90 Short Funny Quotes About Life To Make Your Day

Funny quotes really help you to brighten up your day with humor. The comedy quotes sometimes make you laugh at yourself, and that is more hilarious than laughing at someone else. When you look at your life in a lighthearted way, you see that you are a complete failure which makes you want to cry but still, you are being sad and laughing at the same time. Well, this is how you are challenging the certain emotions. Like how can even your death hurt you when you are laughing at the funny life that you have lived.

Today, to help you with some laughter, we have garnered about 90 short funny quotes about life. Look at those pictures, have a mirror on your side and every time you read any one of them, laugh at yourself. You are indeed going to have a good time.



You are an idiot

Seriously makes sense. You are made of just pure stupidity, nothing else. And everything I can expect from you is what you are made of.


I am weird

Yeah, I am weird. Sometimes I ask myself, is there any way that I can get myself to act like a normal adult? Then I concluded- absolutely not.



Whatever be the problem, wine is indeed the solution. It makes me more relaxed than the relaxation I would find if I knew the answer.



I am too lazy, and I seriously can relate to this funny quote. I just hope that I could live my entire life just staying still and doing nothing else.

Only Questions

Questions and problems- these are the only two things that occur in my life. Sometimes I feel like I am the biggest failure ever.


I have got this unique talent. I can sit anywhere I like. Even though I am thin, I feel like my body is too heavy.


Don’t let anybody talk behind your back. Just let them know the consequences- it is not going to end well for the backbiters.

None of them

I am ugly, too lazy and stupid as hell.  I have no idea why I ended up like this. Sometimes I hope I was a better human being.



Experience your dreams in your sleep. At least it feels good. If you want your dreams to come true, you can even try lucid dreaming.


My Or Your?

One of the most annoying things is you when you tell people to look at a particular direction. And they wander their head like they don’t know what it is.




She certainly is someone who would never nag me. I look at the list and already find out that we were made for each other.



Those people certainly have answers for every question. None of them make no sense at all- still you have to appoint they are right.



Why does every healthy food have to taste bad? And why do I need a job to make money instead of napping? The world is messed up.



My bed and I are in a perfect relationship- this quote is absolutely correct. But there has to be a villain in every love story.



Or a woman surprised on even how her fiancee managed to get there. People idolize him-but at the same time, he can’t make his bed.

I am Great

Women, if you are reading this, take it to your heart. You might as well fall in love with me.



Cupcake is life. I mean there are only sad things in my life, and even the smallest good ones make me happy.


Just Can’t Read

The book that I am reading is excellent. I really like it but thinking about the entire pages I will have to read makes me feel really unsettling.



You get what you give. I give you what you ask for. At least ask me something that has a little bit of sense on it.


Still, I have to Laugh

Common, it is really funny when you fall down. I have to live the moment to the fullest before realizing you are my friend and I must pick you up.


Nothing Dirty

The terms make a lot of difference. But that’s true, the way I can imagine sexy things is an art in itself.



I know you are too lazy to move on your own. But at least, pick someone up who is headed to the same destination and maybe they will lead you there. 



I make mistakes to find out whats right and what’s wrong. I am unwilling to make a change so I keep on learning that I am wrong.

You are funny

You are funny, and you are annoying. So, what my face does is an involuntary reaction. Be okay with that.


Motivation and breathing are similar. When you happen to stop any one of them, it is all over.


I am lazy, and I won an award. Still, I manage to be the motivation for billions of people who want to be like me.


This makes sense. Just don’t make it look too bad either way such that people just have to loathe about the speech.


Yes, I want to make sure my children learn the way. They work 70% for them and the other 30% for the government.



Superheroes save the world. Well- what do I do? Save the trouble for a human being to be interested towards me. I am a superhero for so much concern.



Too much of power is certainly not good. Everything I can use spends my money. So, I don’t want to be so much of a powerful species in the world.



Why is the policeman even annoyed? I mean it’s common sense, everyone goes to a kindergarten at 5 or 6. But I never got out of there.

Theory of Relativity

Sometimes, even the omnipotent time seems to betray me. Why couldn’t it be the exact opposite, huh?


Work Out

I jump to at least 100 times per day. Take big leaps for 1000s of time, and I am even training to survive in the harshest of the environment.



Why does Peter Pan fly to Neverland? Because there are human beings like me who still laugh at old quotes like these in these.


Relationship Advice

This really works. You can certainly change the name and the address. But don’t be so assured, I am not talking about the viewpoint on the men.



The day before the weekend, I keep on contemplating about the best day of the week. But when the week starts, the weekend is still 6 days away.

I am Poofy

I was not born fat. It is only that I was born in a world where something called pizza existed. Good looks or Good Food?


My Mind

This funny quote about school really resembles me, I mean this funny quote is for all the students.



This comedy quote says it all. I just don’t want to take in anything that life offers me. Others can have it, Thank you.



Let the others say I am a quiet person. Let them believe I am quite. But this cool quote is cool just like my friends.


Nation’s Problem

This quote is quite profound, seriously. Everyone is given equal opportunity in the Land of Opportunities. Just that everybody donot deserve it if you know what I mean.



Do you want to pry into my mind and see who is there? Well, this quote only says you are there in your purest form, and I like it





Sleep Problem

This funny quote about sleep just sums it up. Tell me, are ever energetic when you wake up? But while I try to sleep, I feel like I have got a Goku inside me.

