Top 25 Of The Largest Dog Breeds in The World

Dogs are small adorable, lovely creatures, aren’t they?- but don’t forget, large dog breeds can be as lovable as well. I mean everybody loves dogs- who doesn’t? They are not merely some other creatures, they are our best friends. These creatures are, to be frank, more loyal to us even than our human friends and will always be on our sides forever. They just don’t sit back, getting our love but do everything in return to make us family. Be it trying to cuddle or protecting us, dogs have always been loyal and still deserve our respect.
Dogs can do a variety of things, and people have bred various dog breeds- by the help needed from these beautiful creatures.

The dogs are of various shapes and sizes, some can be medium, some are small while some are exceptionally large, I mean really large. So, today let us look at the 25 largest breeds of dogs in the world. Be ready to meet dogs from all around the world and here it goes, the list:

English Mastiff


Well, let’s start with the largest dog breed this time. Hence, our list English Mastiff is the most enormous dog in the world. If you want to adopt a large pet, this dog could the best fit for you. It is a family-friendly dog which is really protective of its loved ones.  This dog measure up to 28–36 inches (70–91 cm). The females are around 54.4–77.1 kg in weight whereas the males dogs of this breed weigh approximately 72.6–104.3 kg.


These dogs are originally from South Africa can be over 27 inches tall and have a weight up to 100 kg. The Boerboel are guard dogs. These creatures are clever, attentive and also very dominant. First, these dogs need a lot of training. Then, they need a dominant owner, and if so, their loyalties can’t be overlooked. They are very sporty, and despite being large, these dogs love to be playing and jumping around. So they are protective, will look after your house thoroughly and will make you a good companion.


Largest Dog Breeds

If it were all about size, the Bully Kutta certainly would bully almost all other dog breeds for sure. This breed of dog can be about 35 inches tall and can weigh up to 95 kg. These dogs are from Pakistan and are guard dogs. They can be protective and friendly at the same time- so a lot of households have this dog. They almost look like a bulldog and are really friendly. Their fur and coat are usually white but can also have various other colors like Fawn, Harlequin, Brindle, Black, Red. They also happen to occur in bi-colors at times.

Great Dane

Largest Dog Breeds

Next in our list is the Great Dane. This breed is tall as well as large. Its height can be around 3 feet or more. Its weight can be anywhere between 50 and 90kg. The tallest dog in the world is a Great Dane named Zeus, which is 44 inches tall on four legs. The Great Dane is a gentle breed of dog. Although originally developed as hunting dogs, they are also good watchdogs and therapy dogs. Hence, if you could really think you could take care of one, you may welcome your large friend in your house.


Largest Dog Breeds

People originally developed this giant for rescue operations. It has an average height of 27-35.4 inches and weighs about 64 to 91 kg. The St. Bernard is indeed like a saint of dogs. They are quiet and prefer to stay indoors. St. Anyway, this dog must exercise regularly to maintain its shape. You are to take it out for a frequent walk if you want to pet one. And if the dog is not trained, it can be pretty harmful. Anyway, these dogs really do a great job chasing burglars away.

Neopolitan Mastiff

Largest Dog Breeds

Neopolitan Mastiff has a height of 26 to 30 inches and can weigh around 54.4 to 90.4 kg. The Neopolitan Mastiffs are not for any random owners. This breed is actually the breed of war dogs. So, the masters who can provide them with extensive training. These dogs don’t bark a lot. But, they are very intelligent and love their family. They sense threats easily and after knowing them, will inform their owners immediately. S, if you can be dominant at times, this dog is set to make you a great pet.

Irish Wolfhound

biggest dog breeds

As their name suggests, these dogs are native to Ireland. The Irish wolfhound can stand 28-35 tall, and most of them weigh 53-84 kg. Even though they werewolf hunting dogs, they are not so aggressive. Their legs are long and pretty strong. So, the Irish wolfhound has really great speed. The Irish wolfhound needs to exercise and train daily.  These dogs don’t bark. Hence, they can be more fun-pet rather than a watchdog.



