123 Best Short Positive Quotes That Will Help You Lead a Happy Life

Positive quotes are a lot of help in leading a positive life. The quotes are made of words which release the vibe of something great, the vibes that can change the entire way that you approach your life. Reading the positive quotes and trying to follow them is indeed going to change your life for the good, it is a good practice.

So today, we decided to make a list of those positive quotes that are going to help with your positive life. These are the best positive quotes that we could ever find and are certainly going to help you make your entire life constructive.

Setting Up Goals

positive-quotesSetting up goals, it is the first necessity of being successful, as this quote says.

The person

People can be successful in any jobs that they take. That is all this quote wants to say.

Happy, Angry and Sad

When you are these three things mentioned in the quote, you are not the normal you. So, don’t make any important decisions.

Too Much of Today

Will Rogers quoted the positive quote perfectly. Let yesterday be yesterday and nothing else.

Positive results 

Well, you need to do is abandon the negative thoughts and also read the positive quotes like this.


Something troubles you or not- that can be seen clearly in your attitude. Make it good.

Think and Be

It is really easy to be and think positive. So, why not do it?

Think Positive

Well, positive quotes about life are not to be read only-  they should also be taken positively.

Forget to Check the Phone

You must try your best to make this quote one of your most important quotes of the day- every day.

Lift them up

I tried to make you feel positive with a strength quote in a picture that seems to make it a funny quote. You can also look at those of our quotes as well.

Stronger than you think

You are stronger than you think- if that truth won’t make you positive, I don’t know what will.

Positive quotes for the day

This is one of the best motivational quotes, and it makes you feel positive to a large degree.

Love What You Do

Love what you do- with the wonderful feeling in the heart, you will give your best always,

Come in Positively

Steffon Diggs told about himself in this quote. So, you can follow those footsteps of his to become positive.

Starts From Within

Well, being positive means being happy as well, isn’t it? And this quote states that too.

Getting Started

Don’t believe in this quote? Then see how far Mark Twain reached after starting.

Action and results

Positive is a keyword to success. Be positive like this positive quote.

Will Be Amazing

Well, I hope this quote will help you be positive the first thing in the morning. That will make your day.

Astound Ourselves

Thomas A Edison said it correct and it is us who don’t want to know our own capabilities.

Pain As a teacher

Well, so almost all you can do for now – respect the pain as well.


For the true meaning of what a team is, you should look at this quote.

Yourself To Everything

Change yourself and be positive- that is all that this quote says. I know you will.

Watch My Rising

Well, if you have this quote rooted in your heart and people laugh at you, you will still not be hurt. You are going to ascend, just become positive.

You Used To Be

Well, this quote is really inspiring. Try to beat the previous you, and you will improve a lot.

Think Back

If you get yourself to think about it, challenges are nothing new to you. You have been used to them.

How Strong

Well, sometimes, appreciating your strength may result in the positive chills in your nerves. Just follow the quote.

Who Bring Out

Best but not the stress- spending time with positive people means you are going to be positive as well.

Stand Where it is shining.

Well, you certainly should see inspirational quotes about life and happiness like these.

Positive and Positive

Well, this is a pure positive quote. Everything here is all about being positive.

No Obstacles

Obstacles are not something that you should worry about. They are everywhere, and they can easily be dealt with if you want.

Real You

Did you like this inspirational quote and need more like this? Then look at the list of our best hippie quotes as well.


There are a lot of things in store. And you deserve to have the perfect thing that suits you. So, being rejected is fine sometimes.


If it isn’t something positive, it will not be allowed to get your energy. Trade the things like this quote says.

Positive Attitude Needed

Words like these are the reason I find the positive quotes very uplifting and motivating.

 Most Unexpected Moments

Also, remember everything till now, was it like this quote said? The answer is yes- so even your experience tells you to be positive.

Let Go

Let go- you are not supposed to be how you think you are supposed to be like. Be you- would take a little time to interpret this quote, but it will be worth it for you.

Worth It

There is nothing fun about anything being easy. Common, if it is tough, then you get a chance to be tougher and more excited.

Lift Someone Up

That is enough because that means a lot, not only to the person receiving your help but also the world because it contains someone like you.

Don’t Go With Them

Your legs lead you to where you go, and they won’t walk until you want them to. Wrong things? You have other things to feel positive about.


