145 Outstanding Updos For Long Hair To Try Once

Some men last time told me I could fall for any women with long hair. Such is the craze for it. Since early times, people admired it. So, updos for long hair are always a subject of concern for women. They always strive for trying to form fascinating updos. Long hair, an epitome of beauty and grace, demands extra time to take care of it.

It is the year 2018. Do not you want to rock it? There are never-ending possibilities to style your long hair. Then shake it with any of the styles.

Long hairs are seductive, and updos in it are above all any description. It is essential to manage your long hair on a day to day basis. Often you would like to tie it thoroughly so it may not disturb. So, a question may arise how to manage long hair best? My dear companions, do not take tension, we are for you here. So, we bring 145 outstanding updos for long hair and bring a smile to your face. Here we go-

Updo for Wedding

updos for long hair

Beats of wedding tune will slowly hit up nearby surroundings. You may also have to attend upcoming marriage events. Which style are you going to pick up? If you do have long hair, manage it with an updo. The first one pictures a beautiful combination of braid and bun While the second one is embedded in a veil.

Updos For Long Hair Prom

Lots of problems are there to follow you till to the deathbed. Let them as it is. I mean, give some time to yourself. Chill out and have fun. Aren’t you going to relish an upcoming prom event? If you too are moving there, have you decided which hairdo will you choose for that? If not, glance over the above pictures.

Red Bun

My girls, I am always an admirer of long hair. Whenever I got something interesting about long hair, I would like to share with you. Eye-catchy look! Here is a high loose bun with lovely faint red shade.

Adding Hair Accessory

Honestly, the essence of being a woman is impossible, to sum up in few words. Women are almighty’s best gift to whole humanity. Their love, care, support, understanding, etc. has made the world worth living. To salute such aroma of patience, we present them a fantastic set of hairstyles adding hair accessories.


My craze for braids never goes out of date either it is jumbo or tiny. I am a die heart fan of braids. Be utterly cool. What is our friendship for? It is for sharing and caring till to the end. We have promised it to each other. What you need to do about the above style is only to form a slanted Dutch braid and wrap it into an updo.

Relaxed Large Bun

Through those rough patches of our life till to these smooth happenings, we are always by each other’s side. This is what I call the beauty of our adventurous relationship. In hustle-bustle of modern-hectic city life, I know you are still in tension trying to sum up things correctly. My dear companion, form a relaxed large bun and you may feel a pleasant feeling.

Loose Low Bouffant Style

Let us move together step by step and turn this arduous journey of life into a beautiful celebration. So, why not start with a sharing of an awesome hairdo? Below are some steps to form it if you aspire-

  • Leave front section hair.
  • Make tiny braids.
  • Create low loose bun.
  • Add hair accessory.

How to form easy updos for long hair step by step

There are many alternatives when it comes to style long hair. Below is the procedure for easy updo which is easy for beginners to try-

  • First of all, take a small section of your hair.
  • Form a ponytail and twist it.
  • Repeat the above process.
  • Then, create braids on the bottom section.
  • Wrap it in the first formed ponytail.

Wrapped Bun

We know you have faced highs and lows in your life since you were young. Whatever happened at that moment we can’t change it. But we can decide about our upcoming future. Leave your past aside. Be entirely out of it. Appreciate the present moment. Attend parties. Meet new people. Style yourself gently. For that, try wrapped bun once.

Blonde Variety

Do you know why the earth is so much precious among planets? Because there is a lot of diversity. It reflects totality, and totality is magical. So girls, do you want to see some level of mystery magic today? If it is so, then here is a charming hairstyle of blonde variety.

Simple Knot

The world may go on becoming complicated, and time too. But what keeps me rooted to the earth and ground is my passion for simplicity. If your whole existence strives for originality, follow that on hairdo too. My dear ones, I bring simple knot style to you. Wrap a section against other and form knot without twist.

Looking Cozy

Her killer looks straightly strike my heart. Oh! Her bold, intense looks. How on earth can I explain it in some words? Ok. Ok. You need not to give any explanation. What you can do is try the same hairdo. Do you like this idea? If yes, you can also take help of your hairstylist.

Variety of Low Bun

Do you know what makes humans distinct from other beings? It is an incredible human mind. It is because of the human mind so many inventions, and innovations have happened. Our hairstylists toil day and night for new style inventions. We bring here new varieties of a low bun.

