129 Amazing Waterfall Braid You Must Try

What a pleasant feeling we have when we are near a waterfall! We go on cherishing that moment. Waterfall braids are those braids seeming to be like a waterfall in anyone’s hair. They give a mesmerizing look wherever you are, and people can’t take off their eyes out of you. Long hair is most suitable for waterfall braid. But you can try it on a range of the hair.  Here we go on with 129 lovely types.

Joined Double Braid


How do you wish to manage your long hair? If you want to give it a lavish style, you can refer to join double waterfall braid.

Waterfall Braid with Curls

The bottom end is in fantastic curls. Braids go through mid-section giving a beautiful glance.

 Half Up

Hairstylist manages the hair from the front and ties in a pony. Leave the other section as it is.

Dutch Braid

Raise a bouffant in your middle part. Form the Dutch and side braid respectively to look elegant.

Rainbow Hair Color

For this hairdo, form enchanting plaits as shown. Supply varied colors in your hair texture as in the image.

With a Flower

Settle your hair in an enchanting waterfall braid. Finally, put a flower over there to get a nice touch-up.

Two Sided

First of all, start with center-partition. Create plaits on both sides and continue with them. Lastly, it is ready.

Brown Shade Side Waterfall Braid

Do not you think side braids are mostly easy to carry on? If you desire to add some more style, you can combine both waterfall and side braid style.

Half Up Half Down

Yes, it is a waterfall braid half up half down. After you carefully manage plaits, tie it in a knot. At last, leave the other part.

Messed Hair

Even though it is necessary to be in a neat and tidy hairstyle, messed hair can add a lot of fun sometimes.

In a Short Bob

We often have a perception that waterfall braid in a short Bob is out of chance. Is it so? Have a look above.

Purple Tint

Although purple tint is always eye-catching, the Dutch braid confined in the hair is, even more, the most inspiring glimpse.

Blonde Tint

Consider the following points-

  • Make a side partition.
  • Start to form braids out of it.
  • Leave your other section as it is.

Front Side Waterfall Braid

Keep in mind below listed points-

  • Settle hair in the side partition.
  • From the front side, make braids continuously.

Combination of Waterfall and Fishtail Braid

Initially, connect middle part of your with the range of braid. Finally, continue with fishtail braid till the end.

Other Varieties

Waterfall braid gives a delightful feeling like as waterfall. For that, check on these other varieties.

Blonde Braid

Take three strands of hair. Also, form braids out of it. As you love blonde, supply it in your hair texture.

A Ponytail

In the beginning, tie your hair in a ponytail with a rubber band. Secondly, form braids and again tie in a pony. Consequently, continue with it.

Flower in the Hair

When you insert flower in eye-catchy braids you have formed, they make you more attractive as you are in the crowd.

Three Strand Braid

As we feel pleasant when we view a mesmerizing waterfall, and the same is the case with a cute three strand waterfall braid.


One can add a lot of variation in your styling sense. As you move with braids, turn it to S-shape.

Shoulder Length

Get your hair shoulder length, and start to form loose plaits over the mid-section. It is the very process by which you are going to get such a hairdo.

Loop Waterfall Braid

Loop waterfall braids are mostly fascinating one among the hairstyle. Following a sort of instructions, you can quickly make them.

Waterfall Braid Medium Hair


Do not you like to leave your hair aside as it is? If you add some sense of style, as it is shown in this figure above, then you are going to cherish much.

Middle Part

Initially, create a roll continuously. And, merge your first roll with the second. Finally, continue with the same.

Platinum with Different Colour Shades

First of all, use a blue tint over a platinum shade. Now, add varied colors as it is above and go on forming braids.

 Short Bob in a Platinum

Throughout your mid-section, form an eye-catchy three strand braids and see how lovely it looks.

Twisted Knot in a Waterfall Braid

Make two rows of pretty plaits. After finishing a row, end that section with a twisted knot.

Longer One

Side braid is an all-time favorite, and easy to go on style. For this hairdo, all you have to do is form waterfall on it.

Beautiful Bun

One prefers to adapt bun hairstyle most often in the formal occasions. If you have some desire to try it out, then have a glance here.

Lovely Curls

Taking a few hair strands, style your hair as shown above. Then, leave the other part as it is.

Braid and Bun

Diversity in styling trends has been a center of focus for fashionistas. One such diversity is the combination picturized above.

Easy Waterfall Braid

Are you in search of an effortless style and a relaxed appearance? This picture itself depicts the combination you are striving.

Circular waterfall Braid

Though classy, a circular version itself astonishes anyone. If you love it, consult any of your hairstylists. And, get your hair done.

Messy Waterfall Braid

The top and the end section is messed up. And, the middle part goes through classy joints. Finally, you cherish your messy waterfall braid.

