131 Trendy African Braids To Look Stunning This Summer

African Braids style has been used for hairstyle purpose from ancient times. Its an ancient and traditional type of hairstyling. They are also often termed as, “Cornrows/Canerows” till now at the Caribbean and the African areas. Hairstylists often have a say that this kind of style originated long from the ancient times around 3000 BC during the stone age. There are even legit proof and paintings that support this saying. However, it is considered a beautiful masterpiece but it takes a long time for making and creating a successful African braided hairstyle. It may take more than one person or some professional hands to make a complete and attractive African braids style. Of course, there will be no any difficulties if you practice this hard and work with patients.

African Braids carry their own characteristics among them. they are unique from every other existing hairstyle and are easy to maintain once maid. African hair braiding is a famous trend nowadays. Although, you have to be sure about the decision making while accepting the hairstyle because it takes a lot of time and human work and makes sure that the style stays on your head for a long time. Besides, the actual time of braiding this style may vary depending on the thickness, length and braiding style of the hair. Lumps of hair and hand motion should be accurate while making the style. Though the style exists a longer period of time. it should be cleaned and washed properly for cleaner looking style. Here are some of the African braids hairstyles pictures and ideas you may like for your own :

1. Double bun

african braids

This trendy style here allows us to bun our hair at the top end in a braided style. The scalp holds the braids to the root, and the buns make you look prettier.

2. Middle Parted Braids

Long and thick hair is converted into braids and the braids are parted to each side equally for keeping the similar balance to each side. Besides, this would take forever but in the end, it always looks beautiful.

3. Middle parted with Hair Strap

This one here is similar to the previous one but with a twist. The sides are parted from the middle as a usual. Plus, there is a beautiful hair strap added to the middle cover the forehead for a beautiful ending.

4. Middle Parted-2

There are also no changes over here than the previous one but this one here has thinner and smaller braids. Usually, this would look great on kids and people having thinner hair.

5. Crown Braids

The braids in this style are tied together in the top of the head like a crown and the some of them are left swinging down to keep some extra style.

6. Thick and thin.

Both the thick braids and thin braids are mixed together in this style. The thicker ones may be a bit easier to create but the thinner ones are going to test your patience.

7. Ponytail Braid

All the hairs are converted into equal braids in this style and a with a ponytail twist at the end long braids are tied at the edge of the top end section. Also, some beads are used for this style.

8. Crazy for Bun

This style here is for the bun lovers out there. Create your braids in a medium-large portion and round up all the braids to make one perfect bun to suit your wardrobe.

9. Side-Parted Braids

Almost similar to the middle parted style, this style just has a simple change. Instead of the partition in the middle section, the braids are parted the sides. Thickness and length depend on the hair and your choice.

10. Fat and Strong

The Braids shown in the picture are really thick and fat. This brings out a positive style to your hair and a strong message to everyone who looks at it.

11. Brown and DeadLock

The first one has a really different colour of hair with thick braids and the second one is a masterpiece in combination of Scalp Braids and Deadlock hairstyle.

12. Messy and Shiny

The hairstyle may be looking messy at the scalp side. A bit messy would not degrade your hair quality. The shiny outlook of the braids gives more exposure to your hairstyle.

13. Side Parted with Highlight

The hair is side parted as we already discussed but there are highlights in the braids too. The highlights are not shown at the scalp area but the hair ends look more exclusive.

14. The Shiva Bun

The hairstyle appears to be like Lord Shiva’s style. The back end braids are left to swing at the back, and a perfectly rounded up bun appears at the top of the head.

15. Mixed Style

This example here has every style of braided hair included. The Bun, the leftover braids at the end and the small braided fringe at the low side part make this design an absolute masterpiece.

16. Hooked Braids

These hook-like shaped fat braid at the front top of the head makes a perfect match for the lady. Except the long braids are tied at the back to let the design exhibited from the back too.

17. Shape Mix

There are shapes of the braids mixed up together as a style in this design. The small and thicker braids are sticking together to create a wonderful idea.

18. Combined Cylinder

The braids are the shaped as one single cylinder shape at the top. It looks like a straight edgy look and the sides are filled with beautiful designs too. A perfect example of multiple hair styling.

19. Shape Mix -2

This here is another example of shape mixed style. The only difference is the gap between the braids at the scalp top part of the head. Other braids are tied at the back.

20. Straight and Edgy

The braids at the top are in an edge like shaped. Another part of the hair converts into strong and bigger braids. The two groups of braids are intersected at the middle.

