104 Ways to Style Your Dreadlocks In 2021

Dreadlocks are the hairstyles that give you a very bold and daring look. These are ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding hair. There are different techniques to apply to create a dreadlock. Most common are “twist and rip”,”backcombing and rolling”, “neglect” and “Free Forming”. Basically, the hairstylist focuses on all of this technique to get a perfect valiant glance. If you are still confused regarding what all these techniques are, dreadlock is simply a two strand twist braids but with natural hair. If you are looking for a low maintenance hair but something very elegant and modish then, this would be a perfect option for you.

Moreover, dreadlocks are not only convenient but the way it is styled can help you for months meaning that you do not have to worry about styling your hair for any of your special events. If you are looking for options to experiment with your hairstyle then, go for this hairdo without any hesitation. Also, you add some hair colour according to your desire as well. This hairdo has been famous for years and is still popular amongst women who like experimenting with unique styles.

So, here are few of the dreadlock hairdo’s that you can attempt at least once and be the talk of the crowd.

  • Short Bob Dreadlock


You do not have to worry if you have short hairs because short hairs too can be styled in different ways. Short bob dreadlocks look simple yet very astounding. Moreover, you can add hair colours or accessories if you wish to make it more glam and stylish.

  • Blonde Hairdo

This would be a perfect option for your casual looks. To recreate this look, you simply colour your hair blonde and matte your hair. For all the hairs that you have created a matting look, leave it a few inches above the tip of your hair as shown in the picture above. In addition, you can add on hair beads to give your overall appearance more poise and finesse.

  • Knitted Cap Styled

Dreadlocks are suitable for all seasons. The above-shown dreadlock is styled in long, ash grey hair with a knitted cap.The flow of dreadlock in long hairs looks amazing. Moreover, the cap during winters makes you look cute and adorable.

  • Vibrant Updo

As you know that, dreadlock hair itself is very unique and eye-catching. When you add on a vibrant hair colour, your style turns the head of many towards you and you become the talk in the crowd. In addition, the hair accessories give you an enchanting glimpse.

  • Alluring Style

If you’ve never thought that dreadlocks could be this alluring and stylish then you were in a different world maybe. The dreadlock with hair beads is a great style that is left loose, relaxed and unconcerned.

  • Double-Sided Half-up Knotted Updo

Well, dreadlock updo is not only for teenage or adult girls. This hairdo looks adorable for small girls as well. To make small girls look cute and adorable, you can create a double-sided half-up knot bun accessorized with simple hair clips.

  • Grey Hair Tint

Grey hair and dreadlock might look unusual and strange, but it is the style that makes you stand out in the crowd. You create this look and look amazing regardless of the length of your hair. Besides, you can accessorize with different kinds of hair jewellery that gives you a sophisticated glimpse.

  • Messy Dreadlock Look

At times, messy hairstyles work the best. Simply, create a messy dreadlock and let it loose. Add some daring accessories that can grab the attention of many towards you.

  • A mix of Brown and Blonde

Brown and Blonde hair never goes out of fashion and look very trendy. To create a more fashionable look you can create locks thick or thin regardless of your hair length. Moreover, this hairdo suits best for girls with fair skin complexion.

  • Bohemian Hairstyle

Bohemian hairstyles have been in trend for years. These hairstyles are oriented on romantic souls who wish to look amazing with a little floral or some girlish effects. This style can be flaunted well on both long and short hairs and looks good on everyone. You can basically try this hairdo when you go on vacations to the beach or somewhere like that.

  • Huge Dreadlock Bun

As you know that bun updo never goes out of fashion and there are variations of bun hairstyles that you can try on. Dreadlock bun looks amazing and with added accessories, it gives different enticement to your overall appearance.

  • Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyles give you a  very smart and dashing glance. To make it more stylish and dashing you can create a thin dreadlock.

  • Thick Dreadlocks

Do you want to look lovely and charming with your hair styled as a dreadlock? If so, then you should definitely opt for this hairdo for any season. Besides, you do not have to worry about the length of your hair and skin complexion to recreate this hairdo.

  • Attractive Updo

Every one of you out there wants to look attractive, right? Then, recreate this look with ombre tints that turns the head of many towards you.

