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117 Hairstyles For Thin Hair To Try For A Thicker Appeal

As a girl or a woman, we all fear when our hair gets thinner, but here we unfold the secret of making hair look thicker and pretty despite it being thin. There are different hairstyles for thin hair to make it look thicker. You can find them on the internet along with various styling options that you will want to check out! Make sure you keep in your stylebook for one of the days you want to make your hair look thicker. You can get your hair to look thicker and also make them stylish with the tips we are offering here.

Thin hair has its perk as it is easy to manage and maintain thin hair, be it putting over your favorite color or getting a haircut. Besides, getting along with different trendy hairstyle is possible and might be more comfortable with thin hair. Regardless of the volume, hair always looks better when taken care with love and carried with style. Therefore, we present you with a wide range of easy-care hairstyles for beautiful hair that you can choose any day. If you are a student, then these will be an excellent article to keep bookmarked for future use.

Here are 117 hairstyles for thin hair that you need to try out as soon as you can!

Hairstyles for thin hair with bangs

The low-maintenance style that suits most face shapes is one of the go-to options for fragile strands. The bangs make your hair appear thicker and beautiful. You need to work on partitioning the way on either side or how you prefer, and with a bang, you have a classy hairstyle for yourself.

hairstyles for thin hair The long bob that flatters all

The bob hairdo is another universal favorite. With simple effort, you can own the bob hairstyle that is great for a casual workday or even celebrated during the fun-filled weekends. If you are more outgoing, get some variation with one of the color hues on your hair and show your style.

Some blonde highlights to help you

Who doesn’t love highlights on their hair, moreover when you have some hairstyle that asks for it. The highlights make an illusion of making your hair look voluminous. You will love your hair with those blonde highlights that can make your hair thinning fear go away.


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Getting that angled bob

The angled bob is one of the most classy and sassy hairstyles many people fancy. It is one of the best styling options among the medium hairstyles for thin hair. This hairstyle that always remains in trend and is a celebrity preferred style will make your hair look thicker and lovely.

Charlize Theron’s updo

The hairstyle, which is famous for being Charlize Theron’s hairstyle provides with another excellent option for women with thin hair. Not only making your hair look thick, but it can also be easy to style and maintain. Not to mention those looks and stare backs, you might get for owning this hairstyle.

Top bun hairstyles for thin hair

The high bun is a time saver hairstyle that you can go for when you are in a rush. Not to forget, it is equally pretty and makes your hair look thick. It also makes you look affluent and influential, and such is the charm of this hairstyle for thin hair.

Casual day out

This hairstyle looks best for a casual day as it can make your hair look adorable and comfortably put at the same time. You can get haircuts for the thin long hair to maintain it short and pretty. Also, don’t forget to wear it with a smile to reflect the shine your hair carries.

Short and classy hairstyles for thin hair

Here we present the hairstyles for thin hair over 40, the different options that can make you look younger. The hair is cut short of making it look voluminous and easy to maintain with different styles and color hues. It’s also ideal for that party where you want to look stunning.

Half up hairstyles for thin hair

Having thin hair doesn’t mean you cannot style it long, which is precisely what this hair says for itself. This is one of the best haircuts for thin long hair, which makes a great style with the part of the hair done down and half up. You can also choose different color options for the hair partitioned upwards and downwards.

For mature women

Your hair grows older with you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t style it up. As we have plenty of hairstyles for thin hair over 50 that not only makes your hair look thicker but also makes you look less your age. You can also choose a variety of color to go with these hairdos.

Selena Gomez’s hair

Selena Gomez is one of the most loved celebrity and artist by all. She has a style which even shines in her hair and the hairstyles preferred by her remains in trend quite often. This short Bob hair is one of hair most-followed among different from medium hairstyles for thin hair.

Gracious bob hairstyles from celebs

There are other plenty of bob hairstyles that many celebs go with or fancy, all of which have one thing in common: grace. These hairstyles are popular for women with thin hair being the go-to haircut for thin hair to look thicker. One admiring factor is how it goes well with any hair color and shade, which is what, it’s so famous with the celebs.

