Top 10 Largest Cities in the World

Cities are the largest settlements in urban civilization. Cities are the places where people from all around the territory come for better facilities and better opportunities. That’s the reason the population in the city is very high. People have dreams; they don’t migrate to City for no reason at all. Every person wants to make it big in the City. Some people doing so attract other people to the lifestyle of the city- and as the time passes on, the number of people living in the city is guaranteed to grow. The population in some cities are high- that’s how they become large cities, and there are a lot of large cities all around the world.

Today, we take a look at the top 10 largest cities in the world. I have used the population to be the factor for this classification. You might as well find the name of your city as these cities are from various countries and continents from all around the world.


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Approximately 12.4 million people live in Mumbai. Mumbai is the second most populated Metropolitan area in India. This city lies on the western coast of India and is also known as the city of Dreams. Well, it is, Mumbai is the second richest city in the entire of India. Among the 12 of millions of people in Mumbai, about 42000 of them are millionaires. The famous Indian film industry, the Bollywood also lies in Mumbai. Mumbai is also home to a lot of Indian celebrities.

Mumbai is the city built over the seas. This place was previously known as Bombay. The East India Company built Mumbai in the 17th century, and by the 18th century, Mumbai was already one of the most important financial areas in the world. Columbus discovered America when he was on his way to Mumbai. Even now the manufacturing sector in Mumbai is up-and-coming. It is also the same for all other industries, maybe that’s the reason the city can be overly populated in some areas. At this particular time, the air pollution has been a significant issue in Mumbai. And even though a lot of other problems exist, still Mumbai is rapidly developing these days. A person living in Mumbai generally called a Mumbaikar, and the more and more people are becoming Mumbaikars.


Largest Cities in the World

The ninth largest city in the world on our list is Guangzhou. About 13.5 million people have a home in this city in the southern part of China. Guangzhou is the major manufacturing hub of southern China. People of various ethnicities come in here as they want to be a part of the ever-growing educational economic and technological factors in this city. Guangzhou even has a large number of illegal immigrants from other countries. Guangzhou is one of the Alpha Global cities. People also call Guangzhou “the capital of the third world.”

The Canton fair in the city is the largest Trade Fair in the country. Previously, Guangzhou was also the capital city of China. Well, this city was the capital of China three times. Not only in the sector of the economy, but Guangzhou is also an important city in the Chinese culture. Guangzhou is where the temple of the six Banyan trees is located. The famous Canton Tower of China is also in Guangzhou. The oldest mosque in China, the Huaisheng Mosque was also built in Guangzhou. The number of tourists visiting Guangzhou is increasing these days as well. Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, and the people also called this place Canton.


Largest Cities in the World

The eighth largest city on our list is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Tokyo is one of Japan’s 47 prefectures. About 18.7 million people live in Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the entire world. All the other sectors have developed a lot, and people not only from Japan but from all over the world come to reside in Tokyo. Apart from Japan, a lot of people from China and Korea live in Tokyo. Being the capital, Tokyo certainly is one of the most important cities in Japan. Well, Tokyo is the economic center of the country of Japan.
People living in Tokyo have big dreams, and they work very hard to achieve that. People are busy, still friendly. Tokyo is also regarded as one of the most well-managed cities in the world. People living in Tokyo are conscious of their surrounding, and they are praised all over the world. Even if you drop something really expensive in the middle of a busy road, the chances are that you will get it back. So, it would be a great experience to visit Tokyo. You could enjoy the tax-free shopping and eat in the top restaurants of the world. When you come back, you are certainly going to equip yourself with a lot of new gadgets and be a person rich in many unique experiences.


Largest Cities in the World

The next city on our list is Istanbul. It has an estimated population of 14 million people. Istanbul is the city with the biggest population in Turkey. This city is the center of Turkey’s economy culture and history. A lot of opportunities are available in this place, so it is only natural that people would like to test their luck in this place. Geographically, there is only one city in the world that lies both in Europe and Asia. And it is Istanbul.
Istanbul is a snowy City- still a great place for people to visit. Istanbul was announced the European cultural capital city in the year 2010. Even in the history, Istanbul was one of the most developed cities in the world. It is also said that during the Ottoman Empire, there were 14000 toilets in Istanbul. The Ottoman Empire was the time where most of the people still thought that the Earth was flat. The biggest oldest Bazaar in the world, Grand Bazaar lies in Istanbul. There are 3113 mosques in the City. It has the highest number of mosques in any City. The Blue Mosque, The Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sofia, all lie in Istanbul. With a lot of friendly people, Istanbul is certainly the city where many people would prefer to be.


Largest Cities in the World

Karachi, a city in Pakistan, is the sixth largest city in the world. The number of people in this place is 14.9 million, and the population is set to reach 15 million anytime. The other name of Karachi is the city of lights. Karachi is the center of Pakistan’s economy in this place contributes to 42% of GDP of the country. The largest ports in Pakistan, The Port bin Qasim and The Port Karachi are also in Karachi.

Karachi is conceivably the most diverse City in Pakistan. People of various ethnicities are living in this place. One of the most contributing factors for the people to live in Karachi is that it is one of the cheapest and affordable cities in the world to live. That’s the reason a lot of people from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Burma as well as Bangladesh call Karachi their homes. The people are really friendly, and all the religions are respected in Karachi. The sixth largest city in the world is also called the media electronic capital of Pakistan. There are a lot of things for people to do in Karachi and if you have the chance to go there, don’t forget to taste the street food in Karachi.


Largest Cities in the World

Tianjin is China’s second largest city and the 5th largest city in the world. In the area of 11716-kilometer square, it has a population of 15.2 million people. People call Tianjin the gateway to Beijing. These two cities are 137 km apart. Because of the facilities there, the population of Tianjin is increasing day by day. Tianjin is one of the major ports in Northeast China.