Awesome Varieties

Check on this various varied varieties of hairstyles. And, if you fall for anyone of this, go on to adopt the preferred one.

Waterfall Braid Cute Hairstyle

These styles offer grace, elegance with lots of simplicity. If one is to have a cute hairstyle, they are great alternative anyone can have.

 Circular Form

Grace and beauty concerns so much for a women. To enhance it, one can rely on circular double braids.

Front Braid

If you want to do fun with yourself, cut your hair too short. And, form the front braid as pictured above.

Curls in Brown Shade

Ladies, we know hair styling matters to you so much. So, here we present some miraculous varieties. Check on it.

Coiled Braid

Some new inventions with fresh combination to try this season. A fabulous compilation of coiled braid is there for you.

Numerous Braid

Taking different sections of the hair separately, create your plaits respectively. Finally, merge them.

Waterfall Braid with Bangs

Bangs provide seductive outlook as in above picture. Leaving aside bangs, you can make simple braids.

Loose Waves

Fashionistas often prefer loose waves for carefree appearance. Sometimes we tend to chill out leaving aside all our worries. In that case, you can form waterfall braids with loose waves.

Waterfall Braid For Medium Length Hair

And here goes an enchanting beauty of middle length hair wrapped in plaits. The model appears to be enchanting in this attire.

Blue in a Platinum

Wait for a little! Blue in platinum takes your breath away. Blue is darker giving vintage vibe, and platinum spreads an aura of pleasance all around.

Waterfall Braid Extensions

Slowly and slowly waterfall braid extends with from the top section to the end part. Like as a waterfall make you smile, this hairdo is for the same.

Iconic Version

Firstly, form a straight hair plait. Secondly, take different hair strands. Thirdly, join it to the respective places. Finally, it is ready a shown in this above figure.

Pink Hair

Ombre is in the trends if you want to experience with a different model. The model has preferred to try a glamorous version of pink ombre. It looks equally dazzling.

Updo in Double Braids

In the summer season, the usually approached style is either bun or a ponytail so that air easily passes to the head or the neck section. If you admire braids, see here you can choose it as your summer choice.

Curved Braid

Twists turn, and the curves give a very adventurous feeling. The fantastic curve formed in this long hair is unbelievable. You can rely on this for any wedding function or your special occasions.

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids itself has a lot of diversity on it such as two strands, three strands, dutch three strands, fishtail, dutch fishtail, four strands, dutch four strands, five strands, dutch five strands, etc.

With a Messed Bottom

So, are you going to participate in casual meetings of your girl’s gang? Do your buddies inform you at last minute? Is it that you have no time to prepare? Chill out. Waterfall braid with fishtail is the best option for you.

Waterfall Braid for Wedding

It is unnecessary to be in tension to style your hair for any wedding function. First of all, form simple circular braids. Make plaits of the section of your hair and manage a bun.

Smoky Ash Brown

Ash brown hair is a color shade that throws cool and fresh glimpse. Girls get your hair to a short one. Add this above shown brown ash shade, and you are all done.

Waterfall Braid Hairstyle with Curls

Create a range of the braids in the mid-shaft. With the help of an instrument, form eye-catchy curls as you desire.

Waterfall Braid Updo

Waterfall braid updo is not that much complex as it seems. Follow the procedure step by step, and you will get it finished then.

Brown in a Messed Form

It is not always true that your hairstyle needs to be well-balanced. The hair styled by the model proves it. It is almost frizzy at the end.

Simple Braid

Since ancient time, simple braid hairstyle has been very approach of people with long hair. It is straightforward to go on with the plait.

A New Version

The more you experiment with variations in style, the more you know which style suits you beautifully. And finally, you can carry yourself on that.

How To Do Waterfall Braid Updo On Yourself

The steps are not necessary to be told as the diagram very clearly and depicts it one by one. You need not take help of hairstylist for this.

Slanted Waterfall Braid

Here, the model chooses to add brown highlights. She formed plaits in the slanted position to give a new lookout.

Waterfall Braid Simple

One will never get tired of praising your waterfall braid. It is not only simple but also easy to create.

Highlighted One

The model chooses to add brown highlights. She formed plaits in the slanted position to give a new lookout.

Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Hey! Check out this fantastic types. You can better suggest your friends try on them, isn’t it?

Waterfall Braid Long Hair

Every boy is going to be mesmerized by an adorable beauty that this beautiful long hair enchants. Don’t you think so?

Thin Strand

People with thin hair may worry how to from waterfall braids in it. First of all, move your attention to this variety. I am damn sure you are going to be mad after it.

Fantastic Variety

It is indeed a lovely variety. The only thing is you have to consult a specialist to get this hairdo for yourself.

Waterfall Braid Long Curly Hair

Your best friends or some intimate people who are close to your heart are going to be overwhelmed by your curls.


