107 Top Forgiveness Quotes That Will Help You Forget The Wrongdoers

Forgiveness- one of the most beautiful qualities that the humans possess. This word means a lot more than itself, forgiveness means letting yourself be free from the burden of hatred and inviting the person that harmed you to the peace. It is not what most people can possibly do- because it takes a lot of courage and wisdom- that only you have. If you can forgive, then you are a very strong person and if you want to know why then you can look at the forgiveness quotes.

Forgiveness quotes don’t only tell that forgiving someone is necessary- but they also tell us exactly why.  And the forgiveness quotes also tell us how we can forgive the people- that is the reason everyone likes to read them. And if you are in a situation that is rather confusing on whether you shall forgive or not, then the forgiveness quotes also have an answer to that.

So, to help you with that, we decided to make a post about the forgiveness quotes. And here they are- the best forgiveness quotes that will help you forget the past and live a great life.

For What You Deserve

forgiveness-quotesWell, if that is the only way they are not going to keep on bothering you then do what has been told in this quote.

From Destroying My Heart

Forgiveness quotes when said perfectly, tell us the exact definition of what that is, just like in this quote.

In The Different Shadows

Well, this is one of those positive quotes that tell us to focus on what we positively think of forgiveness.

The Anger

Forgiveness quotes from Buddha, they certainly make sense- everybody wants to get those words in the root of their heart.

The Wounds

Revenge and another revenge- this quote tells us why it has come to an end.

Let’s Not Get Tired

Well, as this quote says, the God actually likes it when we ask him to forgive us for the bad things we have done.

Love And Forgiveness

Love and forgiveness, they can’t exist without one another. This forgiveness quote says it all.

To You As You Do

Well, as the time passes, then who knows, like this quote says, you may be on the other side. So, when it is your time to forgive, do it to become assured for yourself.

In Recovery

So, actually why not change our revenge into forgiveness- that is what this quote implies that we should do.

What God Will See

The God will be a proud man. Well, this is all I can say as a reply to this forgiveness quote.

Because You Still Want Them


Well, who knows, maybe this is human weakness or ability, but this forgiveness quote is truly accurate.

For the Stronger Relationships

Well, relationships certainly get stronger, because what this quote says is that the people have a very good understanding of each other. They are willing to hear each other out.

Who Never Give Up

Well, I would say this is one of the most perfect forgiveness quotes for a relationship.

I Do 

Well, as this quote says, once you forgive, you are going to find a heavy weight lift off yourself.

What Forgiveness Means

Everything that your heart wants is peace, isn’t it? Well, once you learn to forgive, then you are going to find it in there- no matter what.

The Prisoner

Well, this forgiveness quote is very accurate. It feels like when you have a grudge with someone, then you are the one that has been affected by it.

A New Beginning 

So, then someone accepted your apology? Then you will need to read this forgiveness quote.

For The Genuine Happiness

So, do you think that you also deserve the genuine happiness like the one in this quote? You know what you should do, don’t you?

And Still Thanks

Well, I would be wrong if I said this is one of the forgiveness quotes from the Bible, but all I can say is that I think this quote had to be included there.

The Usability

Well, read this quote and tell me that you think so as well. Because I know that you are as wise as the person who said this quote.

To Be Successful

The proof of this quote is that every successful people have had a quality of forgiving the others. For more quotes on success, then here are our best success quotes.

Love Always Stoops

The man who said this quote is a Senior Pastor. So, you definitely expect his quotes to be as wise as this.

My Master Plan

Well, if you have the same master plan as in this quote, then I am glad to say that you are on the right path.

Until you Are Free Of Hurt

So, forgive people, would you? Because I am not saying this for their good but, look even this quote says that if you forgive, then the thing can’t hurt you. And it is true.

What You Are Made Of

Well, are you made of forgiveness so you can take on any situations?

The Attribute of The Tough

Mahatma Gandhi says words that are true- and this forgiveness quote is one of them.

In Marriage

Well, as this quote says, ask anybody who has been in a successful marriage- and they will tell you that they forgive and they be forgiven- every day.

The Mistakes

Well, if the leader is going to make a mistake anyway, why not make it such that it will eventually be good for him and his team himself? This is one of the most accurate leadership quotes.

To Learn To Love

Well, if you have learnt to love, then I bet you have already found yourself very familiar with this quote.

Forgive The Family

Well, I will have to say that this is one of the most inspiring family quotes. You forgive your family- that is what you do, clear and straight.