Try the central partition

Making your hair look thicker is not only about how you trim it but also equally about how you style it. As said, in this hairstyle, the hair is centrally partitioned and let loose on both of the sides, which not only highlights your facial features and structure but also makes your hair look thick and lively.

Asymmetrical length

The beauty of any style sometimes lies in how different things look great in unison, and so is the case with this hairstyle where the hairs are partitioned asymmetrically separated from the middle. It is a great option to choose from among the medium hairstyles for thin hairs.

Short elegant bun

Buns are always comfortable hairstyle, and they are one of those easy care hairstyles for beautiful hair that anyone can try out. We are sure you will get that exceptional style for yourself once you wear it once. It is best if you have short hair as well. So check out that style here and get to looking the best you have ever seen. Keep some sleek bangs on the side, and it can frame your face well.


Styling short hair

We are sure that there are some ideas in your head already as to how you want your hair to look. When you get some short hair on, there are some fun ways to style them. Here we are showing you some basic curls and waves on the hair. They are perfect for adding on some texture and heading out to your work. There are darker tones on the top and some lighter blonde on the bottom here.

Soft, polished hairstyles

We have some soft colors in here, and they are creating a polished look that anyone can try on. There is no need for you to be scared to get on a central partition. You can rock this look as most celebs do. They keep the hair looking well-balanced, and it also gives off that glam appeal to the hair. Check out these ideas if you are feeling unsure about getting a hairstyle as chic as these.

The thicker curls

Getting curls is not a hard thing. There are a lot of ways to get that fuller looking hair on yourself. The best way, though is by adding on some lovely big, voluminous curls on top. Take a hair curler that is at least one inch in width, and you can enjoy a look as big as this. You must have seen these ideas being sported by your favorite celeb on some red carpet event too. You can get the same for yourself.

Layered hairstyles

One great way to get that thick look on your thin hair is by adding on some short layers to them. Check out your very own Kelly Clarkson try out these framing layers on herself. We are sure you will love these ideas if you have a round face and thin hair. If you want to add bangs on to your haircut, then you can get that short layers on all of the front sections. We are sure you will adore it.

Short hairstyles for thin hair

Do you have short hair along with thin hair? Then you can try out any of these hairstyles. Keep the section of hair from the front and start French braiding till you reach the end. Then you can get them secured at the back. This way you can find yourself a polished, graceful look to wear to every occasion. If all these braidings are too hard for you, then you can keep them cut short enough to look good as you wake up.

Choppy layers

There are some beautiful layers on these hairstyles for thin hair. We are sure there are some natural options for you to try out. But we want you to look your best each day, and thus we are showing you these choppy layered short hairdo. You need to expand your style to new horizons and get that fun outlook that everybody loves. There are some lighter hues and some with a darker tone on them as well.

Dark hues on the base

You must have seen a lot of ideas like these out there. You can take the dark tones on the top and make them your base color. After that, you can color your hair in any shade you want! Here we have some blonde hues on the front layers, and there are dark brown tones on the section of hair after that. This is undoubtedly one look to keep bookmarked so that you can try it out later.

Keeping a natural look

Nowadays it is all about getting yourself to look naturally stunning without any funky layering and add on in your hair. Thus this is an idea that anyone can try out. Here we have a center-parted thin hair that has been left on with its natural textures. There are some darker tones on the full locks with a touch of brown on them. We are sure this will have an impact on you for the best.

Throwback to the 90s!

If you are a 90s kid, then you must be feeling nostalgic right now. Some so many women are wearing these styles from back in the day and making them relevant as well. They were sculpted to give that healthy-looking thicker hair appearance to the hair. You can check out these hairstyles for fun. If you want you can also revamp it for a trendy look today.

Hairstyles for thin hair with blunt ends

Hairstyles for thin hair that have that grip on young people nowadays. We are sure you will also love these ideas if you want to get on with the trend. Here we have these stunning options of hairstyles for thin hair that can make you look different in all ways. If you have yet to try out these styles, now is the chance for you. Head out to a salon and get them cut today!

Some messy layers

There are some sharp messy layers on these hairstyles. If you look closer, you can see them on both of these hairstyles for thin hair. They are showing you the range of age that can sport it as well. They are not limited to only mature women or young women! Thus we want you to acknowledge this short layered look as well. Get this on the next time you want to change your look.

