145 Sensational Wedding Hairstyles That You Are Going To Fall For

Most precious day of one’s life! The bride is in search of best wedding hairstyles. Wedding – it is not about getting married and living together. It is a new journey, a new beginning with your loved one to make it tremendously beautiful. So, every one of us has a special feeling towards it. So many desires, wishes, and plans hanker our mind, isn’t it?

It is always better to start with everything pleasant around. We know the bride, and their groom wants to look incredible. This time we bring you 145 enchanting varieties of wedding hairstyles. Here we go-

Lovely Style

wedding hairstyles

Amidst the crowd around, all people are going to notice a bride at her wedding. So, she has to look best. Do many ideas hanker your mind about which hairstyle to carry? We have four lovely varieties. You can get them from your hairstylist.

Bouffant Style

Oh my God! Finally, your waiting is going to be over. You are becoming a bride. And we have a perfect wedding gift for you. And that is bouffant style. First of all, make a bouffant. Secondly, form a bun. Lastly, attach a hairband and a veil. You are ready now.

Round Braids

Perhaps you may have a lot of friends who reach the age of marriage. It may be they are going to marry. So, are you fed of trying the same pattern of hairstyle? Then, we offer you a better option. Keenly observe round braids. I promise you will fall for it.

Rolled Twists

It is all about your wedding. Chill out, my friends. We have sorted your problem. So there is no need to worry. Have a glance over these rolled twists. Doesn’t your mouth remain open wide due to surprise? Well, turn your hair from two sides. And, form twists till to the end.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid! Are you in love with it? Here are some steps about how to form it-

  • Firstly, take a half section of your hair.
  • Secondly, form fishtail braid as many as you want.
  • Thirdly, add hairpin and accessories.
  • You are ready.

Romantic Curls

In any wedding, our mood is romantic. To add something more on your attitude, we offer you an above curl. If it is in your preference, you can manage it at home. You need not go to your stylist.

Simple yet Sweet

A wedding is an auspicious day in anyone’s life. As it is a new beginning, it will be awesome if we remain what we are. For that, why not to start by styling your hair in a sweet yet straightforward way? It keeps you genuinely natural which reflects your originality. And believe me, you can have a successful wedding.

Medium Hair

Make your marriage a big day for you. You may want a great hairstyle, isn’t it? Do you regret you have a medium hair as you may not have an attractive hairstyle like those of long hair brides? My girl none can alter your elegance. Check out medium hair varieties given above.

Numerous Braids

Simple yet so stylish! We do not have words to describe the versatility of braids. From ordinary day to wedding ceremonies, they are the most sought-after style by ladies. Taking in mind this thing, we bring you numerous braids hairstyle. Hope you may like it.

Attached Hairpin

Stylish hairpin attached to your hair gives a mesmerizing effect. Do you have any doubts regarding it? Wait a minute. Take an in-depth view of these styles. Perhaps you may like it. If it is so, we are extremely overwhelmed then.

White Flowers

White reminds us of pleasant and gives a relaxed feeling. Whenever I am near it, or with it, I find my all worries, tension, and worries gone. Isn’t it magical? That’s why I suggest you especially to put on white flowers in any marriage ceremony you are attending. You will see what magical energy vibe you spread there.

Lavish Look

Well, wedding hairstyles are so much vibrant that they need not any description in their favor. That picture above itself speaks up. What we want is beautify your day as you have always dreamed. That genuinely gives us our satisfaction. It is an overwhelming moment for us as we provide you with an excellent present.

Silver Touch-up

Girls, we are all one family. As you know, sharing is caring. How can we stand there without ever sharing something tremendously alluring? Silver touch-up is only for you. For us, it is the very foundation upon which our sweet relationship exists and expands. God has blessed us every day. Almighty thank you a lot.

Wedding hairstyle Short Hair

Beauty never resides in hair length.  Dear, your groom is marrying you not your hair. Free yourself from the age-long conception that brides should have long hair. My girl, it is your day. Think how are you going to celebrate. And sweetheart, the truth is that a bride can look pretty enough in short hair too.

Such a Variation

Is it a betrayal of my eyes? Or is it real what I am seeing? What a variation! It is a perfect choice. Don’t you think so? Anyone of them can be an alternative for you next time.

Fascinating Black

What is a reason that the black always fascinates like the above figure? Maybe it is a natural hair color. Leave all this. Take a look here. It offers a vintage vibe.

Breathtaking Hairdo

Breathtaking hairdo! We often tend to think only those people were having an attractive face can have a great hairstyle. Accept the way you are. It is not a style that defines your beauty. Instead, it is you who give any style a life. So, my lady, styles groom your hidden personality.

