79 Chocolate Brown Hairs That Looks Absolutely Alluring

Chocolate brown hairs look absolutely alluring in every season. There are variations of chocolate brown hair that you can try on. Lovely, smooth, and alluring chocolate brown hairs is what you might be searching for since very long, right? As mentioned earlier, there are varieties of hair tints: very light natural looking tints to a deep dark chocolate brown that looks very luscious.  These hairs look very sophisticated, striking and occasionally very suitable.


The chocolate brown tints look amazing, but you should select the right tint of hair colour that matches your skin tone. With the right choice of hair tint, you look more modish and also tend to look much younger. In addition, if you select the right chocolate brown colour according to the seasons then, that would be a plus point for you. Chocolate brown colour is one of the most preferred hair colour these days.

Here, we present you different shades of chocolate brown hairs that you can choose from:

  • Ombre Tints


The ombre tints on long and healthy hair with a little styling at the bottom look luscious, doesn’t it? Ombre has been the preference of many girls nowadays. So, to look stylish on a day-to-day look with a gentle looking hairdo, you can try on the ombre tints as shown in the picture above.

  • Cinnamon Chocolate Hair with a Fringe

The cinnamon chocolate hair with a fringe looks sophisticated. Moreover, you get a very classy look from this updo that makes you ready for any glamorous events. The most important thing about this shade is that it goes well with any skin tones and warms up the complexion of those with fair skin tones.

  • Big Curls with a Chocolate Brown Shade

As you know, curls give a very romantic feel. Big curls with an addition of chocolate brown shade give you a very stylish and sassy glance.

  • Light Chocolate brown with a Fringe and Low Bun

Light chocolate brown hairstyles as a fringe on a low bun is perfect for parties and glamorous events. This hairdo is very easy to create. Here, the hairstylist has focused on creating a low bun at the back complemented by full-length fringe falling downwards on a light brown hair. A perfect option if you are planning to wear a designer gown.

  • Natural -Looking Shade


As you can see in the picture that the hair colour looks very natural. If you want to colour your hair in a very gentle way this is the best option for you. Just highlight with a shade of brown on your natural black hair. To look more stunning, make curls or leave it straight as per your preference.

  • Brown with a Shade of Blonde

This would be a perfect look for fall or else you can attempt it any season you want. A shade of blonde on brown hair makes you look gorgeous, but you should be able to pull it off. Moreover, to refreshen your look you can change the hair shade as the season changes.

  • A colour that Looks faded Away

Here, the hairstylist has just focused on highlighting few strands of hair to a medium brown shade. Medium brown highlight on black hair looks like the colour is slowly fading away. To add more charm, you can style your hair in a simple way as shown in the picture.

  • Glossy Hair


If you are not a hair colour lover, but still want to add some style to your hair then, apply a natural-looking shade of brown that gives shine to your hair. This updo makes you look simple yet elegant.

  • Brunette Brown

An astounding way to add warmth to your hair and your overall appearance. If you have been looking for an enormous change, this would be a perfect option for you. Try on this hairdo and get that Oh!so chic look.

  • Light Blonde Along with Light Brown

Ash blonde hair complimented with a light brown hair colour gives you a very cool glimpse. To show the cool effect of ash blonde and light brown, you can create a waterfall braid. When you create waterfall braid, the light brown hair falls from between the ash blonde hairs as shown in the above picture and make you look too cool. A perfect look for your casual day or small gatherings.

  • Light Brown to Blonde Ombre

This hairdo looks beautiful on anyone and is best for any occasion. It is a perfect style for someone who is looking for a mind-boggling overlook. Moreover, if you have a whiter complexion this hairdo suits you the best but doesn’t mean that girls with a little warmer complexion cannot try. All of you out there can try and get the startling look.

  • Medium Brown Balayage

If you are looking for something very easy and lovely you must definitely try on the medium brown balayage. This hairdo gives you a very graduated, natural-looking effect. The hairdo looks great on everyone irrespective of skin tone or eye colour.

  • Chocolate brown Blended with Chestnut brown

Chocolate brown hair and chestnut brown go hand in hand. Here, the hairstylist has emphasized on chocolate brown colour highlighted by chestnut brown towards the bottom. If you want to look enchanting go for it.

  • Toffee Highlights

This toffee highlight is perfect for girls with any kind of skin tone. A perfect colour you can go for to get an amazing glimpse any time, any day. It is not necessary for you to have a long hair to create this updo in fact, any hair length will be suitable for this updo. Just the fact is, the longer the hair, the more the highlights that give you a fabulous glance.

  • Warm Chocolate brown with Light Brown Tint at the Tip

This is another preferred chocolate brown colour by girls nowadays. Warm brown hair colour gives you a very fantastic look and the light brown tint at the bottom adds more grace. It looks astounding on all skin tones, but it carried off well by girls with warm skin-tones. This hairdo looks graceful and stylish in appearance.

