120 Faithful Christian Tattoos That Show Your Love Towards The God

Faith towards the omnipotent- this is what the Christian tattoos are all about. Always glorify the God and do the right things- that is what the Christian has always taught the people. And Christian tattoos- they are just done by the people who are real believers- who have promised themselves that they are always going to abide by the teaching of the Bible. Because you know, getting a tattoo itself is not something anyone does to look cool. A tattoo holds a lot of significance for the getter. And when one decides to have a Christian tattoo, then we can all say what God means to him.

Well, there are a lot of things that you can tattoo about- I am not just talking about all the tattoos, of course- even among the Christian tattoos, there are so many designs that could take your interest. And also, you could represent yourself with a lot of Christian tattoos with meaning. But, many options sometimes also may mean many confusions, and you will sometimes need help. But don’t worry, we are here exactly for there.

We gathered the best Christian tattoos designs we could get for you. Take a look at them, and make your pick!

The Book Of TruthChristian Tattoos

The wise, old experienced hand holding the holy book- this design could be a great suit in your forearm.

Angelic Wings And The Nail Marks

The wings of the angel- and the nails that were on Jesus’s head during the crucifixion- this one holds such a strong emotional connection to your religion.

The Love That Will Be Unstained

Even after all that has been done to him, Jesus won’t let anyone near the love that he has in his heart.

Cross And The Sun

The thick borderline- that is all that makes this tattoo and also the black ink smeared looks amazing as well.

The Meeting

Historial moments from the life of Jesus- they also make great Christian tattoos.

Carrying The Cross

It seems like an epic painting from the history books. What a great way to have Christian tattoos on the thigh.

Heaven’s Warrior

The Christian tattoo with the crest being the major focus in this design, the fighter definitely needs some rest after hours of standing.

The Welcoming Table

The table also makes a great idea for the Christian tattoos on arms.

On The Day

Even on the day, he is about to sacrifice himself for the sake of the people, this man is still calm and has got no hate in his eyes.

Quote from the book

The Christian tattoos with quotes can also be a good idea for everyone who will be looking at your art will have something positive to take from it.


What about this tattoo on your hand? From this tattoo what you mean to say is that you know that Jesus has died for your sake, now, you are going to think about that as you live your life.

The Spearhead

Well, here is another tattoo depicting the event. It has been made such that you can see the view from Jesus’ eyes.

Ony Love

Barbed wire on his head, still he has love. And affection only.

All together

The wooden cross tattoo and the lion actually seem to be the protector of the little goat as it takes a nap. Definitely tells a lot about Christianity.

Heaven Gates

Only some of us will make it into that place. Still, you can show your faith with this piece.

Omnipotent Ones

Strongest and the most influential entity as well as the person in one tattoo. Anyway, the inclusion of the Roman tattoos make Christian tattoos connected to the history, don’t they?

Painting On The Church Wall

Well, only people with a lot of faith are the ones who get designs like these.


The word comes straight out from the line of the cross. And this one word does make a lot of difference in everybody’s lives.

Coming Home

In this tattoo, Jesus looks like he is gazing up in the sky to tell his father that he is going to be back now. After giving the world a lesson of love.

Cross And The Angel

This is one of the Cristian tattoos with a lot of meaning behind it. The cross surrounded by the barbed wire- it may be a symbolic representation of how not any evil souls are allowed near it.

From The Heart

This is how Jesus loved his followers- sharing all the goodwill and faith he had in his heart. And the design definitely is a great one of the Christian tattoos on chest.

For My People

Pain on his skin- but none on his eyes.  Jesus definitely used to be a charismatic person, didn’t he?

Around The Upper Arm

The ankle rosary Christian tattoos- they also show that the faith is embedded in your skin itself.

Made From The Wooden Nail

Making a cross from a wooden spearhead- isn’t that a good idea as well?

Cross On the Wrist

For the feminine Christian tattoos, this is one that could probably intrigue you.

View of A Christian

This one is a creative design. The skin of your own hand makes the design.

Staring At The Sky

Another tattoo showing the charisma of Jesus, the Cristian tattoos definitely are worth a praise.

Dove And The Cross

All the elements in this design carry a lot of significance in the Bible. This tattoo is the symbolism of love and purity.

Virgin Mary With Her Son

Doesn’t this look so cute? It definitely would be hard to believe in the time that the kid would go and change the world.

Jesus And Heart

If you liked this one- I mean the style of the heart, then you would also like to take a look at the collection of our heart tattoos as well.

Angel With Wings

What do you think about this design? It definitely is one of the best among the Christian tattoos sleeves.