The giant dog can be as loyal as it is big. They stand to a height of 26-32 inches and certainly are heavy, they weigh between 45 and 77 kg. The black mask in its face really makes it look too good. The body is really muscular as well, so we may as well call it a hunk of the dogs. On top of that, the skin of this dog doesn’t actually get wet even in water. After early training, this dog becomes an intelligent one and also becomes really calm. So, if you want this dog, I’d happily say go for it.


Largest Dog Breeds

Newfoundland is the 8th largest breed of dog in our list. It generally has a height of 30 inches and a weight between 60-70 kg. This dog is really considered one of the strongest large dog breeds in the world. The head itself is broad, the strong muscles are aligned perfectly, and even its bones are really strong. Anyway, they make a good pet. They are very calm and friendly as well. They are protective of their family and even if they don’t bark, will report the threats or even deal with them themselves.

Anatolian Shepard Dog


The 8th largest dog is the Anatolian Shepard Dog. Now they are some large shepherds- they stand about 26 to 31 inches tall and weigh maybe anywhere between 40 to 70 kg. They make good pets as well, but they are really- I mean really protective. They bark a lot and if you get one, don’t be surprised if it takes every stranger as an intruder. But apart from that, they are really smart and loyal. They even like playing with your children so you can get one if you would really like to.

The Great Pyrenees


The size of Great Pyrenees really is great- they have a height of 30 to 39 inches and a weight between 52 and 59 kilograms. The Great Pyrenees is a fairly older breed of dogs- it was used as a watchdog from the ancient times. Maybe that’s the reason-they still like being watchdogs- they can’t stay indoors. These playful dogs are really energetic and will always want to play with the family members. Adopt one, then you certainly will have a sportsman as your new family member.

French Mastiff


Number 10 on our list is the French Mastiff. On four legs, these dogs can stand up to 20-23 inches. They can weigh up to 62.2 kg. The wrinkles on its face and the thick skin makes it look a badass. And it really is- this dog has a lot of courage in it. The French Mastiff can be watchdogs as well as rescue dogs. Anyway, they can also make good pets as they love to be with people. The loyalty factor of this dog is something you can’t overlook, and you would love to be with one.



This large dog is originally from Japan. Still, there are two breeds of these dogs these days.
The weight of the Japanese breed is 36 and 61 kg, while their non-Japanese counterparts weigh from 60 to 100 kg. Their height could be anywhere between 24.5 to 32 inches.
These dogs were originally bred as fighting dogs. So, they are extremely territorial. They are always alert and are really prolific guard dogs. They train quickly and do love their owners very much.



These dogs are natively from Switzerland. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have a height of about 30 inches and weigh around 72 kg. Their fur has three colors- black, white and tan. They really like being with humans and are very intelligent as well. Well, they were bred in the mountains for the farm duty, so instinctively they ought to be really energetic. Besides that, these dogs are very sociable creatures and would have a good time with any other pets you have.



CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD DOG typically has a height of 24 to 33 inches, and weight of 36-46kgs. This dos is a really good guard dog and is quite calm. This breed is a very gentle breed of dog. Anyway, don’t already make your own conclusions, they are extremely territorial and quite suspicious of uncommon stuff. It won’t stand back for a while if it thinks of something as a threat. Besides that, these dogs are really intelligent do like responding to the family members.



These large dogs come originally from the mountains of Tibet, China, and Nepal. The female dogs of this breed are about 24 to 27 inches tall and weigh about 34–54.4 kg. The males are about 25 to 29 inches tall and weigh around 45.4–72.6 kg. They were originally bred to be working and guardian dogs.  Bred to be in the mountains, Tibetan Mastiffs are strong and protective. They are fierce and loyal, and they bark very loud and in a bold sound. They are really brave, and a stranger in their territory is something they would not want to see. Overall, they are intelligent and loving so would love to be a member of your family.



As their name suggests, these giant dogs are from America. American Akita male weighs between 45 and 66 kg and can grow up to 26–28 inches. American Akita’s were bred as working dogs. The American version was developed from the original Japanese Akita. These two Akitas are slightly different. American Akitas are larger than the Japanese version, which looks like foxes. Akita’s are other territorial dogs and don’t go really along with strangers. They could be driven away from strangers, but are well- tempered.  These dogs are brave, careful and highly intelligent. They really like being with their owners and make good pets.



