124 Astonishing Hipster haircuts That Will Make You The Boss

Many hairstyles come, emerge and vanish from time to time, but there has a haircut that has been for a long time, but that has remained the same – Hipster haircut. Most of today’s modern hairdos are the slight tweak version of this masterpiece. Whether you love hipster style or hate it, one thing that you can’t do is ignore them because they are everywhere.

There comes a time when you badly want to cut hair in some style but can’t precisely express your desired look with the barber. If this has ever occurred to you, then you are not alone. To overcome this problem, in this post, I’m going to show pictures along with a short description and their names. Next time, you can say the name and get your haircut accordingly.

One exciting thing about hipster hairstyle is that no matter how classic they are, they never seem old and updated. Let’s now discuss the different variations of hipster hairstyle.

Quiff Hipster

Quiff haircut is like an undercut, where sides are shorter with more extended in the middle. But still, this haircut along with hipster has gained so much popularity over the years. If you have a beard, moustache and medium-sized hair, then this hairdo will match your personality.

Degrade Short Haircut

hipster haircut

Degrade short haircut was quite popular in mid-nineties among youngsters and superstars. Still today slight modification of these haircuts are admired. It can be a good choice if you want short hair without compromising fashion trend.

Quinto’s Combover

Doesn’t Zachary Quinto look awesome in this picture? Of he does. His hairstyle, glasses and those beards redefine him and add fame to his personality.

Dark Blondy Wavy Hair

Zac Efron is blessed for his unique hairdos. He has amazed everyone with his unique, impressive style. You can have this hairdo and attract people by having his cut.

Classic Blonde Hipster

If you are a through a follower of lifestyle, then you will definitely remember celebrities putting on this style. You might be surprised to know that this classic hairstyle still dominates the hairstyle market.

Mermaid Men Hair

Wow! that dyed hair along with the beard looks astonishing. For the fans of bright hair, these hipster hairstyles stand out than others.

Wavy Medium Sized Hairstyle

Those were the days when fades and undercut were not introduced in which above hairstyles were popular. Till today, these are dominant in the offices.

Hipster Short Haircut

These cuts make you look like a gentleman. You can try this hairdo if your parents are strict about your hairstyle.

Top Knot Undercut

The top knot undercut is one of the quite popular hairdos in hipster class. It looks so dashing that you should try if you have long enough hair to make a knot.

Businessman Hairstyle

Doesn’t he look like selling something? Yeah, that bottle in hand and his hairstyle says more about him. Try this haircut if you want to like a businessman, or you are one.

Hipster Haircut With Beard

One thing you might have learned about hipster culture is that they have an astounding beard. If you have long enough beard and have faith in hipster hairstyle, then you must try this hairdo at least once.

Undercut Hipster Style

Hipster hairstyle is just not mere about hair but its also culture, tattoos and lifestyle as a whole. If you love tattoos, those earrings, then you may opt for this style.

Man Bun

Once there was a time when search engines were flooded with queries like ‘Should I get a Man Bun?’. Now this question might have been settled, but there are some fashion pioneers with this hairstyle. Yeah, if you want to try your hair with something unique, go ahead try this one.

Shoulder Length Savy Hair

Hipsters culture have many variations with long hairs. Though this hairstyle is not accepted in many cultures, this makes the person look extraordinary.

Goslings Blonde and Formal Haircut

Ryan Gosling undoubtedly has a neat hairstyle. His beard also matches his formal hairstyle. If you are unsure about which cut to try until the end, then I recommend you this one because it is trendy and comfortable to maintain hairstyle.

Handlebar Moustache Hipster

Those hipster moustaches might be scary for the small children but are awe-inspiring for youngsters. Such classic style is the reason hipster hairstyle hasn’t been entirely abandoned till today.

Hipster With a Slickback

This style with sleek back looks so formal and perfect that attracts everyone to try this at one point of their life. If you want to look official, then this hipster hairstyle is your option.

Mahfud’s Trendy Haircut

One thing you must admire of Toni Mahfud is his choice of art. He has put unique taste and style in his hairstyle which has made him the center of attraction among youngsters.

Hipster Long Hairstyle

His personality is so bold that everyone wants to be just like him. Those glasses, tattoos, clothing along his hairstyle is a perfect example of a masterpiece.

Sauve Haircut For Men

Sauve haircut is quite unique hipsters style. As in the figure, you can try this cut with tattoos to look more charismatic.

High Forehead Hipster Style

If you have a big forehead, then this hipster cut is the solution. This enhances your personality and boosts confidence in you.

Long Top Hipster Haircut

For the ones with long hairs at the front, this style will be an excellent choice. The only cons of this cut are that it requires proper maintenance from time to time.

Fade with Hipster Moustache

Moustache in this figure looks so cool that people without beard might be jealous of him. Besides, hipster hairstyle suits here too.

Messy Hair Neat Beard

They look so stunning that it feels like the beard is essential for a bold hipster look.  Proper clothing, sunglasses have been another ingredient for their dynamic look.

Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

His hairstyle perfectly matches his shirt. This hairstyle is suited for young boys in their twenties. If you want to look dashing and attractive, then this is just for you.

Stylish Hipster Look

These models are carrying the legacy of hipster hairstyle to the next generation. They have proven that you can be good-looking and personable while trying out hipster style too.

Medium Haircut For Summer

This medium-sized haircut is the best choice during summer as this hairdo requires less care. If someone argues that one can’t look like a gentleman in hipster cut, then they have apparently not understood about this cut.

Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour hairstyle is quite favourite today, but did you know that it was initially derived from hipster hairstyle. This suits you whether you have a beard or not. It also matches varieties of clothing, from suits to formal dresses.

Hipster Fade

Fade along with hipster looks so perfect that it’s tough to resist. These style suits especially youngsters than adults. Having said that, you can try it if you like.

Formal Hipster Short

You don’t necessarily need a long hair to cut in hipster. This hairstyle is just a perfect example of that. You can look smart and gentleman in this hipster hairdo.

Long Top Side Short Hairdo

Almost every hairstyle have long top and short hair on sides. This hairstyle is no different. But with this, if you add hipster flavour,  then you will get a charismatic figure like this.

One Side Shaved With Long Beard

One side-shaved hairstyle is quite unique as most people hesitate to try on. The gentleman who tries hipster hairstyle is by nature attractive. If you have long beard and courage to be different, then you should try a hipster haircut.

Textured Hipster Hairstyle

Any noobie person in fashion design industry can say that this is the coolest hairstyle. His dyed hair matches his attitude and looks so dashing for him.

Messy Trendy Hipster Hairstyle

A messy top haircut is quite famous among those who love rugged fashion. This hairstyle is easy to maintain so anyone can choose this hairstyle.

Slicked Back With Tattoo

Beautiful tattoo on the neck is as beautiful as the hairstyle of a model in this picture. Personality is also impressive due to his hipster lifestyle. Don’t worry if you don’t have a tattoo these hairstyles suits you even without a symbol.

Bob Cut

Bob cut also called cut with a line haircut is a classic hipster haircut loved by some people. If you do not want a fancy hairstyle, then the hairstyle is for you.

Ruby Rose’ Fancy Hairstyle

There are many times when Roby Rose has amazed everyone with her unique and trendy hairstyle. Among them, these hipsters have wowed everyone.

Indian Hipster

Dashing photo of Parish Verma, an Indian model, shows that Hipster hairstyle is also popular in India. His tapered cut is so elegant that anyone with his head shape and beard should try this hair.

Hipster With Long Sexy Beard

Though I donot recommend to smoke, I want to urge you to try these sexy beard style to look daring. This suits anyone at their mid-twenties.

Fade with Combover

If you are a fan of continually maintaining hairstyle, then fade with combover is an excellent choice. You can look stylish by cutting your hair in this style.

Spiky Hair For Men

This hipster hairstyle needs no beard and looks incredible in most of the formal dresses. You can try it if you are young or want to look like one.

Messy Curly Hairstyle

If you have a curly hair, then this hipster style looks like a gem on you. Short beard and short haircut need no extra cost to maintain.

Undercut With Curly Top

A long bushy beard with long top hair has correctly matched the model. He is indeed blessed to have that kind of attitude suiting his lifestyle. If you want to be bold like him, then you can also try this hairstyle.

Classic Tapered Haircut

The ear piercing has added a new taste for that attire with such awesome hipster haircut. The haircut is so catchy that someone seeing it instantly falls with it.

Slicked Back Hipster

The model in the picture reminds me of some kind of actor during the 1980’s. Those days long slicked back hairstyle was quite popular. Till today, we can find some people with this hairstyle.

Peinado Hipster

It’s pretty weird for an average person to have this kind of hipster hairstyle. Despite, some people like to try new things and continuously seek discomfort. If this personality resembles you, then you can show the world your style and lifestyle with these hairdos.

Low Fade With Beard

For the admires of hairstyle, a fade cut is like a child’s play. Along with the long beard is what makes a hip style.

Long Man Bun Hipster Hairstyle

As long as you have long hair, it doesn’t matter it is curly or straight, man bun hipster hairstyle perfectly matches for you. It looks stylish and makes you stand out. One downside of this hairdo is that it requires constant care and other hair products. If you are ok with that, then you should try these haircuts at least once in your lifetime.

Top Knot With Long Beard

It seems like hipster hairstyle suits best with a long beard. It is actually true because if you look at these pictures, every one of them is so eye-catching.

Long Tousled Hair

As you might have noticed that hipster hairstyle are just classic style with modern tweaks. Above three different hairstyles have one thing in common that is all of them are some variations of hipster haircut.

Low Fade With Bangs

The main reason for the popularity of low fade is its simplicity. It is easier to cut and maintain. So if you are a minimalist kind of people, then you need to try these styles.

Long Messy Hipster Hair

It’s no wonder that French are most fashion admiring individuals. The trend, style is in their blood. We can also see that reflection in their adoption of the hipster culture.

