93 Stunning Hairstyles for Oval Faces That Will Make You Look Lovely

There are different variations of hairstyles for oval faces. If you have an oval face, you are basically very lucky as you can try on different hairstyles and haircuts. Each and every girl are blessed with different face shapes that makes them beautiful in their own way. There are different types of hairstyles that suits best for round, long, square, heart or oval shapes. Moreover, there are certain techniques that you can use which gives your facial shape an oval structure.

With oval face shape, you can style your hair in different ways be it texture, pattern or the shape in general. If you have an oval face shape, you are truly blessed as you can experiment with different styles on either long or short hairs. In addition, the layers look best near cheekbones, lip or chin on an oval face. Basically, you can choose any of the features as per your preference and desire. For instance, you can refer to many celebrities who look absolutely amazing and gorgeous on different hairstyles on an oval face.

Here, are some of the best hairstyles for oval faces that we would like you to try on and look absolutely gorgeous.

  • Middle Parted Brown Hairstyles For Oval Faces


There are days when you want to stay simple yet elegant. So, for such days, you can simply colour your hair chestnut brown and then let it loose with a middle partition. For reference, you can look at the picture shown above.

  • Messy Middle Parted Wavy Updo

Messy hairdo at times makes you look very cool and bold at the same time. To get the look as shown in the picture above, you need to highlight your hair with the shade as per your preference and then, leave your hair untied with the middle partition in a messy way.

  • Short Bob

Short hairstyles are trending nowadays.  This kind of updo makes you look very bold and daring and elegant at the same time. Simply, create a short bob by applying blonde shade and side-swept bangs at the front.

  • Fringe Updo

Fringe/bangs are common among teenage and adult girls these days. This hairstyle basically suits for girls with an oval face accompanied by big forehead. You will look gorgeous with this updo regardless of the length of your hair. To be the talk in the public, at least experiment with this hairstyle for oval face big forehead.

  • Ash Blonde Updo

Well, to talk about hair shades there are many shades that might differ upon the preference of every single girl. But, this ash blonde tint gives you a very sophisticated glimpse. Furthermore, for an oval face, bring your bangs at the front to both the sides with a middle partition and then make a bun of remaining hair at the back.

  • Layered Hairdo with Side-Swept Bangs

As mentioned earlier that layered hairstyle suits the best for girls with an oval face. SO, this is one of the layered styles. Just create simple layers and then style as side-swept bangs at the front which gives you a completely glamorous look.

  • Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Short hairstyles give you a very smart and chic glimpse. Moreover, if you are looking for a low maintenance hairdo then this would be the perfect option for you.

  • Blazing Blues

As most of you might know that, any kind of hairstyles suits the best for girls with an oval face. In that case, make a high bun that makes you look modish and lovely. Furthermore, to brighten up your face you can add on a tint of blazing blue keeping in mind your preference and your skin tone.

  • Short Brown Hair

Brown hairstyles never go out of trend and short hairs always make you look very stylish. Moreover, those with an oval face must definitely try on this hairdo because it acts as a cherry on top of the cake meaning that, it enhances your appearance.

  • Bangs Hairdo

Bangs/fringes are usually the hair trimmed in a manner that it falls down the forehead. There are different ways you can style your bangs. The above shown are four simple ways to style as bangs/fringes. Basically, for those with an oval face bangs help you to shorten the length of an oval face.  You can style as bangs regardless of your hair length and to add more charm and grace you can also, colour your hair according to your choice and preference.

  • Side-Partitioned Updo

Are you looking for something very simple yet elegant for your special event? Do you want to give just a little change to your normal hairdo for your special occasion? If so, you can simply side partition your hair and create a light wavy curl. There you have your simple yet sophisticated look ready to be vaunted.

  • Wavy Bob Updo

Do you want to get that Oh!so Chic glimpse? If you want to then, an attempt for this hairdo without any hesitation. You will be the talk in the crowd for sure.

  • Light Flowy Style

The updo as shown in the picture above makes you ready for your day-to-day looks. It looks stylish but takes very less time to be created. Moreover, you can style it using electric rods or by using non-electric curlers.

  • Perfect Curls

Who doesn’t love curls, you definitely do right? You do not have to go for tight, voluminous curls rather the simple, light curls will work. This simple curls will make you ready for special occasions as well as will work the best for your casual looks.

