61 Trending Bald fade That Will Make You stand Out From The Crowd

Bald fade is also known widely as skin fade worldwide is one of the most chosen hairstyles of the modern era. This kind of hairstyle has long hair to the top. More eventually, as we go down the hair size gets smaller. Therefore, as we reach the ear side, the portion becomes hairless or bald. Cool, isn’t it? It gets more relaxed with different variations of this hairstyle. Besides, we can use a different length of hair at the top and in the medium. Similarly, we can use a separate form of lining and carvings in it. Adding to it, we can also use different versions of highlights and coloring in it. So let us know more about the bald fade hairstyle now.

                      Bald Fade Vs Skin Fade

We call a bald fade by its name because the lower part of the hairline is bare. Similarly, we call it a skin fade because we can see the skin of the head. More importantly, they both denote the same kind of hairstyle. We can also modify the skin fade hairstyle in different variations.

                     Bald Fade Vs Taper Fade

All skin fade hairstyles are the subset form of taper fade hairstyle. Therefore, its the taper fade style which has the shorter hairs than it at the bottom. One difference between them might be that we can use lining in the lower region in taper fade, but it is not possible in skin fade hairstyle as the bottom region barely has hai here. Therefore, we can say all bald fade is taper fade but not vice versa.

                     Classic Bald Fade


This form is the primary kind of skin fade hairstyle. We keep the top part long, and we cut the bottom portion cleanly bald. More importantly, this hairstyle gives the person a clean and composed look. Adding to it, we know this hairstyle is easy to manage and useful in different conditions too.

                 Bald Fade Short

This form, the top part of the hair is also kept short. Therefore, people who find long hair boring are likely to choose this kind of hairstyle. Also, this style goes too well if we add a sparse beard to compliment with it.

             Skin Fade With A Mild Beard

Beard always gives the completeness to our haircut. A different form of beard style compliments different versions of skin fade hairstyle. So, short hair goes well with long beards. Similarly, as we can see above a medium top haircut goes well with a sparse beard.

             Bald Fade With a Flat Top

The flat-top hairstyle is another trending and men use this frequently too. Flat top means we keep the top part of the hair flat. Most importantly, when we merge the skin fade to the flat-top haircut, we get the brilliant combination. A cleanly trimmed beard compliments well with this style.

                Skin Fade With A Trimmed Beard

Above we can see a short kept top of this zero fade style. For the bottom hairline, we see that is bald.this style goes well with a finely trimmed beard. This style looks well even with the natural hair colour of the person as well.

                Bald Fade With A Beard

Above we can see the person with a medium length hair with a pointy top. He has used ear top to add to the right looks by the haircut. Adding to it, he has kept a medium size beard to complement his hairstyle.

             Curly Short Skin Fade

Curly hairs sometimes can be challenging to manage.they are also the most beautiful hair forms after styling. The person above has a short kept curly hair wearing a skin fade.

             Bald Fade With Lining

We can choose different types of lining to go well with this haircut. As the shallow portion of the hair is bald, we can use the lining in the middle level. Here we see a bright lining in the middle.

         High Bald Fade

A high skin fade has the lining which separates the long hair, and the bald portion stays high. This type of style does not support side lining but compliments well with hair colour. In the photo, we can see a person with a high skin fade with a sparsely kept beard. A medium skin fade has the lining which separates the long hair, and the bald portion stays medium. Adding to it, the person wears a short kept moustache in the picture. The top part of the head is small in length too.

                  Bald Fade With A Long Beard

The Skin fade hairstyle goes well with a long beard also. If we have to colour our hair, we can hair-colour it matching with the beard. In the picture we see a man with a long beard wearing a medium size bald fade.

                Bald Fade Medium

Above we can see a model with a medium size hair wearing a skin fade. He has kept a medium size beard which compliments with this haircut. Adding to it, he hasn’t coloured his hair. Hence, his natural hair is doing justice to this beautiful haircut.

                  Bald Fade With A Chin Beard

There are different variations of beard styles we can implement to a hairstyle. Therefore we can use a different kind of beard styling with skin fade too. In the picture, we see a model with low bald fade wearing a chin beard as his beard. The beard compliments his hairstyle naturally.