African Woman Style

African woman style! It is out of everyone’s imagination that African hair suit to any wedding hairstyle. As you know, creativity always breaks any boundary. The bride above is one of the luckiest among millions. Don’t you think so?

Wedding Hairstyles Updo

Do you know what is more common in a nuptial ceremony? They are updo hairstyle. A set of a complex and sophisticated updo style add more colors to nuptial ties. Here, the first figure is simple with no hair accessories while the second and third one has a different set of hairpins.

Voluminous Hair

Whatever form God has given us, we are blessed. Accept this fact. So then, how are you going to handle your voluminous hair? If you trust me, try once the above hairstyle. You will thoroughly enjoy it.

Cherishing Moment

Nuptial ties are going to happen. This time of happenings is for once in a lifetime and mean a lot to us. What we want is we want to cherish the moment. Can I suggest something which can give more enjoyment to you? If yes, then better carry yourself with an above hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyles Medium Hair

No long and no short but it is medium hair. Modern life is hectic. One barely get enough time to care for oneself.  Thus medium hair is becoming a favorite of ladies. And we provide you wedding hairstyles.

Wedding Hairstyle Medium Length Hair

Due to a busy life, we do not much time to choose a perfect wedding hairstyle for us. If it is, then see some versions of wedding hairstyles medium length hair.

Seductive Outlook


All come in their best attire in an evening function. What have you planned for yourself then? No plan. It is ok. Choose any hairstyle from above, and I guarantee you will not repent at all. The fascinating thing is it gives you a seductive look.

Wedding Hairstyles Long Hair

People fall for long hair, and they never forget and miss a chance of praising it. Wrap your hair with cool styles such as ponytail and enjoy pleasing moment ahead.

Ponytail And Other Varieties

A ponytail is a cool option to try. You can add any style you wish. As of other varieties, they are ultimate in themselves. Better not forget to try it next time.


Do you assume magic is only in the air? Is it a mystery? It is not at all. We will show you. They are above. Yes, they are not only to have a glance but better to carry out yourself with them. Do you hurry for it? Have patience for the next time.

Ash Brown

Sounds and lights of any ceremony may be allergic to you. In such a case, you need to freshen up. So, apply brown ash shade as it provides you a relaxed and calm feeling.

Without Hair Accessories

Though we view her from back, yet she looks amazing. It is not necessary every time to add hair accessories when you wrap up for a party. Divide your hair into two parts. Form plaits out of it. Manage to make a low bun as it is shown.

To a Side

Do you follow a different pattern of style? If it is so, then here is a choice for you. Are you confused? Better not be. If you find it difficult to manage, you can take your hairstylist help. Isn’t it a cool idea? Be your trendsetter and follow your style.


Braids are adorable. If you prefer them, they are your next fashion sensation. My friends, form fishtail braid from both sides. Then join it simultaneously. After reaching towards the end, tie your hair with an elastic band. If possible, every time use white outfit in this hairstyle as it looks superb.

High Updo

Rock it! It’s your mate’s wedding,  a great day of her life. You should make her feel that she mean a lot to you. Attend her marriage being tip top. That’s a secret you got it. Hope you better follow next time.

Fine Bun

Fine Bun! You may not feel ok if a lot of women attend an event with a hairdo same as yours. In such case, try to alter your style in every function. For such a situation, have a glance over an above image and get some idea about it. It will be pleasing for us if we can help you.


Crown! Though it is most used in a beauty contest, endeavor it once. It is your life and your choice. What others may say does not matter. Attempt a unique style as life demands you to have different experiences. Besties rock it.


How can I define beauty? It is above all explanation and description. A day is well spent with a right hairstyle and function too you are attending become successful. Separate your hair from any side. If possible, create some sound waves. Attach a hairpin to a side.

Gorgeous Bun

Most frequently used hairstyle for special happenings is none other than a bun. You can see a lot of its varieties above. Some are high; some are with braids, some are with long bangs and many more. The amazing thing is they are in the different color shade.

Flower Bun

If anyone can define nature into a word, then it will be a flower. Nothing can denote nature in the best way as a flower do. Take a half section of your hair, and gently form plaits of it. And finally, create flower bun as it is shown. You can rely on any version.

Relating with Nature

Man is a universe in himself in himself with so many potentialities, possibilities, capabilities, etc. Then why not be related to this vast cosmos? We are its very essence. Relate with the mother nature. After all, we are biological being first. We become social being so much later.