  • Orange Tint

Dreadlocks are very eye-catching and have been in trend for years. To make it more attractive you can add on an orangy tint to your hair. You will get the vibrant and Oh!so chic look.

  • With or Without Accessories

To be the talk in the crowd, style your hair as dreadlock that makes you ready for any special. You can leave your dreadlocks, simple with just a few accessories or make it colourful with colourful hair accessories as shown in the picture above.

  • Loose Hair Updo

Loose hairstyles are a perfect style for your casual looks. This kind of look gives you a very simple glance and if you love simple style you don’t have to worry about other hairstyles, this is the best solution for you.

  • Dark Hairstyles

If you are looking for a hairstyle that needs low maintenance then, this is the hairstyle. Simply, create normal dreadlocks and make a half-up messy bun with a stylish hair band at the front or leave it loose. The end result will make you look very bold and daring.

  • Intricate Dreadlocks

Here, the hairstylist has focused on creating the usual dreadlock by pinning up the dreadlock in an intricate manner. This hairdo gives you a very cool glimpse.

  • Slaying Updo

Summer demands cool dress-ups and hairstyles too. So, this is a relaxed updo that you will surely love this summer.

  • Gorgeous Updo

You can create something different from the normal dreadlocks too. To recreate this updo, you simply need to separate your hair into two sections. Then, make a dreadlock for the lower section whereas creating a wavy texture for the upper portion. The end result that you’ll get will be worth it.

  • Big Dreadlock Bun

Bun hairstyle makes you ready for any kind of occasions. You can get this look by making a dreadlock and then roll all the hair creating a big bun. To add more grace, accessorize it with simple hair jewellery. This is a great updo that you can wear anywhere, anytime.

  • Jumbo Dreadlocks

If you are bored from the thin, norma dreadlocks go try this look. Jumbo dreadlocks give you a very daring and vintage look.

  • Multi-Partitioned Dreadlock Updo

To get a different look from the dreadlock, you can attempt this multi-partitioned updo. You can get this look by following series of steps:-

  1. First, Create dreadlock on your overall hair.
  2. Then, Divide your hair into multiple partitions and on each partition create a criss-cross pattern.
  3. Once you are done with Step 2, grab on half of your hair and create a half-up, half down hairstyle.
  4. There you have your amazing hairdo ready to be vaunted.
  • Sophisticated Updo

This hairstyle looks absolutely startling. Build on this hairdo at least once and stand out in the crowd. Moreover, this hairstyle looks a little artistic too.

  • Spiral Locks

As you know ,there are different ways you can style your dreadlocks with. Spiral locks being one of them, it gives you a very audaciously bold glimpse.

  • Curly Highlighted Locks

Do not worry if you have a very short hair because short hairs can be styled as a dreadlock too. This is a very short hairstyle with lots of dreadlock curls. To add more grace to this updo, you can add on some highlights too.

  • Thick Half-up Dreadlock Updo

As you can see that this hair has ombre highlights added on. So, to enhance the highlights to a greater extent, create a thick dreadlock with a half-up hairstyle. This hairstyle looks cool and dashing during all the seasons.

  • Spunky Style

Are you looking for a gorgeous blazing coloured hairdo? If so, this is the perfect option for you. To make this blazing updo more attractive, you can add on dreadlock style. The end result will make the public go WOW!!

  • Half-Up Messy DreadLocks

There are times when messy hairdo makes you look very cool and dashing. So, simply create a dreadlock and make a half-up patterned hair. Moreover, you can roll on a hair ribbon on top of your hair to give that sassy glimpse.

  • Ombre Hairstyle


As you know that dreadlocks have been in trend for years especially amongst adult and young girls. Ombre hairstyle gives you a very attractive and modish glance. So, to get that modish glance to try on ombres of any shade that you want regardless of the length of your hair.

  • Double Half-up Knotted Bun

Double knotted hairstyle makes you look cool and dashing. To add more charm and grace to this simple updo, you can simply make a half-up,half-down pattern and add some chestnut brown ombre effect to it.

  • Gorgeous Updo

This updo gives you a very jaunty and daring glimpse. To recreate this look, you need to make a mohawk patterned braid at both sides of your hair and the make a voluminous bun at the centre of your hair.