The city was built in 1403 and till now has come a long way. The first university of China, the Penyang University is in Tianjin. The Other famous university in China, The Nankai University is also in Tianjin. Besides that, there are about 37 universities in this city. Many students live in Tianjin that contributes to the city to be one of the largest cities in the world. About six hundred thousand experts and Scholars live in Tianjin. The city is also considered as one of China’s most rapidly developed areas, and yes, it is still developing. If you ever happen to book a flight to Tianjin, to visit the Tianjin eye, which is a giant 120m Riverside Ferris wheel. And you could as well enjoy shopping In the Guenhuwa Jie.


Largest Cities in the World

Lagos is the fourth largest city in the world and the largest city in Nigeria. Logos is the smallest state in Nigeria and still z home to about 16 million people. It is a major financial center of Nigeria. This city is very critical to the economy of the country- it contributes to about 32% to Nigeria’s GDP. The port city handles about 70% of the country’s imports. Lagos was also the capital city of Nigeria until 1991 AD. The promising financial sector of the city is the reason many people have come to live in Lagos.

People, before calling the city Lagos used to call it Eko. Most of the rich people in Nigeria live in this city. This large city has the highest number of millionaires living in Nigeria. The famous Nigerian movie industry, the Nollywood is in Lagos. So a lot of Nigerian movies have been made in Lagos. One of the largest international airports in Africa the Murtala Muhammed International Airport is also in Lagos. The NECOM house Towers are the tallest buildings in West Africa which are in Lagos. Besides that, this city is culturally vibrant. Lagos is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.


Largest Cities in the World

Delhi, the third largest city in the world, is also the largest city in India.
The city of Delhi has two regions. The old Delhi and the New Delhi. New Delhi is the capital of India. According to the stats in 2011, the population of Delhi is 18.9 million. Delhi lies in the north of India. New Delhi is one of the most expensive cities in India. India is one of the largest growing economies of the world, and the contribution of the city of Delhi has been a major part on it. A lot of people live in Delhi and Delhi is also known as the “City of The big-hearted.”

People of various cultural and religious backgrounds live in Delhi. There are a lot of opportunities for people in Delhi. Many people have been able to use them, and about 20600 people in Delhi are millionaires. Delhi is also one of the most important cultural places in India. The Red Fort, the India Gate, and the Lotus Temple all lie in Delhi. The largest Public Transportation system in the world is in Delhi. Despite being one of the most developed cities in India, the pollution has been a major issue in Delhi. The air pollution has been skyrocketing, and according to surveys, many people in Delhi die every year because of air pollution. Despite all of this, Delhi is still one of the places that you want to travel so you should plan on visiting this place someday.

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Largest Cities in the World

The capital city of China, Beijing is the second largest city of the entire world. This city is also the second largest city in China. Beijing is a place where 21.5 million people live their daily life. Experts say Beijing was already in existence before 3000 years, so it is one of the oldest cities in the world. in those long years, Beijing has been one of the richest cities in the entire world. Beijing is one of the most critical cities in the Chinese economy, and the population of Beijing is increasing rapidly.

The enormous Great Wall of China, The beautiful summer palace, the Forbidden City, and The Temple of Heaven all lie in Beijing so we can say that Beijing is also one of the most important cultural places in China. Beijing has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That is the reason millions of tourists visit Beijing every year. Before some years, the air pollution in Beijing was a major issue. But anyway, these days the air quality is getting better. This city hosted the 2008 Olympics, and it will host the 2022 winter Olympics. The second largest city in the world is on its way be the first city able to hold both the summer and the winter Olympics. Beijing is a city where you can build yourself. About two hundred and thirteen thousand millionaires are living in Beijing. The people in Beijing are always busy, but if you get a chance to visit the place, they will still be happy to be of help. In conclusion, you could visit the place to experience the unique culture in there so why not in your next holidays, why not consider Beijing as an option?


Largest Cities in the World

The largest city in the world is Shanghai. 24 million people live in Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the most important financial and cultural centers in China. Many international companies have their center in Shanghai as well. The longest Metro train system is in Shanghai. The tourism industry in the city of Shanghai is certainly one of the most flourishing industries in China, and you could visit Shanghai for six days without even needing to have a visa. Who is on the number of tourists visiting Shanghai every year is more than a couple of millions.

Shanghai is considered one of the most modern cities in the 21st-century world. The people in Shanghai use very advanced technology in their day to day life. Same for every other sector, Shanghai has played a significantly important role in making China one of the economic powerhouses in the entire globe. October and November are the best months to visit Shanghai. You will need quite some money because this place is expensive.

But whatever you pay, you will get in return. There indeed, are a lot of places to visit and a lot of things to do In Shanghai. You could visit the Yu Garden or the City God Temple. You could go to the museums and also visit The Bund. There are a lot of places are there to go, and you might as well take your children to the Disney Parks. Traveling in this place is a unique experience, and you could as well brag about visiting the largest city in the world.


The life in the city is very different from the life in the countryside. First, you might find it a hard time to adjust, but after that, you will know it’s only a way of life. People do get a lot of benefits, but they will need to pay for that- they need to work hard. Going through the day to day struggle, being a resident of the city is an amazing experience. You’ll get to learn new things and from the old ones. You will meet many people, a lot of friends and some competitors. All these aspects will certainly change your life, and the City could be a place that will make you stronger.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you like the list? Do you want to migrate to any of these places? Would you want to visit them? Let the world know down in the comment sections and also tell me on what subject should I write next? Till then keep on being as curious as you are and have a good day.

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