121 Wonderful Rose Gold Hair Trending in 2018

Rose Gold Hair! If you try to define it in a simple few words, that will be the combination of rose and gold shade. As we all know, women are the die heart fan of rose. Who is not going to love it? And gold, everyone falls for it. That’s why rose gold is becoming the new fashion sensation in 2018. Different celebrities apply it and set a new trend of fashion. Rose is always the symbol of softness and gold is best known for its shiny nature. Yes, rose gold is the best compatibility of shine and soft nature.

Rose gold combines both the pink and blonde shade. Unlike a darker colour tone, it does not fade away so quickly. That’s the reason women and girls these days praise it. The excellence about rose gold hair is it matches to any hair type and skin tone. We all know pink for coolness while people praise gold for its warmness. Isn’t it a perfect choice? What do you think?

How to manage rose gold Hair

The following are tips about managing rose gold hair-

  • Apply the shampoo that protects your rose gold colour.
  • Shampoo the hair according to the need only.
  • Manage to supply coconut oil to make it healthy.

Classy Hair

rose gold hair

The look itself catches the eye. What anyone wants more than that out of style? The classy hairstyle is waiting for you.

Faint Longer Version

Rose gold is the combination of both warm and fresh. Check out this faint version in your long hair.

Half Braids

First of all, take half of your hair. In the second instance,  start to form braids out of it. Finally, leave the rest section as it is.

Short Layer

As it is your hair and your choice, why not to try with something new this time? Don’t you think so?


Waves always remind of the beach, and the calm atmosphere presents there. If you want to get such feeling each moment, this wave should be in your preference.

Medium Length Hair

With little waves at the bottom, this hairdo perfectly brings out a sweet version of the fashion in the glamour world.

Lovely Hairdo

The picture above defines what a rose gold hair is all about. We do not need any extra explanation. The image is in itself the best proof.

Rose Gold Hair Highlights

See, these are the varieties of rose gold hair highlights. They add much more fun to the style along with a lavish look.

The Flow of the Waves

And, there I want to go on with the flow. The hairdo gives something like the before stated feeling.

An Intense Look

We name this as an intense look, and the model appears so in style. The colour is very to carry on any occasion may it be formal or casual as well.

Little Waves

They are our sweet little waves. Are you in tension on how to style your hair for the evening party? Then the beautiful version of rose gold is there for you.

Mixing of Rose Gold and Black

Some of the ladies are in deep love with the black. The hairdo is an excellent choice for the one with dark skin tones. The amazing thing is one can cherish a beautiful combination of rose gold and black.

Dark Rose Gold Hair

Fashionistas try to prefer new style when it comes to their styling sense. The dark rose gold hair can be a new trendsetter.

Rose Gold Hair Colour On Brunette

The above picture depicts the rose gold hair on brunettes. The model in the upper picture has an exceptional style while the lower one sense an intense look.

Other Varieties

Though the figure picturised light and dark version, both of them equalise warm glow up. Tonight cheer up with the hairdo in the outstanding event happening in the town.

Rose Gold Blonde

Here, we present you another version of rose gold along with blonde and pink shade. Supply blonde to the top, and attach pink beginning from the mid-shaft to the bottom.

Rose Gold Balayage

The whole picture gives a mesmerising memory of rose gold balayage. As a description, you can say the style is cute and calm.

Long Hair

The merit of rose gold is it enthrals vintage vibe in a long hair. If you do not believe, then have a glance at the figure.

Frizzy Hair

Do you love to be carefree and enjoy life to the fullest?. Wait a minute then. The hair is frizzy and looks well embedded in the shade. It can be another choice for you next time.

Vibrant Shade

As the picture itself describes, it is a vibrant shade. When you are moving through the streets of the town, everyone is going to take a look upon you.

Light Variety

In the hot summer, do you want to adopt this light variety? If it is so, then consult the hairstylist to get the best look as much as possible.

Rose Gold Hair Brunette

It is often the times when you need to change your hairstyle. If you are already with the brunettes, no worries at all. Apply rose gold shade over there, and it is all set.


When you cut your hair into layers, the merit is it gives a seductive look like the outcome. And you can efficiently manage your full long hair.

Short Straight Hair

The hair touches the shoulder portion. Whenever you are going on an extended holiday with your friends, then give this hairstyle a chance. Believe tremendously; you are not going to regret at all.

Rose Gold Hair Ombre

With the appropriate combination of rose gold shade and volume of the hair, the curls we see at the bottom seem super sexy. The upper section is in the black tint as it is and lower part embeds itself in rose gold tone.