Armenian  Gampr Dogs are fairly large- the Male dog can be 26 inches or more in height, and in female dogs are slightly smaller – Still, 24 inch is tall for a dog. Weight usually varies from 45 to 60 kgs. They are watchdogs, the word “gamer” means ‘watchdog.’ They are really and loyal when it comes to the protecting their family, they won’t hold anything back. These dogs are highly intelligent as they originally used to be independent but still are really friendly to humans.  Once when it’s a part of your family, it will take itself to be the leader and do anything to please you and make you happy.



Russian Black Terriers can be Black, Salt, and Pepper in color.  Female Russian Black Terriers grow up to 28 inches tall and can have up to kg of weight. On the other hand, males are 26–28 inches in height and weight anywhere between 45.4–68 kg. These dogs are military dogs, so expect them to be confident and courageous. They can be trained really well, and they can be shy or outgoing, depends on the personality of each dog. They are very benevolent to the family they live on and make really good guard dogs.



Bullmastiffs are another large breed of dogs- the Male can  59 kg and females up to 54kg. They were originally bred in the UK. These dogs are also known as “Gamekeeper’s Night Dog.” They would need a dominant owner to convince themselves to follow. These dogs have good agility and tracking sense. Bullmastiffs are trained differently because they do not like doing the same activities again and again. These dogs are highly intelligent as they originally used to be independent but still are really friendly to humans. In conclusion, they would make good pets.



Here comes the large dog breed from Portugal, the Estrela Mountain Dog. The male stands 25–30 in height and weighs about 45–60 kg in weight. The Female Estrela Mountain Dog is 24–28 inches in height, and 35–45 kg in weight. These dogs are originally guarding dogs. They are large and athletic dogs. Quite and brave, these dogs are willing to face any danger that may arise. They must be trained at puppyhood so that they can accept new situations more readily. It is extremely towards the family members they trust and can be good friends with the children as well.



In four feet, Kangals have a height of 30 to 32 inches and can weigh up to 66 kg as males. Females tend to be 28 to 30 inches tall and have a weight of 54 kg. The Kangal was bred to guard the livestock.  This dog is really swift and agile because of its sturdy feet and lighter body. Kangals are territorial dogs, which can be really friendly to a variety of people if trained properly. They are intelligent, powerful and quiet, so you’d like one immediately if you got to spend time with them. Just ask the families who own this large dog- everybody will say they loved it.



This large white dog is from Hungary. Female Komondors are generally 25–27 inches tall, and males are 28–30 inches tall. The females and males both can weigh up to 50kg. They are working as well as guardian dogs. The nation of Hungary even considers this dog as the national treasure. This dog is  Very protective of its family and is aloof. They are courageous and enduring and won’t hold back if they feel a threat is nearby. Anyway, they are friendly to the family members and really lovable.



Rottweiler is a large dog from Germany. Getting to the size details, the male Rottweiler generally weighs 50 to 60 kg and can be about 24–27 inches tall. The females typically weigh around 40 kg can be up to 25 inches tall. Humans bred these dogs to herd livestock and pull carts to the market. Originally being working breeds of dogs, they are sporty, active and really strong as well. They are self-assured and will do anything to protect their master. No matter what, they wouldn’t want to leave the side of a person who feeds them and hence is really- really loyal.


Largest Dog Breeds in The World


Almost everyone knows American Bull Dog, don’t they? The American bulldogs generally have a weight between 39 to 59kgs. The females can be about 20–24 inches tall, while the males are around 20–26 inches tall. Bull Dogs are emotional beings so will need proper training and affection.  Their emotions connect them firmly to their owners. They are active and will require the appropriate environment to grow and live their life happily as they make their owner’s life. This dog is also protective of the kids and would do anything to safeguard the house or territory where they live on.

The sizes of the dogs won’t matter- they are still affectionate to the humans are they always are. Every dog has the same heart that almost does not know about hate, loves and wants to be loved. Even though all these dogs are significant, they still think we are their companions. Dogs are still innocent creatures, and when they come as a pet, they quickly become the members of our family.

So, which dog did you think was the coolest among these large dogs? Which dog would you want to pet? Which dog, in your opinion, is the strongest? Let everyone know in the comments below, and you can also tell about your dog. Till then, have a good day ahead and keep loving dogs as you’ve always had.

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