66 Beehive Hairstyles That Will Make You Stand Out In The Crowd

Beehive hairstyle is very unique where long hair is styled as a cylindrical shape pointed slightly backwards. It gives the shape of a traditional beehive. This hairstyle is created by backcombing the hair and making matted bun which is lightly combed over to make a smooth outer surface. The longer the hair, the higher the beehive. It also has variations, but basically is styled as a pouffe at the front.

If you are looking for a cool and unique hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd the, this hairstyle is the perfect option for you. This hairdo was in trend back in the 70’s, 80’s, but as you know the old fashion are in nowadays. Classic styles with a modern touch are the ones you should definitely try on and get the celebrity feel. The voluminous beehive hairdos are known for being larger than normal hairdo and making a lasting impression no matter who is wearing them.

We would like to show you some of the beehive hairstyles that gives you a bold and daring glance. Go through the pictures below:-

  • Greyish Fringed Beehive Hair


Greyish fringed beehive hairdo looks very unique and stylish. For this, colour your hair grey and cut as a fringe falling downwards longer at one side. After that, hold on your hair at the back, backcomb your hair and secure all your hair as a high bun by lightly combing to create a smooth outer surface.

  • Beehive Hair with a Crown


Beehive hairstyle makes you ready for any kind of events. As you know, this hairstyle gives you a retro, classic look. So, why not try this hairdo on your big day. To give more charm you can wear on a simple yet beautiful crown.

  • Classic Hairdo

This hairstyle might look very unusual, but it is just because you might not be used to the classic looks. Do not hesitate to experiment with the classic hairstyles because even if you feel uncomfortable carrying it you will definitely get good compliments.

  • Swirl Bun Beehive

Are you looking for a very elegant party hairstyle? Then, you should definitely opt for this hairdo. Swirl bun beehive will be a perfect solution if you are planning to wear a gown or dress to any glamour events.

  • Beehive with Punk Glimpse

If you love styling your hair in a way that gives you a very loud look the, this would be the best hairstyle for you. To create this hairstyle: first, you take half of your hair backcomb it and pin with a hair clip to give a half-up look. Then, sweep few strands of your hair at the front to the side as a side bang. There you have your daring look ready to be flaunted. Moreover, it is the best option for your day-to-day look.

  • Sophisticated Hairstyle

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it makes you glamorous for any events that you have to attend. This hairdo gives you a sophisticated look that will grab the attention of many towards you.

  • Voluminous Half-up Hair with a  Fringe

A simple look every day might make you look very dull and boring. To refreshen up your appearance try something very different and distinctive. Attempt for this voluminous half-up hair with a fringe which gives you a very dauntless glance. Moreover, this updo is all about vintage and retro that everyone will love.

  • Spiral Pattern Bun with a Headband

Get this 50’s old school hairstyle for your next party. You will stand out as a trendsetter following the old school hairstyle with a modern touch.

  • Sea Green Hair

As you already know that beehive hairstyle gives you that Oh! So chic glimpse. To get that elegantly and stylishly fashionable glimpse you can colour your hair sea green or any colour of your choice.

  • Blonde Beehive Bun

Who doesn’t want to look stylish? You certainly want to, don’t you? So, to get that absolutely amazing look attempt this blonde beehive bun. The hair at the front in a side-swept manner accessorized with a hairpin adds more gracefulness. Additionally, it makes you feel like a princess.

  • Side-Swept High Bun

You will look astonishing with this luscious blonde sweeping beehive bun updo. It would be lovely for any special occasion.

  • Beehive French Bun

A very vintage bun that you can try on to make the heads turn towards you. To recreate this look, first separate your hair into two portions: front and back. After that, backcomb your hair at the back and give it a french bun twist. Then, take the front portion of your hair and making a spiral pattern at one end pin it to the bun as shown in the picture. Lastly, set your hair with a hairspray.

  • Huge Beehive Bun

This hairstyle looks very huge but is attractive at the same time. Moreover, this updo looks the best when you walk in a runway or any fashion events.

  • Smooth Surfaced Beehive Updo

If you have to attend any glamorous event, then this might be the best hairdo for you. This would be a fantastic hairdo for your outfits. Additionally, the sleek and smooth surfaced beehive updo gives you a different allure.

