103 Beautiful Sister Tattoo Designs For You and Your Cute Sisters

Sisters are amazing- aren’t they? Especially when you both are sisters to each other- that means you are two sisters- both of you turn out to be really lucky people. You have a bond- a unique bond built with love and whatever you may call yourselves- best friends or sisters- both of them still make sense. Sisters don’t only have the same blood- they learn things in the same way, you feel the world with similar conscience, and that is why they can understand each other entirely. Sisterhood is really great- that is the reason that the sister tattoos have to be as well.

Tattoos are not inked all of a sudden or for no reason- they have an emotional attachment to the person who is getting them. People only tattoo those things that have a close connection to their lives- something that they love the most. And for sisters, maybe that is all that. Still, having sister tattoo is one of the sweetest things that the sisters can do to each other.

So, if you are thinking of getting sister tattoos as well, then you have definitely got it correct. And to help you with that, we have here the best sister tattoos designs that you can have.



Well, your relationship is as beautiful as a flower.  This tattoo tells exactly that.

The Heartbeat

If you decided to have sister tattoos for 2, then why not ink the heart? It is a symbol of your love.

The Birthdate

This could be a very interesting sister tattoo on the wrist. Well, printing the birth years of each other, how cute can that be.

Big Sis And The Lil Sis

Well, the interesting thing about this tattoo is that both the sisters decided to have to the same number of letters in their tattoos, common, for the little sister, it would not be fair if she had to ink some more words.

The Flower Stem

Well, this is also one of the best flower sister tattoos. The stem is the nerve, and then there is the word sister printed on it.

Sister Key tattoos

After all, sisters are the keys to each other’s heart aren’t they?


So, what do you call your sister? Well, you can get the matching leg tattoos of the word.

Big Sis And Lil Sis

When the letter S itself makes the heart, it feels like you are on each other’s heart.

The Half Sun and Moon Tattoos

Well, get the matching wrist tattoos of the sun and the moon, and they only become complete when they come to each other.


The infinity sister tattoo is one of the most famous sister tattoos in the world.


Get matching sister tattoo in your arms- and then that tells a lot.

The Infinite Love

Well, here is another very artistic infinity sister tattoo there can ever be. This looks very beautiful.

Just Nuts Away

Sweet matching quotes are also what sisters can get as their tattoos. These sister tattoos show a lot of commitment and beliefs.

Matching Ankle Tattoos

Well, getting the sister tattoos on the ankle could also be a good idea. Especially when the sister tattoo designs are as good as this.

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos themselves say a lot- incorporate them with the sister tattoos and you get a masterpiece like this.

Always Watching You

The eyes in the middle of the flower give these tattoos designs a unique look.

Tattoos in the Feet

Well, the feet are also great places to get matching sister tattoos, just like this one.

Tattoos For 3

Well, this tattoo also says who is the eldest and the youngest among you three. You could modify the information to make it look more creative.

Two Sisters, One Swing

Matching kegs sister tattoos- they don’t need to be big- just that they need to tell a story- which this tattoo obviously does.

The Infinite Love

Well, this tattoo has done a good job combining the infinite sister tattoo with the heart.


Well, you don’t need to do anything much- matching tattoos in your arms that say the word sister can also be enough. Just that they need to be designed in a good way to look at.

Heart Again

Well, here is another sister heart tattoo. The Micky Mouse head makes this look really cute.

With Birth Dates

Well, it is a popular choice to include the birth date in the sister tattoos. Here is another one of them.

The Butterfly Heart

Well, looking for 3 sisters tattoos, this could also be a good choice to ink your wrists.

The Heart and The Swing

Yet, here is another swing sister tattoo, this time, th heart also has been included in a rather clever way.


Well, here is a great tattoo design idea for the twin sisters. The Infinity twin sisters tattoo.

The Butterfly

Well, everybody who looks at this tattoo will exclaim this is perfectly sweet. The design of the butterfly in this tattoo is very sleek.

The Soulsisters Tattoo

Well, most of the sisters prefer the words soul sister in their tattoos. And the way that the arrow points towards them- it seems like the words represent the heart itself.

Brother and Sister Tattoos

Well, the protector and the keeper-  this could be a perfect idea for brothers and sisters to get their matching tattoo done.

Sis on the Wrist

Well, isn’t the side of the wrist the perfect place to get a sister tattoo? This tattoo design says so.

The Infinite With Name

Talk about getting really creative with the infinite sister tattoos-  you can ink each other’s name in a great way like this.

Three Hearts- One Tattoo

These tattoos are matching, and the number of the hearts also say how many people are in the squad. This tattoo would look cute on anyone’s feet.