Enlarge The Future

Forgiving means bringing the other person to terms and both of you working for the future without anything bugging you. Well, this quote is true.

The New

Well, start things fresh- start things new. And to really feel the definition of new that this quote says, then you will need to learn to forgive.

For Lightening after the Heal

Well, the scars still remain there, even after time heals that. And forgiveness covers that as well. You may also like to take a look at our time quotes.

From Allah 

This is not just a forgiveness quote in Islam, but this should be a quote that should be in our prayers every morning- regardless of the religion, we still need to pray to the God.

One’s Self

Forgive yourself- that is very important for you to lead a healthy and happy life.

Never As Much Beautiful

I guess this quote really pointed about the most beautiful human nature. Forgiveness lets us be accepted and lets us accept all as one.

Even To Be Wrong

Well, even if we are wrong in forgiving others, this is still easier for us.  And this is what we need to do, just like in this quote.

Have To Forgive

Well, we can forgive- that is not so hard, and it doesn’t have to mean anything more than that. This quote wants to tell us exactly that.

My Desire

If this is your desire as well, then I know that you are a very enlightened person.


Well, you read this quote and get what this means, right? They are humans as well, so maybe you could also forgive the people.

Forgiveness For Love

Well, forgive the bad things and then be in love- then you will feel wonderful again like this quote says.

In the Short Life

If you forgive quickly, it will be better for you and the other person too. Like this quote says, your both lives are short- enjoy it.

The Best Form Of Love

Well, I know that you definitely are the strong person that this quote is talking about.

We Will Live in Peace

Even when we think about this quote in this way- had the leaders in the history forgave one another, would we have to see two terrible world wars?

Well, Forgiving Still Doesn’t Mean

Well, you would like to take a look at our trust quotes as well.

Don’t Need To Gorget The Incident

Even if forgiveness is a new start, the thing that made the person apologise to you still happened.

The Power Of Forgiveness

Well, this is another one of these forgiveness quotes that say how love and forgiveness are so much connected to one another.

All You Will Need To Do

Well, forgive them- you have done the right thing. Like this quote says, that is the only thing you need to do and not worry about anything else.

The Bridge

Well, after reading this quote, I guess you also would not want to break the way or the bridge- that you still have to walk.

A Gift To Yourself

Well, all the words in this quote tell why this quote is one of the most famous forgiveness quotes.

The Repentance

This quote is so real. Well, you will have to look at it in a second way.

As Quickly As You Expect

Well, do it. Actually, if you follow this quote, then I would say that the God will always find a reason to forgive you.

What To Spend

Well, you have a lot of emotions, and they carry a lot of value. After reading this quote, I hope now you know what you should spend and what not.


Well, God sees you forgive others and then he will make it up to you as this quote says. Your life is supposed to be fair, and the God takes care of that.

To Heal and Grow

Everybody wants to heal and grow. So, what do you have to do? Well, the answer is already in this quote.

An Amazing Thing For Yourself

Well, it is difficult to forgive a friend- this quote also accepts that. But if you do, then you do a very amazing thing.

How We Correct Them

Well, asking for forgiveness is also one phase of correcting the mistakes that we have made. This quote wanted to tell us exactly that.

When you Ask For Forgiveness

Well, even asking for forgiveness from the God will turn you into a very positive person. I hope that you sensed it from this quote.

Aways Forgivable

All this quote says is be courageous. Ask for forgiveness- only the brave people can do that and if you are brave, there is nothing that can stop your thing from being a success.

Be Soft

Did you get what this quote wanted to say? Don’t let the pressure of the wrongdoers make you weak- forgive quickly.

The Hope of Tomorrow

That rope is where everybody wants to hold on. And this quote already says that you have a chance to do so. All you need to do is forgive.

Without Forgiveness

Well, isn’t this quote so real? Doesn’t this help us realise how forgiveness has been something that has brought the humans this far?

Light The Torch

According to this quote, forgiving means lighting a torch in the darkness. That is something you must do.

Road To The Happiness

Well, remember the last time you forgave- and tell me that you absolutely did relate to this forgiveness quote.


The person will be forgiven – that is because he is lucky because we are the people that always do good for ourselves.

The Paths

Read this quote carefully. Does seem like an algorithm or something, but you will know where you go with or without forgiveness.

Me Giving Up My Right

Well, if you forgive someone, then the hatred that you yourself have- that will stop torturing you as well.

