How Easy is It to Care for Skin Weft Hair Extensions?

Are you considering getting skin weft hair extensions? What’s stopping you? These great hair accessories can help you to transform your look in mere minutes. Many may feel nervous about the type of extra care that any type of hair extension may require.

The good news is that, while there is definitely some extra care and thought needed when you have skin weft hair extensions, it’s very minimal. You won’t find that it impedes your busy lifestyle very much, if at all.

Considering hair care and styling products

According to the information found about Jadore skin weft hair extensions, it’s important that you use hair care and styling products that have been designed for use on hair extensions. This will help to ensure that your extensions stay healthy and free from the dryness that can lead to brittleness and breakage.

Your stylist will be able to recommend the right type of shampoos, conditioners and styling products so that you can keep your skin weft hair extensions in tip top shape for as long as is possible.

Keeping your hair washed and conditioned

You know that you need to use extension-safe products when you wash your hair, but just how often should you be washing your hair and your extensions? When possible, it’s recommended that you avoid washing your hair daily, as this can quickly lead the extensions to become dry and brittle. Remember that extensions no longer have the same natural oil source as your natural hair does. After shampooing your hair, you should apply a quality leave-in conditioner, from the roots up to about midway of the extensions. This will help to keep your hair looking glossy and feeling silky soft.

Some do recommend that you use a quality dry shampoo between washing your hair, so that your natural hair doesn’t look too oily between those washes.

Brushing out your hair and your extensions

One of the concerns about hair extensions of any type is that they are prone to tangles. Tangles may be a nuisance for your natural hair, but for extensions tangles can quickly result in breakage. With this in mind, be sure to brush out your extensions at least twice a day. Brush gently and slowly, from the roots on up, taking care not to pull or stretch the hair as you brush it. If you’ve used a good leave-in conditioner, then the brush or comb should glide through your hair without issue.

If you’re traveling or spending time outdoors, consider taking a brush or comb with you so that you can quickly brush out your hair once it starts to look a bit disheveled. This may sound like a chore, but not only will it keep your extensions in great shape but it will ensure that you always look your radiant best no matter where your adventures may take you.

Going to sleep with skin weft hair extensions

Unlike clip-in hair extensions that can and should be removed before you head to bed, skin weft hair extensions require a bit of work before you turn in for the night. It’s recommended that you invest in a silk pillowcase, as this will be less abrasive on your hair than a cotton pillowcase will. In addition, you should consider brushing out your hair and pulling it back into a loose ponytail or a loose braid. Taking these steps will help to protect your hair from damage during the night while you are asleep.

Wet extensions

When and where possible, avoid getting your extensions wet outside of when you are taking a shower. It’s recommended that you avoid getting your hair wet in swimming pools, lakes or the ocean. The water in these bodies of water can be quite harsh on your extensions.

If you do happen to get them wet when you’re swimming, be sure to rinse the chlorine or salt water out of your hair as soon as you are able. Use your leave-in conditioner or hair oils to nourish your extensions after exposure to those harsh ingredients.

Never brush or comb your extensions when they are wet. Hair is much more fragile and prone to snapping or breaking when it’s wet. It’s suggested that you brush your hair out completely before you get into the shower, and then again after your shower once your hair has been allowed to completely air dry.

Never sleep with wet hair, as it does encourage damage and breakage.

Heat styling tools

We all love our blow dryers and straighteners. With skin weft hair extensions in place, you are advised to avoid heat styling tools as much as is possible. Of course, it’s not always entirely realistic to expect us to go without favorite styling tools. Be sure to use them on their lowest heat settings, and use the heat styling as sparingly as is possible. Remember that your hair extensions don’t have the benefit of the natural oils produced by your scalp. Heat styling tools, combined with this fact, can lead to your hair extensions drying out.

At the end of the day, the benefits that you’ll see from having hair extensions will far outweigh any small extra steps that you need to take in order to keep the extensions looking and feeling great for as long as is possible.

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