Top 10 Strongest Gods and Deities in The Hindu Religion

God is the most superior being and Gods are very strong. Even if his existence is not proved many people believe in the God. People follow religions, and every religion has their gods. Every religion teaches us the same thing- that is love, and many Gods in different religions can be similar as well. One of the most followed religion is the Hindu religion. The books of this religion are well-written and indulging. Many people follow Hinduism, and they have a lot of Gods, and all of them are strong.

Today I made a list of the strongest Gods of The Hindu religion. Even though you don’t believe in the god, this list will still be entertaining because even if the Gods are just a story, this story is very well written. The Hindu Legend has its legacy, and everything in it produces a lot of curiosity. Every God in the religion has their superpowers which make it more compulsive to know about them. So let’s look at the 10 of the strongest Hindu Gods.


The most powerful god in Hinduism is Lord Shiva. He is the god of destruction. Shiva has various other names- Mahadeva, Pashupati, Nataraja, Vishwanath, Bhole Nath. Lord Shiva is believed to have a third eye, which has an immense amount of power. If he opens his eye, no other beings can compare to Shiva. Shiva destroyed various demons by opening His third eye. The most destructive weapon in Hindu myth, the Pashupatastra is actually of Lord Shiva. He owns this weapon in the form of Pashupatinath, the savior of all living creatures. Once, he also defeated Lord Yama and brought him back to life.

Lord Shiva

Besides that, if Shiva dances which dance is known as Nataraja, he will destroy everything. He has the crescent moon in his hair. Shiva’s Bahan is a bull, Nandi. In his Sharabha form, Lord Shiva becomes a half bird and half lion, during that time, he is the most voracious. Lord Shiva is also the blue throat God. That’s because he once consumed poison for the sake of the world and still, he didn’t die. People worship Lord Shiva in various times- Shiva is also worshipped by other Hindu deities. Lord Shiva is worshipped in his temple apart from other deities- and the biggest Shiva temple is in Nepal, the Pashupatinath.


The second most powerful God in the Hindu mythology is Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is the Preserver and Protector of life. He is the peace-loving deity of the Hindu Trinity. When the peace in the world is hampered, Lord Vishnu takes birth in various avatar to manage the situation on earth. Vishnu has ten major avatars. Lord Krishna and Lord Rama were also one of them. All other avatars of Bishnu were Matsya(Fish), Kurma(Tortoise), Varaha(Boar), Narasimha (Man-Lion), Vamana (Dwarf), Parasurama (Rama with the Axe), Rama of Ayodhya (Ramachandra), Krishna.

lord vishnu

The last avatar of Vishnu, Lord Kalki is yet to take birth, and he is supposed to destroy the Earth. Even Lord Buddha is considered as one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu.  Narasimha, one of this avatars, is in the form of Half Human and Half Lion. In that avatar, he has the most rage. Lord Narasimha killed a demon and in his anger, still created havoc in the world, and even the deities were alert. In this case, Lord Shiva helped to cool the situation down. Vishnu is worshipped in several occasions. His wife is Mata Lakshmi- the Goddess of wealth.  The God Vishnu is certainly one of the most important and most powerful Deities in the Hindu Mythology.

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma is the architecture of the Gods. In Hinduism, Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe. Hindus believe Lord Bramha brought everything into existence. One of the strongest weapons in the Hindu mythology, the Bramhastra is owned by Lord Bramha. He is the spouse of the Goddess of knowledge, Mata Saraswati.  But, he is not worshipped. This was because of the curse from Lord Shiva. Once, there was competition between Lord Brahma and Vishnu to who should be worshipped first. During this competition, Lord Brahma told a lie and tried to trick Lord Vishnu. After witnessing this, Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma not to be worshipped by anybody. There are also other stories associated with why Lord Brahma is not worshipped. There is only one Bramha temple, which is the Pushkar temple in Rajasthan, India.

Lord Brahma

Brahma has the highest level of knowledge anyone can ever acquire. Bramha, being the one who created everything, knows everything. He has entire knowledge of the four Vedas and knows all the yogas, Lord Bramha knows the cure for every illness, and he knows the time Still, the Hindu mythology says Lord Bramha is arrogant. When he creates anything, he wants to own it. Brahma is very possessive. He believes he has the possession to everything he created. That may be the reason he is not worshipped as the other deities are.