The Anchor Tattoo

Well, the anchor and the letter t- haven’t they been substituted and suited perfectly?

Shoulder and the Wrists

Well, when you get matching tattoos, it is not necessary that you get it in the same place. Just pick your preferred body part.

The Heart Made of Creativity

Even the tattoo expert will be very pleased to see a people with the taste of artistic sister tattoos like this.

The Lifeline

Well, isn’t it a great idea to tell in your tattoos that your sister is your lifeline? And with perfect designs like these.

Another Flower

Well, here is another great sister symbol tattoo on flowers. The art of each and every letter has been done with a great deal of passion.

Watercolor Tattoos

Well, how about getting a hue of splashing colours in your sister tattoos? It’s pretty, and it’s colourful.

The Lotus Stem

Well, you don’t have to ink so much- just get a simple sister tattoo which doesn’t take much time to make. But, after it is made, the tattoo looks more than a simple one.

The Red Petals

Well, here is another colour flower sister tattoo- as many people like to call them. The colour in the petals in this one is worth being praised.


Ohana means family. As sisters, you may not always have to print the word sister, but you could also try other words as well.

A Beautiful Flower

How about getting this sister tattoo? Even the pollen grains of the flower have been worked properly- just like the tattoo artist was interested to give every little detail of the flower.

Flower Tattoos For 3

Now, tell me- aren’t they unique sister tattoos? Three sisters with three flowers- all representing different personality and symbols.

The Pink Petal

Well, here is another great sister tattoo for legs. That could be a great place to ink amazing tattoos like this.

Sisters But Different Colours

The different colours represent different personalities. You could get the same tattoos but pick different colours like in this one as well.


Here is another flower sister tattoo design that I wanted all the sisters out there to see. Isn’t this just beautiful?

Another One

Well, let us see another one of the flower sister tattoo designs. All of them are so cool, and this adds to them.

Two Hearts

If you did notice earlier- the number of hearts in the sister tattoo designs are dependent on the number of sisters that you have. So, here is another sister tattoo for two.

For Three

Well, the colouring of the hearts let us know who the eldest and the youngest ones are. You might also consider getting them for your group of three.

Green And Red

Just to prove that this sister tattoo design looks perfect in any colour. So, there are options for you to choose what you prefer.

Infinite Color Splash

It feels like in these tattoos, some man accidentally dropped his colour paint box. And the colours ended up dropping in the best way as possible.

Little Sister

Well, do you prefer styles like these for your tattoo? The curly letters are really attractive, don’t you think?


Well, as sisters, you love each other with the eternal love forever. And still, this design is really attractive to not get.

The Butterfly And the Heart

Well, there are only pretty things included in this sister tattoo. The heart, the butterfly and the precious word itself.

On Chest

Well, if you are outgoing and would want your sister tattoo to look cool, then, the chest could be the best place for you to get a tattoo on.


Well, sister tattoo quotes look really impressive, we have seen this in the previous tattoos too. Anyway, this is a cool tattoo design that speaks your heart out about your lovable sister.

Heart and The Infinite

Well, this tattoo is a heart sister tattoo and an infinity sister tattoo as well. Both of them combined, it certainly has a really good artistic touch to it.

On The Top of the Feet

Well, you can also have your sister tattoo inked on the top of both of your feet, just like in this one. This sister tattoo design looks simple and \fantastic.

The Most Important Things In Life

Well, a sister tattoo with a quote and a design of your squad. And this tattoo design looks very beautiful. Now tell me- doesn’t this sister tattoo have all?

Two Hearts Combined

The sister tattoos are to show how you and your sister’s hearts have been joined with one another. And this particular tattoo shows exactly that.

Another Soul Tattoo

Well, tell me who wouldn’t want to get sister tattoos on foot, if the tattoo and your feet suit so well with one another? The leaves in the back make it look like an arrow as well.


Well, sister tattoo ideas, when implemented in the right way, end up looking great like this in the end. Having your own tattoo designs and ideas is a great thing.

Ying Yang

Well, Ying and Yang sister tattoo designs say a lot on the background as well. They need each other to exist. And you can reflect exactly that in your sister tattoos.

The Positioning

Well, we definitely can’t see what has been written as a quote in these tattoos, but we definitely see how sister tattoo quotes look amazing even when we can’t read them. And they suit in any part of your body as well.

Lean On Me

Well, sisters may also talk to each other with their sister tattoos. Like this one – lean on me- the tattoo is going to be with the sisters as long as they exist and they have made each other assured that they can look for the support anytime they want.