  • Chestnut Brown Hairdo

Here, the hairstylist has focused much on chestnut brown hair colour to a blonde shade at the tip of the hair as shown above. This hair looks absolutely gorgeous for those who have a fairer complexion. Moreover, to add an extra style you can create a fringe at the front if you wish for it.

  • Light Brown Waves

Are you looking for a bold and chic look? If so, you can try this light brown wavy hairdo. This hairdo makes you ready for any occasion and can be created effortlessly. To add more bold and daring glance, apply on makeup accordingly.

  • Brunette Hairdo

If you have a warm skin tone and are worried about which tint to apply on, then you can attempt this colour as shown above. Brunette brown will make you look pleasingly ingenious and simple. Moreover, you can keep it straight or create a light wavy texture to add more grace.

  • Half-up Knot Hairdo

You have coloured your hair appealing brown, but you are not able to flaunt your lovely hair colour most of the time. In that case, you can try on the half-up knot hairdo that gives a different flow of your hair and your hair colour.

  • Long Brown Hair to Blonde Highlight

Are you looking for an eye-catching hairstyle? Do you want to stand out in the crowd? Do you want to grab the attention of many towards you? If so, this hairdo is the perfect option for you. Light brown hair to blonde highlight styled as a half-up knot gives you a very striking glimpse.

  • Long, Sleek Brown Hair


A very long hair with natural colour might look dull and boring on different occasions. So, just to add more loveliness to your long hair try on adding chocolate brown colour.

  • Glossy Brown To Lighter Shade At the Tip

Glossy Brown hair lightens up your entire appearance. For a more extra glance, you can simply curl your hair loose or leave it straight as per your preference.

  • Ash Brown Hair

Most of you might prefer ash colours, so to give an extra appeal to your preference you can attempt for ash brown hair colours. This hair tint suits best for girls with fair complexion and blue or a cat lense. This makes you look very daring and striking. Moreover,  this hairdo is particularly fashionable right now. Those of you who want to get a chic look can try this hairstyle. You will not be disappointed.

  • Natural Shade of Brown

If you are planning to just add a natural shade with a little change to your daily look, go for this natural shade of brown. It gives you a very decent look.

  • Cinnamon Chocolate Layered Hair



This is a beautiful cinnamon chocolate layered hair. The hairstylist has emphasized on the upper part for adding more colour continued to medium brown hair. As a style, hairstylist has given loose big curls at the tip.

  • Short Bob with a Chestnut Highlight


Short bob hairstyles are trending these days. You cannot style much to this hairdo. So, you can simply apply on a chestnut brown highlight. The end result will give you an Oh! so Chic glance.

  • Short Bob with a Blonde Tint

Short bob and blonde hair are one of the easiest going hairdos. If you want a low maintenance hair and something that gives you a modish look this is the style to go for. Except for timely trims and touch-ups, you do not have to spend much time for its maintenance.

  • Medium length Hazelnut Brown Hair

This hair colour looks convenient for any season and events. The medium length hazelnut brown hair radiates warmth. Moreover, if you have a mid-length and silky hair this colour adds more elegance to your overall appearance. Also, if you are looking for something with a hint of red, you can definitely give it a try.

  • Mohawk Cut with a Shade of Brown

Do you want to get that cool and sassy look? Then, you should definitely go for this hairdo. As you all know that chocolate brown hair is in trend nowadays and the hair colour makes you look more modish. To be more fashionable and turn the heads towards you, you can style as a mohawk on one side of your hair.

  • A shade of brown

With the growing age, you might not want to colour your hair to something very vibrant or dazzling. In that case, you can just attempt for the shade of brown on your natural black hair.

  • Deep Brown Hair

Brwon hair colour never goes out of fashion and never looks too dull and boring. If you have long hair, you can perfectly flaunt the deep brown hair colour. Furthermore, if your hair is naturally long and healthy, it is an additional point for you.

  • Natural Brown

There might be times when you might want to attempt on something very mild and gentle. For that situation, this natural brown hair is the best solution for you. To make your hair ready for glamorous events, you can create a slightly wavy texture.

  • Light Brown

School or high school girls can try this light brown hair as it gives you a decent look. You can get the gentle look with the colouring too. Although the style is light-toned, the invisible layers add depth and add a smooth texture.

  • Blonde Balayage

If you have a fair skin tone, attempting for a natural brown hair followed by blonde balayage would be a perfect solution for you. This gives a faded away texture too. It engulfs blonde balayage-style highlights from the mid-lengths of the hair.

  • Reddish Brown hair

The brown hair colour with a shade of red gives you a completely different glance. Moreover, this hair colour shines the best when exposed to sunlight or any other lights. The shine that it gives you makes your overall appearance glow.

  • Blazing Brown Hair

With all the brown hairstyles out there, at times the simple hairstyle looks the most fashionable. Colour your hair blazing brown to look gorgeous. If you have long hair, you can apply this hair colour and curl it loose at the tip, there you will have you effortlessly beautiful hair.

