120 Outstanding Purple Hair That Gives You a Splendiferous Result

Purple hair is a hairstyle that gives you a very splendiferous glance. If you want to get that daring look to stand out the crowd then, this hairstyle would be a perfect option for you. Most importantly, when you apply a shade of purple it makes you ready for any occasion even when you are feeling lazy to create something very glam and stylish. So, below are different variations of purple hairstyle that you can try out and be the talk in the crowd.

  • Purple Lob Hairstyle

purple hair

Short and medium length lob hairstyles are in trend these days. Especially during summer days, the hairstyle makes you look very cool and dashing. And, to make the hairstyle look more pleasing apply on the shade of bright and reddish purple as shown in the picture above.

  • Deep Bright Purple Hairdo

Are you a long wavy hair lover? But, do you want a modest change to the hairstyle as per your choice? If so, go for the deep bright long wavy purple hair as shown in the picture. A hairstyle that’s easy to be a created, hairstyle that requires low maintenance and an updo that suits best for any occasion. Try this hairstyle without a second thought.

  • Purple Mix With Grey Updo

You must have the guts to experiment with your hairstyles and appearance because your appearance is what makes you differentiate amongst many in the crowd. The above-shown hairdo is a mix of grey and purple hair and both the shades are in trend nowadays. Here, the hairstylist has focused on colouring the overall hair grey at first and then highlighting with a shade of bluish purple at the top. Moreover, this style can be done on both long and short hairs and looks good on the woman of any age group.

  • Mix and Match Updo

While it comes to applying a hair shade, you always have to apply something that you prefer and most importantly, the shade that suits you the best. So, talking about the updo shown in the picture there are different hair shades that the hairstylist has focused on. To recreate this hairdo, you need to follow series of steps:

  1. First, detangle your hair and trim into layers.
  2. Second, starting from the topmost part of your hair, colour the base as deep bright purple followed by dark pink shade.
  3. Once you are done with the purple and pink hair shade, apply on the peachy/orangy shade as an ombre.
  4. There you have your vibrant mix and match updo ready to grab the attention of many towards you.
  • Dark Purple Hairstyle

There is nothing much you have to do to get this look. Simply, cut your hair into medium length and apply on dark purple hair shade. Furthermore, the dark purple shade can be applied to the hair of any shape and any length and suits better for girls with fairer skin tone.

  • Purple Highlighted Hairdo

As you can see above, this hairstyle has a hint of purple hair shade in the form of highlight. To get the updo as above, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, comb your hair and make loose curls at the bottom of your hair using a hair straightener or a hair curler.
  2. After that, all you need to do is choose the perfect shade of purple and finalize it.
  3. Once you’re done with step 1 and 2, start highlighting your hair with the shade that you have chosen.
  4. Apply until you are done with your overall hair.
  5. There you have your fabulous and stupendous hairdo ready to be vaunted.
  • Purple Hair Followed By Red Ombre

Well, as mentioned earlier, when it comes to applying the hair shade you need to have the guts to experiment with something very unique and tremendous. The above-shown hairstyle throws a very eccentric glance. For this, you first need to apply the purple shade followed by red shade in the form of ombre. After that, grab a small portion of your hair from one side and start making the braid pinning it on the other side as shown in the picture. There you have your implausible hairstyle ready to turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Lavender Inspired Hairdo

All of you out there definitely might have heard about lavender a flower/plat that looks absolutely alluring and beautiful. And, the above-shown hairdo is a lavender inspired hairdo when attempted for makes you look absolutely striking and captivating.

  • Voluminous Purple Curls

Are you amongst those who have natural curls? If so, you are lucky enough because you do not have to waste much time to create a very fancy and glam hairdo. You simply need to colour your curls with something vibrant such as purple and there you are ready for any occasions.

  • Eggplant Purple Dye

Have you ever noticed the colour of an eggplant? Do you ever find the colour so vigorous and attractive? If so, you must also try the eggplant purple hair dye because the shade throws a very vivacious vibe.

  • Purple Ombre Hairstyle

Talking about the ombre styles be it in terms of hairs or nails, it has grabbed the market attention in recent days. Ombre is such a style that gives a very benign yet voguish result. So, to get that look, try any one of the purple ombre hair that suits you the best.

  • Wavy Light Purple Updo

Ahhh…… light purple!! Isn’t that your favourite colour? I hope most of you out there reading this topic must have light purple as their favourite colour. It’s the colour that gives a very soft and pleasant look. Moreover, if the purple hairdo is complemented by loose waves on long hair, it looks unquestionably fabulous. Hence, attempt this light purple hair at least once and get lots and lots of compliments from your close ones.