Mark Your Presence

Your presents count a lot in my nuptial ceremony my companion. Only you were there for me in my rough time, a tough time. There you hold my hand regularly and telling when anyone is amidst the deep darkness, light is sure to come. I invite you and humbly request to mark your presence at my wedding.


What if a style does not suit you at all? We have many alternatives. What only I can say about the above hairdo is they offer elegance to you like another hairdo. Your charm will not lessen with them. Don’t you think so?

Hair Extension

Do you dare to attempt something unique? Do you have guts for this? If you are bold enough, then a hair extension hairstyle like above may be a one you are searching. The lower picture is a usual wedding hairstyle. You can have a look once.

Wedding Hairstyles with Veil

Have you ever wished that your wedding be completely different than that of others? What is striking your head right now? If it is so, you can try on wedding hairstyles with veil. At first, you may feel awkward. A bride’s dignity goes higher if you use a veil. It looks traditional too. And another aspect of marrying is continuing tradition too.

Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Your besties would like you to attend an auspicious day of their life. Because it is a time when they want you to be with them. They aspire to make it lifelong remembrance with you. Are you ready then? Then, you should get acquaintance to wedding hairstyles bridesmaid.

Warm Touch-up

One goes through differentiated feelings of happiness, sadness, fear, etc. when he/she is marrying. In such a condition, there is a need for a warm vibe around a function. You may spread such an aura around through a warm touch-up style. Is it ok with you?

Sensational Styles

Sensational styles! As they are complicated in themselves, they are tough to describe. It is good if you view them instead. You can have your perception about them and check if you fall for them or not.

Platinum Highlights

Platinum highlights give peace to our eyes. If you want to be a trendsetter as a fashion icon, you can approach them.


As we know, a rose is a symbol of love. Everyone loved to give it to their beloved one to express their feeling.  A wedding without a rose! It is no possible. So, we present you a different set of way about how to use rose in any marriage ceremony.

The Way You Are

Be the way you are. And only then your beauty shines unconditionally with your originality. It is a fun and energetic moment to be utterly myself. In such a situation, you are free from all contradiction and situation. You do not have to pretend for anything.


One day every day every girl becomes a bride of her groom. And it is her dream to make wedding beautiful interwoven with magical moments. For such a dream, we can help you with a step, and that is this wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyles Down

2018 is an exciting year with lots of amazing things happening. If marriage is on the cards on the way, you can suggest your friend’s circle about wedding hairstyles down. As it is a busy time, a lot of thing needs to be done. Your help counts a lot for them.


Phenomenal! Wedding hairstyles are astonishing that one is completely shocked and surprised too by it. Though there may be various styles, you should prefer to choose a best one for you. You can’t compromise for it.

Braided Round

Braids are quintessential in themselves. Aren’t these styles lovely? Initially, form plaits from any side and create rounded braid as shown in above pictures. Many shades are used such as brown, blonde highlights, etc.

Extra Varieties

We always try hard to give our utmost priority to you girls. And your wedding is of much importance to us. Thus, we present you new varieties accordingly. May any style can be your choice.

Mesmerizing Effect

Words are becoming less, and I am immersed in silence to appreciate this style. I am clueless as it is such a mesmerizing effect. First of all, take half section of your hair. Manage it with a pin. At last, start to form curls and waves as you see above.

Amazing Hairdo

How am I tell this about you? I am absorbed by a vintage vibe it enthralls. It may sound strange I would like to call it heavenly. That’s why I name it as an amazing hairdo.

Indian Bride

Indian bride owes an extra charm. With heavy jewelry and veil over her head, she looks decent. Moreover, the glow on her face is heavenly. It is such because Indians believe that marriage is not only for this life but seven birth ties. So, it means a lot to them, more than their life.

Surprising Style

A wedding is itself surprising. Before it, you are living alone, a single consciousness. Post-wedding, you will share even your consciousness with your soulmate. So, why not to try these astonishing hairstyles? Isn’t it an impressive intention?

Life is like this. Some relationships continue to lifetime; some may break on the way, some are not for you. Do not panic about it. If life gives pain in a phase, then it will heal your wound in another phase. Leave these sequences on the hands of existence. We are a child of existence. Let him better plan for us. Everything happens for us at the right time and right condition. See, your wedding bell rang. If it is not, then too it may happen soon. Who knows? For that, we need to give you a pre-wedding gift. What can be better than wedding hairstyles? So, we presented you 145 enchanting varieties of wedding hairstyles.

Choose your hairstyle and enjoy life to its fullest. Till then give us a goodbye. Next time we will bring something even more exciting for you.

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