For this L-shaped hairstyle, these points are to be kept in mind-

  • Add blue tinge over the platinum.
  • To the bottom, supply soft pink.
  • Start from the mid-shaft.
  • Turn the braids to L-shape.

Waterfall Braid Cute Girl Hairstyle

The girl is cute. The brown highlights in her black hair add spark to the charm of the girl. Hence, it is called as waterfall braid cute girl hairstyle.

Waterfall braid with Curls

As the picture speaks, it is in reality waterfall braid with curls. Curls are in different varieties here. Consult your hair stylist and form in any way you love it.


With growing age, one tends to feel of getting old. So in a sense, you are in search of an ageless style. What are you thinking then?  Fringe with waterfall braid is there for you to look you still young and fresh.

Waterfall Braided Bun


So many people with lots of choices of their varieties. Go on checking for this. It may be on your list of an alternative.

Golden Tint

Golden tint naturally reminds of sparks of dazzling sunlight. It really can be your choice next time.

Long Hair in Different Shades

View all these different choices. And then, experiment with all these choices. Finally, touch-up with anyone which your heart aspires.

Side Loop Braids

Is loop braid your all-time favorite? Then why are you waiting? Decorate your hair in the style.

High Bun

In hotter summer, you need a calm and fresh style to manage your hair. View the image and decide to apply.

Waterfall Braid into a Ponytail

Fan of braid! Lover of a ponytail! And in great confusion how to style your hair. Be in the acquaintance of waterfall braid into a ponytail.

Waterfall Braid Prom


Special events are few, and they mean a lot in our life. Try on these as shown in this above picture to make your prom night better.

Cute Girl Hairstyle

She is full of innocence. Some portion of her bangs is loose for the clean vibe. It is called the cute girl hairstyle.

Merged Braids

A lot of effort is not needed to look more fresh with your hair. Form braids from both the side and join it to the back side.

Types of Waterfall Braid

Firstly, I view it. Secondly, I got mesmerized by it. Finally, I am attracted to it so much that I could not get off my eye. People are going to say the same for this hairdo.

Vintage Curls

A perfect caring for your hair makes you noticeable as well as different from the crowd. So, why not to try with vintage curls?

S-Shaped Braid Style

Start from a side. Turn it in S-shape till to the end. Your glamorous, fabulous and stunning style is ready.

Brown Shade

After Black hair, brown hair is the natural hair we human have got. If you love brown shade, you can add it.

Silver Tint in a Long Hair

You move on a sunny day. The silver color dazzles, and you are easily identified in the crowd.

Spiral Braid

If prom night is coming near, it is always easy for boys to get ready. But for girls? Spiral braid style is for you girls.

Flaunting Waves

Imagine you are at sea beach. The waves formed in your hair. Try it then.

Beautiful Hairdo

Ladies! Why are you probably waiting to manage the hair in a stunning outlook? The model looks classy in this beautiful hairdo.

Loose Waterfall Braid

Loosely managed hairdo often provides you cozy looks. What are you waiting for then? Go and get it done.

Eye-catching Yellow Shade

Yellow is that color which most women admire. So, supply it all over your hair texture, and get interwoven twists.

Waterfall Braid Red Hair

Are you a fan of red color? If so, try an outstanding combination of waterfall braid and red tint. Hence, you seem gorgeous.

 An Outlook of a Messed Hair

Create outstanding plaits in the starting. Furthermore, leave all other section in a messy way as depicted above.

Straight Hair

Straight hair is always alluring. It seems like waterfall braid, look even more fantastic if formed at the middle part.

Combination of Two-shade

Initially, manage your upper section with brown-blonde. Lastly, attach green-platinum shade from the mid-shaft to the end part.

Girls Style

Hairstylist is focusing more on girls style these days. Here, it is one of a sample of their style.

An Amazing Hairdo

Women prefer a fabulous hairdo as depicted in this picture above. The most noteworthy thing is you can cherish it.

Waterfall Braid and Flower Bun

Who is not going to love flower? Firstly, create plaits from the side. And then, make out a flower bun out of it.

Short Bob

It is a need of time to be always in formal attire. Above all, short Bob is always a suitable choice. You can try waterfall braid in it.

Natural Curly Hair

Curls offer homage to romantic feeling. Form braids in your curly as it positively radiates unique vibe, you always prefer.

Complex Braids

If you are in a mood of managing this compicated braid, it is better to consult your hair stylist as it needs a lot of creativity.

Thus, we got to know about 129 variations of waterfall braid. Women and girls these days prefer to them for formal events like prom night, wedding ceremony, reception, etc. The fascinating thing about this hairstyle is that they are beneficial to carry out and manage our long hair. Either on waves or curls, waterfall braids provide you with differentiated looks ranging from innocent, cute to sophisticated, complex. One can approach that waterfall braids which you favor much.



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