  • Dark Purple Short Bob Hairstyle

Do you find the summer heat unbearable? Is there a time when you cannot look gorgeous due to the unbearable and annoying summer heat? If so, you can opt for short bob hairstyles because it makes you look flawless even during the scorching summer heats. Furthermore, if you apply dark purple hair shade on your short bob hairdo it acts as a cherry on top of your cake.

  • A mix of Blue and Purple Half-Up Bun Hairdo

Blue and Purple Hair. To get this look, you first need to colour your hair a mix of blue and purple ombre. In addition, to add on more style make a half-up, half-down bun at the centre of your head. There you have you easy to create and low maintenance hairdo ready to be vaunted.

  • Double Twisted Hairstyle

You might have already got a hint as to how you can recreate this hairdo by looking at the picture, haven’t you? But still to make it easier for you, small tips for you are as follows:

  1. First and Foremost, detangle and make loose curls at the tip of your hair.
  2. Colour your hair purple followed by silverish shade.
  3. Then, grab a small section of your hair on both the sides, twist it and pin it up at the centre.
  4. Again, just below the first twist, grab a small portion of your hair and repeat step 2.
  5. Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, decorate your hairdo if you wish for.
  6. Lastly, let the rest of your hair loose and flaunt it the way it is.
  • Colourful Updo

Whenever you face anything colourful, doesn’t that give you a very positive vibe? I guess it does. So, to throw that attractive and positive vibe amongst the people that you go, try on colourful shades as shown above.

  • Messy Purple Side Braids

Do you feel comfortable in styling your hair as braids? Then, bring a little voguish twist to your style. For that, you need to colour your hair dark purple and trim it in a punk style. After that, bring all your hair to the side and braid in a fishtail form. Also, leave the front part of your hair messy. There you have easy to create yet stylish hairdo ready to be flaunted.

  • Short Hairstyles

Talking about short hairstyles, it makes you look very daring and smart at the same time. As with any other forms of hair, short hairstyles also has many variations and some of them are as mentioned above. You can attempt for any of the hairstyles that flow with your appearance well.

  • Ombre Space Buns

Ombre and space buns both of the styles are on trend these days so, why not try both the trend at once and look fabulous, isn’t it? For this, you need to colour your hair ombre purple and make light curls at the end. After that, separate your hair into two halves and make bun as in the picture.

  • Sleek Purple hair

Straight hairs make you ready for any events at any time of the day. Just for a little twist add on a shade of purple and look absolutely stunning.

  • A mix of Purple and Blue Braided Updo

Here, the hairstylist has focused on blue and purple hair. The blazing blue and vibrant purple has the capability to grab the attention of the crowd. And, on top of that, for adding more style, a simple half-up fishtail braid is made.

  • Punk Style

“Punk” as the name itself suggests something very loud and bold. If you fall into the category of those who love very loud and bold styles then, this style is a must for you to attempt for at least once.

  • Purple Braided Highlights

As you can see above, there is nothing much with the style that’s added but its the hair shade that has given a different glamour overall. The brunette kind of shade on the base followed by purple shade towards the bottom throws a different enticement. Henceforth, go for this style if you want to add on a different dimension to your overall appearance.

  • Kids Hairstyles

Many of you out there might have thought that a bright, vibrant purple shade is just for adult girls/woman but no, you are wrong!! This shade goes absolutely well with the kids as well. You do not need to put on a very dark shade of purple but you can apply a lighter or lavender shade that brings a different charm to the kid’s face.

  • Purple Braids At The Front

When it comes to braids, it is anytime easy to create hairstyle. To get the look as above, you do not have to invest much of your effort. Simply, colour your hair purple and make a loose braid at the frontmost part of your head moving sidewards.

  • Purple Wavy Layers

This updo is nothing but your natural wavy layered hair coloured in the vibrant purple shade. Try this effortless hairstyle and look extraordinarily attractive.

  • Thick Braided Updo

To recreate this look follow series of steps:

  1. First, as usual, detangle your hair.
  2. Then, divide your hair into two halves, the inner and outer part.
  3. After that, leave the inner part of your hair in the normal colour and for the outer part, colour as purple hair followed by whitish ombre shade.
  4. Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, grab all your hairs from one corner of your head and start your thick braids.
  5. Continue your thick braids downwards and secure it with a hair tie.
  6. You have your hairdo ready to rock any of your events.
  • Messy Updo’s

A perfect hairdo all the time might look very dull and boring. So, for that case, try to rock and roll being messy at times. Just colour your hair and let it loose in a messy way.