Ganesha is the elephant, God. He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Lord Ganesha is the god of prosperity, power, and wisdom. Before any Hindu rituals, it is mandatory to worship Lord Ganesha. He is easily recognized from his elephant trunk. He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati.  Ganesh is wisest of the gods. He considers his parents to be his world. The weapons of Lord Ganesh are Paraśu (ax), pāśa (noose) and aṅkuśa (elephant goad). This strong god has four hands. His Bahan is a mouse. He also had a lot of knowledge, and he was the one who wrote the Mahabharata. Mata Parvati created Ganesha from sandalwood.

Strongest Gods and Deities in The Hindu Religion


She posted Ganesha on guard duty at the door while she was taking a bath. After a while, Shiva came home, but Lord Ganesha didn’t let him go in. Infuriated Lord Shiva ordered his army to kill the boy, but they could not match the power of Lord Ganesh. Shiva didn’t know Lord Ganesh was his son. Then Lord Shiva slashed the head of Ganesha and threw it. After awhile Mata Parvati knew this. She was angry, and Lord Shiva realized his mistake. So, He fitted the head of an Elephant in his son’s neck. And after that incident, Lord Ganesha has had an elephant head.

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is the son of Bayu, the Wind. He is one of the biggest devotees of Lord Ram. Hanuman was the disciple of Lord Sun. People believe that no weapons can kill Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman can change his size at will. Also, he was one of the central characters of Ramayana. He was blessed by various gods. Hanuman will always be happy, and he has lord Ram and Sita in his heart.

Hanuman can create fire at Will and will never be hurt by fire; he can also do the same with water. Lord Hanuman is an immortal god. He destroyed entire Lanka by himself by setting it on fire. He helped Lord Rama during the war. Lord Hanuman fetched the Sanjivani Buti for Laxman. Lord Hanuman also can fly. His power is considered as equal as to Lord Ganesh. His weapon is the Gadha and can kill 10 thousands of enemies during a war. He is said to have no fear, and every apparition is afraid of him. In the Hindu mythology, he is one of the most important gods. He is also said to help Kalki to destroy the world. People worship Lord Hanuman on different occasions.

Mata Laxmi

Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth. Mother Laxmi is the spouse of Lord Vishnu. She helped Lord Vishnu in his Avatars. Mother Laxmi took birth as Mother Sita to help Lord Rama to destroy Ravana. People should worship her if they want wealth and prosperity. She is a very beautiful woman, she has four hands, and she sits or stands on a cozy bed of Lotus. The Hindu people worship her during Deepavali in the parts of India and mostly in Tihar in Nepal. She holds a lotus bead in one of her four hands. There are various temples dedicated to Mata Laxmi. Her pictures are in every Hindus house, and people try a lot to make her happy.

Mata Laxmi

The day and the number associated with Laxmi are Friday and six respectively. She will accompany Lord Vishnu in every task to protect the world. Besides that, she is also a very devoted wife. Every woman wants to be like Mata Laxmi, and other Gods respect Mata Lakshmi as well. She is also the Shakti of Lord Vishnu that means she is his energy. People who worship her are lucky as she is also the Goddess of fortune. Hence, Laxmi is one of the most powerful Gods in the Hindu religion.

Mata Saraswati

Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge. She is next to the kin to Lord Brahma. Every book is considered to be a form of Mata Saraswati. Her Bahan is a Swan. She is also the Goddess of music in the Hindu mythology. Her favorite musical instrument is Veena. She can play every other musical instrument as well, and she is very fluent in flute, and she taught Lord Krishna how to play it. She is very kind and filled with beauty. Her birthday is the Saraswati Purnima where people worship her and celebrate it. She is dressed in all white and sometimes sits on a bed of Lotus.