  • One-sided Dutch Braid with Low Bun

One-side braid with a low bun is basically a party updo. This hairdo goes well with one-piece and gowns. You can get this look by following series of steps:-

  1. First, take couple strands of your hair at the front and start making a dutch braid up to the nape of your neck and secure it with a tie or a hairpin.
  2. Once you are done with braid, grab on all your remaining hair and make a low bun.
  3. Then, leave few strands of your hair at the front in a little messy way as shown in the picture above.
  4. You have your absolutely lovely updo readily that will turn the heads of many towards you.
  • Medium Hairstyles for Oval Faces With Double Chins

There are times when you want to look elegant with simple updo as well, don’t you? In that case, you can simply try this medium hairstyle for oval faces. For slight modification and elegance, colour your hair as per your preference and make a loose voluminous wave at towards the tip.

  • Short Blonde Hairstyle For Oval Faces

A blonde hairstyle is in fashion these days. Blonde updo complemented by short hairstyle makes you look smart and graceful. So, you can attempt this short hairstyle for oval faces at least once.

  • Side Swept Wavy Hair

If you have an oval face shape and are looking for some amazing party or casual look then try this hairstyle. There are series of steps that need to be followed to create this updo:

  1. First, you need to colour your hair blonde and if you have a natural blonde hair it would be a plus point for you.
  2. Then, create light waves using an electric rod or non-electric equipment as per your choice.
  3. Once you are done with the first two steps, simply sweep your hair to one side.
  4. After that, to one side roll your hair and pin it up as shown in the picture above.
  5. Your graceful hairstyle is ready to be flaunted.
  • Straight Highlighted Hairdo

If you do not want to look dull and boring on a daily basis you can attempt for this easy-going, low maintenance hairstyle. It is not much you have to do to recreate this look. You just need to straighten your hair or if you have a natural straight hair then, colour your hair brown with highlights in some parts as shown in the picture above.

  • High Pony

Pony hairstyle never goes out of fashion and is appropriate for any of your special events. Simply, grab all your hair and make a high ponytail. To add more charm to your appearance, add on the simple ear or neck accessories.

  • The Perfect Waves

DO you love wavy hairstyles? Are you looking for a perfect party up do’s? Then, you should definitely opt for this hairstyle. Recreate this look using a hair straightener or a hair curler.

  • Effortless yet Modish

As seen in the picture above, this hairstyle does not need any effort and dedication to make it look graceful. On your natural hair, you just need to colour it with the shade of your choice.

  • Short Black Bob

  There are times when you feel annoyed and irritated styling your hair in different patterns and textures. To get rid of complications while styling your long hair, you can make it easy by cutting it short. Moreover, this is the perfect short hairstyle for oval face and thin hair.

  • Deep Brown Mid-Length Hairdo

Are you looking for something very vibrant and charming? If so, you should definitely opt for this updo. Shape your hair shoulder-length with round edges and add on a very vibrant hue to your hair.

  • Chestnut Brown Hairstyle

As you can see in the picture above that,there is not much you have to do with this style. Make slight waves and then create a side bang at the front. For more stylish look, go for chestnut brown hair color.

  • Boys Cut Hair

As we can see that many people go for boys cut hairdo these days. So, why don’t you try too? If you think about how it looks then, refer to the picture above.

  • Short Wavy Hair

If you are worried about having to style your short hair into different forms then, drag your worries aside. Short hairstyles too can be styled in different manners. Above shown wavy hairdo is one example of hairdo for short hair.

  • Graceful Updo

Many a time there are situations where you do not want to go for very glamorous and time-consuming hairstyles, isn’t it? In that case, you can simply attempt for blonde shade and leave your hair open.

  • Short and Smart Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are perfect for any season basically summer. There are different variations of short hair up-dos that you can try on to get a smart and gorgeous look. Moreover, short hairstyles make you ready for any of your special events be it parties or your day-to-day look.

  • Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

This look is easy to be recreated and gives you a very sophisticated look. Woman of any age group can try on this hairdo and turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Headband With a Bun


Headbands never go out of fashion and suit the best for a woman of any age group. But to give a little change to your style and your overall appearance, you can create a headband on your own hair at the front. After you are done with the headband braids, grab on all your hair to the back and make a bun: low or high as per your preference.

  • Casual Look

As you can see in the picture above, this hairstyle is simple, effortless and manageable. Just give this style a try for your daily casual looks.