  • Alluring Hairdo

Don’t you think and feel that hairstyle is the main and first attraction that people tend to judge your personality and persona through? In most cases, it definitely is. Try any one of the hairstyles shown above and be the talk in the crowd.

  • Purplish Ombre On Long And Shorthairs 

If you feel that dark purple shade doesn’t suit you or you don’t feel comfortable in that, try this burgundy purple shade. This shade suits the best for any complexion and any age group. Also, it goes well with hair of any length be it long or short.

  • Silverish Purple Hairdo

Are you up to date about the recent grey hair shade? If yes, do try this silver purple hair and look absolutely fabulous.

  • Vibrant Purple and Neon updo

Both the hair colours shown in the picture is very vigorous and can grab the attention of the crowd. Attempt for this hairdo and be unique.

  • Purple Hair with Bangs

The dazzling purple hair shade with bangs looks absolutely amazing. If you think you cannot pull off this hairstyle then, you are completely wrong. It is because this hairdo looks best for everyone on the hair of any length and on any skin complexion.

  • Grimmy Half-Up Bun

At first, all you need to do is colour your hair eggplant purple. After that, create loose curls at the end using a curler or a hair straightener. When you are done with both the steps, grab a small portion of your hair from both the sides and roll up to make a messy bun. Moreover, you can use a hair accessory to decorate or leave it simple.

  •  Party Updo

Do you have any parties to attend? Are you thinking about wearing a gown for your event? But, are you confused about what hairstyle to make that matches your outfit? If so, try the updo as shown in the picture above without any hesitation and rock the party.

  • Bow Inspired Hairstyle

To create this hairstyle, you need to follow a series of steps as mentioned below:

  1. Ask your hairstylist to colour your hair as shown in the above picture.
  2. After that on your own, create loose wavy texture to the lower part of your hair.
  3. Then, grab small portions of your hair from both the sides of your head and make two braids.
  4. Bring both the braids to the centre of your head and secure it with a hair tie.
  5. On top of the hair tie, roll a ribbon and make a bow.
  6. There you have your hair ready to be vaunted.
  • Ombre Updo’s

Ombre hairstyles with a little styling look utterly ravishing. Also, this style has been the choice of many girls these days. Hence, you can try this updo for a daily look or a special event and look completely stylish and beautiful.

  • Hairdo With a Hint of Red

Been talking about purple hairdo’s you might think from where did this hairdo with a hint of red come from, right? The main point is that this shade is neither completely red nor purple. Rather, it is the mix of red and purple that throws more of a red vibrancy compared to purple.  Henceforth, you can try this hair colour too if you love red.

  • Moon Accessorized Updo

Light curls at the end of the hair give a very romantic feel. And to make the updo more stylish and sassy, decorate your hairdo with the moon hair accessory or any other hair accessories as per your preference.

  • Nerdy Glance

Are you a nerd? Do you get teased by your close friends as a nerdy? Also, do you want to get rid of that and look stylish? Then, this updo is the perfect option for you. Apply light purple shade to your overall hair which goes hand in hand with your nerd look.

  • Short Bob Hairstyle

Short bob hairstyles give you a very sophisticated glance.  To enhance your short bob updo to the next level, colour it any shade of purple that goes well with your appearance.

  • Highlighted Updo

Highlighted hairstyles are very much in fashion these days. Basically, people tend to go for brown or blonde highlights, but why not be different and attempt for purple highlights.

  • Pointed Edges Hairdo

Back then in 2009/10 razor haircut was very much in trend. It faded away for a few years and now it is back with a bang. For this, you need to sweep your hair sideways and of course not to forget the hair colour.

  • Long Hairstyles

Do you love to keep your hair long and sleek? If so, the above-mentioned hairstyle is the best option for you. This hairstyle requires very little effort because it is just the hair colour that needs to be applied and no extra styling is done.

  • Purple  Pony Up-do

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish high school updo then you must definitely opt for this. Apply either dark or light purple hair dye, grab all your hair and make a pony either high or low as per your wish.

  • Blonde to Purple Long  Wavy Hair

As you might already know that most of the girls prefer blonde hairdo these days, right? So, why not be a little eccentric and twist your style a bit. For this, you need to colour your hair blonde till the nape of the neck followed by purple hair shade as shown in the picture. Lastly, create a wavy texture and pin it up or let it loose.