  • Pink Ombre

Well, talking about pink hair colour, it gives you a very dazzling look. To be unique and stand out in the crowd, simply create a dreadlock and add-on pink ombre to you naturally black hair as shown in the picture above.

  • Thin Locks

Thin dreadlocks make you ready for your day-to-day looks. If you want a chic casual updo then, this is the hairstyle that makes you ready in few minutes. So, try on this hairdo at least once without any hesitation.

  • Amazing Updo

You can get this look by following series of steps:

  1. First, colour your hair with the shade that you desire for.
  2. Then, Start making dreadlocks to all your hairs.
  3. Once you are done with dreadlocks, accessorize your dreadlocks with colourful ribbons and make a loose bun.
  4. After that, clip on some hair cuffs or some hair jewellery as per your choice.
  5. There you have you amazing loose bun ready to be flaunted.
  • Let it Loose

Simply, create a dreadlock on your long, luscious hair and let it loose to get that stylish and glam yet simple look.

  • Colourful Updo

This updo is just a simple dreadlock accessorized with colourful hair ties. You can make dreadlock jumbo or thin as per your choice. To add more charm, decorate your hair with butterflies or flowers.

  • Stylish Updo

This hairstyle gives you different style and elegance. Just a little different is that this hairdo is created from few inches below the top of your head as shown in the picture above.

  • Messy dreadlock updo 

A perfect hairstyle all the time might look too boring and monotonous. So, to bring a little change to your overall appearance and your hairstyle, create a dreadlock and secure it in a messy way upwards. To add more enticement, roll some of your dreadlocks with vibrant hair ribbons.

  • Inverted Dreadlock High Bun

As you know that bun hairstyle makes you ready for any of your special occasion. To get a change and be a talk in the crowd, make an inverted dreadlock high bun. For this, you just need to make dreadlocks to the lower part of your hair taking it upwards making a high bun.

  • Fringe hairstyle

Fringe hairstyle makes you look gorgeous. There are variations of fringe hairstyle that you can experiment on. This dreadlock with a fringe is one of them. Simply, attempt for the dreadlock on your overall hair and make a long fringe falling downwards. Moreover, you can decorate your hairstyle with hair cuffs as per your desire.

  • Loose Low pony

Pony hairstyle never goes out of fashion be it a high or low pony. Make dreadlocks, grab all your and tie as a low pony with your own hair and secure with a hairpin.

  • Half-up  High Bun

Dreadlocks make you ready for any occasion any time of the day. You just need to make dreadlocks and create a half-up bun that gives you a very discerning glimpse.

  • Long Jumbo Locks

Well, talking about long hairs, there are many updos that can be styled in long hairs. Jumbo dreadlocks being one of them make you look very bold and dashing. Moreover, you can add on few beads to make it more stylish.

  • Horse Tail Hair

Though the name sounds very weird and funny this style is trending these days. This is called a horse tail hair because the dreadlock is continued downwards with open hair towards the tip. Also, the open hair at the tip is dyed as brown ombre.

  • Braided Pony Dreadlock

Are you a pony and braid hairstyle lover? But, are you looking for a change to your braids and pony hair updo? If so, then you should definitely opt for this hairstyle where you need to create a dreadlock at first then, make a pony and lastly braid to form a braided pony hairstyle.

  • Colourful Ombre Dreadlock

AS mentioned in one of the pictures above that, ombre has been in trend for years. Just to make your ombre unique you can mix and match the hair colour with something very bright and attractive.

  • Mohawk dreadlock

Mohawk hairdo has been in fashion for years for both boys and girls. Mohawk hairdo gives you a very extra appearance that might look unusual to the public. To make the mohawk look more unusual and more extra, give a touch of dreadlocks.

  • Dreadlocks to Different Variations

As it has already been mentioned earlier that dreadlock can be styled in different variations as shown in the above picture. You can make a loose bun, high bun, half-up braid, french braids or anything such that suits you the best and your special occasions.

  • Grimy glance

If you are looking for a very rough and tough look then this would be the perfect option for you. You can try on this hairstyle without any hesitation. You will get compliments for sure.

  • Accessorized dreadlocks

DFreadlocks are normally for casual looks not for the glamorous bridal look. So, to make you daily look more eye-catching accessorize your dreadlocks with different kinds of hair jewellery.

