120 Fascinating Leg Tattoos For Male And Female

Numerous view the leg as the ideal place to get a tattoo, this is what makes leg tattoos famous. As a matter of first importance, the pivot in the leg makes it workable for remarkable designs and with many apparels available, you could have a whole new set of styles. Also, another reason is that our legs supposedly have better resilience, that means we could stand some pain while getting tattooing our legs. What’s more, the most critical factor of all, when you get leg tattoos, this additionally implies you have a large area to spill all your thoughts out,

All things considered, if you chose to get leg tattoos, at that point, there are different components to pick the best tattoo for you. To start with, you need to see the inked assume that speaks to your life, and from that point forward, you should take a gander at the best tattoo outline for the field of your advantage. This is a fundamental choice to make because once you get a tattoo, everything is changeless. In this way, you cannot be wrong by any means.

In this way, to choose the perfect design, we have assembled the pictures of the best leg tattoos for you. Every one of them speaks to different things and attempt to check whether you discover something that splendidly suits you.

Flowers and Butterfliesleg tattoos

First off, this design already looks too good. And another one- what’s good about it is that she can add colors anytime she wants.

Palace Of Happiness

Disney palace on your leg- if you are a fan of its shows. Many Disney princesses have been featured on this one.

Abstract Nature

Colorful and your love for nature- make sure that if you want to cover your leg with tattoos, you select appropriate designs that look cool and reflect your state of mind.

Girls And Roses

She has got only beautiful things to say with her leg tattoo. And she has got just the perfect attire that would let everybody see and appreciate this art.

Henna Flower

There indeed are so many ways to get great leg tattoos for women. Take this flower design for an example.


Most probably, these names are of her siblings. Take a look at our sister tattoos for a similar concept.

Abstract Lines

What do you think he means with his tattoo? Abstract designs are a popular choice also if you are looking for small leg tattoos for guys. If you can combine it with something you would like to say, then this tattoo is for you.

Colorful World

Using a variety of colors in a tattoo means it is a huge challenge. If they don’t go well altogether, the design will fail. But if they do, an epic design like this is created.

Tribal Leg Tattoos

There are so many cool tribal leg tattoos, you could get one if you are into these designs. For some more ideas, take a look at our Polynesian tattoos.

All That Goes In My Mind

She has had a tattoo about all the things that she’s always thinking about. Girly leg tattoos are really good to see, aren’t they?

Birds And Flowers

Exploring more leg tattoos for girls, here is another one. She definitely leads a happy life when colorful birds and flowers represent her way of life.


Here’s a great message from this adorable little creature. Mickey is good- he will help you with whatever you want to confer to the world, even if that may be in tattoos.

Classic Quote

This design is golden, I will have to say. And the words also match perfectly with its royal look.

Lady And Nature

A woman- perfect gift from God. This design shows how she and nature connect with each other.

Fascinating Purple

This tattoo is all about how the concentrated bolder purple slowly transfers into a dilute and lighter version.

Colors From A Plant

These different colors look like bands of positive energy released from that plant in her left leg which has been giving life to all other creatures.

Flowing Flower

That blue color looks like water with a flower flowing in it. But, this is not only what she means. With every different color, she has discrete things to say.

Bauhaus Art

WAA Bauhaus art could be something unique introduced to your leg tattoo.

Colors And Rectangles

It looks like a modern representation of different computer screens, like those shown in movies and advertisements. But a more colorful one.

Patterns Of  A Triangle

Here’s another Bauhaus art for you. Many people are indeed interested in this specific design.

Music Love

These designs on your leg look like strings of a musical instrument playing a note.

Skull And Wild Animals

If you want to say a lot of things with your leg tattoo, this is what you do. Fit in many elements giving unique meanings.

Demon And Angle

Indeed- breathtaking. Isn’t this an incredible design indicating the two sides of every person’s heart?

Crescent Moon And The Wolf

This is cool, I know. Wolves represent many things like loyalty, family, and strength. For more designs, take a look at our wolf tattoos.

Tribal Crescent Moon

A crescent moon tattoo filled with tribal patterns- what do you think about having this?

A Woman

Well, the lady in her tattoo doesn’t only represent her, but it stands for every woman like her.

Tribal Flowers

For another tribal design, here is a tribal flower tattoo for your leg. These borders are just mind-blowing.

Japanese New Year

What about traditional Japanese tattoos? If you are into this culture, then maybe you were also very impressed with this design.

Coloured Wolf

One some small scatters of colors in the selected regions- sometimes, this could look better than a fully colored sample.

Flower And Skull

Combining two very different concepts into one-  we also have other sugar skull tattoos if you would want to take a look.

