58 Creative Coffin Nail Designs For This Season

Coffin nail designs have been in trend for many years. Coffin nails are also known as ballerina’s nails. Coffin nails are long, thin, elegant with a straight tip kind of square shaped nails. Coffin nails give you a very glam look and it has variations you can try form.No matter how much pretty dress do you wear, it is your nails that gives an addition to everything. Keeping your nails simple and elegant with a little bit of shine and sequin at times makes your hand look beautiful. You can always experiment with colours, textures making your nails shiny or matte. Try on more colours and coffin nail designs to match long, thin and straight tip nails. If you are looking for a very fabulous nail look, then here are some of our coffin nail designs you can experiment with.

1. White Nails


The long white nails with a little bit of shine on it draw the attention of many towards you. The white coffin nails look stylish and appealing. For the coffin nails, you need to expand your nails from the regular shape and length. It looks great with any attire and adds some brightness to your appearance.

2. Matte Black

When in a dilemma regarding which nail paint to apply, just go grab the black nail paint. To give it a different look than the usual shiny nails decorate your nails with the matte black.

3.Sequin Design

It is always a perfect day for glitter or sequin nails. The greenish nail colour, when combined with the gold sequins and designed with a gold line form, gives a perfect look for parties and glamorous event.

4.Marble Madness

Greyish marble texture, nude, metallic, sequin coffin nail designs.If you want a different nail form just go on with the marble texture that complements well with the metallic and nude sequin designs.

5. The Peachy Peach

The Peachy peach coffin nails. The shade of peach with gold studs and leafy nail art on the ring finger gives you a simple yet stylish look. To create this nail as shown in the picture, you need to apply nude shades on fingers other than index and ring fingers. In-ring finer, apply a transparent paint with a leaf art on top. Also, an index finger, make an easy art to the top of your nail and apply nude paint to the tip of your nail with studs in the middle.

6. Black Matte Coffin Nails

The best way to give your nail an appealing look is to keep it simple. Coffin nail shape looks very appealing when you use black nail paint. If you don’t want your nails to look too dark and dull, use black to make patterns on transparent nail paint on one of your fingers. Black matte with a simple nail art on one finger looks eye-catching. Don’t think much, apply mattes.

7.Shade of Purple

The purple marbled coffin nails. The combination of light purple nail colour with purple marble texture goes hand-in-hand.

8. The Perfect Nude

The perfect nude makes you ready for any kinds of look, especially business looks.  The glitter on ring finger gives more smart and fashionable looks. Nude nails are the best start if you want a new nail design. Everything looks appreciable with simple and clean nude nails.

9. Metallic Nails

Metallic Green Coffin nails. The metallic nails are in trend these days. The green metallic nails with studs and sequins give you a dazzling look.

10.The French Manicure

French nails are common these days. The white nail paint on the tip gives your nails a very clean look. You can modify the french manicure with any designs and textures. You can add small designs as per your preference or just a simple black bow as shown in the above picture. It gives you a classic look.

11. Shimmery Nails

The mint green shimmery coffin nails. Want a dazzling look? just go for the mint green shimmery nails complemented by rhinestones and sparkly studs. Mint is a must-have shade for spring and summer. Mint and sparkly silver go hand in hand and rhinestones on top of the paint grab the attention of many people around you.

12. Matte Red

The matte red coffin nail designs. This matte coffin nails with simple flower design on the ring finger tend to catch the attention of every trend-seekers.

13. Violet Nails

A matte nail is an absolute style if you want to be updated with the trend. The violet coffin nail with simple nail arts and studs gives you an awesome look.

14. V-shaped Nail Designs

The bottle green nail with a V-shaped design and transparent on the tip gives you a perfect casual look. To create this design, make the base glossy green, the tips clear and outline them with a white line. The end result will make you look marvellous.

15. Kitty’s Nail

The purple kitty coffin nail designs. The perfect purple nail colour with simple nail art with black and kitty design on the ring finger is perfect for daily basis. To create this design, you first need to apply purple nail paint on the base. You then make simple yet amazing  nail arts on all the fingers except your ring finger. On the ring finger, make a kitty using white, red, black and yellow paints as shown in the picture above. And, you will end up with fantastic kitty coffin nail designs.

16. Matte Grey Nails

The matte grey nails with studs. Highlight your nails with this simple yet stylish matte grey nails to create an awesome look.

17.Glossy Blue Nails

The glossy blue coffin nails complemented by nude and studs, they make a worth trying nail designs. This nude and navy blue nails with rhinestones gives you a very sophisticated look. You can always keep your nails simple yet glamorous adding gloss to any nail shades. The above picture has studs added to the nails, but it is your preference to add the studs or add anything else to make you nails stand-out.