                   Top Combed Skin Fade

We are using different types of combed over styles since we were kids. Above we see a model with medium top skin fade or zero fades. Eventually, for the top foremost part, we comb over it. It gives the person wearing this style an organized look.

               Bald Fade Undercut

The skin fade undercut is a beautiful combination of two favourite men’s haircuts – the undercut and fade. We can say that men can choose a skin fade undercut for a high-contrast cut, option for a disconnected undercut, or get a hard part line carved into their scalp for fresh hair design.

                     bald fade curly hair

Curly hair can continue to impress other people if you merge it with skin fade.we can use a medium length of curly hair and cut it to zero fades. It will be kook clean and sexy as ever. Besides that, we can also use the beard of mean length to compliment this hairstyle to perfection.

                   Bald Fade With Ear Tops

Ornaments used after piercing especially in the face or ear goes well with skin fade haircut. As the bottom part is bare, we can always use extra components like ear top there. cleanly-shaven face goes perfectly with this style.

               Skin Fade With Highlighted Top

Everyone highlights hair in the recent years. More importantly, one must be able to own the style. In the picture the model keeps a medium zero fade and lightly highlights it . his finely trimmed beard compliments the style well.

                      Rough Bald Fade

Some people like a more carefree type of hairstyle.this is where the rough genre of hairstyle comes to the party. There are many forms of choppy hairstyles to choose from too.abobe we have a model who wears the medium rough zero fade hairstyle. He has a controlled beard to match with the haircut.

                 Low Bald Fade

This hairstyle gives the person wearing it, the freedom to add linings and patterns to his hair.the hair is bare only to the near of the ear. The model here is wearing a short low skin taper fade with a clean-shaven face.

                      Top Coloured Skin Fade

The colouring of a hair, we can do it in two ways. The first, colour the whole from the scalps. The second style is the style you see above. You dye only the part which is superficially visible. That is the hair in the top. The model uses a shiny colour which is more dazzling to see as well.

               Thin Top Bald Fade

Short and thin hair gives you the perfect summer hairstyle. Piercings in the face can provide an additional sexiness to a person’s personality. Finally, a finely trimmed beard can be the cherry to the top of this haircut. This hairstyle goes well with any face tone of a person.

                  Short Bald Fade With An Ear Piercing

In the side view of any hairstyle, you can see the ear part well. It means any ornament or piercing in the ear will always complement your style perfectly. Neck ornaments also go well with the short skin fade hairstyle.

                  Bald Middle Fade Hairstyle

Yeah, you read it right it’s a bald middle fade hairstyle. Right from the picture, you could observe this is a unique hairstyle. The uppermost part of the hair is blunt in a mohawk style. Its actually a reverse mohawk as the part where the hair remains is reverse. More importantly, this is the hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd.

              Top Pointed Bald Fade

The picture shows a model wearing a bald middle fade with medium top. The hair in the head is pointed to make it look like in the form of a mountain. We can make the hair shinier in this style to make it more dazzling. Ear piercing can also help to look you cool from every possible way.

                          Short Zero Fade

The flat-top hairstyle is another trending and men use this frequently too. Flat top means we keep the top part of the hair flat. When we merge the skin fade to the flat-top haircut, we get the brilliant combination. A cleanly trimmed beard compliments well with this style.

High Undercut Bald Fader

It is the hairstyle formed by the merging of undercut and fade. This style uses the side hair to the top to stay in a side while hair below is shaved. Finely trimmed beard compliments well with this kind of hairstyles.

                Straight Front Bald Fade

In this style, we keep the hair in the top medium. We can then use a comb to make the hair straight in foremost part. The forward straight goes well with a clean-shaven face too.

                    Hairstyle With Spike Glove

Above we can see a glove bald fade hairstyle. We cut the top party of the hair in a way that it’s ovular to see. People mostly chose a long top, but we can also apply any length of hair in this style. This hairstyle goes well with the ear piercings and tattoos as well.