  • High Cylindrical Bun

This hairdo is the perfect embodiment of classic beehive hairstyle. The huge cylindrical hair pointed upwards may look very heavy and strange but this is what it is called the retro look. You can leave the hair smooth surfaces or style as braid and flowers in between as shown above. Also, the taller the better.

  • Fine Feathery Hairstyle

Perfectly combed to form a smooth texture might look boring at the time. Just create a fine, feathery and a little messy looking bun and get that elegant look. Additionally, it gives you a celebrity look.

  • Cara Delevingne Inspired

Are you a Cara Delevinge fan? Are you wanting to try on her style? If so, you should certainly experiment this gorgeous half-up, half-down updo with a bit of a beehive bump.

  •  Beehive Bun With a Small Twist At the End

This beehive bun with a small twist at the end looks amazing. The polished smooth surface of the bun adds more charm. Every hair has its place in this hairstyle. Moreover, this hairdo is such an art that can wow the crowd and grab the attention of many people.

  • Messy yet Graceful

You do not always need a smooth and polished hair to look astounding. The hairdo as shown in the picture is messy but absolutely graceful. Try this hairdo and be ready to get compliments from your loved oned.

  • Audrey Hepburn Inspired

Audrey Hepburn was a British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian. She was recognised as a film and fashion icon, basically as the Queen of elegance and grace. If you take her as your fashion inspiration you should surely try this hairdo for any of your upcoming events. This looks will turn the heads of many towards you.

  • A Big Beehive Pouff at the Front

A big beehive pouffe at the front draws the attention of many towards you. While creating this hairdo, you can simply tuck in all your hairs and create a perfectly polished bun or you can create a polished bun with bangs left at the front.

  • Blonde Messy Hairstyle

This is another example of a messy hairdo that makes you look absolutely amazing. A blonde messy bun with fringes at the front gives you an alluring glimpse.

  • Conical Bun

Bun has been in trend for many years. There are variations of bun that you can try on. The conically shaped bun is one of them that gives you a completely different glance. A perfect hairdo for glamorous events which is not very hard to recreate. To add some grace, you can add a hair accessory.

  • Headband Hairstyle

Are you a headband lover? Are you trying to attempt something different as a headband hairdo? Then, you must try the hairstyle as shown in the pictures above. You can simply use the headband accessory or create the headband braid. The headband braid acts as the crown for the beehive hairstyle. Recreate this amazing hairdo and be the talk of the party.

  • Side Swept Beehive bun

This is a very attractive hairstyle that goes well with prom or party attire. The hairdo reflects the vintage feel and is the best style if you want to look different than others in any of your events.

  • Mix and Match

As you already know that beehive hairstyle is very distinctive. On top of that, if you add on hair tints with a mix and match pattern, it will give you an exclusive glimpse.

  • Marylin Monore Inspired

A famous American actress, model and a singer of 50s Marylin Monore are still is the heart and mind of many. Most of you out there might be a lover of her fashion and would love to try everything resembles her. So, you can try this hairdo too which gives a complete reflection of Marylin Monore and look gorgeous as her.

  • Beehive Bun Followed By a Twisted Pony

With this hairstyle you will get a very chic and modish look.

  • Side-Swept Braid

Looking for a hairstyle that looks absolutely amazing? If so, you can recreate this hairdo. For this, take couple of strands of your hair at the form and make a dutch braid. After that make a slight beehive puff at the centre of your head and pin it up. Once you are done with the braids and pouffe, make slight wavy curls and secure it with a hairclip giving a half-up pattern.

  • Polished Beehive With a Spiral Design

The polished bun with a spiral design at the side looks amazing. Moreover, this kind of a hairstyle helps you set statement and is sure to turn the heads of the crowd towards you.

  • Stunning Hairstyle

This hairstyle does not demand young age meaning that woman of all age group can try this hairdo. All age group can pull this elegant hairstyle. You can make a messy bun on your naturally straight hair or make a light curl and style as a bun. Try this hairdo you will definitely rock this look.

  • Rockstar Look

Well, who doesn’t want to be a rockstar, isn’t it? Even if you are not able to hold that rockstar position, recreate this hairdo and get the rockstar feels.

  • Gorgeous Hairdo

Girl in the picture trying a beehive hairstyle look gorgeous and cute. The grace that she throws makes the crowd go WOW!!