18.Ocean Blue

Ocean blue is a great colour for any nail shape. The right shade of nail paint will make your nails look truly impressive and will not demand any additional design. Ocean blue nails with sparkles and diamonds can create an amazingly elegant look and can impress anyone.

19.Gold Sparkles coffin nails

White nails with gold sparkle give you the vibrant look. It can be flaunted for both party and casual looks. Sparkles give your simple white nails a lot of glamour. Keep your sparkles to the limit. It is not necessary to make all your nails sparkly, rather you can select one or two of your nails. That looks more eye-catching and astonishing.

20. Pink Nails

The pink coffin nails with a little sparkle on it. Pink lovers out there, give this design a try without hesitation. You will make this design look awesome.

21. The Dramatic  Nails

The black and white nails with gold sparkle nails along with stud and flower design gives you a little dramatic yet stylish look. Get the fashionista feels.

22.Mix and Match Design

Blue Coffins nails with an inverted V-shaped design. Blue nails with a mix of beige nail paint and designed with blue, white and silver V-shaped is another best way to wear coffin nails.

23. Metallic White

Metallic white coffin nails. If you have not tried metallic nails yet, you definitely have to give it a try.

24. French Manicure Inspired Nails

Bored from the regular white tip french manicure? Do not worry. You can try this amazingly beautiful design with glitters just on tip of nails. Glitter ombré tips are so stunning. For this nail design, you need to leave your base coat transparent or neutral with silver glitters on the tip of your nails. you can either use a nail paint brush or a sponge to apply the glitter to your nail tip.

25. Purple Patterns

Are you a pattern lover? If Yes, you should try this design. Once applied you will love this purple patterned coffin nails. This nail design is very simple to be applied on. Apply purple nail paint to some of your fingers. And for the finger to want to make an art, just make a dropping design and outline it with a black paint to give that attractive glance.

26. White Marble Nails

This marble inspired coffin nails will give you the chic look. Trend seekers you will be obsessed with this chic nail design.

27. Beige Metallic Nail Art

Beige metallic nails with white and nude paints. The metallic nails go perfectly well with the white nail art. The dripping art on nude nails and the designs on white nails are amazingly created on the coffin nails.

28. Nude and Black coffin Nails

The nude and black coffin nails. The nude nails with sparkles and decent flower art along with black nails and studs look trendy.

29. Acrylic White Nails

Bored of the plain white paints? Try this acrylic white nails with a little bit of shimmer to make you look stunning.For those days when you cannot decide on which nail paint to apply, this is the perfect nail. It goes well with everything meaning that you don’t have to be specific about any outfits you wear or any occasion when you have applied this paint on.

30. Matte Maroons

The matte maroon coffin nail design. This nail design goes well with the term the simple the better. Simple design but make you feel amazingly beautiful.

31. Vibrant Nails

Matte Orange coffin nails. The vibrant looking orange with an addition of studs is the best design for all the vibrant and energetic girls out there.

32.Nude and Maroon

The nude and maroon matte nails with glitter and studs. The studs on the nude and the glitters are the best way to enhance the beauty of your nails.

33. Maroon and Green

The bottle green and maroon colours hardly complement each other. But why not try something different at times with this perfect nails design. Bottle green nail colour with a simple design along with the animal print patterns make the whole design blend well.

34. Elegant design

Black nails with the pop of pink and green looks exquisite.

35. Ombre Nails

Ombres are also in trend these days. This simple white ombre nails gives you a decent look and makes you slay.You can make the long and sharp nails look beautiful with a natural smooth ombre design. The ombre design you apply can be either matte or glossy according to your preference. Ombre nail paints give you a fantastic look.

36.Metallic Blue


Metallic blue coffin nail design. The metallic blue is the perfect design for any occasion to make you look charming. This nail design gives a different look to your appearance and makes you stand-out in the crowd.

37. Purple Nails

Do you need an extra punch of style? Don’t think much play with the amazing looking purple paints. The bright and appealing colour gives your hand a very sophisticated look. The bright and warm summer days and the bright purple paint gives you the perfect combination.

38. Rose Pattern

Who doesn’t love a rose? You do too. Try this amazing white nails centred with rose pattern design. For this design, you have to apply white nail paints to all your nails and draw a rose art on both your ring fingers as shown in the above picture.

39. Colourful Pattern

Applying just a single nail colour at a time might be boring. So why not try this awesome colourful patterned nails. This might be the best option for girly girls out there.

40. Baby Pink

Baby pink nail designs. Baby pink nails with a metallic touch is truly an attention seeker when complemented with the rhinestones.

41.Simple French Manicure

Simple french manicure with a decent pattern is the perfect option to get the easy-peasy look. You can always go further by making clear and white designs on your nails. You can make the nails glossy or matte accordingly. Also, if you want to make it more glamorous you can add rhinestones and glitters too.