Mother Nature

Well, the inclusion of a graveyard in her reflection makes its interpretation rather interesting. Maybe, she could be a death God or nature looking how humans are killing themselves and their habitat.


These ribbons and patterns look like stockings made on her thigh with art.

Rose And Compass

You have love in your heart- and with that, you also know where you are headed into. If you can also relate to worlds similar to this, then this design is for you.

Deer, Bird And Flower

This one mainly signifies love, innocence, and purity. Some of the qualities that we need to build in order to truly be happy.

Elephant God

Ganesha tattoo- he stands for wisdom and goodwill. This one is an option for you if you are looking to have a religious tattoo.

Funny Cat

Dressed live a detective- he looks really adorable. And when you have this tattoo, you could spend time with him every day.

Mirror Showing Love

Wasn’t this a great story? Numerous movies have been made of this romantic tale, and maybe you have watched the most famous one from Disney- this is about that.

Jewel And Owl

If you are interested, you are in for a treat. For, here are some owl tattoos that will definitely impress you.

Sea Horse

We have seen quite a few of this design idea, and now it is all about this stunning seahorse.

Milkyway Galaxy

If there really are aliens, we definitely hope that their spaceship looked this cute, don’t we? And it’s the same for them.

Mandala Art

These Hindu cultural tattoos look stunning. For till now, there has been no design that doesn’t get people impressed.


A design with what you want to tell- when you are looking at it, take note of this quote as well.

Owl And Skull

This could mean something wise and dark at the same time. An owl on your tattoo can give a lot of meaning, you know.


Well, I am not only praising her ornamental tattoos, if she really abides by the quote she has tattooed, then she is awesome- just like her designs.

Crow And Red Flowers

Having animals or flowers means your tattoos giving definite meaning. If you are a straight type of person, who just exactly say what he wants to say, then these tattoos are for you.

Rose And Poem

Words turned into sentences, and they say what you exactly want to say. This is a great ides for everyone looking to get a leg tattoo.

For A Special One

You already know what this tattoo means as you have seen a similar design, but this time, it has been dedicated to a special someone.


Flowers of all sorts- different species of them. And all of them are beautiful, of course.

Flower Queen

Here is another design idea of the idea we are so familiar with. She definitely loves being with flowers.

Street Light

Here’s a unique style. A street lamp- and crystals releasing light. Well, you and many other people may have a common thing to say, but you could do it in your own terms.

Beast’s Palace

Maybe this is how you found love as well- who knows? But this is a favorite story for so many wonderful girls, and you could be the same.


Dragon could mean many things, it depends from culture to culture. But, this one has a Japanese vibe, so it definitely stands for strength and greatness.


There are different patterns for having a flower in your tattoo, just explore all of them.


For the ancient people in Africa, a cheetah was something that stood for intelligence, strength, and mobility. That could be the same for you as well.

Rose For My Father

He probably dedicated this one to his dad or granddad. For, a rose in most of the cases means love, and this could be a picture of the person who he values very highly.

Flower And Plants

Floral leg tattoos- they are a good choice for everyone.

Traditional Fish

This tattoo is specifically from the Japanese culture. A totem fish is believed to be a guardian animal, who stands for things such as adaptable and independence.

The Lady Leader

Here is another traditional tattoo for your leg. She could look old, but she is very wise, and a lot o experience reflects on her eyes.

On Journey With Love

Life is a journey- and you do it with love. That is the reason this tattoo is apparent to you. With its sleek design, it’s a great choice.

Owl with A Key

When you open that, there are wisdom and calmness. Stack up your leg tattoo with deep meaning like this.


It is sad to say that this animal is endangered, but never underestimate it- it still stands for power, valor, strength, and wisdom.


Flowers of different colors symbolizing different things- which one is your favorite?


Here’s a funny and very creative art. So, how much do you agree with it’s meaning?

In Time

This indeed is true for everything. I am talking about the quote, of course. Because you already know how good this design is.

Left Covered

Take a look at every individual design. All of them can impress you, of course.

Same Plant

Different colored flowers growing in the same plant- this design also teaches us about the beauty that lies in diversity. This could indeed be dedicated to friends or even siblings.

Traditional Island Art

If you are into tropical designs, then you are bound to be impressed. Butterfly and woman- both indicative of everlasting beauty.

Another One

Just a little color variation in the same set of ideas. How do you like his one?

Lock And Key

What do you think has been locked behind this design? Forget that- which one of your emotions will you keep safe with your tattoo?

Designs For Tradition

Traditional vibes to your leg tattoos- you could represent anything with this design ideal.

Fun Loving Bird

Another design reflecting around birds and flowers.

Woman Skull And Wolf

She is brave, and she is bold. Well, yes there are badass girly tattoos.

