90 Best Happy Birthday Wishes To Say To The People That You Love

Happy birthday wishes are not just some mere congratulatory notes you write- they mean a lot for the person celebrating the special day. So, you want all of the happy birthdays wishes to be the most perfect as they can be. Sometimes you succeed to find the exact, to the point words that wish the person in the best way, but sometimes you could be struggling through words. All of us have been there, confused on how to wish someone special happy birthday, and, to be frank, that situation is not at all so friendly.

So, today to help you get some ideas for the happy birthday wishes, I have gathered quite a few of them. These were the best birthday quotes I found over the internet. So today, I would like to put forward these 100 happy birthday wishes massages that you could use to greet someone on their beautiful day.



Another Year

This is a perfect birthday wish for your friend. Or some other person whom you have known for a quite long amount of time.

Birthday wishes for son

For the first birthday of your son, get a greeting card with this wish. After he/she is going to see it later, they are going to be thankful for the Birthday wish.


My Loving Boy

When you wish your boyfriend birthday like this, he is going to be really thankful to you. It reminds him that he will get to be together with the one he loves forever.


For your grandparents, this birthday wish would be perfect. It reveals how much you care about their health.



Why not wish someone young and energetic like this? Greet them and pray they will get the best.



Everything did happen before the day the birthday person was born. This birthday quote sms will make them sink to the bottom of the heart to thank you.


Beautiful As You

As a birthday wishes to a friend, just remind them that they are beautiful.birthday quote



This birthday wish could be a perfect birthday wish for your girlfriend or a crush. It will make her really happy being called lovely on her special day.

You are an Adult Now

Someone that you know is in his 18th birthday? Why not use the above words for their birthday? It will make them remember they have a really a life ahead.


Funny birthday wishes for best friend

This birthday wish is funny. Still, it would be a perfect way to wish your close friend who is getting older this year.


You will Live Longer

This birthday quote is one of my favorite ones. It is funny and witty- still, you pray for their long lives.0000000


My Best Pal

This is the perfect birthday wish for your best friend. He already knows that you care about him and hearing a simple Happy Birthday from a best friend is always special.


Oh, yes my friend

So you and your friend both are getting old or is your friend concerned about getting old in his happy birthday? Wish them like this.


Be Free

This birthday wish really urges a person to go and develop himself and gain new experiences. Perfectly how you would wish an adventurer.


Beyond Age

Sometimes, people may think they are only getting older with their aim during their birthday. Remind them in a sweet way that age is just a number.



My Life Partner

You wife is a really special person. This happy birthday wishes for your wife could be the perfect way you could greet her on the anniversary of her birth.



My Love

Wish your lover a Happy Birthday like this. Reminding them that you are always with them during their birthday will make them glad for the rest of the year.

Special You

Telling someone that they are special is like a gift to the listener. And if it’s in the Birthday, it will mean even more to the one that’s hearing.

Health And Happiness

Your birthday wishes don’t need to be so long. If you want something short and still with love, wish them like this.

Magical Birthday

Even if you are away from the person celebrating the birthday, still tell them you can be near with this magical birthday wishes.


You are lovely

Sweet and lovely mean a lot, even more, when they turn to sweetest and the loveliest. This is a birthday wish for your mother or a lover.


Amazing Birthday

This birthday wish is an amazing birthday wish for an amazing person. Let the amazing person know about him on his birthday.


New Year

Remind the birthday boy that past is the past and he is supposed to focus on the present heading towards the future. An inspiration for a birthday certainly feels good.

For April

This birthday wish is not only for people born in April but also some other months. Just modify the words. Wish them a Happy private New Year in their Birthday.

May God have Good Plans

While you wish someone young, let them know that the God has already planned them a great life ahead.

Birthday Present

Showering your birthday present and the wishes, remind them that Birthday comes only once in 365 days. This will make them feel more special during the particular day.


Birthday wishes for a best friend

Tell the person that you are praying for their wishes to come true. You will certainly help them feel somehow assured.



Why not tell the person that their life is worthy of being celebrated? Make them remember to cherish their life from this day onwards.


Sucess Wishes

Actually, this birthday wishes could make your husband really happy. Wish them success and tell them to enjoy their time ahead.



Never Old

You know that a person is struggling with their life? Then add this quote to their birthday wish, it will motivate them a lot.




Give them a birthday wishes that reminds them that everytime their birthday comes, the earth is in the same exact spot as the sun. This spot is theirs, and the rest of the revolution is a path they will have to walk.



Add kisses and hugs on your birthday wishes. Then, that will turn into a really cute birthday wishes like this. 


Wonderful and Loved

This birthday wishes could be for your son or daughter. Tell them that the day is wonderful and hope they will always be surrounded by the loved ones.


For Your Lover

Tell your lover that this day was special not only for them but also for you. This was the day the one you treasure was born.



My Beloved Brother

Why not wish birthday wishes for your brother like this? Tell him a small bit of everything makes their life more special as a whole.


Happy Birthday Workmate

Looking for a Birthday wish for your favorite workmate? Don’t do anything, just tell them the truth that you love working with them.



From a couple

As being a family or couple or a team wishing someone a happy birthday, keep it really simple. Everyone’s mutual wish is included in it, and it sounds good.


For a Daredevil

For someone starting to accept the harsh challenges of life, these words will mean a lot. Wish them the power to overcome hurdles and wish they have a sensational birthday just like their sensational life.



My special Sister

You have annoyed your sister a lot- why not bring tears to her smile on her birthday? Tell her how happy she makes you and how you are lucky to have a sister like her.



Tell your brother that he is your best friend. This is a way to wish him from both the perspective of a best friend as well as a brother.


Stay Dope

Have a fabulous birthday- tell this to a happy and an outgoing person who you really adore. This is the word selection you do for a really active person.