Thicker at the back

These styles are more abundant at the end, and they have the layers on the back that make it so. The dark hues on this hair make us feel excited. You can get that backcombed look to attain the volume and thickness that you want. Check out these ideas here to feel liberated. This is a natural way to get your hair to look and feel thicker. So we are sure you will appreciate it.

Out of this world

If you are looking for an exceptional style, then you can try any of these styles. Here we have collected some techniques that are best seen on magazine covers. You can also sport these on some models who are walking the ramp for some fashion show. They may not be the cup of tea for all of us, but they are best from an artistic point of view.

Some beautiful colors to try

Getting colors on your hair is fun, and it also makes you look different in each way. If you want that flair to your hair, then get on board with these fun colors today. The light baby blues, pastel to rose gold shades, and soft pinks are all ideas that we adore. They are stunning, and we want you to check them out as soon as you can.

The office-appropriate hair

If you are heading out to your office, then you can try out any of these hairstyles for thin hair. These do not have some bold punch of colors or a unique cut to it. So they are great to try out for your office to get that formal look. Here are a couple of options that you can try out. We are showing you these medium length bob style hairdo that a lot of working women love.

Easy fun hairstyles

These are the styles that can give you a fun outlook. Here is a side swept braid that is perfect for anyone who wants to head out without looking too shabby. They work for any face shape, and we love it as well. You can get your braiding skill son and look gorgeous. Here are a couple of ideas that you can take cues from. We are sure you will get addicted to this style once you sport them.

Red carpet glam

When these Hollywood celebs wear these styles, it encourages us to get these styles on as well. You can see we have the ever so beautiful Beyonce, Lupita Nyong’o and Salma Hayek wearing their versions of red carpet looks. You can also try them out if you want to look phenomenal. Get a sleek low pony like Beyonce if you have less time. If you have some time to spend, then you can try out the tight, smooth updo that Lupita has on.

Hairstyles for everyday wear

Do you want to look good every day? Then there are some hairstyles for thin hair with waves that work out great. They are best for parties, and they have the blonde to brown streaks on the side. Women who are working will love these styles as they take only a few minutes in the morning to get done. Opt for a heatless curl idea if you want to prevent your hair from damage. Here is an approach to follow.

Get the traditional vibe

These braids are beautiful, and they are ideal if you need to head out to a wedding. The red copper tones in this style are best if you want that shine and luster in your hair. You can start to braid from one side and take it to the other side before you secure it. Sophie Turner has sported this one, and she looks phenomenal. Her smokey eye and the dramatic eye makeup sums up this style well.

Summer vibes

Another perk of having thin hair is during summer when your hair won’t torture you. Instead, it can be the cool factor as with the right style and proper care, and you are ready for taking any heat and throw it back with style. The golden tonne is favored for this style, but you can always opt for something else.

Approachable hairstyles for thin hair

You can have enough fun trying various styles for your hair despite it being thin in volume. Some medium hairstyles for thin hair are presented below, which keeps in check with the trend yet sets you apart from others. Also, you can always choose to apply some shades over this style.

Knot on the back

Another variation of styling your hair for those of you with thin hair. Tying them behind, making a know reflects your calm personality and style along with letting your hair loose and appear thicker.

If there is one way to get that thicker hair appeal, then it is an excellent option. You can go for some layers on your hair and also backcomb the hair to get that voluminous look. Do you want a thicker hair idea, then head to trying out some hair extensions. Get the colored option if a bit of depth and dimension is what you need. There is a sea of things to try out, and we want to make sure you give them a fair try. So make sure you have time to go through these images we put up in this article.

It is not a perfect world for sure. There are so many things that do not work out the way we want them to. But your hairstyle does not need to be one of those. You can get some optical illusions on if you wish to that thicker hair appeal and you have thin hair. Your hairstylist can give you that strategic haircut that works wonders for you. So take help from an expert rather than trying to do it all by yourself. We hope you loved these hairstyles for thin hair ideas that we compiled for you. If so, then share your view with us for sure!

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