Well, another creative design- this could also be a great way to decorate your arms with the ink. The tattoo itself tells a deep story.

Eyes Of The Innocent Being

Charm in the love that he possesses- this tattoo has a lot of emotions connected to it.

Time And God

These two things are what you should be careful about. Remember, the time is always passing and God is always watching you.

Faith In Heart

Holy faith- this is a great way to show that you and Jesus- both you have been filled with the same faith and hope.

Tears Of the Son Of God

He is not crying for himself- but for the people, this one is also one of the unique Christian tattoos.

The Sparkling Design

We want to make our heart to be the same as that of the Jesus and Dove’s.

Mom And Son

Well, here, you could also show your belief in your religion with this 3D design.

Barbed Wire Of The Humans

The Thunder gives a dark ambience in this one. Combining it with the Jesus tattoo makes it an epic design with a lot of feelings.

Painting On The Walls Of The Palace

Well, what do you think about this profound design? This sleeve tattoo definitely makes one of the best religious tattoos.

Blood And Face

Well, this one provokes our sentiments. Jesus did do a lot for us, didn’t he?

No Reason For Pain

Even with the nail on his hand, he looks so calm like there is no pain at all.

Another One

Here is another idea for the same design that we saw before. This one is a great fit for your upper arms as well.

Jewels For A Christian’s Eyes

Well, what do you think about this tattoo? It looks more like a perfectly designed sculpture rather than just art made with the tattoo ink.

Two Sides Of The Chest

Your chest tattoos holding two people that have contributed a lot to the faith that you have tamed inside you. The blood drips how that you have these people inside the surface of your skin.

Jesus And The Cross Sight

Well, this design is impressive as well. A classic candid style of devising an art, don’t you think the same?

Skull Of The Jesus

Well, here is an innovative Christian tattoo on back. Combining the skull and Jesus is a great idea in itself.

On The Right Chest

Jesus head tattoo on the chest- the dude getting it is definitely a man of faith. This is what you can do with your tattoo as well.

The Cross Of the Crucifixion

We human beings are eviler than we think. The way be still bully the right people, that is not so different from what has been done in this one.

Jesus Inside Cross

A unique design of the cross, many people would want to have this design that stands out from everything else.

To Keep My People Safe

What do you think about the colour filling on this design? That is a big reason for you to want this tattoo.

Tears Of Love

So. here is a design with a darker complexion of Jesus. Face between the hair- that looks amazing to see.

Mother And Son

Well, here are two people- who were more than just people. A great design for the Christian tattoos.

Offer You Love

Well, this one shows us what faith actually is. Believe in him, he is willing to give you his heart.

The Last Day

Here is another design of the day when Jesus met his father again.

The Man Who Teaches You Love

A calmer design, here, in this tattoo, Jesus is preaching the world- in the process of changing the time with his wisdom.

Everything Beautiful

Vaster Christian sayings tattoos also make a great choice for your back.

Heart In The Hand

Here, this is another tattoo design for your arms that show the extent of your love for the religion.

The Gold Statue

This design looks like a cute sculpture in your hand. The artist definitely does a great job of using the getters arm colour to make it seem like gold.

The Red Petals

Beautiful Christian tattoos of the beautiful religion- all over your body. The vivid colours are breathtaking.

Love All

Loving all the creatures like they are humans- this is what Christianity teaches us, doesn’t it?

Support For everyone

In the presence of Jesus, all the animals feel calm and secured as well. If you think you can be the same figure for the other creatures,  this tattoo is for you.

No Evil

Well, the man himself is looking after you. And with such an affection you hold for him, there is no way any evils are going to be lurking around you.

The Wooden Cross

What a great way to depict the holy sign- the wooden structure making the cross is something we will never get tired of looking at.

A Cold Day

Jesus and his shawl- he looks amazing on that and when you have your tattoo design of when he does that, then you will get something that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

Head Made In Cross

Well, if this design is an imagination of a certain someone, then we must praise his intellectuality. Definitely a great sight to see.

The Pray

We pray to him – while he prays to someone else. See- faith is such an important thing.

The Peaceful Departure

Another Christian tattoo which gets all of us emotional.

Up WIth Prayers

For the people interested in the similar design, this is another one for them.


What do you think about the vibe that this tattoo spreads?

Before The Inri That Thought It Was Powerful

Here’s another tattoo depicting the incident that changed the world.

Candle And The Angel

Well, you definitely have got some room in your consideration for the symbolic Christian tattoos, don’t you?

The Praying Angel

Here’s another innovative design of the Christian tattoos.

The Angel Who Beat Evil

You could tell a story with your tattoo, just like in this one.