  • Simple Yet Elegant

Every one of you out there might know that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “. That is the reason why you must try out this hairstyle that gives you a very simple yet elegant look.

  • Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde hair never goes out if trend. To enhance your blonde hair to next level, simply experiment with the dreadlocks.

  • Feather Accessorize hairdo

This hairstyle is not for a wedding or any big event as such but there are days when you want to look gorgeous on daily basis as well right. Feather accessorized hair with a tint of red makes you look absolutely amazing and gorgeous.

  • Winter Updo

Winter: the cold, chilly days when you do not want to do anything and just warm yourself up inside the blanket and piles of clothes. Moreover, during winters you don’t want to create any kind of hairstyles. So, for such situation just create a dreadlock that will make you ready for cold winter days.

  • Blazing Blues

Blue a colour that radiates warmth through its vibrant and eye-catching hue. This is just a normal dreadlock updo, that is given a twist and turn pattern finished up as a low pony.

  • Braided dreadlocks

Braids go well with any kinds of outfits and suit the best for anyone. If you want to experiment with the braids you can select any one from the pictures as shown above.

  • Deep Red Updo



Red hair gives different charm to your face and moreover, it brightens up your look. Thus, an attempt for dreadlock with any texture with a tint of bright red colour to your hair.

  • Side-Swept Hairdo

Side swept updo is perfect for you if you want to keep your style easy and manageable.

  • Old Woman Updo’s

Dreadlocks look amazing on a woman of all age. So, an old woman can try this hairstyle as shown above without any shilly-shallying.

  • Daring Look

The dreadlocks and uneven fringe at the front look very bold and daring.

  • Dreadlock For Kids

If anyone thinks that dreadlock hairdo is not for kids then you are completely wrong. But the thing is that, if you do not want to create very huge and jumbo dreadlocks for kids then just attempt for a touch of dreadlock.

  • High pony dreadlocks

Pony hairstyles are the best way to look cool and stylish during the summer season. To make your pony hairdo more modish, complement it with the dreadlock.

  • Mohawk hairstyle

Every one of you out there knows that mohawk hairdo has been in fashion for years for both boys and girls. If you want to look very bold and daring then you should definitely opt for this hairdo.

  • Hippie Style

This hairstyle is the perfect way to protect your hair from falling to the face. If you have a lot of hair then you should definitely opt for this hairdo.

  • Silver Highlighted dreadlocks

The silver highlights on black hair with a half-up loose bun pattern looks very astounding and amazing.

  • Sexy Style

Do you want to get Oh!so chic glimpse? If so, then you should definitely try this hairdo.

  • A hair the Reflects Finesse

The updo as shown in the picture above is very simple yet it reflects poise and sophistication.

  • Dreadlocks Decorated with Different Kinds of Accessories

Dreadlocks have the same pattern and texture but the way you style differs from one another. You can style your dreadlocks in any way you want by decorating it with different kinds of hair accessories such as colourful bands or cuffs.

  • Side-Swept Curled Dreadlocks

It is not necessary for dreadlocks to be straight and long. You can attempt for curled dreadlocks on short hair. Besides, you can side sweep your hair to make it look more sophisticated.

  • Mini dreadlocks

To be awesome, your dreadlocks need not be thick and long. The hairdo shown in the picture above are quite thin and they create a different glimpse of elegance.

  • Long Dreadlocks

These long dreadlocks look absolutely gorgeous.They are super long but looks super cool and comfortable. Moreover, you can add on braids to create a vintage look as well.

  • Mix of Colours

To make yourself look attractive and stand out from the crowd, you can add different colours to your dreadlocks. It is not necessary for the colours to be as shown in the picture above rather, you can add colours of your choice.

  • Manageable Updo

This hairdo is very easy to be recreated and is manageable. Moreover, this hairdo makes you look very graceful.

  • Stylish Updo

Another picture of how great and amazing dreadlocks can look.

Thus, these are some of the dreadlocks hairdos that you can try on for your normal looks other than your wedding or any such special events. If you are running out of ideas on how to wear your dreadlocks or if you want to start keeping them, all the above-mentioned updos will be very helpful for you.


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