Hipster High Fade Haircut

High fade is another favourite kind of hairdo loved by most people. You can see that the model looks flawless in style. If you are interested in knowing about different kind of fades, then you can read in this post.

Fresh Slick Combover

Justin Timberlake has never failed to amaze the world with his peculiar hairstyle and his charm. He tries almost every new haircut and makes them popular within few days. His love for hipster hairstyle is also no different. If you are a fan of his work, then you might have cut your hair in this style.

Long And Lucious Hair

For anyone not recognizing him he is Jason Momoa also known as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. He has a unique style when we talk about his hairstyle. He usually has long hair with a beard that matches his personality.

Hipster Haircut With Long Beard

If you have a straight and thick hair, then you can windblown look. It doesn’t only look awesome it also boosts your confidence by making you like an alpha male.

Masculine Hipster Haircut

These Hipster haircuts have equal length of beard and hair. Such combo of haircut with a beard makes them look bold, masculine men.

Long Fohawk

Faux Hawk also called Fohawk is another favourite hairstyle among youngsters. If you are a fan of faux and hipster then fohawk hairstyle suits you.

Long Hair With Colored Beard

These models with long coloured beard along with hipster style look astonishing. They are the reason these hairstyles are popular till date.

Lumberjack Hairstyle

Lumberjack hairstyles are adopted by youngsters who are in fashion. These styles are perfect for those people who want to try new things in their everyday life.

Messy Hipster Haircut

You are a kind of person that is tired of continually combing your hair, then a messy style is just for you. Such haircut, suits for everyone from small children to adults. So, next time you are unsure which cut you want, show your barber this picture.

Bearded Tattoo Hipster

Beard and tattoo are the backbones of hipster culture. Without them, we can’t even imagine hipster haircut and its existence. If you are a fan of tattoo and long beard, then these hairdos are definitely for you.

Hipster Haircut With Glasses

Whether you are thin or fat, it doesn’t matter, you can look perfect with these haircuts. If you are a typical kind of guy, then also these matches on you.

Wavy Curly Short Hair

These teens with short curly hair have broken the stereotype that you need a long beard to look bold man. Teenagers can try this cut to look better.

Hipster With Sunglasses

These models have a unique taste for everything from glasses to hairstyles. Whether you are a teenager or adult, these haircuts will never fail to amaze you.

Jake’s Hipster Haircut

It will not be wrong to say, Jake Gyllenhaal, American actor, is best when it comes to fashion design and unique style. His hairstyle, glasses, beard, perfectly matched suits makes people envy his life. If you are Jake’s fan, then you must try this haircut.

Short Sexy Hipster Haircut For Men

Most people prefer a short hairstyle as they are easy to maintain. If you are a person like this, then you will love these hairstyles.

Cool Wavy Hair For Men

Thick and wavy haircut are favourite of most of the people. Who doesn’t want to look dashing? Of course, no one. For someone with thick hair, you should try this cut at least once.

Artistic Machohairstyles

These pictures are of artistic macho hairstyle, which is a favourite variation of hipster haircut. In these styles, long hair is combed back with the side shaved, and beard is maintained according to hair’s length. These styles are so famous that many celebrities have tried it. If you also impressed by the looks of these model, then you will love these hipster haircuts.

Wedding Hipster Hairdo

Whether it is your first date or it is your wedding, hipster haircut suits perfectly for that occasion. So, if you are planning to tie your knot, then show these pictures to your wedding planner.

Short Hipster Haircut

By looking most of the hipster hairstyle with long hair, you may be inclined to say to it is a compulsion. But that’s not true. Short haircuts like the above pictures are also specific mix max of hipster.

Mohawk Fade Haircut

The man with a rose tattoo on the neck and edge with a mohawk hairstyle looks so breathtaking. After seeing this picture, it is implausible for the people to not cut their hair in this style.

Short Classic Hipster Haircut

Whether you are white or black, these classic haircuts match you. You can put on a tattoo to look more daring. Tattoos are of different variations, and we can have the one that suits us most.

Modern Mushroom Haircut

Though the mushroom haircut sounds weird, it looks quite trendy and fashionable. It is suitable for any person in their twenties with a desire to look cool. It would seem more impressive if you have a tattoo. Mushroom haircut suits with every clothing so you can attend anywhere with this hairdo.

Sharp Edge Line-Up

Line up in hair adds the next layer of beauty to our hair. In hipster haircut also, the line up is commonly used. You don’t need to have long beard and tattoos to have this style. If you are young and want to look trendy, then this haircut is for you.

So, there you have it, 124 variations of hipster haircut for you to choose from. Now, I believe you have your favourite hairstyle that suits you. You can show the world your new hipster hairstyle and look awesome.

To sum up, whichever hairstyle you choose, it should match your personality. Hairstyles these days aren’t just fashion, they are a mirror that reflects one’s attitude, personality and status. One thing is inevitable that there are so many variations of hipster haircut, you can find the one looking for in these options.

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