Lighting The Candle

Well, as you look at this tattoo, tell me which one of them do you think is calmer?

Support Against The Air

We definitely try hard to protect the igniting fire in the candle- just like Jesus does with us.

Smoke And The Dove

With the black background, this design is just mesmerizing. Not to forget, you will have to go through a little more pain to get this one. But, indeed- it’s obviously worth it.

Faith And Fate

These two words starting from ‘F’- they are similar while you pronounce them, but they are not the same things. You will need to blend both of them into your life to truly be happy.

God Vs Demon

This one is an incorporation of many religions actually, and we won’t be wrong if we claim it to be one of the best religious tattoos.


Entering an angels house- maybe this is the sight we see while are being welcomed on the doors.

Demons and his Slayer

The evil can never be as strong as good- here’s another tattoo with a deep religious meaning.

Skull And Angel

Amazing incorporation for the design- full of blessed art. What do you think about it?

Mary And Her Son

Christian ta0toos depicting these two sweet people are always great to see.

Time And God

This tattoo is another illustration of the things that are the most important to us. Just what Christianity has taught us all this time.

The Man Who Lived 969 Years

This another great tattoo idea for the people who have been inspired a lot from the wisest book there is.

The Angels Sword

Well, we definitely have got a chance to see so many impressive badass designs, haven’t we?

Hands That Pray With A Wish

Religious quote tattoos- they are really famous, we have to say. Maybe you will add yourself to the list of the people having them?

When The Skin Is Opened

This tattoo makes it seem like the faith has been rooted deep under your skin. For a person uttering the same words in thsi tattoo even during the time he was dying in this unfair world- this is what shows the greatness of Jesus Christ.

Fighter For The God’s Army

This tattoo also represents humans. Even for the person who is the most virtuous, rightful and pure, there is a fighter hidden in them who are not going to let in any malice in the lives of the people they protect.

Fights In The Sky

Angel and demon battling it out- we already know who is going to emerge with the victory.

Another Fight

Another tattoo portraying the same fight as in the above illustrations- another idea for your design.

The Mummy

The iron attire and steel rods around his neck- what do you think about this one?

One With A Lot Of Lovers

Five souls in this tattoo- billions around the world.The people who have always believed in Jesus.

The Yell 

Well, yes- he is yelling to the sky- but there are no blames in his eyes.

The Angelic Cross

A cute Christian tattoo on your wrist- perfect combination of your faith and a great style.


Well, have your name inscribed on the cross- that will help you always be alongside it and it’s teachings.

To The Awesome Man

Dedicating your love to the loved ones with your Christian tattoos- even the God will be impressed of your action.

Broken Surface

Small breaks on the surface- it looks like the cross a priest holds for exorcism.


Always loyal to your team- always loyal to the faith. This is another Christian tattoo that tells a lot about what matters the most to you.

The Ribbon Around Cross

Well, this is a cross- everyone knows what it represents. But on top of that, this design looks absolutely great for one of the small Christian tattoos.

View From the Front

Well, here is another design that shows the greatness of the man- like how he looked down when the nails pierced his bones and muscles but never let the world around him down.

Cross Across The Skin

Well, this tattoo means that you have already let the faith take over you- that means you have already implanted faith under your skin so that now no one is going to take you away from it.

One Cross

One symbol, so much to say. What do you think about this cross design on your forearm?

Cross In The Heavenly Clouds

Well, for inking cross tattoos, you will have to make sure the background looks fantastic as well. It doesn’t necessarily need to be similar to this one, but take this tattoo as a great idea.

Jesus’s Finger Tattoo

Well, like every other tattoo, the Christian tattoos also give you a lot of places to be creative. Take this for example.

The Golden Statue

Golden touch to the design idea that we have seen many times before. Obviously, you will like it.

The Farmer’s Cross

The cross- it doesn’t need to be created with gold and diamonds only. Whatever you have with you, do it with that thing. If the faith still lies there, God will obviously listen to you.

Jesus’ Chain

Jesus himself wearing the locket of faith- what do you think about this one?

Rock Of Ages 

Here’s another one with the Bible and the cross together- two signs of being a real Christian.

As For Now, You Have Seen A Lot Of Christian Tattoos and Designs, and know their meaning as well. All That’s Left is for You To Take a Look a The Other Design Ideas 

I know most of these designs intrigued you.

So, now it is your turn to tell me what did you think about these designs? Did they help you at all? To select a design or get an idea? Well, I see that you are a man of faith, so you would also like to take a look at our God quotes and Buddha quotes. Well, best of luck with your ideal tattoo design, and have a good day ahead of you.

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