Carefree Hairdo

Balance yourself neither doing too much hard work nor falling for fun all the time. So, get out of your busy schedule and have a lot of fun. Start this process by attempting a carefree style. Pin up your hair as you like, and your hairstyle is set now.

Rejoicing Moments

Life is a long trip to go on which forms out of various rough and beautify moments. Whatever we may do life passes on its accord. My mates, let’s rejoice all those moments. Who knows better? We may or may not meet again next time.

Cool Updo

Summer is on the verge to go up, and winter is slowly marching up. Still, we want to freshen up more. Do you seek for our help? We are always there for you. Dear ones try once this cool updo. What you need to do is form updo on the top.

How to Form Cool Updo

Do you know the astounding quality of pictures? They speak themselves and need not any description. Here I am leaving it like this.

Fishtail Round Braid

Well, what do you think style is for? In my view, it is for inner satisfaction and to discover different shades of your personality. So we bring here fishtail round braid.  Leave long bang by separating your hair into two parts by centre-partition, and then braid.

Double Braids

Oh my God! I am speechless and clueless too. Anyone will be enchanted by this hairdo. And to tell the truth, it is a bit complex for us to form this above shown double braids. Chill out, my mates. We are here to solve every problem as much as we are capable. Go to a nearby saloon, and take help of your hairstylists.

Simple Updo

Anything we set up ourselves in a simple style, there our true nature is revealed. Go for this updo then. Will you give it a try?

Jumbo Updo

Sometimes it is better to do something unusual you have never done before. Jumbo updo in the above figure is the same case. But for this, you need to have voluminous hair. And the rest is all easy. First of all, tie all of your hair into a ponytail. Then, go on rolling your hair into it. And see how quickly it finishes.

Tips for Making Perfect Updo

  • You need not comb your hair for forming an updo.
  • As there is a trend of messed hair, try to from updo in it. It looks cool.
  • You should pull out some hair. So, you get a relaxed hairdo.
  • Loose and messed updos for long hair are highly appreciated.
  • Bobby pin is an integral medium to form updo.
  • If you are attending a wedding ceremony or any special events, add any hair accessory which you like most.

Platinum Blonde Updo

Platinum blonde has come as latest color shade in the world of fashion market. Life is unpredictable. Before anything such happens, do not wait for a perfect time to fulfill your wishes. Do not you love your luscious long hair? Supply platinum blonde in your hair. And then give any updo style you prefer.

Your Style

Your life strives to that direction on which your mentality reside. If you primarily believe only fashionistas are a perfect style icon and you have to follow them to look better, then you can never set your style. Leave aside all these absurd things. Be free. Believe yourself unconditionally. Appreciate yourself and try your style.

Stunning Updos for Long Hair

How much other may try to convince you but the reality is that updos look most beautiful in long hair than in short or medium one. You are perfect the way you are. What you need to do is try to choose best style for you so that it suits you. Here are a set of stunning updos for long hair. Hope you may like it.

With a Flower

There is an age-long relationship of beauty and flower. I mean to say that beauty is well defined when it is related to flower. Insert it in your updo, and make it look good.

Casual Updos for Long Hair

Friends are becoming an integral part of our life. So, whenever we are with them, we prefer to have a casual style. Are you in a dilemma how to give such style to your long hair?  Hence we present picture for you so that it is easy for you to check out.

Wedding Hairstyles

Since our relationship is becoming stronger day by day, we want to gift you something special in your marriage. And then we thought what can be perfect than a wedding hairdo? So, we present it here. Along with it, we send you a lot of good wishes for your upcoming future.

Twist and Tuck

Following is the procedure to form twist and tuck. And here we go-

  • First of all, moisturize your hair.
  • After that, tie a half section of your hair into a ponytail with an elastic band.
  • Turn it, and form a twist.
  • At the bottom part, tie hair by dividing into three parts.
  • Intermingle each other, and form a hairdo.

Fine Touch-up

We are parting for a large span of time. What should I give you at this moment so that you can remember me a long way? I am a little surprised you may or may not like my present. But I want to suggest you an awesome hairdo for your long hair which gives you a fine touch-up.

Easy Half Updo

Are you shocked how to form a great hairdo? Here are the steps then-

  • Take a section of hair.
  • Roll it and form a twist.
  • Create tiny braids and merge it as shown in above figure.