  • Short Bob with a chestnut brown highlight

Short bob hairstyle always makes you look cool and amazing. Moreover, this hairdo is perfect for summer when you do not want to face the summer heat and irritation with long hair. Try on this hairdo to get that cool look for summer with an addition of chestnut brown highlights.

  • Sophisticated look

Well, who doesn’t want to look sophisticated, you do right? As you can see in the above picture, the hair colour is not too vibrant and dazzling but still looks too glam. Those who have fair skin complexion and blue eyes, you girls can pull off this look very well.

  • Blonde Brown balayage

If you are looking for something very attractive and classy, try on this blonde brown balayage. This hair colour suits for girls of all age group and is perfect for any occasion. Moreover, you can leave your hair straight or slightly wavy as per your preference.

  • Chocolate Brown Followed By Chestnut Brown

Ombre hairdo’s are trending these days. Most of the girls prefer ombre rather than colouring their whole hair. To give a slight change to ombre, you can apply on chocolate brown to your hair and apply chestnut brown at the bottom as an ombre. This gives you a completely new look.

  • Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyles are the perfect summer hairstyles. This hairdo makes you look cool during the hot weather. To make it more stylish and chic, you can add any hair colour as per your desire.

  • Short  Curly Brown  Hair

Many of you might have naturally curled hair. In that case, you might feel annoyed due to the difficulty to style your hair in different ways. So, to avoid that problem you can simply cut your hair short and colour it brown: any shade of it. You will get that amazing and fashionable look effortlessly.

  • Dark Brown complemented by Highlights

If you have a natural brown hair or have already coloured your hair brown and still want an additional touch, this hairstyle can be the best solution for you. This hairstyle gives you a very simple and wonderful glimpse.

  • Cherry Red Hair

Groom up your natural brunette with dark cherry red colour. This chocolate brown and cherry red combination are astounding and the perfect way to change up brunette locks. The perfect thing about the cherry red tint is that it looks great on cool and warm skin tones alike.

  • Warm Brown Hair

This is another most preferred chocolate brown colour with blonde highlights to some strands of the hair. The warm shade looks beautiful and is best styled with slight waves.  It looks amazing on all skin tones, but it is pulled-off by girls who have warm-toned skin. If you want a natural look, this shade should be the perfect solution for you.

  • Honey Blonde Glaze

Honey Blonde has been in fashion for many years. This hair colour gives you a very stylish glance. To get the modish look as shown in the picture above, you can simply colour your hair as a honey blonde in a fading manner. Also, to add more grace you can give a different texture to your hair.

  • Butterscotch  Balayage

Flaunting the gorgeous butterscotch balayage makes you stand out in the crowd. Perfectly blended through the balayage, they shone and flow remarkably. This hair colour goes perfectly well if you have a long hair.

  • Blazing Brunette

This blazing brunette hairdo makes you look incredible. Brunette hair colour is preferred by many these days. Brunette gives you sophisticated glance and needs absolutely low maintenance. Furthermore, if you have a very healthy hair it would be a plus point for you.

  • Long Voluminous Brown Curls

Long, voluminous and pouffy hair gives you 70’s or 80’s glimpse. This kind of hairdo gives you a  very classy feel. For adding more elegance, colour your hair brown style as a curl. If you have natural curls, it would be an advantage to you.

  • Luscious Brown Hair

The rich brown hair colour makes you ready for any occasion, any time, any day. So, an attempt for this hairdo without having a second thought.

  • Brown Hair with Curls



Brown hair is never boring and curls never go out of fashion. When you combine both, you will end up with a fabulous result. You can colour any shade of brown and style as loose curl, or tight curls or big curls as per your want and desire.

  • Shoulder Length Deep Brown with a Side-Swept Bang

The hairdo, as shown above, make you look very cute and gorgeous at the same time. There is not much styling done and because of that, you get the amazing look effortlessly.  The deep brown hair looks perfect on fairer skin tone. Furthermore, the shoulder-length hair requires low maintenance.

Thus, these are the absolutely amazing chocolate brown hairs that you need to try at least once. You can select the hair colour according to your skin tone and preference with the help of suggestions given above. Naturally, it doesn’t come as a surprise that chocolate brown is one of the most preferred hair colours for them. It is rich, vibrant, and oh-so-chic. These hair colours and hairstyles make you ready for the different event any time, any day. Brown hair colours are never boring and never goes out of fashion. Moreover, women of any age group and skin tone can try on brown tints without any hesitation. With plenty tints of hair colours and highlighting techniques, it seems like there are infinite ways to enhance your appearance with contrasts. Chocolate brown can easily look romantic and chic once styled as curl or any chic updo. This hairdo is very bold and versatile. So, try any of these chocolate brown hairstyles that suit you best.

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