42. Polka-Dots

Polka dot actually portrays the vintage look but combined with studs and simple art gives a modern touch. If your nails are properly shaped long coffin nails, you can use large studs without being scared of exaggerating the design. Big studs on long nails give more grace to your nails.

43.Pink Ombre

Afraid that you will overdo a design? The simple pink ombre look can be your option.

44. Blazing Blue

Those who want to add some fashion statement any season, royal blue is the perfect choice for you. Blazing blue complements the sequin and adds more grace and charm.

45. Greyish Black

The shade of greyish black with shimmer and studs are worthy of your attention.

46. The Combat

If you’re an army green lover, apply khaki nail paints without any hesitation. To add more grace to it add different patterns to your nail. The combat green nails when combined with mix and match patterns and the flowers complement each other well. the design as shown in the picture above might take a little time to be completed but the end result you get will be worth it.

47. The Greens

The green nails add a bright and vibrant pop and give you a different grace and charm. If you love bright colours then you would definitely admire this amazing coffin nail art design.

48.Purple and Black

A perfect combination of dark purple, light purple, black and metallic silver to give you the astonishing glance. Black coffin nails with a variation of purle nails along with the metallic touch look lovely and are loved by all.  Black and variations of purple with a little mix and match of glitters and studs just look perfect.

49. Grey and Pink

The glossy grey and pink with shiny centred nails make your hand and nails look astounding. This design is worth considering. Furthermore, a better way to create an outstanding nail design is to mix and match the colours and simply go with the flow. Be comfortable with all the nail colours to get the result that’s worth it. Grey and pink is also not a perfect colour combination but just moving on with the flow as shown in the picture looks amazing.

50.Matte Brown Nails

If you love something very dazzling, then this manicure can easily be a part of your choice. Get crystals and rhinestones to make your nails look like one of your favourite accessories. Highlight your nails with this simple but amazing looking matte brown and add rhinestones and crystals to make it look glam.

51.V-shaped white nail patterns

The v-shaped french manicure looks different and unique than the normal french manicure. V-shaped nails to the tip of your nails look impressive. So you can never misrepresent this nail design. Moreover, this gives you a modish glance.

52. Gold Shine

Add a nude looking colour to your nails then apply golden glittery nail paint to give a glaring look. Some of you might think that nude and glittery nails might not go hand in hand but you are completely wrong. This nail design is different from other design, is easy to create and you do not have to think much before this manicure.

53.Purple coffin Nails

A simple purple nail with a shimmery touch and a V-shaped design over a white layer gives that distinctive glance. The picture above shows variations in one design. This is what a brilliant art looks like. Are you captivated by this design? then, you must surely give this design a try.

54. Bright Pink

Vivid Pink coffin nail designs. Vivid pink nail designs are worth trying if you are looking for something overwhelming. If at times you want to look bold and extremely impressive this vibrant pink is a perfect solution for you. Basically, this vibrant nail paint with studs on your ring fingers makes you ready for summer.

55.Greenish Blue

Creating a splendid nail design can be as easy as drawing a line pattern. Linear pattern can be moulded into any shape be it a V-shaped or triangular shaped or any other geometrical shapes. The greenish blue paint with a distinctive pattern blended with studs looks mind-blowing. You should definitely give a try.

56.Pink Coffin Nails

Pink coffin nail designs. The pink coffin nail designs combined with a  little shiny nail paint and then adding a dropping and v-shaped lining pattern. This gives your hand a graceful look.

57.Beach Pattern Coffin Nails

If you have mastered in making perfect arts, why don’t you create a perfect nail art design? Apply a neutral nail paint with different nail arts as shown in the above picture to get a different glance.

58.Maroon and Glittery Coffin Nails

The maroon and Glittery Coffin Nails. The maroon shaded glitters, when coupled with the maroon and nude colours on coffin nails, seemed to catch the mind of every trend seeker. Maroon glittery coffin nails are definitely to die for. This gives you a very sophisticated look. Also, this nail design makes you ready for big events or occasions.

Hence, these are few of the coffin nail designs that give you a glamorous glance. The above-shown designs are perfect for any of your occasions. But you need to make sure you choose the appropriate design that best suits your outfit. In order to make perfect coffin shape, you would need to grow quite long nails because the designs look better on long nails rather than short nails. The above-shown design variations are interesting ways to keep your overall look on point. When you want coffin nails you can always mix the nail colours of your choice and see how the combination looks.  The nail designs will look fabulous in any way. Become creative, innovative as people would love to see your lovely creations. So, definitely give these designs at least a try for once because they are completely in fashion nowadays.

Also, if you loved any of these coffin nail design ideas, please do share it and give a look at our designs everytime you think of creating a unique design.


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