It sometimes becomes rather annoying when the fools think they are fooling you, doesn’t it? Well, it is simple you can also act like them, they will be fooled themselves.

With no Thoughts

Well, this quote is really uplifting and inspiring. The only thoughts that you should have while working should be your thoughts about the work and nothing else.

 Wishes For You

All these wishes in this quote are just for you. Please take all of them into your heart. Maybe they will help you to remain positive.

Rejoice or Complain?

With the positive quotes like this, now you can decide whether you are going to be positive or still negative about things.

Don’t Just Sit There

Like this quote says, dreams can be true, and they can be made turned into a reality. All you have to do is not sit still and do something about it.

Power in Your Mind

It is all about the will and the willingness to do what you want to do in your mind. So, all you can do is be positive and keep pushing on.

Controls Your Mind

So, you have read this quote and now what you should do is only let the positive things into your mind. Driving your life with positiveness makes it worth living.

Faced Your Struggles

Struggles are the roads to success. You need a strength to get through that road, and if you can do so, then that is the time you realize your worth.

7 Rules

Now, all these rules were also a part of our good quotes. But if you follow all these rules, then it is sure that you are going to be positive for the rest of your life.

Breath, Smile, and Start

Yes, each sunrise is a new start. It is all that this quote says. So, your entire journey will be better if you are light, positive and motivated during the time you begin.


What you are is what you attract towards you-you are a human with a soul and not a magnet. Be positive and attract positive people and things.


Well, it one of the most sought after positive quotes about work. People like this quote because they realize that happiness is within them, they don’t have to search for other people to give it to them.

Don’t Be Afraid

Changes are important in your life, and you can see the reason for this quote. So, why don’t you be positive about them?

Positive, Hard Happen

Working hard is not so tough when you are positive, and it certainly happens if you work hard for it. The quote is a chain.

Enjoy The Journey

Don’t keep on thinking about your destination- it is already there and only thinking about it doesn’t mean you are going to reach there soon. The journey is still with you, and you can learn to have fun in it.


Well, going forward is the key- not only for the person who quoted it but also for you. It gives you a sense that you are totally on the right path.


The good thing about positive thinking is the thoughts can be transferred from one person to another.

Train Your Mind

Being positive and thinking positive is surely a choice like stated in this quote. Training your mind for that is not a hard job.


If you are the reason for the things stated in the above quote, then you are a person whose life means a lot to all the people.

Just Cannot

Joyce Meyer just gave you the reason to be positive. Now it is your time to follow this quote.

Right Things Start  

Wrong people are certainly a pain for your entire life. Yes, now it is time for you to long to be positive and let the wrong people leave your life.


The word limit does not indicate the deadline, but it shows you. If you get that, then you will always be positive.

More than a tagline

Positive thinking can also change the life our life behaves towards us. If you are positive toward t and love it, it will be good to you as well.

End it Positive

Yes, you still have opportunities stacked in line for you. So, you should follow the positive quotes like this.

God in You In

We have been taught the god resides in everybody because it is true. He does so inside you too. Just realize him within you.

Nothing Impossible

Anything happens if you can make them happen. So, you need to make them happen- be totally positive about it.

Never Be Right

This quote tells you two positive things at the same time. Actually, the time is always right as well, you just need to know that.


Yes, bad things are the things that change for the better. And after they change, they are going to be in your comfort zone.


Yes, you need to be honest with yourself. Never lie to your own heart and soul. Then, things will change positively as said in this quote.

Fullest and Positive

The good thing about focus is that it need not be focused everywhere. So, you can easily do what is said in this quote.

Repair and Build

Everything has been explained so smooth in this quote. Positive quotes like these can change a lot of people’s lives.

No Yesterday Tomorrow

Some things have already been done so you can’t keep on thinking about them over and over again.

Gratitude and Joy

Such a positive attitude and we can easily say Louise Hay lives a great life. Well, we need enough gratitude and joy in ourselves as well.

Candle or Mirror

Short positive quotes like this can tell a long and a very deep story. Well, this quote is just another masterpiece.

Positive quotes for work

Make the things the best things there can ever be. And this quote will make complete sense.

Love Yourself

Well, love yourself positively, and when the world knows how you ought to be treated, it will do the same. Let the beauty shine all over you.