Sisters And A Balloon

Well, this sister tattoo looks cool, it is matching, and the heart balloon puts an extra touch to it. It is definitely one of the best sister tattoos that we have in this list.

Infinity and Feather Tattoos

Well, this tattoo itself is very good, but that colour shade makes it really alluring. The colour looks like it hasn’t been tattooed- but someone came, and pencil coloured it.

Pinky Promise

Well, you two promise to be with each other throughout your lives- don’t you? Then you can pinky promise again- this time on each of your skin with this beautiful tattoo design.

The Lock And The Key

Well, one has been locked, and the other has the key. Only you two match with each other and no one else. I would say this could also be an excellent choice if you are definite of sister key tattoos.

Each Other’s Sun

Well, both of you have the same sun in your own galaxies- how cool is that.  If you were looking for small sister tattoo designs, then what do you think about getting this design?

The Infinity Roses 

Well, here is something really creative for a sister tattoo design as well. Two roses- each of the one’s favourite colour and both of them pointing at infinite love.

Heart Inked

Well, this tattoo simply has two hearts- and that means a lot. Even small sister tattoo designs hold a lot of value now, don’t they?

The Fractions

Well, as sisters, who was born first and who was after that? Isn’t this sister tattoo design a great way of unveiling that?

The Thread Phone

Get these matching sister tattoos in your legs. After all, it is you two who can listen to each other without the world hearing any sound, can’t you?

Sun and The Moon Tattoos

Well, tattoo the sun and the moon as well- that will be equivalent of inking yourselves in your tattoos. This concept is very cool for matching sister tattoos.

Safe And Wild

Well, if you are getting sister tattoo, then you could also consider your messages to each other. They look very good when you ink them.

The Everlasting Bond

Well, this is the sister tattoo with quotes that will fit every sister’s heart. The bond is forever, that is the reason sisters even get a tattoo in the first place.

Get Lost

Well, this is another one of the pinky promise sister tattoo- but see what it says as well. I would say it could be a good idea to include a pledge in your pinky promise sister tattoos.

Key and The Birdie

Well, the bird of the angels dropped three keys. I will not have to tell you who they resemble. This would be a great idea for matching wrist sister tattoos.

The Roman Numerals

Well, you don’t need to paint a lot in your sister tattoos. Merely two Roman numerals- like these will easily help people understand what your tattoos mean.

This One

Well, this definitely is one of the most inventive sister tattoos we have ever seen. The way that the figures make the infinity sign; anybody will be interested in this sister tattoo.

Matching Feathers Love

Well, feather sister tattoos are also very famous sister tattoos. You can easily say why looking at the design. The birds are flying on the horizon- it feels like they dropped the feathers.


Well, this is one of the other family tattoos. No matter how many numbers of the sisters- this tattoo still looks good. Especially when done on the wrist, they will grab people’s attention easily.

Mountains And The Sea

Well, this matching tattoo can tell a lot about your sisters. Maybe these are the places where you live and are tattooing so as to always be together- or maybe it has a different meaning than that. Anyway, these sister tattoo designs are very creative.

Be Yourself

Well, tell the world what you two siblings want to say. Especially quotes that can change the world. This is also a great sister tattoo design idea.

Always Choose You

Once sisters, always sisters- you could convey that message to each other through your tattoos. Just tell them that you love them and will always want them to be your loving sisters.

Standing On The Earth

Two sisters- holding each other’s hand, standing on the earth and gazing at the stars. The people in this tattoo indeed are having one of the happiest feelings that they could ever have.


Being sisters means showing your love to each other in every possible way. You always want to be together with each other, and that is what you certainly will do as well. And till the time you are together, you are going to people who will share the same happiness, same sorrow, same laughter and the same tears. So, it is all about always being there for each other and pledging to that- and tattoos, well tattoos are one of the best ways to do that.

Tattoos are special- they really are. Once you have a tattoo, it means it is going to be with you until you exist. That is the reason all of us certainly have to think a lot and be patient before getting a tattoo. But for you, safe to say, you have already passed that stage having already chosen the best idea of a tattoo- the sister tattoo. Now, everything left for you in the process is to get your sister, discuss the tattoo design that you think is the best for you and then visit your tattoo parlour- what else is there left to do?

So, did you take a look at all the sister tattoos we have here? And did you like these tattoo designs? If you did, then tell us which one was your favorite? And among these tattoos, did you decide on any? I mean were you interested in getting any of these designs on your skin? Well, let us know- I mean let the world know and till the next time, best of luck with your sister tattoo.

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