                  Short Bald Fade With Spikey Top

In this kind of hairstyle, we keep the top part shorter than medium. We shave the middle part thinly. Besides that, we follow the top part pointed in the foremost to make it spiky. This style compliments well with a medium kept form of a beard.

            A Black Man With A Bald Fade

Skin fade hairstyle goes well with all types of skin tone. In the picture above a model with dark tone is wearing a typical short bald fade hairstyle. The style has no hair colour to it, but a lighter highlight would also compliment well with this style. The model also has a chin beard which matches well with this style.

              Bald Fade With Medium Curly Hair

We know that the curly hair goes well with all fade type of hairstyle. Besides, a curly hair is easily manageable too. Above, the model wears a medium curly bald fade bald fade hairstyle. This haircut goes well with the skin tone also.

                    Bald Fade Undercut With Colour

The skin fade haircut goes well with the colourings too. We can either colour the whole hair or decorate the top part only as shown in the picture. Adding to it, this goes well with a finely trimmed beard too. This style matches the darker skin tone as we can see above.

                   Black Guy With Bald Fade And Thick Beard

The combination of a short hair and long thick beard never fails to gain attraction. The short skin fade hairstyle also looks agonisingly good with the thick beard. This haircut looks better with a darker skin tone as we can see above. Neck chains compliment well with this style well.

               Bald Fade With A Goatee

Like the bald fade goatee style of beard is also trending beard form of this time. Whenever these two come together, they never fail to impress us. Above we see the model wearing a low skin fade hairstyle with a fine goatee. Besides that, face tattoos or one in the neck goes well with this style.

Bald Fade With Lining

Lining always adds the elegance and beauty to every haircut it merges with. in this case too, it goes unbelievably well with skin fade. Above we can see a model with a wavy lining in his side part. A short chin beard compliments well with this kind of hairstyle.

Very Short Bald Fade

In this kind of hairstyle, the hair size at the middle part of the skin fade is equal to the hair on the top. Eventually, we can say that it is almost uniform in every direction from the centre of the head. This style is easily manageable and still, looks good.

              Short Top Bald Fade

Unlike many other fade styles, this form of skin fade has a short top hair. This kind of haircut is mostly used by the military personnel. It also goes well with a clean-shaven face.

Bald Fade With A Thin Moustache

The combination of a thin moustache and a thick beard looks great. Besides that, it works pretty well with the bald fade hairstyle too. Above we see a model wearing a short skin fade haircut with a thin moustache and a good-looking beard.

Bald Fade With Spectacles

With spectacles or shades, this zero fade style looks great with every one of them. One can always wear a medium beard with it. Above, we see a model wearing a casual pair of glasses. He is wearing a short skin fade hairstyle. The tattoo on his neck compliments his style beautifully.

Short Bald Fade Curl

We have an option here to keep our curly hair very short. It is the perfect hairstyle for the people with curly hair who like it short. A goatee beard and a small ear top compliment well with this style.

Short Bald Fade With A Shaved Moustache

The short bald fade with a trimmed beard is the best possible for those who love short hair. This form goes well with any face tone too. Ear or face piercing adds elegance to it.

               High Bald Fade With Curl

If you are one, who has a curly hair, you will definitely want to try this short skin fade hairstyle. As we see in the picture, we wear this style high .a trimmed beard compliments this style well. Adding to it, if you do an ear piercing it will also help to get the user a bold look. More importantly, one can take proper care of his hair in this hairstyle.

               A Kid With Bald Fade Undercut

Stylish for the men cool for the kids, the bald fade hairstyle looks better with either side. With every skin tone, it goes typically natural. In the picture, we can see a kid wearing a short skin fade undercut. A smile on his face makes him an angel. This haircut looks fresh and lovely at the same time.

               Sparse Middle Bald Fade

If you don’t adore a thick a thicker hair, you can always wear this style. You can add a decorative beard to compliment it. Above the model wears a short, thin skin fade with a step formed scalp. It also matches well with every kind of skin tone.we can add ear tops to enhance the style of this haircut.