Cheetah And Rose

Ever individual element in her tattoo looks adorable. She really has endearing ideas.

Traditional Elements

Everything she has tattooed is very popular. Speaking in a traditional sense, of course, the symbols they hold carry a lot of significance in one’s life.

Skull, Flower, and Compass

Your leg is a large area. And what’s good about is that you could tattoo a lot of elements in your leg.

Dragon And Rose

Leg tattoos definitely do a great job saying how you consider yourself as a person, don’t they? And also about the things you value the most.

Hourglass And Flower

You value beauty and time- who doesn’t? Getting tattoos like this means that it will be significant even for the person viewing it.


Here’s a great tattoo representing this string animal. A crab tattoo represents riches, power, and journey.

Sentences And Faith

The way she has tattooed her legs, she is going to be proud of it for the rest of her life, I am sure of that.


We surely can’t see the world on her left leg, but we definitely can say that is something she values a lot.

An Eight Legged Creature

Some people fear spiders- for some it is cool. But after this design, many people could turn to the later description.

Nature’s Girl

Legs tattoos representing womens themselves- this is another idea.

Both Of Them

So, which one of these words do you choose? Maybe, there needs to be both of them for a person to be happy.

Foreign Words

Well, I don’t know what these words mean- but, I guess you could help me with that. But don’t forget I’m covering it for its intelligent design.

Girl With Her Key

So, how do you think this tattoo relates to your life? If it does in a significant way, then you just have a great reason to have this tattooed.

Hello Kitty

Here’s an incredible design of this adorable little thing. If you are a cat lover or not- you will still find it endearing.


A blossom of different flowers- beautiful things making beautiful decorations on your leg. The grayscale ink itself looks colorful.

Freedom Comes With Time

There are numerous ways you could interpret it’s meaning, one being the title. These individuals design still carry their significance and still go very well together to give unique meanings, which is really impressive.


Thinking of covering your leg with a tattoo? What about this? Well, that was like some sort of an advertisement, but I guess it would be a great recommendation if I say this suits really well for any girl.


The number of people that you care about the most in your life along with yourself- the number of roses on your tattoo is supposed to represent that.

Plant Along Leg

It seems like it has found a perfect habitat to grow and keep being beautiful. Your leg could be another.

Girly Skull

A female skull- isn’t this concept cool? These roses are, of course, fun to see and a ribbon in its head gives the skull a feminine outlook.

Crowned Stockings

Another idea for this concept. You have already seen one if you remember. This idea makes really great leg tattoos for females, doesn’t it?

Dear, Bison, And Rose

For tattoo fanatics looking to get leg tattoos, they naturally end up finding a great combination. All styles that go really well with one another.

Bear And Elephant

What do you think about those pearls in their crowns? A colorful and shiny design for the girl with a happy heart.

Henna All Over

Henna leg tattoos- even if they are originally supposed to be temporary, if your tattoo artist is good enough, he will get you something worthy of being proud of.

Girl, Anchor, And Skull

If you are a girl interested in adventures and challenges, the emotions in this tattoo resonate perfectly with you.

Skulls And Rose

We like their individual designs, and there is no way we are not going to adore this. These two skulls have been stacked on one another perfectly, and the red hue of roses introduce a lot for our eyes to see.

Flowers And Other Traditional Pieces

Well, another idea of placement for girls- every single one of these tattoos look fabulous.

Tropical Bear

Another member of our leg tattoos for men gallery, this one represents many things. A bear in your tattoo stands for strength and fortune.

Well, For now, you have seen a lot of these tattoos, and you will be able to easily get what you are looking for. And for now, explore more designs before getting to a decision. Choose a design that is convenient for you. There is no reason simple leg tattoos can’t be as impactful as ones filled with a lot of designs.

So, what did you think about this gallery?

Like all other tattoos, you will have to learn to be patient with your leg tattoos as well. For we know, there is no way you should be in any doubts after finally inking a design of your choice. You get a tattoo to be more confident- and if that is not there, there remains no pertinence of having a leg tattoo.

Well, getting a leg tattoo implies creating an impression. It means having a few musings and being pleased to let the whole world recognize what is in your spirit. Thus, the tattoos are dependably something worth being thankful for to get on the off chance that you realize what you really are doing. Henceforth, you should have the enthusiasm to discover not exactly what your eyes want but instead get what your heart needs. Everything I can state is you should take a gander at various tattoo plans before getting one and be patient to settle on a choice, you should never surge things on this issue.

All in all, did you like these leg tattoos designs? Did they at last help you to discover the tattoo outline you were searching for? Let us know, and till the next time- have fun and keep smiling.


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