  • Chestnut Brown Beehive bun

The beehive hair gives you a different poise and to make it stand out more you can add a vibrant tint to your hair.

  • Bun pointed Upwards

This hair might be very unfamiliar to the people on any event that you attend as a result of which you might be on their gossip list. But as you know, unique the better. Moreover, this hairdo is pointed upwards which makes your face look longer and might also be an addition to your height.

  • Bun Accessorized with a Hair Jewellery

You can get this look by first creating a light curl to your hair. Then, hold on all your hairs and clip it up as a bun. Lastly, add a hair jewellery to make it more attractive.

  • Bluish Green Hair

To make the cylindrical bun more attractive, you can add a green shade and cut as a fringe at the front.

  • Bow Bun

The perfect retro look that you can impersonate for any of your upcoming occasions. Bow at the front gives a very cute glimpse.

  • Swirl Hairstyle

The bun with swirls on top makes you look fabulous. Furthermore, this hairstyle makes you ready for the ramp shows.

  • Ridged Hair

This hairstyle is just an added touch to the classic beehive. Simply create a ridge to your hair, hold on all your hairs and make a beehive bun.

  • Short Hair Beehive

If you are thinking that it is impossible to style your short hair then you are wrong. You can rock the beehive updo on your short hair. To recreate this, create a short bob with a beehive pouffe at the top with the lower part of the haircut blunt.

  • Bun Clipped with a Colourful Hairclip

Beehive hairstyle doesn’t always have to be created for a party or glamorous events. You can create this hairstyle for your day-to-day looks as well. But to make it look dazzling and eye-catching, just add on a colourful hairclip at the side of at the middle as per your preference.

  • Half-up, Half-down

Half-up, half-down hairstyle has been trending nowadays and for many years in the past. You can get the perfect look effortlessly as it is very easy to be created. The beehive at the front can be of any size depending on your face structure.

  • Pink hair

Blonde, brown, grey hair colour has become common these days. Try on a pink hair colour as it makes the beehive more modish with a splash of pink. This bright and vibrant shade will surely draw the attention wherever you go.

  • Royal Glimpse

Think of this beehive look as a slightly royal version compared to rest of the beehive hairstyles. The huge beehive bun with bangs at the front and deep red hair tint give you more grace and elegance. Recreate this retro look and you will certainly feel like the member of a royal family.

  • Simple yet Elegant

This is a gorgeous hairdo that can be worn at any special functions or your daily look. The hairdo speaks poise and sophistication.

  • Beehive Bun with a Knot

Are you looking for a hairdo that gives a touch of both retro and modern look? If so, this hairdo is the one.  This beehive hairdo looks beautiful as you can pull it off very easily. To recreate this look, Frist cut bangs at the front either long or short as per your choice. Then, take a portion of your hair at the middle, backcomb it and create a big beehive style and pin it up. After that, Combine the hair between fringe and beehive together and make a small knot at the end.  A perfectly elegant look is ready to be flaunted. Moreover, if you add any sort of hair jewellery the hair becomes ready for a wedding ceremony.

Thus, these are some of the beehive hairstyles that you can try on to get the retro or the vintage glance. As you know old fashion is in these days so, this hairstyle would definitely be a perfect choice for you to flaunt the past fashion. If you want to look very daring and bold do not hesitate to experiment with these hairstyles that suit you the best. Moreover, many celebrities have tried on this hairdo, so you can take them celebrities as your inspiration if you do not want to try the unusual looking hairdo at first. You can also show your creativity and mix the retro beehive with a modern touch that makes you stand out in the crowd. Modern beehive hairstyle is a little edgier than those of the past, which makes them ideal to experiment with without any fear of looking old-fashioned.

The longer the hair, better and perfect the beehive hairstyle. Beehive the 60’s style is also similar to the pouffe hairdo’s that makes most of you confused but each hairstyle has its own way of styling. Beehive hairstyles are known for being very huge that makes the audience feel very heavy and uncomfortable but it is nothing as such if the person styling that way carries it off well. Moreover, this hairstyle makes a lasting impression regardless of who is wearing the hairstyle. Woman of any age and any facial structure can try these updos with the help of references given above. So, at least give a try once and be unique for any of your upcoming events.

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