               Medium Wavy Bald Fade

If one has a wavy hair, you can try a bald fade with a medium top. This hairstyle is for people who love the medium type hair. This style is perfect with ear piercings and neck tattoos.

          Bald Fade With A Flat Top

Flat top hairstyles is another trending hairstyle. If mixed with the skin fade type It results in a very innovative and stylish style. For flat top lovers, they can cut the lower part of the hair to the scalp while they can still style the top of the hair flat. Flat top hairstyle gives the person wearing it the freedom to add any hair colours and highlights. Adding to that, we can also use the piercings in the face or the ear. Along with that ornaments and neck clothes like scarfs, ear covers, and hats if used gives this hairstyle a finishing look. Different variations of beard apply to this hairstyle. One can experiment with different looks as well.

The picture shows a model wearing a medium flat top with a finely trimmed beard. This style matches with the model’s darker skin tone amazingly.

                         Bald Fade With Waves

For this style, you have to have a long wavy hair. Adding to it, we can always highlight the top part to make it better. Besides that, we can use a sparse beard too. More importantly, we can get the gentleman look by wearing this hairstyle.

                     Forward Bald Fade

We keep our hair medium and wavy for this form of hairstyle. The top is combed forward but not covering the forehead. This kind of haircut goes with a finely trimmed beard.

                  Bald Fade Mohawk

Bald fade mohawk is similar to any other form of Mohawk. But, the part of hair which is not at the top of the style goes completely bare. More importantly,  this style goes well with different forms of beard styles.adding to it; we can also wear ear tops to go with this haircut.

                Diagonal Combed Bald Fade

In this form of a haircut, we put the top of the hair to medium. Then we comb the hair in such a way that it faces back diagonally. Adding to it, the model has kept a beautiful beard and moustache in the picture.

                  Bald Fade With Piercing


Like many hairstyles, we enhance the bald fade style with the use of different types of facial piercing in the pictures you can see eyebrow, nose and ear piercing. More importantly, piercing goes well with any form of length or skin tones. Besides that, we can also use different innovative beard styles to go with this haircut.

Middle Bald Fade

The people who have problems with hair fall, they mostly use this kind of hairstyle. Here, we only keep some hairs between two bald areas .this Wii gives us a younger, more relaxed look. We can also save a beard that goes well with this hairstyle.

                      Bald Fade With Highlighted Waves

This type of hairstyle, we highlight the long wavy hair in the top of the head.this style goes well with ear piercings as well as a clean-shaven face.

                 Bald Fade Side Undercut

In this style of bald undercut form, we cut the half side of the head small. Therefore, the other side of the head is covered from side let-down hair. Adding to it, we know this style goes well with a clean-shaven beard.

Bald Fade With A Neck Tattoo

Tattoos and hairstyles have a combination from long long ago. The bald fade hairstyle gives a broader area to the neck tattoos. Most importantly, these two things go well very much. In the picture, the model has an excellent tattoo of Buddha in his neck. Adding to that, he has kept a long beard and ear piercing too.

              Bald Fade Comb Over

In this style the person lets the hair on the top of head grow long. Then, we comb over the hair so that it goes completely backward. Finally, it gives us a classic comb-over look.

                    Bald Fade Arfo

This style might not support well with long afro hairstyles, but it enhances the short afros well. Eventually, this style gives us a modern afro look with modifications.

Bald Fade With Bun

Buns are the trend of today. It is the most chosen hairstyle to go with any other forms. We can use different versions of beard styles with it. Besides that, we can also use different piercings to go with this hairstyle. More importantly, this hairstyle gives you that bold style that you urge to get.

                    Bald Fade Science

The science of bald fade is simple. We make the lower portion of the head which we can do in four levels as shown in the figure. It is because of these levels we separate the haircut as low, medium, or high. The second thing is, we use different tools to get this style. The lower part is cut by using a blade. The upper part is cut by the machine. We can or can’t join the beard with the hair according to our choice. The top part is mostly kept longer than the bottom portion. The hair in the to, we style it up according to variations. Finally, we can use extra things like tattoos, ear tops, face piercings, neck ornaments and different hair colours to this bald fade haircut.

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