No Problem Ageing

Again this one is for a comparable older person. Just let them know that even if they are already old, they have lived a long life and they have come a long way. COngratulate them for that,




For the precious daughter

On your daughter’s birthday, shower her birthday wishes her like this. Tell her that she has been more like a friend throughout all these years of being your daughter.



Tell the person to celebrate the day he/she was born. Tell them to celebrate every day from now on.


Hopes and Dreams

A person following dreams with hopes really needs good wishes. The above birthday wish would be something perfect for a hardworking individual.


Best Mom Ever

Your mom is the closest to you and your birthday wishes for mom should be the best. Try the above quote and tell me what does it result in.



Give your brother a greeting card and another gift as well. He has helped you a lot and now it’s time that he deserves surprises from you.


Everday From Here Now on

Just don’t wish their birthday to be great, also wish them to have a good day in other 364 days as well. This will make them even happier.


With What You Love

Tell the birthday boy to spend the entire day only with the things that he loves. If he does so, it will be one of the most memorable days of his life.



Tell your friend that you have told the good angels to look after him. That will be one the sweetest things he will hear on his birthday.


For a Year

This is a cute birthday wish, telling a person to live happily until the next year when you can wish them again.


Better than Ever

Having spent more time in life is having got more time to improve. If you tell your friend this, he will actually take it in his heart. For everyone is motivated to start something new for the birthday.


Light the Candles

If you are saying light the candles, that also means you could be getting the cake. Wish a person Happy Birthday with this quote and the cake together.


Special celebration

Are you and your partner having something romantic planned out for their birthday? Use this romantic birthday wish.



Tell the birthday person to fly. Soar up high in the sky, be so light and remind them that there is nothing that can pull them down.



Wishing someone to smile is wishing them all the good things that they can think about. Use their smile as the key to making the inside of their heart happy.


You are the best

Tell your special one that they are the best. Tell them that they have made you smile and today is their turn to do so.


For that person smiling down from the heavens

You know that only the body of your dad is not with you, right? He is always looking out for you. So for his birthday, wish up to the heavens, that will definitely make him happier.


For Me

Well, this is your special day. And this is a happy birthday wish for yourself. You deserve to congratulate yourself on a special day.

Flowers and Light Like You

This is one of the most beautiful happy birthday wishes. When the sunlight of the birthday first touches the flowers on the earth, this is the start of something really special.


Oh Dear Grandma

You sweet, innocent granny must be worried about her age. Happy birthday wishes like these will also help the world to thank her for her beautiful presence.

Message more than Present

A message really comes straight out from the heart. It is innocent and pure, sometimes a simple message means a very lot than expensive presents.

Your age for me is nothing

Happy Birthday Wishes like these that make a person realize that their growing age won’t matter anyway are the ones you could possibly use in your greeting cards.


Best Boss

If you are really lucky enough, then you would want to wish your great boss. Happy birthday wishes for the boss is nothing that many people would be looking for but still, if you are one of them, use the above quote.



People in the nineteenth birthday have really gone through the tough time of first being adult. Wish them in such a way that the number of candles will be equal to the number of wishes coming true.


Wonderful and Healthy

First, wish them good health and second, wish that they will live a lot more such that you will get to wish them again and again.This can be the perfect birthday wishes for best friend.


No Facebook

Tell your good friend that you don’t need Facebook to remember their birthday. That date is rooted in your heart.


Lucky, no sorrow

Wish a lot of fortunes for the birthday boy. In the same time, wish that they will not have to feel a lot of pain in the upcoming year.

Very Special

Nothing that poetic- you want a special happy birthday wish- so wish them to have a special birthday.


Life in the Numbers

When you wish someone a happy birthday, remind them not to forget to live to the fullest during the coming year. Tell them to experience every good thing in the upcoming year.



Happy Birthday wishes that tell the person to experience all the different years are really effective. A person does not remain the same. As the times change, tell them to have fun experiencing the changes as well.


Without me

Even if you happen to be unable to be with them on that particular day, tell them that you care. Matter of fact you also care about the sweet taste of their birthday cake.


My Best Friend

Tell him to be grateful that you are his best friend- he won’t mind. And at the same time, you will be happy realizing that you have such a great friend.



Wish a person to keep on being successful like they are. And then wish that they will have the longest life possible. These words certainly will mean a lot to the listener.



Better birthday with a love. Happy birthday wishes for your fiancee must contain something that promises them that you will be wishing in her next coming birthdays similarly.



If you are not willing to go into depths of the words, it is okay- for the quote itself is a great way to wish the person. Just a good old “Happy Birthday.” Those words mean much more than you think.


With You Always

Your happy birthday wishes will mean a lot to the person hearing them- you already know. But as the person is going to study every line that makes up the letter. So, your birthday wish must be almost perfect, similar to this.  



Wishing your friend, you can do more than a happy birthday wish. You also can be grateful to tall the special moments that you friend has brought into your life.


Love for your success

Intertwine your love in the happy birthday wish so that it will be backing up the person’s success. So, it could be really effective even in their lives.


My Boy

You are one of the most special things for your son. Let him know that he is also really important to you. That will be a perfect birthday wish for your son.


All of these birthday sayings are really sweet and are going to make a huge difference in the happiness on the birthday of your close person. They will help your loved ones to cherish the special day a little more and help them feel a lot more happiness. Go towards them, use any of these combinations of words to tell them the truth- that you love them and wish for only the best things on their birthday. Look at them being happy and be happy yourself for the gladness in the heart of your special ones.

birthday wishes

So, did these quotes help you? I sincerely hope that I helped you with a little idea of happy birthday wishes, and if I did, I am thankful for that. Wish your loved one the best happy birthday and till then, have a good time.

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