21. Coloured Braids

This is an optionable style of African braids. The colour is an important part in African braids style. Blue, purple, red and many other colours are available for making your braids colourful.

22. Curly African Braids

The braids are mad kind of loose and free in this photo. The hair is a bit short than other styles but the braids are rooted to the scalp. The colour is an optionable choice.

23. Four Braided Style

This style here has a limited number of African braids. The four braids are not so rooted to the scalp as compared to the others which continue till the edge of every hair.

24. Neat and Clean

The is a neat and cleanly created example of African Braids style. There are multiple beads inserted into two of the braids which give good attention to yourself.

25. Thick Deadlocks

This Deadlock style mixed with African Braids style is a perfect combination. Though the ends of the braids are not braided which looks marvelous.

26. Untouchables

The Braids in this design at the top of the head do not touch each other. The ends are left to be touched which creates a perfect zig-zag shaped style. The other parts of the braids are tied at the back.

27. Curled Braids

People with fluffy and curly hair have a beautiful set of hair. They are born braided or curled which makes them look fabulous like in this picture.

28. Shape Mix-3


This another style of shape mix braids is a thing o look at. The braids at the organize properly. However, the braids are highly different in shape to each other.

29.  Short Braids

This Thai cut style braided hair looks beautiful than any other style. The short hair appeals and exposes you face more further and the beads make the braids look more beautiful.

30. Master o Designs


Only professional braiders can create this design because the hair design looks just mesmerizing. The fat braids at the top edge and the braided design inside it is out of this world.

31. Long Ponytail

Longer braided hair is always awesome when they are ponytailed. The colour of hair in this photo gives her a more appealing look, and the beads are lying at the right distance.

32. Textured Braids

The Braids in this picture are texture in a grey colour which is just amazing. The small braids that surround the main braid design make the hair look more beautiful.

33. Small Braid Bun

The Bun at the topmost part of her head is fully composed and tied up of small braids that follow the bun through the front and backside of your head. A perfect example for you!

34. Edgy and Big Braids

The Braids int this picture is similar to those we discussed ahead. But this one here has bigger and fat braids than others. Those braids meet at the back with other long braids left to swing around!

35. Goldern Bun

The African braids in this picture are closely attached to each other. They are very thickly implanted and the bun at the back gives an extra bit of freshness to the colour.

36. Strong braided

The roots of the braids in this picture are strongly and thickly designed. This style will give you an absolute aggressive look. Whereas, the tied braids at the back are quite thinner compared to front one.

37. Simple Braids

There are no any twists and turns in this African braids style. The design is quite simple and delivers a clear message that the braids are made with no any extra touch-ups. Just pure and simple African braids!

38. Shiny and rolled

This deadlock style rolled hair is a next level to the design of the braid. Deadlocks are mostly kept dry to show off their true nature. But this style here has modified the meaning perfectly. Rolled and shined!

39. Side startup

The starting point of the African braids style should be really strong and deeply rooted. This photo is a perfect example of it. Although the braids are tiny, the motive is perfectly accomplished.

40. Rough Partition

The braids of this lady are roughly partitioned. Side partitioned looks pretty cool on braids and this rough style makes you look a tough girl. Perfect use of long hair with African Braids style.

41. Kid’s Braids

Braids are for everyone. Kids usually have thinner hair than adults. But that certainly this doesn’t means for them. The top section is neatly braided in this picture with a bit of non-braided hair mixed with it.

42. Sharp and thin

The sharp-looking braids provide this lady with an excellent edgy look. Although this hair design exposes your scalp a bit more than others. This may be perfect for those having thinner hair.

43. Golden Braid

The golden colour bestowed to these braids looks amazingly perfect! The shine on those braids lights up the hair shine properly and the continuity of the braids till the end if the hair is an absolute piece of work.

44. Colour mix

Neutral colour to your hair may not be enough for you. So guess what? This option may be the thing you’re searching for. Perfectly blended colour and the crown shaped design at the top is a brilliant idea!

45. Simple Braids-2

This is another example of a simple braided design. African Braids hairstyle back then used to be simple like this. The side partition of the braids is just perfect and the design is appealing too!

46. Long and thin 

You really ought to have long hair for this design. Thicker and fat braids can cause to a shorter hairstyle, whereas thinner braids may present your hair longer. A perfect choice if you have long hair.

47. Bun Addict

For a stronger looking bun, you may need denser braids. And if you need a big bun covering your topmost part of the head, you will need to have a thicker hair. Ever braids in this photo have attached the bun which is a brilliant look.