Prevents Their Behaviour

This quote is up to a point, telling you what forgiveness actually does.

Your Enemies

I guess this quote is true after all. Imagine hating a person so much and doing the wrong things to him and he still tells you it is ok.

Forgiveness And Trust

Even this quote shows how forgiveness and trust have a rather interesting relationship.

They have Something To Forgive

Well, don’t we all say that? And still, when it is our time to forgive, we still are not so sure about it. Maybe, after this post about forgiveness quotes is over, we will not really relate to that?

The First To

Well, do you have a little doubt in this quote? Maybe you should try to test to see if it is telling you the truth.

The Buddhist Prayer

Well, prayers should not be limited to a single religion, if you know what I mean.

The Nine Important Words

Another one of the family quotes, this quote also tells us how important is asking for forgiveness.

Stop Keeping Track

Well, if you have yourself realised that what you have committed is a mistake, then you already deserve to be forgiven.

Simply Means

The healing power of forgiveness is amazing, isn’t it? Just like this quote says.

The Choice That Shows Your Goodness

Well, we forgive for ourselves- we already know that. And this quote makes that concept even elucidated.

As the God Forgave You

Well, here is another forgiveness quote from the Bible that we all should follow.

To Teach You Something

Well, tell me, the last time you were made to forgive someone, did you learn a lot? I guess you did, it was a lesson to you as this quote says.

The Happiest

Well, what this quote means to say is that if you forgive everything- there will never be anything that can possibly make you sad.

Loving Yourself Enough

Well, life is a journey- we need to move on, right? So, to let us do that, we will learn to forgive.

Even If They Are Not Sorry

Well, if they think that they can hurt you because they are not brave enough to ask for forgiveness, all you can do is let them think so. You have already read this quote, haven’t you?

Another Definition

Well, this quote gives another definition of the forgiveness and it is very true. And if you can understand this, your life is surely set to change a lot.

Understand The Idiot

Well, that is true. Let the idiot person be as he is. And you must take both of you out of the problems.

Smaller Or Bigger

Well, like this quote says, sometimes you get yourself in a situation where you can choose to be smaller or grow. So, you need to select the right option for yourself.

What You Never Got

Well, so I know that you want to make your life easier than it is. So, the answer to that is already in this forgiveness quote.

Of Another Person’s Throat

Well, you yourself don’t have any interest in clinging to a person’s throat, especially when he has done something wrong to you, right?

That One Person

Well, betrayal hurts a lot. But, all you can do to let yourself to go out of the pain is forgive, just like said in this quote.

This Wisdom

Now, this forgiveness quote just hits the spot. I will say this is one of the best forgiveness quotes ever said.

Your Words

That what is forgiven is not forgotten- this is what we read in the previous forgiveness quotes as well.

The God’s Peace

Well, the God will give us the peace if we do what he has taught us to do. After all, we all live for that peace, don’t we?

The Heaviest Thing To Carry

Well, this quote also told you about the heaviest weight that you carry. But, it also told you that you can easily let it go if you want to.

In Our Mind

Well, this is another forgiveness quote that I would like you to read out loud.


Well, only if we understand this quote perfectly, the humanity itself can evolve into something that it has never been before. Nothing has to be perfect, nothing can.

Stole A Bike

Well, don’t take me wrong, I am not here trying to inspire you with this quote. Just wanted to include some funny forgiveness quotes as well.

I Mean It

This quote also tells us about the attitude that we all must have. When we say sorry, we actually have to tell it through our soul. And if we can do so, we will also be able to relate to the best asking for forgiveness quotes like this.

Learn From Them

Well, isn’t the quote apparently? We really have to understand the forgiveness quotes that tell us to forgive ourselves.

The Power To Wish Them Well

Well, yes, that is when something very wonderful has begun. And when the forgiveness has begun, your life is never going to be the same again.


All these forgiveness quotes told us why we have to build a character in ourselves who is always willing to forgive.

Well, forgiving is something that we can easily do if we want to and that is the right thing to do. Only if the humans knew about and valued the forgiveness a little more, then the world itself would be free of many problems. To get it clear, forgiving for us may only mean about letting go of the negative emotions, but if we can do so, then we are set to change the world around us. So, all we should do is follow the forgiveness quotes above and start seeing and feeling the great happiness that is waiting for us.

Well, then tell me if these forgiveness quotes were good. If they were, then tell me did they help you to conclude that you should forgive after all. If they did, I am sincerely happy, and I hope that you will be satisfied as well.


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