New Updos for Long Hair

Existence brings every moment a new freshness giving a cool and calm vibe around surroundings. We provide you here new updos for long hair to have a relaxed feeling.

Knotted Version

Knotted hairstyles are famous for having a bold and sophisticated look. Your long hair appears flawless in it. So, my dear, there is no harm in trying this style once. Experiment yourself with something new every day and feel best within you.

How to Form Low Updo

Isn’t it lovely? Truly it is. If you adore it, below is the procedure to follow-

  • Tie your hair of lower midsection into a ponytail separating it into three sections.
  • Form an updo of a ponytail.
  • Take hair from the left side and roll it around updo formed earlier.
  • Repeat the same process from the right side.
  • Finally, your hairdo is ready.

Curled Updo

Whatever your hair type may be, learn to appreciate it because it is a part of you. If you are not going to respect it, then you are losing something tremendously important. That’s why to take good care of your hair. My dear, though you have curly hair, you can make a mesmerizing hairdo as you see above. So, it is your choice what to do about your hair.

Rolled Round

Almighty’s blessings are abundant. That’s why our creativity level has remained same till to date. It is only his grace that we are capable of creating such a fantastic hairstyle. OK, it is not very hard to from this hairdo. Roll your hair round from a side. Through the midsection loosely braid it. Finally, add a hair accessory.

Top Knot Hairdo

You need not necessarily be a celebrity for grabbing people’s attention. Do you like to be noticed? I found a superb idea for that. Settle your hair into a top knot hairdo. I promise you to get such a killer look that people mouth will remain wide open and their eyes gaze at you still.

Mesmerizing Hairdo

Do you have ever experienced something like this ‘ love is in the air and I want to romance fully?’ If yes, Do you remember how have you met your loved one? Isn’t it that you spend hours to look special for your beloved? We offer help to you. Try this mesmerizing hairdo. It will match with any outfit you wear.


What! Are you soon going on a date? Soon your beautiful journey of a relationship will start. We are very much happy for you from the core of our heart. I know you have decided to move on. As we are close, I want to suggest you something. As it is your first meeting with him, be the way you are. Your true nature can bloom and beautify your relationship. Try brown hairdo at that moment.

Platinum Shade

Check out platinum shade once.

Classic Version

It is sad that we get your engagement news little late. But we are overwhelmed that you are going to be engaged soon. Within this short period, we are extremely disheartened that we can’t gift you something precious. But our good wishes are always with you, and we present you a classic version of updos for long hair to try in your engagement day.

Beautiful Easy Updos

As the name suggests, they are beautiful and easy to manage as well. In the first figure, hairstylist pin-up model’s hair high with a pin leaves rest part as it is. Also, the lower picture signifies various version of a bun. Take a look here and keenly observe. Hope you may find it fascinating. If it is so, go and get a try.

Easy Updos For Long Hair

They are easy updos for long hair. There are seven different varieties. You can braid your hair and combine it with a bun. Settle your hair into a twisted bun. Leave your hair as it is by rolling it. You can rely on any of the above varieties. We present them only to you.

Jumbo Braided Updo

Form a jumbo braid to a side and copy the steps as shown in the above figure. Are you informed at the last moment for a gettogether? Do you worry about how you manage your long hair? Be calm. Try above-shown hairdo. You will look elegant, and it will save your time.


Isn’t it super-easy? Twist your hair and from an updo. So I give it a name ‘twisted.’ The fascinating part is you can quickly manage it.

How to Form Updo

Updo! You always hear about it. You may have a misconception that updos are very hard and complicated to settle in your hair and you need a help of a hairstylist. Today we show you how you can form an updo without anyone’s help. Tie your hair into a ponytail. Turn it into a twist. Wrap your hair with a pin.

Updos For Long Hair Wedding

A lot of fantasies, a lot of curiosities, a lot of fear, and a lot of excitement! Wouldn’t you have all of those these when your wedding is approaching? I am sure you do have. Since it is your marriage and you are a bride soon to be, above we provide five different varieties of updos. Hope you like it. May you always stay happy and blessed.

We are always by each other’s side. It is because of your support our long journey with updos for long hair come to an end smoothly. Anyway, it is a moment of pleasure for us as we have again become successful to present different hairstyles according to your choice.

In this way, we deal with 145 outstanding updos for long hair. Hope you may like it. So, we, please do request to respond to us what you think about them. We promise to bring something lovely and full of fun again. Till then have a wonderful time ahead.

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