48. Unpartitioned

The unpartitioned style is also a cooler option. The braids are totally unpartitioned and let loose. The braids are colored golden which makes the brad look more pleasant.

49. Perfect Placing

The braids in this picture are perfectly placed. The bun looking design is a perfect match for you if you have long hair. And, little bit of colour to your hair is always overwhelming.

50. Middle partition with bead ends

The middle partition of this braided hair looks unnoticeable. It looks like unpartitioned but it is. And the braid ends are perfectly decorated with pretty hair beads.

51. Lesser braids

Sometimes, lesser braids can be a perfect match for you. Lesser braids mean less time to consume and faster hair styling. 2-4 thick line of braids is designed as desired in this process.

52. Caps and Braids

If you don’t want to show your exposed scalped caused due to African braids, then styling with can be a great idea. Braids can be really catchy and wonderful if you pair them with caps.

53. Long Ponytail-2

We may have already seen this African braids design but there is a change here. The sharp edges at the front end are really refined and nicely done. A neat and clean braid!

54. Thick Braids

The bundle of this braided hair is massive and beautiful Half top of the braids are neatly tied and the other are left behind for a brilliant backstage show. A perfect example of perfect hair design!

55. Partition and texture

The hair braids are correctly textured. Those braids would shine really properly if you expose to the sunshine. The middle partition even makes the girl look prettier

56. Beads at the end

The hair is partitioned from the side and the beads are a really great attention seeker. Looking at this you may get the perfect choice for your long hair. So don’t get confused. Just Braid!

57. Short and Simple-2

This is another perfect replica of the previous short braided hair. This is even a simpler one. Making short braids can be time-saving and can be less work too. Side partition makes it more awesome.

58. Pointed Bun

This may be considered as an exclusive kind of Bun style collaborated with African Braid style. The Bun at the top is kind of pointed and some of the braids as a supportive look to the bun at the top.

59. Bulky Braids

Braids can be really massive in African braids styles. As you have looked, the braids are rooted in the front and ended with a pointed design at last. Besides, this is one of the aggressive designs that cannot go unnoticed.

60. Messy Braids-2

Messy braids can be made purposely or they can get messy as the African braids you designed gets older and expires. Therefore, the beautiful side of African braids is they get better as they get old.

61. Criss Cross

The coloured braided hair on this photo is tied like a rope across each other. Viewers will surely be overwhelmed to see this new look of yours. Besides, it’s a nice pageant like the design at the front of the head.

63. Four Braided Style-2

There is no more difference in this than the previous one except the shine factor. Besides, this design has some leftovers of hair at he front which makes it a bit cuter too.

64. Highlighted braid

The highlighted part of the braided hair really brings out the nicer things in this hairstyle. The lumpy and heavy braids become more flashed due to the highlighted part.

65. Double Bun-2

This one is fully different from the previous double bun. The double buns make the braids look much better and exclusive. An excellent choice of colour and a fine line of partition.

66. Half Braided

If you want to experiment and try out new designs, here is a perfect idea for you. The head-fit part is selected and scalp braided and the others are tied up behind as it is. This can turn to be a perfect combination for you.

67. Designer Bun

This picture makes you understand the whole process of braiding. The small braids are connected to the lump braids and they all are joined to a bun which flushes out a nice straight line of braided hair.

68. V and H

Smaller braids are disclosed to a vertical pair of lines across the head and those big lumpy braids are horizontally crossing against the vertical lines. This is a nice concept of hair designing.

69. Strong Braids-2

Here is another example of strong and deep-rooted braids. These lumps really give you some aggressive looks. The beautiful beads design is something new to try for your African braids style.

70. Side Braids

You will never get a cooler look like these if you do not try these at one time.  If you have thicker hair, go for it. The thicker your hair is, the bigger the lumps you will get. The hair is partitioned at the sides and big braided lumps are made from the partitioned hair. It’s always to try something new.


Conclusion and Suggestions

So finally, at last, I always suggest you take good care of your hair however you style it. You can only have the style you want if you have some hair on your head. Right? So always take nice care of your head. Be sure before you get this hairstyle because it is a time taking design and takes a lot of hard work. Wash your hair and scalp eventually. Besides, some say that this hairstyle can cause a rapid hair loss. That depends upon you how you take care of your hair and how you are styling it. African Braids can be a style for you at any occasion and any events. Hence, take good care of your hair and try African braids and comment to others how you feel keeping it. Here are some more cool African braids that can be helpful for you. Keep braiding!

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