Rose Gold Hair

All the hair above are incorporated in the rose gold hair. Some are long little waves, some are straight hair, and the other is messy curl.

Shiny Looks

The model looks gorgeous. After all, it is all about rose gold hair.

Reddish Tone

Do you prefer to add red tone to your hair? Then, next time when you wish to colour your hair to add this variety then. It will be good for you.

Golden Version

For the casual gathering of your friends, this golden version is the best version for you. Don’t you think so?


You can call it faint smoky rose gold shade. After you supply it to the hair, it gives a fabulous outlook to the overall complexion.

Cool Variety

Girls! Are you in search of the most relaxed version of rose gold hair? This variety gives a glimpse of the natural shade of colour. Go and get a try.

In the Long Black

Here is the exciting interplay of black and rose gold. Everyone is going to stare you on the way as the appearance is fantastic. It is the outcome of jealousy.

Smooth Section

You can call it a straightforward hair colour as the glimpse is of the horizontal section. Your complexion is going to glow all with the happiness.

Shoulder Length

With shoulder length as the hair, the faded away rose gold hair strikes the stunning outlook. Aren’t you surprised by the way the model is looking?


The loosely falling bangs and the flawless hair is eye-catching. One can’t take your eyes off it.

Casual Hairdo

The time we chill out to the fullest is when we are with our lovely friends. The casual hairdo adds fantasy to the gathering of the friends.

Shade of coolness

Other than coolest version, what this variety can have the best name? So, we prefer to name it a shade of calm version. You can adapt it to have smooth and refreshing mood all the day long.

Sophisticated Look

The formal parties, events, and occasions demand the glam-up and glossy appearance. Not only that if you have a sophisticated look, then you are the centre of the eye of everyone at the gathering. Try this for the next time when you are going to the party.

Lower Curls

If you keenly observe, it is an extraordinary variety of collaboration of rose gold and curls. You can have this hairdo in your reception. Isn’t it a most surprising idea?

Highlighted Rose Gold

It will give you immense pleasure if you are with the highlighted rose gold. The impressive thing is you have a luxurious look amidst the crowd.

Rose Gold Short Hair

The above images throwback inspiring view of rose gold short hair.  The placement of the shade over the hair texture is such that you go on gazing for a long time.

Twisted Knots

Gather all section of the hair to a place. And then, begin to form twists and knots continuously as shown in the image. Complete it till to the end.

Flow in the Air

Wherever the model may be, the air must be blowing strongly. Hence, the hair is blowing in such a way. And we happily name it flows in the air.

Honey Brown

Hmm. It is honey brown which is suitable to apply in the hair all year round. It is in a mix match of rose gold.

Natural Taste

The more natural it is, the more real it is. This variety of rose gold perfectly matches for those who want to be close to nature.

Embedded in Platinum

Along with platinum as the base colour, the rose gold shade strikes a stunning glow. Either it is in medium length hair, or it is in layered short Bob, this hairdo offers more confidence to your style.


The varieties of brown are always enchanting. May it be chocolate brown, caramel highlights, brunettes or simply honey brown. But this time we present you with a very different variety of brown, i.e. in the rose gold shade. For once, trust this mind-blowing style.

Dark Rose Gold Hair

It is such a variety of rose gold which is effortlessly outstanding. Keenly observe the image. She looks more elegant than any dream girl you have ever imagined.

Rose Gold Colour Black Girl

The black girl is in rose gold hair. Firstly, leave your messy bangs. Secondly, divide the hair from the centre. Lastly, form the bun to the respective sides as shown in the figure.


The merit Bob provides is you can carry it with any dress. It is the hairdo that the hairstylist often recommends for any occasions.

Bubbly Pink

It reminds of the everlasting innocence what a bubbly girl often holds. As it gives more look of pink, we name it as bubbly pink.


The hectic city life of modern days has made our life complex. The complexity is such a routine that we can never have the choice of something which is easy to go. So, here we present with the easygoing style.

Loose Braids

Braids are the first choice of women, ladies, and girls when it is about managing the tedious long hair. It does not ask your much time and effort. Divide the hair into three strands and form braids out of it. And there it is ready.

 Teenage Updo

Teenage is the period when one like to be a carefree and live life full of fun. The hairstyle signifies the same. So, we name it as a teenage updo.

Sunset Version

It reminds of the calm sunset happening at dusk. You answer me this question. A cute smile is coming in your face seeing this picture, isn’t it? I know it.