Mata Saraswati

She knows all the science and art. There are many avatars of goddess Saraswati. Her other forms are Savithri and Gayathri. There are various temples of Mata Saraswati. Hindu children are made to write their first word on the day of Saraswati Poornima. Every student worships their teachers as they believe that the teachers are a form of Mata Saraswati. Hindu people also worship every item related to education as they are also of a form of Mata Saraswati. various schools start with a prayer of Saraswati. Hence, we can say that Saraswati is one of the strongest Gods Of The Hindu religion.

Mata Parvati

Mata Parvati is the spouse of Lord Shiva. She is the mother of Lord Ganesh. Mata Parvati is easily one of the strongest Gods Of The Hindus. She is the Goddess of love, fertility, and devotion. Some people also argue she the sister of Lord Vishnu.

Mata Parvati

Mother Parvati had various manifestations. Her forms are Durga, Kali, Chandi, Mahavidyas, Sakthi, Nava Durga, Meenakshi, Kamaxi, Lalitha, and Annapurna. Akhilandeshvari, the Goddess of water is also a form of Mata Parvati. Mother Durga fights the Demons, and she is worshipped during Dashain. The most fearful form of Mata Parvati is Kali. She can’t control her rage when she is Kali. She meditated and prayed for a lot of years to be the spouse of Lord Shiva. Mata Parvati has so much power that she can destroy the entire Earth at once. She is also Worshipped a lot by the Hindus and every wife want to be devoted like her. She wears a red saree. There are a lot of temples associated to Mata Parvati.

King Indra

Indra is the king of Hindu deities. Lord Indra is very mighty. He is one of the strongest gods. His wife is Sachi. Not only in the Hindu mythology but he is also worshipped in Buddhism and also Jainism. Indra’s main weapon is the Basra that is Thunderbolt. King can also use bows and arrows. The Hindu books say he battled with a stone serpent just after his birth. He is never afraid of anything and sometimes can be careless. He is very Brave. May Hindu people say Lord Indra is the most courageous God. He is also one of the greatest Kings in the Hindu mythology.

King Indra

Indira is similar to Lord Zeus in the Greek mythology. King of the heavens, he is very devoted to his people. Every god respect Lord Indra. He is the king of thunder and sometimes is reckless. But anyway Lord Indra is not worshipped a lot. There may be various reasons behind that, but most of them are not clear.  Indra also has the complete authority over the sky. Hindu people believe that India is the one who makes rain.  If it does not rain in a place for a lot of time, then that is a rare instance of Indra being worshipped.  Anyway Lord Indra is one of the strongest Gods in the Hindu mythology and will continue to be one of the most respected Hindu Gods as well.

King Yama

In number 10 in the list of strongest Gods Of The Hindu mythology, here is Lod Yama. Yama is the Hindu king of the purgatory. He is the God of death. Actually, he doesn’t kill people but actually decides whether they are sent to Hell or Heaven. His Bahan is the wat buffalo, and his weapon is known as the Danda. Even if he is only known as the god of death, people also believe that he provides them with power. Lord Yama is very strong. Even if he is portrayed as very fearful, he is not. Lord Yama does not look like a demon. He looks badass, but you don’t expect him to look like an old villain or something.

King Yama

Lord Yama is the Hindu version of Saint Peter’s. He is kind to the people but is not so much to the bad ones. Lord Yama is one of the sons Of The Sun god. People also call him the lord of Justice. Lord Yama is also existent in the Buddhism. He is a close friend of the Fire. In the Mahabharata, Lord Yama is the father of 5 Pandavas. If you have done nothing wrong, you have got no reason to fear, but if you have done wrong things, then you need to remember that you have to meet him someday. So don’t try to piss him off otherwise you may have yourself in a lot of trouble after your death.


The concept of the God itself is not so elucidated. Whether you believe in him or not all up to you.

Some people think that God is everything while some believe that the concept of God is useless. Still believing in the God can push us to keep on doing the right things, even if heaven is the motivation. All we need to get is that the thing behind Gods is for us to make right decisions and make everyone around us happy. The faith in something can lead to its success. So even if you believe in him, we should not be entirely dependent on the God, but we should try our best to make things good for ourselves.

So how did you like my list? The strongest Gods in the Hindu mythology are really strong. Which God would you want to meet? What power of which god is your favorite? You can share your views and thoughts below and have a good day ahead.

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