitely a great way of combining those two tattoos into one.

Hot Air Balloon

So much going on with this tattoo, the birds contribute a lot as well to the nostalgia.


A flying peacock in the tribal design, this looks really cool.

Parrot On A Rose Branch

Stunning bird tattoo for the cute ladies. The shading of the black colour only makes it look too real.

Fishing Black And White

These two things look like close friends. They definitely have an eye for what the water has in store for them.

Between The Colours

Colourful design for a colourful bird- here, this is one of the best bird tattoos on back.


A beautiful bird in the midst of a beautiful society of the flowers- what a great sight to see on your arm.

A Painting

With no outlines at all, this painting like tattoo looks so realistic and stunning,

Fly Free

A group of friends flying so high- this tattoo makes your collarbone look like the sky itself.

The Red Bird

What about this one for a traditional design of the bird tattoos? Look, this one is clearly dedicated to a precious person in the haver’s life.

Owl That Drowned

Here’s a cartoonish design that is still cool. If you want to see other owl tattoos, then they are here.

Bird Of Peace

The bird looks so relaxed inside the photo frame, this tattoo is pleasant for anyone’s eyes.

On The Crystals

What about this perfection? Birds, colours and the geometric outlines, they combine together to give something mesmerising.

Own And The Skull

Well, both of these tattoos look amazing and have a lot of meaning behind them.

Not So Interested

Well, it is sure that the people are going to stare at your tattoo, but this bird is not so keen to be friendly with them. It could be the representation of your own profile as well. Anyway, it looks very cute.


Peace of mind- that is what you can obtain by even looking at this tattoo.

Fast Flight

Flying high and flying with passion- these birds are proud of being free.

Coloured Sparrow

An innocent bird tattoo equipped with the mind-blowing light colours- this is a good choice for the people who are interested in watercolour tattoos.

An Ancient Bird

You don’t need the entire body of a bird to make it wonderful- just the neck and head are enough like we can see in this one.

Colours In A Parakeet

What do you think the different colours represent in this feminine design?

Tribal Eagle

The eagle tattoos are also a lot of people’s preference these days.

Flight And Colour

A colourful bird in a colourful world- and that world is your arm itself.

The Man And The Bird

Here is a metaphorical expression of something very vivid related to the religion and life.


So calm- this tattoo makes everyone peaceful when they look at it. And the slight colours inside the outline- they are too good to see.

Flight Of The Bow Bird

The traditional bird designs are definitely something, aren’t they?

Burnt Asterisk

Well, this tattoo definitely gives a profound meaning. The haver is really creative and has a good taste of the tattoos.

Natures Daughter

Well, tell me of another bird who is as proud as her being in nature?

Blue Little Bird

What do you think about her? Aren’t her curious shining eyes adorable?


Well, this one is just amazing. The way that the artist has used the black ink to create something like this is mind-blowing.

Owl Outline

No colour, still colourful, with a great design and a lot of meaning.

The Shaped Bird

The borderlines are thick, and the colour of the hue is lighter as it moves away from it- the tattoo artist did put a lot of work into it.

Up And High

Here is another one if you want a flying bird to see on your tattoos.

Structure In the Islands

This one does a great work of representing the ancient culture and tradition. The colours in the art itself that is what only the best artists could do.

Blood And Black

There is some pain hidden inside the meaning that this bird tattoo gives. And regarding the other pain, anyone would stand some pain to have a tattoo like this.

Granpa Sparrow

Old also means wise, doesn’t it?

Up In the Blue Sky

Happiness is looking at the birds flying up in the blue sky and white clouds. Even if that be in the bird tattoos.


So, three birds in this tattoo- eagle, owl and some other bird that we can’t see. All of them have unique symbolism, and it looks like your arm is the junction for all of them to be together.

The Hunt

Here is an option for you if you are looking for the masculine bird tattoos on chest.

Pick The Cloud

The colours are not so bright. Still, the actually shine on this design.

Flower For You

Adorable little thing holding a very beautiful flower- that means many people turning towards you just to take a look at your tattoo twice.

Mind Over Matter

The design is really sleek, and the quote that she chose on her bird tattoo is very real.

Flowers To Birds

It could be the symbolism for how the getter grew in her lifetime. If you can relate this to you as well, having such a tattoo means you will have a deep story on your arm.