High Bun

Though the bun looks with lots of complexities, it is super easy to form and carry it too. First, start by gathering the whole hair and finally make a high bun out of it.

Rose Gold Hair Dye

So, these are the various version of rose gold hair dye. If you want to try it any one of them, check out once.


Here, platinum itself imbeds in rose gold tint. Out of the addition of rose gold, it turns with lustrous volume. If you want to look at your hair with thick volume, you can check this.


The rose gold variation freshens up the beautiful summer memories of calmness and refreshment. The style settles more confidence in the appearance.

 Tiny Braids

Manage the hair in rose gold colour. After that take the hair from the different section, and start to form tiny braids as shown in the figure.


Fashion trendsetter prefers this subtle touch-up in their normal routine life. It helps them to be the fashion sensation without much glam-up and glossy look.

Curls Classic

The hair glows perfectly well with classy curls. The interesting thing it suits perfectly well for any dress you desire to wear.

Flaunting Waves

The hair is in natural shape till to the mid-shaft. But after that, the hairstylist prefer to form flaunting waves.

High Updo

To manage the hair correctly is always an issue for the girls. We have the solution for you girls. You can refer to the high updo which does not require much effort to form.

Messed in the Half Black

The rose gold tips are blowing in the air. If you love your natural black hair, you can keep half of the section in it as shown in the figure.

Outstanding Waves

We may tend to define waves as outstanding, yet they appear straightforward. The tips of the waves seem in versatile attire.

Tip Top

In the corporate sector, females working there are in tip-top attire. If it is a compulsion to you to be in formal attire, you can cherish with this hairdo.


You may be in the air force. The high commanders may strictly order you to be always in the discipline. In such case, the only option to try about the hairdo is rose gold. It provides the look of a disciplined commander. If you do not believe, have a look about the commander in the image

My Style

Why should we rely on perfect hairstylist when it comes to styling the hair? Be perfectly ok. We can choose our trend of style like the girl here.

Half Updo

Are you bewildered about managing your long hair? Or have this question come in your mind that how to form half-updo? Follow the instructions carefully, and it will be ready.

Super Model

Who is not going to tell her a supermodel? The rightly textured rose gold hair blooms up all the way.

Joined Section

For this, take two section of the hair and join them. Here, we name it as a joined section.

Exceptional Variety

As rose gold hair is trending in 2018, you can try this exceptional variety as well.

Mongolian Face

It is not equally true that rose gold does not suit Mongolian faces. The girl is thrilled, and it suits her very well.


Manage your hair with the sun-touched glow. You can see the overall effect as marvellous. It shines well at the night parties.

Simple Hairdo

Decorate your hair next time with the simple hairdo. Sometimes simplicity offers best of the style you aspire.


Blonde is near to brown as it gives terrific presence as given by brown. The hair looks voluminous and flaunting too.


As we know, girls are the fan of the ponytail. Why not try a different version of the ponytail? For this, it does not need much effort. First of all, take a half section of the hair. Secondly, tie it in a ponytail. Thirdly, form braids out of it. Fourthly, tie the hair with an elastic band. Fifthly, form braids out of it. Finally, tie it with an elastic band.


If two-tone is in your preference, you can try this one. Settle the top section of the hair in the brown shade. Manage the rest of the part in pink.

The Magic of the Layer

The layered cut in the straight seems spectacular which throwbacks breath taking effect. Don’t you think so?

Pink Balayage

When it comes to balayage, it is about refreshing and phenomenal appearance. After successfully applying the rose gold tint, gently manage to settle the hair in pink balayage.

Dark Honey Brown

Dark honey brown is age-old famous for the perfection of the style it genuinely offers to the girls. It is one of the dark version of rose gold hair.

Faint Ombre

It is the quintessential version of the ombre for the summer hitch-up. It is faint, and the tips of the bottom shed some romantic feeling.

Positive Natural Shine

I bet you. These are the ultimate rose gold hair ideas that anyone can fall. They burst out definite natural shine along with a vintage vibe.

Latest Trends

Rose gold hair wins anyone’s heart with these latest trends as they are pretty rose gold hair version.

Finally, we know a lot about 121 rose gold hair. As we go through the varieties, rose gold hair fits in all types of hair may it be long, short, curly or straight only. You can try according to your preference. The best thing about rose gold hair is you can carry it on all around the hair and in any gatherings. It brings out simple touch-up to the very probabilistic glam -up and glossy look.

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