101 Stupendous Blue Hair Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Blue hair will give you an utterly voguish glance. Look forward to The BLUES! and get that stupendous glance this year. Girls mostly follow the blonde, red, brown and shades as such which have become very common amongst the mass. So, why don’t you try and be eccentric? Following are different shades and variations of blue that will brighten up your overall appearance.

  • Shiny Blue

blue hair

This shiny, glossy blue shade looks mind-boggling. Here, the hairstylist has focused on applying a bright royal blue tint on the outer part where you can see a hint of black hair inside. However, you need not compulsorily have long hair to get this look as it looks gorgeous on both long and short hairs.

  • Mid-Length Blue Wavy Hair

Many of the girls out there might have got annoyed not being able to style your hair as per your choice. But here’s an excellent option for you to look stylish. Apply different shades of blue to your overall hair and create light waves using an electric curling rod or a non-electric curler. Lastly, swipe your hair sideways and let it loose. There you have your hair ready to make you look stylish and attractive.

  • Greenish Blue Ombre

Talking about ombre updo, it’s one of the most trending hairstyles. The above-shown ombre look is natural black hair followed my bluish green ombre hairdo. And, to get this look, you need to chop off your hair shoulder length and apply the bluish green hair tint.

  • Dark Blue Ombre

This hairdo is the same as the upper updo with just a difference of the hair tint. For this look, you need to apply a dark blue shade followed by natural black hair. Also, you can make light waves to your hair or leave it straight as per your preference.

  • A mix of Blue and Purple

You definitely might know that the color blue has many variations and all of which looks very bright and vivid. The mix of blue and purple hairdo pictures mentioned above are very modish, dazzling and unique henceforth, try any of these and turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Ocean-Green Ombre

The hair color as in the pictures itself is so appealing that it makes you want to attempt it at least once.

  • Blue Curls

As already shown in the pictures above, you need to follow specific steps to get the impressive final result. The levels are as follows:

  1. First, you need to wash your hair, make it clean and then detangle it.
  2. Then, straighten your hair or leave it as it is if you have a natural straight hair.
  3. Color your hair as a mix of dark and light blue ombre.
  4. Finally, using a curler, make light curls and let it loose.
  5. Your blue ombre curls are ready to be flaunted anywhere, any time of the day.
  • Blue to Ocean-Green Hair Style

Do you fall under those who loves experimenting with hairstyles most often and get that modish glance? If that is the case, this blue to ocean-green hairdo with a little hint of waves would be the perfect option for you. Furthermore, you can experiment this look on the hair of any length that is, long, medium or short.

  • Flower Crowned Updo

Do you want to get some girly look mixed with a punk getup? For that, you need to try on the coiffure as above. Here, the hairstylist has focused on a lighter shade of blue in ombre form and at last, is decorated with a flower crown.

  • Grey to Blue

Once you get older, you might get a thought about not being able to look stylish and glam, but you are moving with a wrong perception within. You can look equally voguish and glamorous in your old age too by experimenting with the hairdo as shown here. This grey hair followed by blue ombre which gives you a striking appearance.

  • Half-Plaited Updo

This updo is easy to be recreated if you follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, detangle your hair and apply a shade of brown tint or leave as it is if you have naturally brown hair.
  2. Then, divide your hair into two halves, upper and lower halves.
  3. Clip the upper half, and again divide the lower half into two parts.
  4. Take one half of the lower portion and apply a shade of light blue and ocean-blue in an ombre pattern.
  5.  Unclip the upper half of your hair and start plaiting it.
  6. Continue your plates till the bottom and secure it with a hair tie.
  7. Moreover, you can style as a three strand, four strand or five strand plaits as per your ease and preference.
  8. There you have your updo ready to rock your day.
  • Dazzling Blue Hair Dye


A dazzling blue hair brings a whole new lot of sophistication to your appearance. Besides, it makes you look elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

  • Icy-Blue Inverted Braid

I don’t know about you guys, but icy-blue catches my sight. And, when it comes to experimenting with an icy-blue tint to your hair, I think its the best decision that you’ll ever make. Here, you can see a bold appearance, and there’s nothing much you’ve to do to get this look. Simply, trail on with the procedures mentioned below:

  1. Highlight certain strands of your hair in an icy-blue shade.
  2. Then, grab a small portion of your hair at the center of your head as in the picture, and make an inverted three strands braids till the middle of your head.
  3. Once you reach the middle part, tie the braid with a hair tie and continue rolling your hair as a rope till the bottom.
  4. Let your hair loose; there you have your bold updo ready to turn the heads around.
  • Long Wavy Impressive Hairstyle

Attempting for an undulating wave with a mix of two different shades of blue gives a very magnificent glance. No wonder, wavy hairdo looks fantastic in the hair of all lengths but looks more attractive if you have a long hair length. Just experiment this style and get the compliments flowing by your near and dear ones.