Shining Eyes

Even owls can be adorable- for that, you will need to have the right eyes that embrace the beauty.

Red Again

We already have seen this guy before, now this is just another way that he can be inked on your tattoo.

Green World

Thick borders- and bold colours- both of them combine perfectly to finally give you this design.

Red Head

This time, only his head is red. And he still looks stunning.

Chinese Art

Bird tattoos with an ancient Asian ambience are also good to see. And even better to have.

From A Plant to Another

That is what they love to do, right? This bird is looking to move itself to another plant.

Trees And Me

Well, there is entire nature in his body.  Just where he loves to be.

A Bite On The Branch

Classical designs- they are really special. That is the reason they are still famous even after thousands of years.

In The Sky

Inspecting the world below it as it flies above and frees like it is nothing- what about this bird with his personality?

Dove Outline

Art of the bird with no “fillings”- still, a lot of love and idea on this tattoo.

Birds In The Colourful World

The dark colours and the brighter hues- the tattoo artist has made good use of both of them to make the great imagination of the getter come to life.

Three Chicks

Here, this is how you dedicate your tattoo to your kids or even siblings.

Locket Hunt

I wonder where he found that. Well, we will never know about that- but we definitely know where you can get this design- on the best tattoo parlour in your place.

Stepping On A Tree

Minimal curves- still, the design looks really natural. And unique as well.

Two Crows

Well, the crows look mesmerising, don’t they? They do even better in your bird tattoos.

Traditional Peacock

Being the symbol of beauty itself, the peacock looks fabulous in every design, be it in realistic or be it in the traditional ones.


Everytime a bird looks like that, then it is the start of a brand new adventure.

Flying Crow

This man is a Liverpool football fan. And on the left, just showing the sketch of one feather- that has proved to make this tattoo look just great.

The King’s Head

Having bird tattoos on the upper arm means you will have to find your ideal perfect design. Just like this man did.

Flower And Bird

When we take a look at the ancient bird tattoos, then we definitely think of how cool the art of the people in the ancient times used to be.

Ninja Crow

The vibe of the ancient Japanese warriors on this one. I don’t know why, but that is how it made me feel.

Infinity Feather

Well, the feather of a bird could be another great way to design the infinity tattoos.

Gods Swan

Swan is the resemblance of purity and innocence in many cultures. So, that is more than enough reason for you to have a swan tattoo if the design is mesmerising like this.

Scene In The Day

Another bird tattoo design that brightens up the mood of any person taking a look at it.

Bird Of The Palace

Well, I want to know how the bird feels as it explores the place under the night sky.

The Garden

What do you think about this for combining the beautiful things into one? The rose tattoo and the bird tattoo.

Butterfly And Bird

Well, let us talk about this one. The tattoo artist wanted to show it as an “incomplete art”- but, that is the reason it is complete. The water in the art looks so natural and almost real.

Blue And Black

Both of these colours go very well together, don’t they? Ad still the inclusion of pink on this bird’s body makes it a beauty.

Two Little Birds On The Branch

The birds are adorable, and this tattoo is fantastic.

The Sad Cockatoo

Even if it seems that the bird is worrying for some reason, it still looks so cute.

Parrot With A Message

I just know the words- but not the language in this one. If you do, then let me know what it means. Anyway, this design is also a great inclusion in the team of the best bird tattoos on the arm.

Bird And Clock

Even if the birds don’t seem like the primary focus on this tattoo, but they still play an important role in the meaning of this piece. Have love, be free and always do everything on time.

Pencil Bird Tattoo

It looks like an outline that the artists make before they start sketching something. And this is a great idea, too.

Three Friends

The colours on the individual wings definitely represent something.


Well, having bird tattoos on arms is a really popular choice, and the styles like this are the major reason.

Flower And Bird

The flowers and the bird- their design sync perfectly with each other and it seems like they actually are the same soul.

Painting On The Red Frame

Well, the painting is absolutely fantastic, and the quote down adds on even more to what the man with the tattoo wants to represent.


Here, both the birds carry a message so that everyone could see it. You could do the same with a word which means a lot to you.


This bird has been a fighter all his life. Right now some may say that he is weaker because he is old, but the truth is just the opposite.

The Saviour Peacock

Here is another badass design of the bird.