Save Money

This funny quote about kids helps you with proper parenting. Just see the face of the children while you do that, and till the next Christmas they are going to be good behaved like no other kids.


Do you want tickets?

But the problem with me is that my voice is funnier than the quote itself. Still, my performance is nothing less than Grammy’s winning.



And this quote is definitely not in my fucket list. Anyway, the number of items in the file must be longer than the number of the numbers.


This funny quote is about food, not only cereal. Never try to compromise if it is about your favorite food. For that is the only thing you live for.


Funny quotes and the funny me. Just everything relates. But I feel even a joker would laugh at my lovable and tragedic life.


Funny quotes about school are really something I should be looking ar very often. At least, something in the world definitely relates to me.

Common sense

A quote which is not only, but something people should learn from. And some people need both of them but never use them.


Unique Baby

I will be unique because I can’ t be perfect. This quote is actually a motivational quote, so you see how I stick to it for the rest of my life.


Well, it is not funny, but you will be the funniest thing for people who are watching you trying to copy what those asses do. Make sure the ass is on your back, not on the front.


It is quite funny that you don’t even know that I must never be left alone. This quote is really something that you should learn from. Always keep an eye on me.

Everbody needs one

I would want my friends to watch this funny quote in general. You are the people whom I wished had a working brain.


Even when explaining this quote, there is still autocorrect waiting to bug me in the background. The biggest disagreement I have in my life is with the autocorrect.

Not Being

Some legend told this quote in a place where he didn’t want to be, and it turned out really funny. But actually, the respected tongue of that person was still telling something true.



Yes, I have heard this crap before, and it is not funny. Just how hard is for people to know what is wrong and what is right, huh? 

Let me Dance

But the problem is I like my ringtone more than your voice. And I am not trying to be humorous like this funny quote.

Excited About

This quote is all about your perception, see. I have this strange behavior of being excited about doing the most unexciting things that can be done.


Only two ways I can cure my broken feelings- drinks and hilarious quotes like this. But if I get to experience both of them at once, just good feelings will be left in me.


I have got a really great team for my pictures. Everyone is really focused on giving my funny face a good look.


Even the actors who play the perfect man in the movies are not perfect. Even the books about the perfect man are not perfect. This quote really sums about the world, perfectly.

Still Deep

This quote is good, it is funny. But, tell me isn’t deciding the next food you are going to eat something that needs your deep thoughts?



Seriously, that man is really funny. So funny that it made me write a funnier quote. Someone award that idiot.



So, girls can have this crispiness. I am not old, it is just that I have been made me, it was not a long time ago. It was when I turned 20.

Please Don’t

Doing any simple work from first to last “again” is not something that would make you laugh. If you are still typing your message, at least I quickly close the screen and go doing something else until I get the message.




When I have an argument, and I try to be fair to the opposite person, this quote is something that would naturally come out of me.


A caterpillar turns into a butterfly- well, I am really excited thinking about what is in store for me. Well, right now all I know is there’s some food in my store.


Please listen to what I quote. You have just recently gone through the trouble of making me ignore you, that was some good work. So, you don’t need to do it again.


I can do a lot of things on my phone. But, I cannot use my friends to check my e-mail, now can I? So, what’s even funny about this quote?


I know, brother/sister, I feel for you. One of the reasons for the sadness in your life is an alarm. Even the person who wrote this funny quote had the same problem.

How can this happen

Still, it is kind of funny and kind of annoying when you die like this. At least, you could die after the reason I tried to call you would be resolved.


I am not a mirror

Funny quotes all over and this hilariously funny quote. I wish that every living person in the world would stop carrying a mirror while they come to see me.


Gave it a Hug

There is nothing funny about that. Why would you even laugh when I am trying to soothe someone who is really lonely and sad?


Funny quotes about relationships are awesome, aren’t they? I wished that you were the exam itself so I would never like you.


A funny quote that will not be still funny by the time you die. Remember this.



Have you heard about that joke where a father teaches his son to say sorry without no reason before marrying?

Do not

This quote means-Hmm… you are just like me.


This funny quote just makes me laugh the laugh of uncertainty. So many devils live just near my house, and they are really loud.

High Five

Do you agree with the quote? I mean I wish I could do what’s in this quote, and after that, I could laugh at the people I just high fived.

Everywhere Farts

Why does everything need to fart? In short, why does everything need to be a comedy?

Whom I walk with

This funny quote sums up my life. I mean I am not fat, actually, every person in the entire world is thin.

Only Hair

When somebody tells me this, I come to realize my hair is the only thing about me. Well said, anyone who said this quote.


‘A’ and ‘E’ make a huge difference in the English language. This funny quote also could be used to educate the people.

10D experience

Look at this quote. I also forgot to tell you that you will get to experience it in various dimensions. My mirror is from the 23rd century.

Marriage Problems

Now, this is what I would call a funny quote about marriage. Well, every husband tends to sleep more than a newborn baby.


Well, this quote is just for you. What am I to do when you are the one who thinks the truth is an insult?

Sometimes, a little bit of some humor is the key, all of us lead a busy life, and we have a tired face for more than enough time. All of us are trying too hard to make something out of our lives and when that still does not seem to work, why be sad? Let us all laugh at the most tragic things possible. Then the sadness will never be sad us when something not funny is hilarious to us.

I hope that these quotes really helped you have some good time. I feel like I have won something if you actually laughed, and finally made my work worth something.”Have fun laughing”(I know that was not a good joke)- and have a good time.

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