  • Royal Blue Blunt Edged Bob

Short bobs are perfect for summer as it makes you look fresh and fashionably elegant and sophisticated. Also, if you apply a royal blue shade, it acts as a cherry on top of the cake.

  • High Blue Pony

Pony is such a hairdo that never goes out of fashion and suits women of all age group. Here, the hairstylist has focused on blonde followed by sky blue ombre. When you the coloring is done, all you have to do is grab all your hair take it to the top and secure as a high pony using a hair tie. At last, take a small part of your hair and roll it on top of the hair tie. You have your simple yet utterly elegant look ready to be vaunted.

  • Blue Black Hair Dye With Glittery Updo

Are you looking for a party or wedding hairdo? If so is the case, this would be the best option for you. Here, you need to roll small parts of your hair in crisscross manner till the scruff and roll all your hair upwards to make it as a bun. Lastly, sprinkle glitters to your hairdo that will make your evening look shinier.

  • Varicolored Hairstyle

Do you fall under those who loves experimenting with the modish hairstyles? Strive this varicolored hairdo that does not require any fancy styling.

  • Silver to Ink-Blue Ombre In Black Girl

The hairdo in the above picture looks mind-boggling. Besides, this style would be the ultimate choice if you have long hair. Just a simple procedure of applying on the ombre tints and twisting as a loose wave is what makes you look fabulous. The result will make you look immensely charming.

  • Sweep it to the Side

This style has no fanciness, no unique style but still looks very alluring. The reason behind it is the hair swept to the side.

  • Blazing Blue

Don’t you think a bright hair tint is needed to brighten up your look and day? I think it’s a must. Moreover, any combination of blue will work, and you can attempt on the hair of any length. Also, the brighter tint looks tremendous on girls with fair skin tone.

  • Varied Coiffure

Once you see the pictures, there’s not much to be explained. This coiffure is a mix of different blue-toned hair tints that makes you be a trendsetter. Just ask your hairstylist to remake the style on you and be ready to get the praise from your near and dear ones.

  • Long Hair

If you are a school student, something fancy or dazzling would not be appropriate. Henceforth, an attempt for a tint that throws a spark of blue on your long hair which gives you an elegant glance keeping your appearance sober.

  • Sea-Blue Ombre With Blue Eyes

Don’t you fall in love with the mesmerizing beauty and loveliness when you go by the seaside? You certainly do feel. Similar is the case when you strive for the sea-blue ombre. Ask your stylist to recreate the same look on you and stand out in the crowd.

  • Flower Decorated Updo

As we have already talked much about different ombre hairdo’s, this is no different than any other hairstyle. The mix of two bright colors as in the picture above gives a delightfully charming and attractive glance. Over and above that, decorate with some flowers to get the perfect look at the end.

  • Blonde to Blue

Blonde, as you know is on trend these days. If you are a blonde lover but want to add a little twist to your style, then go for a blonde to blue ombre. It surely makes you look chic.

  • Short Curly Blue Bob

Short hairstyles are the best way to rock your summer days. Most of you tend to perceive that once you chop off your hair short, you cannot appear stylish. But, hey!throw the wrong perception out of your mind and see how stylish and smart can you look if you attempt for hairdo as shown above. Also, add funky accessories to make the updo look more intriguing.

  • Rock the Stage!!

Are you passionate about singing or performing anything up on the stage? That being so, you can recreate this look by following simple procedures mentioned below:

  1. First, detangle your hair, trim it to the length of your choice.
  2. Also, create bangs and sweep it to the side.
  3. Then after, straighten your hair or leave it as it is if you have a natural straight hair.
  4. Select any of your favorite blue shade and apply to the lower part of your hair followed by natural black/brown hair.
  5. Also, to make yourself appear more captivating wear something very sassy and chic.
  6. The look is ready to grab the attention of the audience towards the center of the stage.
  • Perfect Blue Curls

CURLS!! It is something that adds on a different enticement to your overall persona. The color blue gives a bright look as you have already known and the addition of curls to it makes you throw the sass around like confetti.

  • Purple and Blue Updo

Purple and blue, both colors are very intense. It goes perfectly well with ones another and gives an entirely different sophistication. Once you put in application the colors in an ombre pattern, you can style as any one of the above-shown hairdo’s and be ready for any of your events.

  • Bluish Purple Ombre

An easy-going hairdo that makes you completely ready for your daily activities. It is a flawless look for a trend-setting fashionista like you.

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  • Dark Blue to Sky Blue

Well, to me dark blue and sky blue looks like sibling colors. So, when both of the colors are combined, it gives you a fabulous appearance. Moreover, this combination blends well on both long and short hair and suits the best for women of all age group with any skin tone.