Roses and The Laughing Bird

With the shades and everything, there is no way that everyone’s eyes are going to be attracted to where the tattoo is.

Chubby Parrot

The face of this thing is amazingly cute. He looks like that type who is always in a great mood.

One With No Heart

That bird could actually be yourself- you have lost your heart, but still trying to sew it back together.

Yellow On the Sky

The art actually looks more beautiful when it is on the arm.


We know that if they start fighting, they will vie for the win until their death. This thing is a good idea for the bird tattoos for men.

Cute On The Branch

And, what do you think about the gleam in its eyes and the glitters on the flowers?

Crows On The Branch

Traditional crow tattoos definitely are rare, but it doesn’t mean that many people don’t have them. Just that people don’t really get a chance to check enough number of these designs before getting one.

Cokato On The Flower Branch

This is just another great design for the people who are specifically interested in this design.

The Hawk Hat

Well, what do you think about this art? I think it is glorious.

Golden World

Maybe that is how the bird sees the world around it.

Colour Drips

If you are looking for watercolour in your bird tattoo, then this specific design idea could help you a lot.

The Sad Eye

Oh my God, she looks adorable when she does that. I don’t want to say it, but this tattoo has a sad meaning.

Dagger And The Eagle

We could say that this is a modern approach for the traditional bird tattoos.


Every time you bring your wrists together that is the only time they can talk to each other. Sometimes the world does the same with our friends and us.

In Front Of The Sun

Small bird tattoos on wrist- the size of the design could be small, but they are actually noticed an loved by more people than expected.


Here is another example of the smaller bird tattoos that make a huge statement.

The Lifeline

Well, if you think that this tattoo and this quote also relates the same way with your life just like they do with hers, then you exactly know what you should be doing.

Birds And Branches

Covering up your forearm with the bird tattoos, what about this?

From the Mirror

What do you think could be the meaning behind this bird tattoo?

Puzzled Eye

Even if we can’t see the entire design, we still can say it is perfect. The colours and the design.

One Who Holds the Peepal

Here, there is a lot of purity in this individual tattoo design.

Tribal Pigeon

The marks in the body of a pigeon themselves almost look like the tribal lines, and this is a perfect way of realising that in a tattoo.

Owl That Wants A Talk

For the people into the darker designs of the bird tattoos, this one is another great option for them.

The King

Well, he must really be proud of his hairdo which almost looks like a natural crown for the king of the birds.

Thread Bell Surround

Well, the colour choice on this one also makes the difference.

I Am Here Again

So, the tattoo design of this red chap, whatever the idea be, will turn out to be amazing.

Skeleton Chase

The dinosaur skeleton chasing away the bird- this also is a great way to bring two tattoos together.

Eagle Face

Even with no head or body, it still looks stunning.

Sketch of The Flying Bird

With designs like this, it is only natural that more people get attracted to having the similar tattoos.

Brown Bird

Well, from the border to the colours, the tattoo artist definitely did it with a lot of heart.

All Blue

The ice crystals and the bluebird- both of them go perfectly together.

Parrot With The Spearhead

You don’t necessarily need to have colours on your tattoos to turn them into a design that you will proud of for the rest of your life- this is an example of that.


If you know the girl in this tattoo, she is Sophia- one of the most intelligent robots in the world. And well, don’t forget to look at the beautiful bird as well.

Little Girl And The Flying Birds

All of the beautiful existence in this design- they are pure, and they don’t need to care about anything as they do what makes them happy.

Heart And Bird

If you liked the idea of heart in your tattoos, then you could explore more of them here.

Blue All Over

Breathtaking blue- a great idea for the bird tattoos on shoulder meaning not only that, but it also suits to be on any other parts of one’s body. The feathers hovering look perfect, and the eye of the bird seems to have another life inside it.

Confused Old Cock

This one is another design for you if you are into cartoonish bird tattoos. Even with the skull, it is funny and still cool at the same time.


So, what do you think?- These were the best designs of the bird tattoos that we could get. But remember to be a little innovative with, and then you will definitely design a great design of your own.

So, what did you think about these bird tattoos? Did they help you at all? If they did, are you thinking of getting any one of them or using them as an idea for your own tattoo? If yes, then I am glad and till the next time, have lots of fun.

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