  •  Hairstyles With Round Edges

Do you want to get that Oh! So chic look? If you want to then, just cut your hair to the length as you desire and let it loose. But when to cut your hair, keep the edges round which will add a different grace and charm to your personality.

  • Short Messy Wavy Hairstyle

Short messy wavy hairstyles make you look cute and lovely as in the above picture.

  • Bun Hairdo with Few Strands At The Front

This hairstyle is easy to be recreated. Just make a bun at the back, let few strands of your hair at the front and make slight waves to the strands at the front. There you have your simple yet glamorous look ready to be flaunted.

  • Messy Hairstyle

Do you want to look bold and daring effortlessly? Then, just leave your hair untied in a messy way.

  • Side-Parted Hair

As mentioned earlier, every one of you might have known by now that any kind of hairstyle suits for oval face. In that case, you can go on for this side partitioned hair with slight waves or keep it straight. A perfect updo forany of  your special event.

  • Hairstyle with Bangs/Fringe

Fringes are usually styled at the front of the head in a manner that it lies over the forehead. Fringes are usually cut straight but can be also styled as short and long fringes. In addition, bangs can be complemented with pony, bun or even untied hair as shown in the pictures above.

  • Curly Hair


If you are bored by straight and wavy hairstyles, it is obvious that you need to try on curly hairdo’s. This hairdo makes you look gorgeous regardless of your hair length.

  • Ombre Highlights

Ombre has been in fashion these days be it ombre nails or hairs. If you love and prefer shoulder length hairs then, this would be a perfect option for you. Here, the hairstylist has focused on partitioned layers with light curls at the side. Also, the hairstylist has focused on giving ombre tints to the chestnut brown hair.

  • Side-Swept Mid-Length Hairstyle

If you want to make for a hairstyle which gives you a very easy-going look then, this hairstyle is the perfect option for you. To recreate this look, you just need to make slight waves to your hair, make a side-partition as per your preference and then, sweep all your hair to the side. There you have your simple yet amazing looking hair ready to be flaunted.

  • Short But Still Graceful


If you think that you cannot stand out in the crowd with your shirt hairs then, you are absolutely wrong. You can recreate the looks as shown in the pictures above and be a talk in the mass.

  • Glam Look

There are times when you do not have time to go to the saloon and get ready for your special events. In that case, you can simply make a loose curl at the front and style side-ways as shown above. You can keep it tidy or messy as per your preference.

  • Short Flattery Hairstyles

When it comes to styling your hairdo, you want to show off your persona. Along with that, you want a low-maintenance, stylish look too. To fulfil your wish, in that case, try the short flattery hairstyles as shown above. Moreover, the hairdo also gives you a big and exciting change to your whole appearance.

  • A Soft Stylish Pixie

Are you wanting to get a completely different look that adds bold and chic glance to your appearance? Then, why not try this pixie hairdo. This hairdo looks perfect for oval faces and can be carried off well by women of any age and complexion. In addition, this updo makes you ready for any occasion be it special events or day-to-day looks.

  • Side-Swept Half Up Hairdo

This updo is very easy to be recreated. Just take half of your hair and then clip it up. After that, sweep your hair to the side with few strands of your hair at the front.

  • Soft Bob

Do you want to keep up with trends but don’t have the time to spend hours styling it? If so, try this short soft bob hairdo.  This looks best on oval faces. Moreover, this cut works for every hair type, women of any age group and any skin complexion. Also, this simple updo adds grace to any of your occasion.

  • Messy Bun With Side Swept Bangs

Are you looking for a pleasingly ingenious and simple party look? If so, try this messy bun with side swept long bangs.

  • A mix of Grey and Pink

At times, you need to play with hair colours to get that sophisticated glance. So, why not try the mix of grey and pink with slight waves. This look will surely turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Long hairstyles for oval faces

If you love to keep your hair long then there are many ways to style it so that you get that discerning glance. The above-shown updos are very easy to be recreated and require very low maintenance. You can let your hair loose either naturally or with light curls.

  • Cool Hairstyles For Faces

Do you have thin hair? Are you looking for something daring and chic? Then, you must definitely try on this updo. Simply, cut your hair short and create waves as shown in the picture. You can blow dry your hair to boost the volume when needed, or simply wear it as a wash-and-go style.aces.

Hence, these are some of the hairstyles that will look absolutely amazing on oval faces.As you have known by now that women with oval face shapes are lucky enough as they can try versatile hairstyles. So, attempt on any of these updos as per your preference and the one that suits you the best.

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