  • Double-Sided Space Buns

Space buns are something that helps you set a significant mark on your persona. For this look, follow the  procedures as mentioned below:

  1. Color your hair grey followed by sky blue tint.
  2. Then, divide your hair into two parts, leaving a few strands of your at the front.
  3. After that, take each part of your hair and roll it to the top creating a bun.
  4. Your easy to make, stylish hairdo is ready to be flaunted.
  • Blue Variation with a Hint of Grey

Most of you out there might be fond of grey hair. But a full grey hair mostly might make you look quite dull and boring. So, to brighten your look by adding a hint of blue to your grey hair. Twist and turn and mix and match the colors to look flashy.

  • One-Sided Dutch braids

Braids are such a hairdo that never gets old and suits well for women of all age. When styled differently, it helps you be ready for any occasion. The above-shown hairstyle is a three strand dutch braid which is swept at one side and pinned up. You can either tie the half-opened hair or let it loose as per your preference.

  • Stylish  Braided Hair

For this, you need to divide your hair into two parts: Lower and upper. Leave the lower part as it is. And for the top half, again divide it into for parts. For each section create a loose three strand braids and secure it with a hair tie at the bottom. Grab two of the twists at the center and again tie it as one.

  • Braids at the Center

Well, no need to talk much about the hair tints as you have already known a lot by now. Let’s talk about the braids in the middle. After applying hair colors and curling your hair, all you need to grab a portion at the middle and make a fishtail braid. Continue your braid till the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie.

  • Wavy Hairstyles

Just like the sea-waves that come in different forms, you can style your hair as waves in different wavy patterns. Select any one of them and put in an application to look trendy and cool.

  • Blue at the Tip

Amongst many of the blue hair variations, this is also one of them. For this, all you need to do is, make a short bob with side bangs and color blue just at the tips of your hair.

  • Easy-Going Updo

If you are the one who believes in simplicity, this would be the best choice for you. Here, you have to apply on a shade of blue that shines when you get your hair exposed to lights.

  • Twisted hair Accompanied by Ponytail.

To get this look, first, you need to color your hair blue. Then, on one side, grab a particular portion of your hair and start twisting it until you reach the middle. Once you reach the center, grab all your hair and tie as a pony. Moreover, you can make curls at the bottom of your hair or leave it straight.

  • Captivating Hairstyle

If you do not have enough time to make funky styles before attending special events, opt for the hairdo as in the above picture. These are simple yet very captivating hairstyles which help you stand out in the mass.

  • Fishtail Braid at the Side

Let’s talk about the braids at the side because explaining about hair color by now will be very cliche. For the twists, you need to grab your hair at the front at any of the sides and make fishtail braid starting right from the center flowing downwards.

  • Side-Swept hairdo’s

If you are amongst those who have zero knowledge about styling hair into different forms, don’t you worry. It is because we present you the easiest way to look fabulous. Color your hair into any color of your choice and the sweep it to the side. Also, you can style one side by twisting as in the picture above.

  • Punk Style

Have you seen many of the punk singers styling their hairdo? These pictures above also replicate their style. Henceforth, experiment with this hairstyles if you are a punk lover.

  • Bob Hairstyles

Short Bob hairstyles as already mentioned in many of the earlier posts, gives you a very bold, smart and chic overlook. Try any one of the bob hair variations and look stunning.

  • Royal Blue Hair

Royal blue, the color itself suggests something royal and high class isn’t it? Put in the application the royal blue color that turns heads of many towards you.

  • Braided hairdo’s

Like any other styles, twists also has many forms. From simple braids to those that make you look very glam.

  • Messy Hairstyle

Perfectly combed hair all the time might look very dull and boring. At times, you also need to leave your hair messy to look attractive.

  • Twists and Turns

To get this look, follow the procedures mentioned beneath:

  1. Color your hair as grey to blue ombre.
  2. Then, starting from the top, take hairs on both the sides and roll it.
  3. Bring the rolled hair to the center and clip it.
  4. Continue the same process as above until you reach the number of twists you want.
  5. After the final twist, clip all your twisted hair at the center and leave rest of your hair loose.
  6. Also, you can decorate your hair with different accessories if wish.
  • Casual Bun

The bun is very casual and manageable for your work look or college look.

  • Peacock Feather Decorated Hair

You might have seen the peacock and its feather, haven’t you? The feather looks so beautiful and ravishing that catches the sight of many people. Therefore, why don’t you color your hair with the feather colors as in the picture and decorate with a  feather at last?

  • HighSchool Hairdo

High school is the time when you want to look so good and smart. Try this updo to look impressive and charming.

Thus, these are the blue variation that makes you look gorgeous. This hairdo will brighten up your look for sure. Experiment with the colors at least once to enhance your personality. Therefore, attempt for it once without having a second thought.

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