Poetic words that say so much about optimism are my favorite. First, have fun with the rhymes in this quote and the next thing, conclude from it.


That conversion is absolutely true. The positive thoughts and positive life, they actually make a maths equation, don’t they?

Change No Chance

You will need to change things and the way you think about it. And then, this quote will totally be prevalent.


So, you have read her story in this quote. So, why don’t you also want to be like her? She found her dreams even though once, she was just like you.

Even If you are old

So, why not feel grateful to yourself when you are old? You have had a lot of experiences, and you have done a lot of positive things throughout your lifetime.


Be picky, you need to be picky because you need to pay yourself back for whatever you do to you. Now, it is time to surround yourself with only optimistic things.


Away and over- these are different words.  You will need to do the latter one, and see where you reach in your life.

Facing your fears

Love quotes like these make you really positive. You know these princesses now you will need to realize how courageous they were to find the things they lived.


Well, could you read what all the way is till the end? Even if you didn’t that just showed how willing that you can be. So, if you know what I mean, you know what to do with your life as well.

On the Other Side

Fear desperately tries to be the final thing to stop you from reaching your goal. But if you are positive and fight against the hopeless thing, there is nothing that can stop you.

Laugh at Negativity

If you want, you can easily feel no negativity with your life. So, don’t give them the slightest of the chance to be felt and laugh at them.

Best Today

Do your best today- that will be for the better tomorrow. This quote is so accurate.

Optimism, Hope, and Confidence

Ask Helen Keller, she will tell you the truth. Just read every word in the positive quote said by her.

Involving Customer

This indeed is a positive quote for the entrepreneurs and businessmen. Well, as a customer I can say, it does really work.

Simple decision

Make the simple decision as said in this quote. And then you will see how your life will undoubtedly change so much.

Something Beautiful

This is simple and so sweet. Yes, this quote is one of the best good morning quotes that I have ever seen in a while.

Another Good Morning

Well, look at this quote the first thing in the morning. Just don’t look at it, try to get everything that has been said in this quote as well.

Not Everything

You don’t need to do so. I mean should not do so. You are innocent and positive doesn’t mean that everything else is as well.

It is not should Be

Yes, accept the situation and think that it is the only possible way that it can be. That will help you be positive and happy.

Our Definition

And the definition of this quote is one of the best positive quotes ever spoken. So, how do you correct your mistakes?

The Leaders

If you are a prolific leader, then you can already relate to this quote. And if you are seeking for help, the words are there for you.

Everything is Good

Quotes like these develop a lot of positiveness in you and even that in the early morning. This is also one of the great good morning wishes you could tell someone.


Being valuable to someone means being more successful than being successful in itself. So, listen to what Albert Einstein has to say in one of his positive quotes and try to comply with that.

Choose That

You are given that choice, so it is not to tough to choose the optimism. So, have being optimism your only selection for yourself.

Postive Mind, Viber, Everything

There are positive quotes, and there are positive quotes. And then, there are some quotes like this which are purely positive quotes and nothing else.


Intelligent people have no time to let things bug them. I mean they have better things to do. So, I hope that you are intelligent as well.

Things Take Time

As in this quote, let those things take time. Don’t ever give up and you will see all the good things that will come because you didn’t give up.

What You Need To Do

So, this list itself has so many positive quotes that you will need in your life. Follow all of them, will you?

You Deserve

And the only way you can do what is said in this quote is by not thinking about the others. You don’t need to.

Your Worry

Being positive like in this quote is the only thing you need to worry about. These are the times even worrying feels so great.

For Something Positive

You look of it because there always is something positive in everything that exists.


Simple, straight and all- well, the words of this quote are more than just enough.


Read all of these positive things that have been said in this quote. And then, welcome the great changes about to occur in your life.

Face Towards the Sun


Well, look at this quote. First, face towards the lightness, and there is nothing dark that is ever going to bug you. Let all the negativeness fall behind you.

Well, I hope all of these quotes helped to motivate you and change the way that you live your life. I hope all of those bright words helped to further the brightness in your heart and now you have an idea that just being positive with your life means you can change a lot.

So, among these positive quotes, which in your view sparked the most positivity in you? I mean which of these quotes were your favorite? Let me know and till the next time, be positive and have a good day.

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