  • Half Pink, Half Purple

Are you a k-drama lover? Do you love the way the Korean actress style their hair and how amazing the look? Then, an attempt for this pink-purple hair to get that lovely glance.

  •  Updo That Fits For Any Occasions

In this part, you can see three different variations of purple shade and hairstyle that fits the best for any occasions. Moreover, the lighter shade makes you ready for casual look whereas the darker shades make you ready for something very glam and intriguing

  • Purple Hairstyle For Men

Never think that purple hair shade is just for girls, it looks good on boys as well. In comparison with the girls, boys don’t have to devote much of their time and effort to get the final result. Boys just have to trim their hair in a tidy and smart manner and colour it purple. Henceforth, boys!! Experiment with this purple hair boy and look absolutely amazing.

  • Bun Hairstyles

Don’t you think that bun up do’s gives you a very easy-go look? There is nothing much in this purple hair bun but still, it gives you a second glance that gives you a fabulous result.

  • Adele Inspired

Adele an English singer, songwriter with amazing voice and personality in the hearts of many. Are you a Adele fan and ever wish to look beautiful like her? Then, what are you waiting for? Go try any of the above shown hairstyles and look flawless and gorgeous just like her.

  • Captivating Hairstyles

All of you definitely might want to style something that has the capability of attracting the sight of many people around, isn’t it? In that case, if you attempt any of the above shown hairstyle, you will definitely get that captivating glance.

  • Double-Sided Dutch Braids

To get this look, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, Colour your hair as a mix of silver and purple.
  2. After that, divide your hair into two sections and start dutch braids on both the sides.
  3. Once you reach the nape of your neck, stop your braid and secure it with a hair tie.
  4. You have your hairdo ready to flaunt your day-to-day look.
  • Purple Faux Locs

If you are looking for a super stylish hairdo, you must definitely go for this hairstyle. The faux loss is a hairstyle that anyone call pulls it off well. Faux logs have many variations and among those, these two are the most simple yet stylish ones.

  • Hairdo With Mix of Two Colours

For this, all you need to do is divide your hair into two partitions and apply two different colours, i.e. pink and purple hair on each side as shown above. A very easy to create yet a trendsetting updo.

  • Spunky Updo

Do you want to look audaciously bold? If you want to then, try this anime purple hair where, you just need to colour  bright purple and create a puff at the side .

  • Dazzling Hairstyle

As it has already been mentioned in one of the post that something very vibrant throws a positive vibe. It is the same with this hairstyle too. The mix of bright pink and blue hair shade looks very dazzling and throws a positive vibe.

  • Stupendous Hairstyle

Girls hairstyle have always played a vital role in maintaining their identity, pride and most importantly her beauty. The above shown hairstyles give you a perfect glance that can be vaunted as a go-to look.

  • Twisted Low Pony Up-do

There are times when you do not want to style something very fancy and glamorous, isn’t it? So, for such situation, you can just twist your hair from both the sides and tie as a low pony. In addition, regarding the hair colour, it is not necessary for you to apply the same colour, you can apply for a lighter shade or any other shade of purple as per your preference.

  • Ombre Hair Techniques

There are many hairstyles that come in trend and vanish within a few years. But, ombre is one such hairdo that never goes out of style and trend. You can try any of the above-shown ombre purple hair techniques and be ready for your events.

  • Flower Accessorized Hairdo

Simple Yet Beautiful!! is the quote that we can define this hairstyle with. Just colour your hair with a lighter purple shade and then, decorate with a flower crown.

  • Curly Hairdo

The curly hair gives a very romantic feel. There are variations of curls ranging from small wavy curls to big curls.  The big curls make you ready for your wedding or any event as such whereas, the small waves is perfect for your day-to-day look.

  • Half-Up High Bun

Purple Grey Hair. To recreate this look, colour your hair greyish purple and then divide your hair into two parts. Grab the upper part of your hair and roll it to make a bun. Lastly, let the rest of your hair loose.

  • Elegant Hairstyle

A very easy to create and voguish hairdo for any of your special events. Create big waves by applying bright purple hair dye and get that modish glamorous glance.

Hence, these are the amazing purple hairstyles that make you look absolutely gorgeous. Experiment with any of the purple shades that suit you the best and get lots of compliments from your close ones. Purple hair shades are the more convenient ways to enhance your overall appearance. Attempt for this at least once and be a trendsetter!!

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